New Features Go Live on Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers Website

Posted October 10th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

EA Sports this week added some long-awaited functionality to the Connected Careers website for Madden NFL 13. Back when the website launched – read up on complete earlier impressions here – the sections for League, Teams, and Players were reserved for later. Now that they’ve gone live their purposes are evident and the additional options prove to add value to the site and it’s reach into ongoing careers. 

The League section displays (in odd form until a second or third team are added for comparisons’ sake) team statistics for total offensive yards, passing yards, rushing yards, total defensive yards allowed, and turnovers forced. Below that area are the complete league standings and current week’s schedule with any posted results. A full league schedule can also be pulled up for every team and be displayed by team or week. As commissioner the week can also be advanced while teams can set to “Ready”. The week advance feature was tested and worked properly.

The Teams section displays team rankings in various categories, team statistics (total points allowed per game are being improperly displayed as total points allowed), team finances, and another opportunity to view the team schedule.

The Players section currently does nothing. It appears that it is intended to allow the sorting through of players in the league by team, free agency, specific positions, and more…but at this time nothing is being displayed no matter the options chosen. *This may be a browser issue so I will update once trying it with others.

So other than the ability to look at more statistics, results, and league standings the big new interaction with the mode comes from commissioners being able to advance weeks. That is a nice option to have though the number of people it will reach is negligible. There remains nothing along the lines of a “transaction log” which, now with the tremendous patch coming next week, is probably the most glaring omission from the mode. The only significant area of the game without representation on the website is scouting with just the total points available noted and no way to complete any scouting provided – and there is no way to offer or view and accept/decline trades or make roster changes.

The Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers website includes a great deal of information now with multiple ways to view team and player statistics, view player and coach goals and XP to be earned, current ratings, XP totals, the Twitter feed, and even news headlines. There are also the ways to interact with careers such spending the XP on packages to progress individual players and coaches and set “ready” or advance the week. It’s a really solid update to site that provides some worth to anyone playing an “Online” Connected Career.

  • URR_13T

    Cool didnt realize the website had all this. Will now be checking it out.

  • infemous

    great about the advancing however the site is just awfully designed and almost impossible to use for anything beyond checking schedule.

    • Don’t disagree with you especially considering how slow it is. Makes sense for times when not near the console or when just bored…but I wouldn’t go out of my way to use it otherwise as it stands now because of that. It’s at least nice having the options available.

      • Keith.

        I read and re-read the original story and don’t see “awfully designed” or “almost impossible to use” anywhere. It’s almost like the “original story Pasta” and the “comments Pasta” are 2 different people sometimes.

        • keith’s dad

          ur mom and ur mom in bed are 2 different people.

          • Keith is an idiot

            lol…and scene

        • Guest

          Pasta is smoking that Mitt Romney flipflopping weed.

        • Amen_Ra

          LMAO….and heeeree weee go!

  • Guest

    Tiburon: great ideas, poor execution.

  • I’d say the website is good as a companion – for example, when you need to grab some info but you don’t wanna start up your console or game. But it’s too slow and limited in some areas to rely on.

    Hopefully they expand on it in the future.

    • Guest

      When you some info, but you don’t wanna start up your console or game? Gee, when would that be? I can’t think of a reason why you would ever need the info, but I can think of a few reasons why you wouldn’t wanna start up the game….all the logging in to this and that, just to play a game that completely sucks ass? No thanks. Good luck with that upcoming patch too.

      • I’ll keep that in mind next time I have a fuck to give.

        • Guest

          LOL….”Hopefully they expand on it in the future”?

          No…hopefully they don’t. Hopefully, they lose the fucking NFL license in the future. Fuck is wrong with you?

          • It’s seems like you can’t let go of this conversation.

  • Ethan

    Hey guys I really need help. I can’t tell what makes a guy a WR1 instead of WR2. I want to have one speed receiver and one possession but it affects both of their ratings. I would also like to know the difference between RB1 and RB2 because I want one speed and one power. I appreciate any help. Thank you

    • Guest

      this is madden, none of that crap will matter in the game anyway. Just play and act like you’re having fun. Wait for the big “patch”, then see what the receivers and runningbacks do.

