The Early Days of NBA 2K13 Have Been Particularly Encouraging

Posted October 4th, 2012 at 6:00 pm

2K Sports has a history of trouble, particularly online-related, with the NBA 2K series during each year’s respective release week. Generally online has been the high profile culprit but widespread freezing in various modes or other bugs have arisen early on that required immediate attention. In starting to pull together impressions on the game outside of one issue in MyCareer mode it has become clear that NBA 2K13 has avoided many of the pitfalls of year’s past.

Online play may not necessarily be stellar but it has been much more reliable and has produced a far more enjoyable experience. Most games have been lag free and fun to play. Shot timing – and being able to get up shots before a defender closes space – has been somewhat difficult to get the hang of as responsiveness isn’t ideal. As always there are reports out there of users experiencing lag or disconnects. Regardless any issues are far more limited than what has plagued previous titles during their release weeks.

The biggest complaints about the game have been a disappearing scoreboard (which is really troublesome), MyCareer freezing after the first game is completed (a patch is supposedly already in the works for that), that the server is constantly being contacted to calculate VC which sometimes fails, and that there is no way to turn off auto-saves. MyTeam mode also favors to a ridiculous degree those who are spending cash on buying players and upgrades. Anyone who doesn’t is immediately crushed online by all the super-teams that have been constructed.

Considering history and anticipation levels translating to huge sales for NBA 2K13 it would have been reasonable to expect a bevy of problems in the days surrounding release. That the rumblings of trouble are so limited is a testament to the all-around quality of this year’s product.

  • irishfan109

    Any word on opening day sales in North America?

    • smsixx

      Numbers not up yet…
      But Maden sold a whoping 75,000 on XBOX and another 53,000 on PS3 this week.
      Those pricks are lucky they got 13 year old kids using moms debit card to buy ultimate team packs…If not for that then they would be really hurting.

      • Amen_Ra

        Damn that’s pretty low, you for real?

        • I dunno, they are up about 9% year-over-year on cumulative sales (through 5 weeks). It appears that they are doing better in week 5 of the release relative to last year, but it’s hard to come to a full conclusion on this data alone.

  • NYCDaFuture

    I do agree this year has been the best Online in terms of lag free in years with less network errors. But Online gameplay/ features is still the worst in any Online game.. Still cant save playbooks for rank and unrank games??? Still no rank lobbies from 2k8?? No more unrank lobbies to play randoms.. Leaderboards is terrible wtf is an offense top 100/Defense top 100?? Weak.. Have an Overrall Ranking system.. Make a New Online Setup Dam..

    3point Success still to high, steals also, eliminate the spin dunk cheese come on now. Blake Griffin did it like once a season now all of a sudden we have that cheesy move in the game lol its a joke. Online is still a joke big time for the real Hardcore Online Gamers aka OnlineNation..

    • Agree with you. I still can’t believe its 2012 and when one person pauses the other is stuck waiting around. But yeah, features and all that, will be talked about more in length later.

  • GKage

    Hmm I just posted a comment and it’s awaiting moderation? There wasn’t anything crazy about the comment. Weird.

  • GKage

    Why the f*ck is all my comments awaiting moderation if I say something I dont like about 2k13???

  • Keith.

    Early reviews on Amazon are looking good, which really isn’t a surprise.

    If only we could get a football game on the level of this game or The Show.

    • cents

      Oh god now youre going to be citing vgchartz and amazon reviews to make your points. just great

      • Crimson

        Yeah, lord forbid he do that. Those honest reviews from the unpaid throng of people who actually took time out to write them, are the worst, right?

        • JRR

          lol at calling a few sentences from people who maybe never even played the game an “honest review”

          • Keith.

            I supposed you haven’t noticed the “Amazon Verified Purchase” that’s included with most of the reviews that have been posted thus far.

      • Keith.

        I’d trust both of those sources over EA’s “internal estimates” and Game Changer opinions every day of the week.

        • GAY

          2K is like my ex gf. Lil loose, lil fun, lil crazy, lil sexy, lil shitty.. and it makes my calves cramp up and my toes pop

    • Crimson

      Agreed. This game totally exceeds expectations for me. Madden 13 is the most boring, predictable football game to date. Just try to lose against the computer. Just try. The animations, the AI, the commentary, and the physics in the game are horrible. Its just plain BORING compared to the excitement felt when booting up and playing NBA2k13. I get hyped up everytime just watching the JZ intro video at boot up, before I even go online.

