Continued Tracking of All Revealed NBA 2K13 Player Ratings

Posted September 24th, 2012 at 9:45 am

2K Sports has continued to release some of the overall player ratings for NBA 2K13. LeBron James comes in as the highest rated current player at 98. That one specifically wasn’t put out by the company suggesting he may have some affiliation with NBA Live 13 (whether it releases or not) that is preventing them from promoting even his rating – though he has appeared briefly in some of the trailers for the game. Dwight Howard follows closely behind at 96 while another player of great interest, Jeremy Lin, will begin at 77.

Continue on for the complete list of known player ratings so far which includes the ones posted previously bringing the total to 107.

Michael Jordan 99
LeBron James 98
Dwight Howard 96
Allen Iverson 95
Kevin Durant 94
Chris Paul 94
Kobe Bryant 93
Dwyane Wade 93
Carmelo Anthony 92
Derrick Rose 92
Rajon Rondo 90
Deron Williams 90
Kevin Love 89
Andrew Bynum 87
Tim Duncan 87
Josh Smith 87
Steve Nash 87
Andre Iguodala 87
Pau Gasol 87
Roy Hibbert 86
Tony Parker 86
LaMarcus Aldridge 86
Manu Ginobli 86
Blake Griffin 86
Monta Ellis 86
Eric Gordon 85
Dirk Nowitzki 85
Joe Johnson 85
Amare Stoudemire 84
Al Jefferson 84
Zach Randolph 84
Kevin Garnett 84
Danny Granger 84
Paul Pierce 83
Paul Millsap 83
Joakim Noah 83
Chris Bosh 83
Marc Gasol 83
Luol Deng 83
Stephen Curry 83
Chauncey Billups 82
Caron Butler 81
Tyreke Evans 81
Serge Ibaka 81
Gerald Wallace 81
Kevin Martin 81
Anthony Davis 80
Brook Lopez 80
Jason Kidd 80
Ray Allen 80
Iman Shumpert 80
Vince Carter 79
Avery Bradley 79
Shawn Marion 79
Kemba Walker 78
Maurice Williams 78
Paul George 78
Carlos Boozer 78
Jamal Crawford 78
Stephen Jackson 78
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 78
Jeff Green 78
Jeremy Lin 77
Nate Robinson 77
Elton Brand 77
OJ Mayo 77
Grant Hill 77
Darren Collison 77
Devin Harris 77
Jason Terry 77
Taj Gibson 77
Antawn Jamison 77
Tyson Chandler 77
Aaron Brooks 77
Kenneth Faried 76
Kawhi Leonard 76
Harrison Barnes 75
Evan Turner 75
Gerald Green 75
Shane Battier 75
Mario Chalmers 75
Thomas Robinson 75
Kris Humphries 75
David West 75
J.R. Smith 75
Jared Dudley 75
JaVale McGee 74
Kris Humphries 74
Derrick Favors 74
D.J. Augustin 74
Chandler Parsons 74
MarShon Brooks 73
Matt Barnes 73
Patrick Patterson 73
Deandre Jordan 73
Nick Young 72
Toney Douglas 72
DeJuan Blair 72
Dion Waiters 71
Raja Bell 71
Alec Burks 71
Jeremy Lamb 71
Lamar Odom 71
Damian Lillard 70
Austin Rivers 67
Luke Walton 66
Kendall Marshall 65

  • NBA2K Ratings suck

    KG is rated lower than Hibbert?! The same as Al Jefferson?! Stupid. Look at KG once he moved to Center. All-NBA caliber.

    • Hibbert is a very good center, and they way you say “The same as Al Jefferson?!”
      I hope you are not trying to say Al Jefferson sucks. You are talking about KG at Center, well guess what, whenever the season starts you know what position he will be at? Power Forward.

      • Khadeem

        Kg is going to start at center….Bass will play the 4

        • Bass is a 10x better bench player than starter, it would not surprise me if the put KG at the 4 and Fab Melo at center.

