Celebrity Team in NBA 2K13

Posted September 26th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

2K Sports made a push to include celebrities and sports personalities within NBA 2K13 primarily for the Twitter feed in MyCareer mode but some will also be featured on a dedicated ‘Celebrity’ team. It’s unclear if the team will have any use beyond simple Play Now games or if it may be part of the All-Star Weekend content.

The team features a lineup of Justin Bieber, JB Smoove, Wale, Bow Wow, Chamillionaire, Sean Kingston, Meek Mill, Vinny and Pauly D from Jersey Shore, Mac Miller, and Brian Baumgartner.

  • ames

    lol what a lineup of “celebrities”!!!

    • 49ersfan1

      ikr only cool ppl are meek mill and mac miller.

      • Mac Miller sucks

      • TSwigz

        Lmao at Mac miller being called cool

      • CJ

        I’ve never heard of either one of those guys Lol! Who are they and why are they “celebrities?”

        • 49ersfan1

          because they are celebrities. what rock r u hiding under?

      • xxJSwizzyxx

        Wale and meek mill are the only cool ones

  • marshan3q

    ehhhh…. I saw a gameplay of the demo earlier today… it really doesn’t look all that great. I’m not hating, and I’m not an EA fanboy… I just don’t think this years basketball game looks that great.

    • Du-Che

      No. The controls make all the difference. 2k really fixed virtually everything that needed to be.

  • Reminds me of the F-list “celebrities” that you could “play” against in NFL 2K5.

    • I thought the same thing actually. The Crib!!! Only here you don’t get to play their AI-crafted teams and find out who’s a cheeser or actually knows the sport and how to play 🙂

    • sam

      I remember one of them would run the clock down every single play. I don’t think I ever had the patience to play a full game against him.

  • Keith.: This is revolutionary. Adding Justin Bieber will certainly help market the game. All of his fans will probably buy 2 copies of 2k13 each. This will finally be the year 2K outsells Madden, because of this right here. Guys, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

    I bet EA feels like shit since Big (Mike) Wang left. They better be taking notes. Oh wait, LOL…I forgot Live is a digital release, OMG best day EVAR!!!!111!!11!!!!1

    • This looks exactly like what he would write lmao.

      • Guest

        But Caleb, you look like a little fag in that photo. Why are you running YOUR mouth?

        • Bet your parents are proud 🙂 How bout you post a picture of you so everyone can laugh at you and your internet “gangsterness” if anyone is the “little fag” it’s you. You are one of those kids that get picked on in real life correct? So you come on the internet trying to act like a thug correct?

    • Keith.

      2k isn’t going to need a gimmick like this to outsell Madden this year. Tiburon made sure of that by delivering a 2 star football game that’s already on life support here in the last week of September.

      • So when 2K offers a holiday price drop, you make sure you keep that same reasoning you’ve been pitching all over the place.

        • Guest

          A holiday price drop is a holiday price drop. Dumbass Jawanna-man.

          • Crimson, let’s stop with the corny jokes dude.

            And ya boy Keith seems to think when an EA Sports game has a price drop somewhere, it signifies bad sales.

            That’s despite the fact that according to ya boy’s favorite site, VGChartz, Madden has sold nearly 2 million total in what, a month?

            Of course he doesn’t realize that almost every big title will be dropping their price because Black Ops 2 is about to dominate holiday sales (per the usual now) and games like Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, and Assassin’s Creed should do well too.

            If GTA 5 was coming out this holiday, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Madden at $30, honestly.

          • Christopher5

            why are you not getting this…they slashed the price in half man? Why the hell would they do that? If their selling a shit ton of copies of this golden game, why on earth would they want to accept less money by cutting the price in HALF? I would think if they are selling mucho copies they would keep stealing from everyone by keeping the price the same….just sayin. And whomever “guest” is….thats funny stuff.

          • Ask yourself this: You think a kid is gonna buy Madden 13 for 60 bucks or Black Ops 2 for $60? Exactly.

            So by cutting the price, they can make it more plausible for a consumer to spend EXTRA money during the holidays. Like I said, don’t be surprised if 2K drops their price too.

            Not many people are gonna pick a game over a COD game. In fact, the only game people would buy OVER a COD game is probably GTA5.