  • David

    I’d want the Transactions Log before any of the other features in the upcoming patch… though I’m not complaining about what they are about to release.

  • Guest

    Useless timewasting garbage. The game ain’t good enough now to even want to be bothered with this crap, and I can’t imagine it ever will be. If this somehow adds value to Madden with its terrible AI, then somebody out there must be rejoicing.

    Wooooooooooo, yay, funnnnn!!!!!!!

    • 2 down votes? clowns, this man is speaking truth. worst madden in 7 years, although that wasn’t a taxing feat to achieve in the first place.

  • Guest

    The wasted money and resources for creating a stupid stat tracking website like this, could have gone into creating a decent halftime show and a smarter, situational computer AI. They could have just made a simple, fun to pick up and play NFL football game, but NOOOOO, they had to remove features people have come to expect in a next gen football game, so they could force everybody to play their game online, so they could measure their sales, and find new, more creative ways to market the same old Madden game we’ve been playing for the last 8 years. So now we have “The Connected Careers Website”. Wow, I can’t wait to see how my receivers stack up in the “dropped passes”, and how my runningbacks did in the “ran into my own players, and stumbled to the ground like an idiot” categories.

    I love how they go all out and put together this kind of marketing mumbo jumbo just to keep all the stat freaks, and online league fanatics playing Madden 13 longer, when all that was truly needed to keep people playing any of this generation’s Madden football games longer was….a better game of football, built from a better, more realistic game engine. Oh, and some actual motion capture of real people playing a game of football would’ve helped too. The floppy physics they’re touting this year is also a complete joke. People flopping all over the place, their legs and arms crumbling backwards like Beetle Bailey, and shit. LOL….best Madden ever.

    And the new, fancy “Connected Careers website”? Yeah, can’t wait to log into that. Yippee for us.

    • J.T. campbell

      lmao now thats GSHIT!

    • that’s what I’m talkin about, fuck ea tiburon.

    • MARZ76

      i agree we need 2k football back, no competition= same ol’madden an people pretend this madden is the best.

    • TheTruth

      Well said

    • Money possibly…resources no.

      Websites like this one aren’t built in house. They typically farm that out to independent companies.

      • Guest

        We’re almost 5 weeks into the season and this crap just now coming out? And a huge patch coming, that guarantees us it will fix not a goddamn thing. This company called EA Sports is the biggest joke to sports gaming. You guys that take the time to bother with this Connected Careers crap, are the most loyal minions of fan supported mediocrity, ever. EA is terrible at this stuff.


        • Amen_Ra

          Connected Careers was huge, but that doesn’t mean they get a pass for not fixing easy things

  • Frank

    To go along with the “Real” coach mode in Madden 12, they also had a Broadcast Camera that allowed you to see the game as you would watch a game on TV. For whatever reason, they have a Broadcast mode, but it is broken, and still displays the same wonky camera angle from behind the line of scrimmage. Do you know, Pasta, or have you heard if this is being fixed?

    • Frank

      I should probably clarify, Broadcast mode works properly in Play it Now, but is broken (imagine that) in CCM.

  • jwallace0317

    Just bizarre how the simple things aren’t done right (or at all) on the site. When you check out a game recap, there’s no scoring summary (like you would expect to see on yahoo sports, ESPN, or any other online source for viewing game stats), and the individual player stats are screwed up and with the wrong column headings. How hard is it to get that stuff right? We’re talking about basic proofing work here. To top it off, you can’t even do something simple like viewing the complete ratings and traits for a player on a team that you’re scheduled to play (you can at least do this on the NCAA dynasty site). All it takes is one person about 5 minutes of clicking around to see the basic errors on the site, so one can only conclude that quality control is nonexistent.

  • The player section of the website does not lists stats correctly. Any active player with new stats for the season show up correctly, but the site also shows stats for players that aren’t playing. For example, Michael Vick got hurt in pre-season for the year in my CCM and he still shows regular season stats from (I’m guessing) last year. This needs to get fixed.