          • Khadeem

            Fab Melo will not be starting…listen Doc Rivers interviews in the off season..KG will be playing the 5…Melo has a lot work on b4 becoming a starter

    • NBA2K Ratings do suck

      i’m surprised they actually bumped up Duncan over Griffin.. seeing as last year they fucked him.

  • Kyle

    Tyson chandlers’s a 77….wtf 2k

    • He is simply a defensive center.

      • c

        unfortunately true… but his D stats are probably all the way up.

        • correct, so one might say the overall for him is low, but on the bright side his defense will more than likely be in the 90’s

  • mbrink12

    Rivers/Marshall around Walton is a shame. They’ll both be in the 70s very quickly.

  • ej22

    Durant should be 2nd best player right behind lebron not howard.


    Hey Pasta, whats the ratings for their online servers? (44)

    • No one will know until the game’s out how things shape up there.

      • MY_WORD

        Hope it works out for everyone.

  • Amen_Ra’s Boyfriend

    Joe Johnson 85? Really? Easily a 90.

    • the stupidity police

      ….wow. that’s why you play the game, and you’re not involved in making it… at all.

    • ATL Fan

      lol are you kidding me? if anything 85 is high for JJ

    • Khadeem

      u gotta be trolling

    • c

      ha ha ha ha

  • PG-Jeremy Lin 77
    SG-Kevin Martin 81
    SF-Chandler Parsons 74
    PF- Patrick Patterson 73
    PG-Toney Douglas 72
    SG-Jeremy Lamb 71

    Can not wait to woop some Lakers, Heat, Thunder, Pacer ass with my Rockets.

  • @Tyalprince

    James Harden?

  • @Tyalprince

    Bradley Beal?

    • 82 3pt ability, that is all. Bradley Beal is going to get his ass handed to him in the NBA lol.

      • 49ersfan1

        best nba career predictions in order: 1. davis 2. lillard 3. kidd-gilchrist 4. barnes 5. drummond 6. robinson.

        • I don’t understand are you agreeing with me or disagreeing with me because his name is not up their lol. Mine would be,

          1.)Barnes 2.) Kidd-Gilchrist 3.)Davis 4.)Lillard 5.)Drummond 6.) Rivers.

          • 49ersfan1

            woah gilchrist will not even be close to davis.

          • It kind of depends because if they put Anthony Davis at Center he will get dominated from the start, he is more of a 3 to a 4. Gilchrist has a lot of size for a 3 so I guarantee with his athleticism he will be a huge force while working with a young point guard like Kemba.

          • cbi

            In what world is Anthony Davis a 3? Either way he’s a big man. The way the NBA is evolving, the difference between centers and power forwards is diminishing. Soon the NBA will probably just be Two big men, two wings, and a point guard… Davis can cut it at the 5.

          • In what way he is a 3 you say? Well he can shoot the 3 ball, he can play good defense and he is long and I’m not the only one saying he can play the 3 did you not watch the draft or before the draft saying how the Hornets should draft him as a 3?

          • 49ersfan1

            they shoulda kept kaman and put davis in 4.

  • @tyalprince

    Russell Westbrook

  • C

    My lakers gonna handle buisness in the game… Dont be badwagon jumpers ppl.

    • How do we know you not a bandwagoner.

      • 49ersfan1


  • i think 2k has derrick rose overall D overated. rose plays no D at all in all life if u ask me

  • CSaintSwag

    nba live13 is still better then 2gay…haha…keith, u suc!!!!

  • They overrated Melo and Nash out the ass.

    • 49ersfan1

      what about dwight? 96?!?!?! and bynum is underrated. and kobe is better than cp3

      • I figured enough people commented about that so I did not think I had to. I was just pointing out Melo and Nash because I didn’t see one comment about them lol.

