All Key Players from The Amazing Spider-Man Returning for Sequel

Posted September 28th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Today brought confirmation that the sequel to this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man will return the critical people involved. Sony rebooted the franchise with Marc Webb directing and Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone starring. All three will be back for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which already has a release date of May 2, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man grossed $261 in North America contributing to a worldwide total of $751 million. It released to generally positive reviews, particularly regarding the relationship and chemistry between the two leads, but failed to ignite an enthusiastic response from moviegoers.

  • I didn’t like this movie. Did like the kid who played Peter and, yea, the Emma Stone chemistry was cool but that’s about it. Lizard, Lizard Man, Goomba, whatever his name is looked terrible and then when he would speak, that ESPECIALLY took me out of the realm of believability, if that’s a word.

    Something about it all together just didn’t feel right to me. The sequel betsta be better. Heh.