A Look at NBA 2K13’s Controls

Posted September 25th, 2012 at 6:30 pm

With the demo out today comes the first opportunity for most to try out NBA 2K13 and its control scheme which has received dramatic changes that may take some getting used to for veterans and novices of the series alike. To assist in getting accommodated with the controls 2K Sports has released a video and an extensive series of screenshots to examine. Continue on to check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments!ย 

  • any PS3 screen shots / trailer?

    • TheLibrarian-

      Seriously man? PS3 controls are exactly the same, you just have to correspond the button symbols to each other. Here, I’ll type a comparison for you:

      Xbox 360 A = PS3 X
      Xbox 360 B = PS3 O

      Xbox 360 X = PS3 Square
      Xbox 360 Y = PS3 Triangle
      Xbox 360 RB = PS3 R1
      Xbox 360 LB = PS3 L1
      Xbox 360 RT = PS3 R2
      Xbox 360 LT = PS3 L2

  • TheLibrarian-

    Holy shit how do I memorize all of this

    • I’m too old to remember all of that. Time to go back to the NES.

      • daley7199

        the only people who have the time to learn all that are those who clearly don’t have anything to do. Sure if your a teenager living at home, sure you have the time. Those who have full time jobs w/ family or are full time college students don’t have the time for this crap. I’m not saying that it isn’t worthwhile to have but Like 2k likes to do, they cater more to the minority than the majority. Probably a good reason why all the rest of there sports franchises are in the tank. You Don’t need to have move list that reads more like a Chinese Restaurant Menu. That was the problem with the NHL2k series and that’s why the NHL series buried them. K.I.S.S is the key. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

        • walter berry piperi

          You can play without using all the moves.In reality no nba player uses all those moves.So you can try learning some of them you find useful.
          These animations give depth and variety to the game.If you don’t like it, wait for your beloved NBA LIVE downloadable arcade game

          • daley7199

            Then your not playing the game the way the devs intended it to be played. The game is designed to incorporate these moves. It also makes the playing field completely unlevel for online play since there will be those who can execute all these moves.

        • Jonathan Glapion

          I don’t have a lot of time in my schedule as i’m always working….. IN MY HOME. lol! but i have to hand it to these guys on the controls. You don’t have to use every single move to be effective. I haven’t really learned more than a handful and still the games feels much more realistic. My 5 year old knows how to use my ipad and iphone but here we have a (i assume) grown ass man crying about to many things to remember in a control scheme. PLAY NBA LIVE STUPID…. oh wait. LMAO!

          • daley7199

            I will play Live. That you bet on. Live plays much better. That is just the way it is. You can keep that 2k bullshit. Its just a glorified sports version of Heavy Rain. I want to play a game and feel like I am playing it. I don’t need a game that is nothing more than a cut scene initiator. The game is nothing more than an interactive video.

        • Amen_Ra

          Daley you have a point, but some people adapt to controls much easier than others. Plus you don’t need this crap to win games.

        • gmcgee

          because your mentally challeneged doesnt mean everybody else is
          if you cant figure out these controls could luck on complex events of life ๐Ÿ˜›

          • daley7199

            The point is that its not worth the time to figure out all those controls and don’t act like you know every single control by heart either because you don’t. I’d venture to guess that the Devs don’t even know most of the controls. Its friggin rediculous to have that many controls for a game. Its a waste of time, time that could of been spent on more important things like fixing the wack ass AI

          • guest

            lol you just said live plays better. smh they can’t even release the damn game.

        • lol

          this is just a fucking game. some have time. some dont…. shut the fuck up and stop complaining. i bet you are playing the demo right now. admit it, you like it right???

        • son

          lol ur just making a fool of urself to be complaining about one of the best selling sports games today

  • NoFro904

    Hate these “new” controls.

  • Keith.

    Just played my first game online and won on a last second jumper. No lag at all (PS3). Look forward to taking some old school teams online next week.

  • 100percentboos

    New controls are garbage feels like nba Live

    • daley7199

      DUH! Ya think. Where do you think these new controls came from. I guess you win the Darwin Award for the most perceptive individual on the planet.

