Pastapadre Connected Career Leagues Open Up for Selected Owners

Posted September 14th, 2012 at 10:30 am

With the release of the career roster update today the Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers leagues have been constructed in preparation to begin. Previously selected owners (CoachesPlayers) have been sent invites that need to be accepted today.

For those who might be interested in participating there will be some open spots. A few of the owners’ gamertags registered as though they hadn’t even played the game. Look for blasts on Twitter and Facebook later today to fill those spots.

The Facebook groups feature doesn’t seem to be working right now but hopefully will be set up soon. If  you’d like to follow along with the leagues the respective in-game Twitter feeds will be spilled to the following accounts: Coaches: pastapadreCCM13 – Players: pastapadreM13PC

  • frosty00004

    Can we accept invite from the CC website? A

  • XNFL PWillisX

    Did you turn on the auto start option?

    • 49ersfan1

      pwill is the best play in nfl!

  • Cameron Michaelz

    I’m game to join. Let me know team and details. Will play with anyone but prefer Giants, Texans, or Houaton.

    • ThexChubster

      Good. You can have my spot. I’m out.

      • Cameron Michaelz

        Great, thanks Thex – I’ll wait for Pasta to approve.

  • The Hankstar

    Oh wow, great…I already traded this garbage into Gamestop. I won’t be holding my spot in the league. Thanks for selecting me though.

  • CribbsStyle

    Sorry. No thanks. Traded it in. I’m out of the league.

  • NoFro904

    Nice, Can’t Wait

  • I’m up if there are any openings left. My GT is jdav1s420

  • santi

    im up for it my gt is crazymexican697

    • 49ersfan1

      love ur gt, y did u put a 7 there?

  • Swany72

    I’d like to join. Gamertag-swany72. Let’s do this padre

  • If there are spots still open I’m willing to jump in. Doesn’t matter what team. My gamertag is GaryKT739

  • Vodka IOIproof

    Hey im down to Join if anyone dropped out. GT: vodka101pro0f HMU.. ill hit you a tweet just so guys know im alive lol..

  • Bakes

    I’ll play if there is an open spot. GT=krb Bakes

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  • mikejones

    PSN=NYJNYMLBJ, I’m always playing, send me a message if I can join please.