Details on MyTeam Mode in NBA 2K13

Posted September 21st, 2012 at 12:15 pm

2K Sports today released a new developer video regarding the MyTeam mode in NBA 2K13. MyTeam will come across as being largely familiar in structure to those who have played Ultimate Team in any number of EA Sports titles. The mode features both current and historic players as teams are built using packs of cards or through direct purchases and then played within exhibition games (offline) or “Road to the Playoffs” (online). 

  • sim gamer

    Wow… this will keep me busy. 2k came with the modes man… albeit crew mode. i just wont have time for EA’s Live 13 at all, they taking to long where my interest has waned, to the point all im interested in is the live demo. 2k got my pre order, just waiting for release.

  • waste

    wooo money sink.

  • Homme

    what a shameless ripoff of ultimate team. they couldnt come up with their own idea to make money off dlc? weak

    • Just another guy

      Everything in the world nowadays is a ripoff. Try and find something else to bitch about.

    • Riposte

      “Talent Borrows, Genius Steals.”

    • Stephon Marbury’s Accountant

      Look, no idea is truly original. Businesses “rip off” concepts from other companies all the time and make their own “versions” of that idea. Plus, this MyTeam mode is just another game feature to appease the people that may like that type of mode. It’s an additional selling point that contributes to the depth of the overall product. Consumers want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth. If you don’t like it simply play the other modes you do like. You say it’s weak. No buddy it’s just good business.

  • Skopin

    So, if I understand this correctly, you use VC to do everything in this mode, and not real money? Is that right?

    • oijdas

      I’d imagine you can buy VC with real money.

  • smsixx

    I have zero interest in any of these Ultimate Team/ My Team modes…I actually have a friend on PSN that told me he has spent almost $60 in card packs on Madden…I told him he was out of his mind.
    I dont do these “money grabs” The reason I put a reserve on NBA 2k at gamestop was simply because the All-Star package was included with no charge…Anyone who buys seperate will end up paying $10…Just crazy.

    • pex

      actually these kinds of modes are very unjoyable. but you are right, id never spend money on packages or stuff like that. same goes for the all star package. really crazy

    • Guest

      Opinions are like assholes.

      • smsixx

        Yeah…and money still dosent buy brains 🙂

    • I’m not a big fan either. I can see the appeal of a sort of strategy/ccg (man I haven’t used that acronym in since the mid-90s Magic:TG craze) game within a game, but I’m honestly surprised it’s taken off as much as it has. I feel like sports fans appreciate the truer sim aspects and crave real rosters and representing their favorite teams.

      I actually tried a few games of this in NHL 13 for the first time this past week. In fact, I spent real Microsoft points on a few gold jumbo packs (these points had been sitting around for about half a year so I figured what the heck). What I found is while you get some “rares”, you certainly don’t get any big superstars like you might in a real pack of, say, Upper Deck cards at the store. I opened three jumbos, was promised 7-8 rares, and end up with no big names (some solid names I suppose, but no all stars). That’s not counting some other rare non-player cards, but I was sure I’d get a couple key cogs for my team. It seems EA makes it quite an effort to get anyone good at all, which does two things – generally levels the playing field but also creates a thirst and demand for the big cards and therefore generates more money. You can play this mode without ever spending real $ on packs, but good luck accumulating anything good fast enough to keep up with the joneses.

      EA (and now 2K) have found something that works and if people are willing to spend, more power to them. Just hope that these games don’t totally devolve into this and these companies put all their effort into these ultimate team modes and nothing else…

  • afridgetofar

    Weird take on ultimate team. Regulation seems to be a common theme.

  • daley7199

    Wow does 2k have any shame. I guess to beat the best you have to straight rip off the best. First you have the ground breaking Right Dribble Stick……..Hmmmmm wonder where 2k came up with that brilliant idea. Now they are just shamelessly ripping off EA’s Ultimate team. Pretty much sums up 2k in a nut shell. 2k=Fresh out of ideas so we’ll just rip off our competitors ideas.

    • sim gamer

      hows live 13 coming along tim?

      • the stupidity police

        did he say anything about live, or just ea?

        if you were a 2k fan that bashed madden, then shut your mouth, because it’s nothing short of being flat out hypocritical when 2k stinks up the joint but you still praise them for RIPPING OFF an ea game that people like you bitch and moan about.

        • sim gamer

          awww, heres some virtual kleenex for you.

    • CMDeep

      Considering that Mike worked for EA when Live introduced the Dribble Stick, it’s actually not that surprising.

      And EA’s Peter Moore himself said that when we see something a competitor does well, we want to see if we can improve on it- in reference to EA introducing Battlefield Elite, much like COD’s service. And that he attributed to the fact that it’s the nature of the industry.

      So your arguement is kind of a moot point if you’re trying to pit 2K at EA.

      • sim gamer

        nba live 13, wont have a leg to stand on when they release.. what mode is gonna make a 2ker say they need to buy live over 2k13 for?