      • javicd21

        im jus wondering.. do you have a job?

        because you spend alot of time on this site. get a life man

        • gmcgee

          what is life ?

      • walter berry piperi

        mike wang=1 game with EASPORTS –
        (nba live 10)

        Mike wang is the 2k guy who made NBA LIVE 10 a good game and came back to 2k.So everything you see in NBA LIVE 10 is his work and vision.
        Daley, why nba live series scrapped the nba live 10 gameplay after mike wang left?

  • Adam

    Controls are frustrating to get used to, but it should take no more than a week or two of constant playing to get used to it.

    I can’t imagine trying to play 2K12 after learning the new controls, however.

  • Smokey

    You whiny fuckers just want everything easy! Shut up and take time to LEARN the new controls and stop bitching! God I’d hate to see any of you guys try to learn playing a guitar.

    • daley7199

      Its a valid complaint. The sheer number of controls for this game is very daunting for most people. Quite frankly its just not worth investing the time. Its a friggin game. Your analogy to playing a guitar is completely apples and oranges. A guitar is a skill that is useful where as mastering a video game clearly is not.

      • The thing is though, people complain far more when there are no improvements. Yes I am in shock that there are that many controls to remember but I’m probably just not gonna use all the moves, or discover them slowly one by one just like learning to play basketball all over again. If someone has the time to learn all the controls so that you have total say in what move your player makes next then isn’t that the “real life” gameplay that we all crave?? Personally I think it’s great and I feel once you get used to the basics it won’t seem so complex and overwhelming

        • Sniper

          I remember people bitching and moaning about the Total Punch Control in Fight Night Round 4 when it first came out.because you did all the punching moves with the right stick. Man people were complaining about it being so hard, but once they learned it they didn’t even want the face button punching anymore because they were saying how smooth it was. It’s gonna be the same exact way with NBA 2K13 once people learn the controls, mark my words.

      • walter berry piperi

        HAHA.Guitar playing is hard and it takes years and a natural talent to play good while NBA 2K will take you 3 days.

        Daley, howis it it more useful to play a guitar?

      • Sniper

        Yeah? Tell that to the guys who won big money at the Madden challenge. I think they found that mastering a video game was pretty useful. Listen, unless you have the IQ of a tree stump, learning new controls for a basketball game shouldn’t be rocket science, and if you can’t invest a half hour a day to learn them then why even have a gaming console? You guys (especially you Daley) are just always gonna find something about 2K to bitch about. Hell if you’re THAT busy then why even play videos games period? Like dude said, if you guys had to learn a musical instrument you’d probably kill yourselves since you’re bitching about learning new controls to a video b-ball game.

      • Greg

        You do realize that there’s an OPTION for you to play the old way too right? You don’t HAVE to use the new control scheme.

    • NoFro904

      If it Aint broke don’t fix it

    • Sniper

      I agree. People just want everything so easy and shit just tailor-made for them these days. This is not the days of Atari and Nintendo anymore. So fucking what the controls are a little complicated at first, that’s why you practice and learn the shit! I like a bit of a challenge, makes it all the better when I finally master the controls. Seriously people, stop being candy asses and just learn the shit!

  • I’m done, some one get me a super Nintendo please

  • Guest

    Where is the part about “you can purchase the game on Amazon, it helps the site out a lot”, Pasta? Do you only do that for EA Sports games like that crappy ass Madden 13, or what?

    • jake

      Umm why would that be in this article? And are you an idiot or have you not read the ones that have mentioned that (the giveaways) and that the freakin links are in the sidebar (the only game in the sidebar).

      lol dumbass

  • joel0078

    I like the changes as far as having the dribbling mechanics moved to the right stick….But the thing is, not everyone who plays this game has the time to make learning a hundred moves a priority. Some people just wanna pick up and play and enjoy the game. I’m a long time player of this series, since the first NBA 2K on sega dreamcast and while I love all the different moves this game allows a user to be in control of, it’s a lot of work to remember all that and truthfully, unless you’re a 15 year old high school kid, a lot of users probably won’t remember half the moves available to them.