      LOL….”This ain’t a movie, dawg.”

  • bb
  • Crimson

    I’m just glad it’s starting to list all the “Players Met” again after finishing an online game on somebody on PS3. Its nice to know that if you don’t feel like wearing your headset, you can always send a nice message to some asshole who kept on “pausing” the whole game, just to tell them if “you’re not completely available to play online, STAY THE FUCK OFFLINE!!!”

  • Crimson

    The disappearing scoreboard in the 4th qtr is a BIG PROBLEM. I’ve lost so many online games already because I was so focused on trying to match my opponents scoring, without knowing what the actual score was. Very frustrating. The 2K team needs to fix this asap. I’m having a heard time adjusting to my Celtics not having Ray Allen too. I gotta find a way to fill the scoring gap that Ray Allen provided me on NBA2K12. I mean no offense to Jason Terry, but It sucks, and it has truly altered my game management quite a bit. Too many fast teams out there now.

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    Way to many dunks and easy layups around the rim in this game. No biggie tho cuz I really only play offline association, so these things can be easily tweaked with sliders. Just really sucks seeing a lot of these easy buckets in MyCareer.

    Also, these rosters are fucking atrocious. Some of the ratings make absolutely no sense, Dwight Howard is way too good. He scores like 35pts a game lol. yeah right. I hope when the final roster cuts are made they come out with a roster update with all the actual guys that made the team. None the less, another great game by 2k. Very enjoyable.

    • Amen_Ra

      This was a slick spin article, but at least 2k online is looking better. don’t know if I’ll pick it up, but it’s enticing

  • I don’t have the game, but was wondering if anyone has seemed at least 5 years ahead in association. I would like to know if the contracts are realistic, are players complaining like crazy, are coaches still changing too much. Thanks, I know they said they fixed it but still not sure to believe it.

  • I have to agree but the Online is still a major issue. For some reason i can no longer connect to Xbox chat parties when playing this game and I keep getting a “Failure to communicate with server” error message every time i try to join my league.

  • roarshack1

    What did anyone expect from “myteam”? There are already lots of guys out there who are fine with spending money on building a dream team…..I thought about about checking the mode out, but when I saw the lame players that are selectable by playing and winning to EARN your stars, I knew I’d just get crushed online against dream teams 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9….22, 50, 1,000………Nice idea, but the fact the players are allowed to be purchased is lame. Takes the fun out of competing, in my opinion.

  • Last night I experienced some old bad 2k habits. I tried getting an online game for 20 minutes and nothing happened. Love the game though. I’m 25-3 online. XBL Mr GoldSk3et if you want to play.

    • H-Town

      if you play with Heat, Thunder, Pacers, Nuggets, or Brooklyn then your record does not mean anything

  • tish

    Once again pasta writes a “positive” article about nba2k where he spends the whole article complaining about the game. This is so pathetic.

  • Bengalfan18

    I am hopeful they will include the option to turn off auto save in a patch, wouldnt make sense to include the option in the last two games and not in this one.

  • slither

    2k is freezing on both systems..question was nba 2k made on 360 then ported to ps3? also if they dont give us the option to turn autosave off freezing will continue either early in the season or after the 1st season. just like nba 2k11 an 2k12 turn auto safe off no freeze,c’mon 2k ya’ll know this same online servers issues are the same freeze issues still the same. there are 2 game modes locked up on the disc allstar weekend an crewmode both are on the game, 1 u pay for the othere mode they locked up.. crewmode is on the disc. the game froze on me,but i still could back out of the myplayer why when it froze after my lil bro hit the eject button i seen a mode that wasnt on the game b4..looked like it could of been crewmode idk but that second glaze is crew mode i know it. sum1 needs to find out because that means 2k lied to us.

  • guest

    does anyone have a problem with the edit shoes function it just sets them to generic or the lebrons wtf????

  • nphillyk

    The game is amazing! Can’t stop playing. That is all.

  • dfdfdffdfd

    Very disappointing, played at friends, not gonna buy.