    • Rob

      Um……who hasn’t copied someone else in the world we live in today?

    • Guest

      All you just said was, “WAAAH, WAAAAH, but I just wanna play NBA Live 13, WAAAH!!!!

      Fucking crybaby.

    • Shutyourfaceman

      yea, cuz ea sports doesn’t rip other sports titles…

    • Adeel

      At least we know one idea 2K won’t rip off of EA… and that’s going out of business

    • u kno right stick dribble is not new right? U kno it’s been in 2k10-12 right or are u just talking out ur 4th point of contact without doing research?

    • pet

      LOL changed your IP 10 times to like his status 10 times. get a life, stop bashing 2K. the funny thing is you will get 2k13 for sure….

  • Beerthug SR

    20 hours of gameplay for Kobe? A tad too much I’d say…. so is Darko going to take about 28 minutes?

  • Rwm

    Hahahahahahahahaha LMAO

  • Greg

    I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing enough of this game. I mean, it comes out in basically a week and hardly any real gameplay has been shown. How come we haven’t seen gameplay of the Dream Team, Allen Iverson, and of all these signature skills they’ve been talking about? They come out with all these developer insight videos which is ok, but how about showing more of the damn game in action? That’s what I wanna see. I don’t get it. What are they hiding?


    Thanks for all the new features. Now give us some new servers so we can play with these new features

  • NoFro904

    Sorry… This is lame

  • Drew Peterson

    I honestly don’t give a shit if it is a rip off or not. If it ends up being fun and has lasting appeal then you will all like it. The most important thing for me is minimal gameplay issues. Online play always becomes a headache because there are too many flaws ie passing, defense w/ users and ai. AND LETS PRAY THE SERVERS DON’T EXPLODE (because they will…don’t kid yourselves – i know very frustrating).

  • Seriously

    Lmao but guys lets be serious, even if 2k didn’t rip EA off, NBA 2K13 would still be significantly better than NBA Live 13. For 2 reasons. One Live is quite possible the worst sports series I have ever played, that and MLB 2K, and I have a hunch, like every one else, that Live 13 won’t even be released.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Dwight Howard corner specialist attribute all you need.

  • Sorry 2k but I dont play online. 100% of-line playa here. I can acre less about crap on-line that u guys might charge for. I havn’t been on-line since the release of the xbox. Ima keep my $ in my pocket.

  • tish

    lol did all you guys who are bitching about this even watch the video? When you play against the AI, you don’t have to pay your player salaries. That means you never have to put any real money into this and don’t have to worry about losing your good players if you don’t earn enough points. madden’s ultimate team on the other hand is set up where you basically have to pay real money to sustain your team.

    • I haven’t spend a penny in madden ultimate team, and I have over 500 cards in my reserves, you just gotta play a lot of the solo challenges, using your worse players, and earn coins to maintain your team.

    • yea i know right its going be cool you dont spend money its all about having an extra fun gamemode where you can build your personal dream team

  • Tiddy28

    Cannot wait for this game. All the features, game modes and gameplay changes have me excited for this installment.

  • I don’t understand the constant bitching? I think the “Ultimate team/Myteam” or whatever you want to call it is a great mode for someone whos actually interested in the league. I love idea of card packs and what not but i’ve never known as much about the NHL or NFL as i have the NBA. Im just happy its 2k making the NBA game with this feature. I hate how EA treats their customers, they only cater to the majority of people, and the majority of people are stupid. I like how 2k actually loves their games and listens to the community for the most part, they don’t like pumping out shit.

  • Michael Jordan

    OK this mode would be the best mode ever but it would be based on one very important choice. The choice is how will we allow people to transfer VC! I think if I have to use real money to purchase VC, I should also be able to cash out my VC for cash!!!!!!!! I know, that will not happen. The could charge a transaction fee and that would work, maybe like 2% of the sale.
    Or they need to not charge at all and the only way you can get VC is by winning games but they can not have both.

  • kantankruz

    Video Games = Serious Business. Game looks bad ass, I really only play myplayer anyway. This looks pretty cool though, I’m not spending real money though, he didn’t clearly explain whether you are spening real money or virtual money to play the whole thing properly.

  • flmsvrdr

    I dont see anything wrong with this my team thing. it seems pretty fun and legit. as long as i dont have to pay money for it, im alright

  • Guest

    why do people think you have to pay for this? i mean sure you have to buy xbox live to play this but you would buy live to play crew mode. you dont buy the players and boosters in real life you use currency that you get from playing the game. you can get currency from playing myplayer, or with friends, anything. I find this really fun because you get to play against people online with a team you make.

  • Carrolton D

    I am really starting to hate 2k….bring back crew mode!!!!!…. im taking this game back!!!!!! Thats first thing you guys should worked on…I mean all the complaints of it not being in the game….come on guys!!!!!!….. The reason most people buy the game is
    For crew mode