    What’s most frustrating IMO about this series is exactly what we are all talking about…..The controls. If I want to get a game going with a friend who isn’t familiar with the game, its def NOT a pick up and play and never has been…That’s always been my only gripe. It’s complicated, guys get pissed and don’t enjoy it. I think those of us who grew up with atari, colleco, nintendo, genesis, sega cd, dreamcast and the current gen stuff, (IE adults) but still enjoy playing sports game would be fine with less ‘user control’ of exactly what move to try to pull off and be okay with the AI making that decision, assuming the AI engine was more or less accurate. I had no problems with how it used to be when the computer decided what shot you were taking given the circumstance, but then 2k changed all that by making it total user control and now younger guys probably wouldn’t have it any other way…And that’s ok, they are the majority of consumer I guess….But with the leaps in technology, what else would we expect…It’s a catch 22 I guess. Anyways, I’m fully enjoying the demo and can’t wait for the full game, next week.

    • joel0078

      and by “adults” I’m talking about the guys who grew up with all those consoles…Guys in their 30’s…I didn’t mean if you didn’t use those consoles but were of “adult” age, you weren’t an adult.

    • walter berry piperi

      You ‘ve got a point there but after some time all your friends will grasp the controls and your games will feel better BECAUSE of the controls.I think you will find that the glass is half full!
      You or your friend will have to be better players than just counting on lebron to make the basket.This is how human vs human games should be.
      Have a good nba2k year my friend

      • joel0078

        No doubt. I love the game, I love the switch to right stick! You too enjoy the game!!!

    • ColecoVision

      you can easily pick up and play…you just need to stick to the basic controls…pass, shoot, call for picks…and maybe throw your alley-oops here and there….you don’t have to learn everything…but seriously…don’t cry for the devs to change it to make it like EA’s games where the guy does shit automatically…I want the control and don’t want to watch the game while I press one button…it has nothing to do with your age…I’m in my mid 30’s and I have no problem remembering controls as I learn them…it doesn’t take but a few min…obviously you can’t learn all the controls in one sitting…but you don’t need to…add a little to your game each time you can.

      the controls aren’t perfect…and as others have said it would be nice to not have the controls relevant to the on court player…but that may be an option…otherwise just learn it…the developers said you’ll be able to change to the older controls…but to give it a try for a bit…they think you’ll like it.

      If you can’t hack it and you need hours and hours to learn to play this game…then maybe you’re right and YOU…not everyone are too old to play video games anymore.

      • joel0078

        I wasn’t “crying”, or even complaining necessarily. I just was making an observation about how in no way shape or form is this a pick up and play series anymore! Maybe the first few games were pretty self explanatory, but as the series progressed and when 2K made every move “user controlled” it complicated the controls and put the brakes on people who have never played it, being able to pick it up the first time and compete on a successful level. If you’ve never played this game before and you wanted to do the basic dribbling, no way does a first time player easily figure out how to do it all, without someone explaining and showing and if you have to explain and show, it’s not really a pick up and play. I’ve had countless friends play as a first time player, and then tell me how much they hated the controls and for that reason, don’t play it again. That’s my personal experience and from that, IMO, it’s not a pick up and play for new users. I think the fact they changed the controls at all, is suggestive that they realized there is a degree of difficulty with the controls. I’m glad they moved dribbling to the right, but I think the controls are still slightly complicated, though it is a little more user friendly to guys who’ve never played before. But I think the fact that there’s a lot of negative feedback so far, tells the story. Developers will never please everyone and as time goes on, guys who are advanced users will get the hang of it and the complaining will cease.

        I never said I have problems remembering controls for the moves I use. I said I don’t dedicate my free time to remembering 100 moves and thus, don’t remember all the moves. I understand that takes time, as I’m 34 and I don’t unnecessarily complain about things that I have control over…If I’d put the time in to memorize every move, I’d know it. But I know enough to make me enjoy the game and that’s what matters to me as someone who mostly plays the game solo. There is no question that new users will still have complications learning the controls in a sitting or two. And if you just have a few guys who wanna play the game for fun, it’s not a lot of fun playing against someone who can’t compete because they don’t understand the complications of the controls. Thus, not a pick up and play. End of story.