  • I’m sorry but rating Chris Paul higher than Kobe Bryant is an insult

    • 49ersfan1


    • nba_fan

      that’s terrible

  • 49ersfan1

    kobe- 94 cp3- 93 dwight- 93 bynum- 91

  • 49ersfan1

    this is was the lakers shud do. since dwight is out for beginning of season, sign pietrus, put gasol at center again and make pietrus ur PF. then u have jamison coming off the bench and once howard is back, if pietrus is doing good, keep him, if not release him and get morris or goudelock again if u released morris/goudelock. what do u guys think from a analyst point of view?

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      Pietrus at PF… da fuq?

  • Lil Czar

    McGee 74, Ellis 86. and Lopez 80 lmfao? who did these a fool who watches sportscenter to judge players. McGee needs to be uphgraded.

    • lil czar

      Chandler 77? cmon now

      • stop complaining about Overall god damn, Chandler is not a good overall player, he can rebound and play defense that is it. stop complaining, holy shit.

        • TNT2k

          i agree 10 points shouldn’t even get you a rating over 80 in my opinion. That guy should not have even gotten a defensive player of the year when bynum howard and my boy Mcgee who averaged like 14pts and 12 rebounds and 3 blks. not to mention he is waay more exciting and has more upside.

  • epheezy

    Aldridge that far behind love? And Duncan before him? Insult. And Durant and Lebron should have no more than a one point difference.

    • 49ersfan1

      well aldridge did make the allstar game.

  • epheezy

    Hibbert is over too many players as well.

  • CollasalFailure

    Well its about damn time spurs BIG 3 GET SOME LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! TD-87 TP-86 MANU-86 #NICE

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    From looking at these ratings Kyrie should be an 84 or 85 cuz there is no way Steph Curry is better or even comparable to Kyrie.

  • abib

    Is it just me or does everyone put way too much stock into the overall rating when it is really just a formula from the various individual ratings? I have no problem with howard being higher than durant even though i don’t think howard is as good a player. As long as durant has great offensive abilities and howard can’t shoot free throws i don’t see how overall makes a difference

  • what about the magic players

  • how is Javale McGee ranked a 74 which is lower then Taj gibson 77 and Elton Brand 77 not to mention Nash (which is one of my favorite players) an 87 which is way to Generous! i would of guessed 80 which is what they gave Jkidd wtf

  • TNT2k

    Were is Russel Westbrooks rating, and he better be in the 90’s since he showed more heart than Durant in the finals.

  • damn

    why the heck lebrons not 99

  • how the fuck is dwight 96 and kobe 93. that is bullshit

  • Will

    Where is Westbrook at?

  • DumbJordan

    I’m so pumped to see A.I. on this list.

  • Jake

    Most of these players are gased

  • Chris Bosh @ 83 is low IMO. And Dwight’s 96 is a bit too much. He should be around 90-93 if anything. And Durant is at 94 because he plays no D. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the best offensive player in the game.

  • johnnyboi

    did russell westbrook die?

  • ash


  • ash

    is it just me or I am d only one who can see allen iversons name

  • AndersOL

    Durant is a better offensive player than Howard, But Howard is dominant in the pain AND is the one of the best defensive player…and Durant is not a very good defensive player, that’s why Howard should have a better rating than Durant even though Durant is the around 2nd best player in the nba..

  • LeeForThree

    kris humphries is up there twice

  • Bynum should at least be a 90 if Howard is a 96 smh
    he has an all around better overall game than Howard

  • KB24-RW0

    I know iverson is there but seriously… MJ.?!?!?!?

  • KB24-RW0

    Here is my opinion of the 10 best
    #1 LeBron %98
    #2 Durant %97
    #3 Kobe %95
    #4 Rose %94
    #5 Melo %93
    #6 Westbrook %93
    #7 Wade %93
    #8 CP3 %92
    #9 Dwight %92
    #10 Deron Williams

  • KB24-RW0

    Also Luke Walton is ranked is the worst in history… He scored on his own team lol

  • KB24-RW0

    Rondo is a 86… He wouldn’t be 90 anyday

  • KB24-RW0

    TP9 is a 84

  • KB24-RW0

    This the true roster for Boston
    1 RR9
    2 JT31
    3 PP34
    4 BB30
    5 KG5