            And guest is Crimson. He just makes multiple accounts to “downvote” all of my stuff because he’s a troll with no life. He’ll probably do this one 5 times just because he’s stalking my posts.

    • Guest

      First time ever that you got 5 or more upvotes. You must feel like one of the regular guys now, Jawanna. Everyone is so proud of you right now, and your little fuzzy mustache is almost coming in too.

      • The fact that you call em upvotes tells me you spend too much time on the interwebz.

        First, this is PastaPadre, not Reddit. This isn’t the NSFW section bro, calm down.

        Second, I don’t care about damn upvotes. I have real life to attend to, I don’t live on this site, commenting on every post, trying to get likes so I can feel better about myself.

        Congrats though, you’re one of the regulars. You made it bro! Maybe PastaPadre can give you a golden cookie to commemorate your outstanding accomplishment!

  • 49ersfan1

    awesome. weres j. cole and kevin hart?

    • the stupidity police

      this queers comments are becoming unbearable to look at. we need a hide user function.

      • I would like that too, that dumb ass Guest guy and the dude posing as me (which is most likely the same person) just post stupid shit not even pertaining to the game itself. Although I don’t agree with half the shit Keith says i rather read that then read the stupid shit that dude keeps posting. Like his shitty jokes.

    • J. Cole is already in the game. Just grab Thabo Sefolosha’s cyberface, since for some reason he looks a LOT like him…LOL

      • @shepp4king


  • Eagles007

    Wheres Kevin Hart???

    • 49ersfan1

      thats exactly what i just said boy!! 😀

      • Eagles007

        Didnt see that lol

  • CSaintSwag

    lame,lame,lame….live13 news pasta!

    • nice picture bro lmao.

      • CSaintSwag

        But Caleb, you look like a little fag in that photo. Nobody actually wants to be you.

        • But how bout you stop being a pussy and show who you are?

  • Justin Bieber- Stupid
    JB Smoove- dafuq is that?
    Wale- He cool
    Bow wow- He can actually ball.
    Sean Kingston- He cool
    Meek Mill- hate his music but he a cool dude
    Jersey Shore- adds retardedness to the game.
    Mac miller- he cool
    Brian Baumgartner- dafuq is that?

    • daley7199

      Great, now that we acknowledged that you are racist, what other pearls of wisdom do wish to torture us with.

      • Guest

        Are you still here saying stupid shit? Yes. Yes you are.

        • daley7199

          Only a pussy posts as “Guest”. Grow a pair and man up bitch. Don’t hide behind some bullshit “Guest” tag

          • Guest

            Yep, you’re definitely still here saying stupid shit.

      • Doesn’t mean he is racists, it just means he doesn’t listen to rap music, and doesn’t watch much TV.

    • David

      My list would be:

      Bieber – Stupid
      The Rest – dafuq is that?

      I’m with the earlier poster. I’d love to see an Expendables team against these people.

    • Squints Palledourous

      Dafuq are you, Rod Smart? (use Google if you don’t get the reference, which you could have done for your other “dafuq’s”) Since you’re probably too “retardedness” to figure that out, Dafuq JB Smoove is an actor/comic, best known for his role of Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dafuq Brian Baumgartner is an Actor, best known for his role of Kevin on The Office. His inclusion is probably due to his characters basketball ability, featured in Season 1.

  • I’m surprised Jay-Z isn’t on the team.

    • You know Jay-Z saw Pauly D was on the list and took himself off ha

  • daley7199

    Can that celebrity list be any more GAY….. Holy shit batman. Is THIS what we are calling celebrities today.

    • daley7199

      Maybe if we pray hard enough we can get Clay Aiken, Taylor Lautner, and Adam Lambert…. SMH :/

      • sim gamer

        Sad that youre 37 years old tim, and act like a child.

      • pet

        plese, dont say “WE”…. live 13 cancelled by the way….

    • Keyon

      This man always has something negative to say about 2k no matter what it is they release about the game. You sir are officially a certified hater and an EA lover. I guess you’re still bitter about NBA Live probably not recovering from their pitiful attempt to release an NBA game without doing it digitally. Get over it lol. They messed up and you still can’t it get through your thick denying head.