  • that’s too much stuff man, i just want to play and have it be fluid and organic

  • the holding down on L2 while using the Right analog to shoot is weird and clunky as hell

    • J.Rut

      I agree holding the Left Trigger to shot is not a good feel.

      • gmcgee

        good thing you change controls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • hawkeye4077

    This is pretty ridiculous. Why not make life easier on the consumer and make most of these moves automatic depending on the player’s skill. Or maybe have a play mode where these moves are automated and a play mode where they are manual. Just saying, for all of Madden’s faults, one thing I’ll give EA credit for is streamlining the game. All these buttons and directions really just complicate something that should feel much more intuitive. The game should be about simple pass, dribble, shoot not feel like I’m putting in a cheat code every time down the court.

  • Khadeem

    Does anyone beside me believe that 2k just threw too much controls on one controller

  • Skopin

    I don’t like that the controls are relative to position on the court. Hopefully there will be an option to change that in the full game.

  • donofdons21

    is this 2k or fatality list for mortal kombat

  • GB

    I like the changes to the game. If your IQ is below 100, just stick to the pass and shoot buttons. If you are among the many above 100, this shouldn’t take too long to figure out. Stop complaining about everything and adapt. SMH!

    • RM

      Agreed. The list has been this long in 2K since forever. Go look at the last 4 games and go look at the advance controls list, they have always have a wide array of moves for you to do. It’s up to you weither you use all the moves or not.

  • Y’all are aware that y’all can just change the controls back to classic right.?

  • Piroca

    No Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the game. No sense to play with the Bucks classic team or the Lakers 86-87…

  • Jambalaya

    Too many damn controls!! But DAMN this game is looking GREAT! 2K TAKE MY MONEY!! ALL OF IT! I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!

  • gmcgee

    Relax Peeps you can always change controls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Guest

    Can’t you just change the controls back from the last year?

  • Glad someone got some screens. I’ve been trying to crossover with the right stick, then hopstep with B and then shoot with x LOL. Gonna have to grind out learning these controls before I grab the game.

  • Tino Wallace

    you can pull off some pretty nice moves with these controls, Lebron is a locomotive in the open court as he should be….game feels great even without scratching the surface and not being halfway decent with shooting and the control stick. Played the demo a few times and the controls are feeling better, still gonna take a while to UNlearn playing the old way as it is engrained in my head lol.

  • 49ersfan1

    this just makes the game harder for simple people who only pass and shoot on offense. online is gonna be a cheat comic.

  • 49ersfan1

    if this was EA then they would’ve removed the option to edit your controls.

  • rpommier

    And… I’m pretty much done with this game. Look like you have to devote a significant amount of time to even scratch the surface of this game, with all of those controls. Played the demo and it was OK, but I’ll never be able to be competent enough to enjoy it. Back to Madden.

  • Greg

    You guys realize that you can also play the regular way too if you want. The new control scheme is an OPTION if you chose to try it. You don’t HAVE to use the new controls.


  • You know, I remember when NBA Elite came out and the controls were different. People complained and said it was a horrible change and all this other crap. Now NBA 2k13 comes out with similar controls and for the most part, people are okay with it now. But I’ll say what I said to the complainers then. Sometimes in order to be able to do certain moves that you actually want to do, you’re going to need more ADVANCED controls. I’m with GB anyways on the IQ comment. Funny.. lol But honestly, the people who complain are either men who have to complain about change(which I bet the people who complain all voted for Obama with for change), rude assholes, or just as GB said, have very low IQ’s.

  • chrisakisan

    you don’t have to memorize all of this. come game time, you will be able to do some of these moves right there and then.

  • JDmenace

    To me they screwed up a good thing.I’ve been playing 2k for along time and would consider myself a desent player and I look like a rookie playing this crap of a gamd.Go back to the old controls 2k please.