  • NoFro904

    Only smoove that should be on here is Chris Smoove,
    Spla aaa aash

  • Rwm

    Lmao. Man, 2K is super corny

  • JJ

    Man they should had got Kevin hart.lol

  • Wematanye

    Wheres Arne Duncan

  • Buceta

    Pasta, Why Kareem Abdul Jabarr is not in the game? Why put this Celebrity’ team and not Kareem? Sometimes 2k sucks… http://www.operationsports.com/news/580559/nba-2k13-complete-player-ratings-and-classic-teams/

    • daley7199

      And we can start with you. What dumbass self proclaims himself to be the stupidity police?

      • Guest

        I bet you feel real stupid after saying that, don’t you? I bet you feel real stupid…all the time.

        • Guest

          LOL…did you just downvote me, stupid?

  • Drew P

    So Jay-Z has his hands all over this game, but he is not in it and couldn’t make a few phone calls for someone relevant? I haven’t seen chamillionaire in years and I’m sure the they couldn’t make sean kingston as fat as he is in real life.

    • Chamillionaire is in there cause he’s amazing. Just cause he isn’t as famous as Jay-Z or any other big name rapper, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot of fans. NBA 2K13 probably saw the loyalty of Cham’s fans and knew that putting him in the game would get thousands of people wanting to play the game.

  • Pacoheadley

    Who the hell are half of these people?

  • Sniper

    Damn, that’s the best they could do far as celebrities go? I’d rather have the cast of Expendables 2 than these clowns! I could see a starting 5 of Stallone, Arnold, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, and Van Damme, lol!

    • Kane

      Shit man that actually ain’t a bad idea, just make them all in their primes though. I’d much rather see the Expendables cast than what’s above, that’s for sure.

  • Kane

    Sean KIngston? Chamillionaire? Bieber? Vinny and Pauly D? This is some kind of fuckin sick joke right? So who’s next? Chris Berman? Simon Cowell? Stevie J? Lil Scrappy? Greg Brady? Donny & Marie Osmond? I mean, if these are the best “celebrities” that 2K can get then God help them.

  • I wanted to tear it up with Arne Duncan! 🙁

  • KentAZ

    What a waste of data and development effort.

  • lonnie

    why put these people in (whoever they are) when they put the dream team and olympic team in with no international teams to play against? come on 2k put an olympic mode in the game,who wants to play against justin biber? let us play spain and all the other olympic teams rather than these people..what are they thinking?

  • Bleak5170

    I don’t even know who most of those people are, lol.

  • Jarred

    the fat dude from The Office is on this team? lol Really?

  • RandomGuy

    Wale, Meek, Mac, JB Smoove, and Chamillionaire are good. J Cole and Kevin Hart should be there.

  • Miles

    MEEK MILLY & WALE r finna go HAMMMMM

  • Bake

    Yo, can I draft Bieber in my franchise if I do fantasy draft?

  • wow Brian Baumgartner from TV Show The Office is gonna be in NBA 2K13 i gotta see what hes gonna look like this is shaping up to be the best NBA Video Game of ALL TIME!

  • clubsteve

    no common?….ne-yo?……nick cannon?……trey songz?……kevin hart?…..come on, 2k. you could get the dream team but not these guys?…couldn’t jay-z make a call? lol.

  • Leo

    Kevin Heart :'(?


    I like the list…all i need is WALE, MEEK and CHAIMILLIONAIRE

  • Milk

    Sean Kingston is Obese

  • Jay Z isnt on the celeb team because he sits courtside at all the Brooklyn Nets home games!! But they need to start putting more celebs in the crowd. i.e. (all star weekend)

  • Mos D

    Where is Arne Duncan

  • Tyler

    Where’s the executive producer of this game, Jay-Z?!

  • Gooby pls

    “Celebrities”? I have heard of justin bieber (I’m not even going to capitalise his name) and I assume that Bow Wow person is that kid who started as Little Bow Wow? The rest, I have never heard of. I wish they would have assembled a team of cool people, like, you know, Bert and Ernie or something.

  • james

    does the celeb team have to be unlocked..?

  • onyeka

    need drake or chris brown

  • nicole

    where do you find the celeb team to trade players with?