EA Sports Football Pricing Settlement Claims Can Now Be Submitted

Posted October 13th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Electronic Arts back in July announced a settlement had been reached regarding the lawsuit originally filed in 2008 that contested the company raised prices of their football products following the acquisitions of multiple exclusive licenses. For those that wish to claim part in the action a form has gone out now to do so. 

The case website includes the form to fill out online, which can be done using the claim ID in the emails or postcards that have been sent to everyone who has had information on file while any others can submit an unknown claim. The information can also be mailed in. The deadline to complete the form is March 5, 2013. The online claim form is completed here while the one that can be printed out and mailed is here.

Should the settlement be accepted by the courts the payouts will be as follows for every Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football copy purchased between 2005 and 2012:

•$6.79 for PS2/Xbox/Gamecube up to a total of 8 copies with $54.32 the max.
•$1.95 for PS3/Xbox 360/Wii up to a total of 8 copies with $15.60 the max.

Those numbers are not assured as the amount per copy will decrease if the total claimed exceeds the $27 million pooled for the payout. However if there is money left over other class members will be sought out who were not included in the initial sweep.

A financial hit of $27 million is certainly a good chunk of change but nothing that will ultimately affect EA’s operations. There are also other stipulations attached which include being prohibited from securing another exclusive for the NCAA Football series after the current deal expires in 2014 but notably excluded is anything that relates to the association with the NFL. Make sure to read up on the complete analysis from earlier this summer to get an understanding of why it will likely have little to no impact on the sports gaming landscape long term.

  • i got the email too, i guess i could use a couple of dollars lol

  • I have like 3-4 Maddens and didn’t get an e-mail…. =/

    • Guest

      Why would you still have them?

      You would choose to just keep them instead of trading them in? They’re nothing but coasters now.

      Are you using them to keep a crooked card table balanced?

      Are you like a collector of worthless crappy football videogames or what?

      • Pasta, you should really work on curbing jerks like this. Not the first time I’ve been attacked on here – it’s just a video game blog, not something important, worth attacking people over (if such a thing exists). Really discourages me from checking the site or sharing it with others.
        Guest – I’m sorry my collection bothers you so much. You can always buy them off me if you’d like.

        • I appreciate what you’re saying…but I’ve always wanted to keep the comments open barring things that go way over the line. I guess I look at “comments” as just that and not intended to be discussions.

          A new commenting system is actually in the works. Also I may as you suggest look to moderate the comments somewhat differently. I’ve always felt its important to let people speak their mind no matter what they have to say, but it’s the insults that are made in replies that seem to be what you and some others have taken issue with. I’ll keep that in mind now going forward.

          • Sounds great. I don’t mind being told I’m wrong, but direct insults just seem uncalled for. Of course, maybe I’m just weird and don’t enjoy that like others might. (?)
            Anywho, thanks for taking a moment to respond, Pasta. Keep up the great work – I’m a fan even if others aren’t so kind as you are.

          • Guest

            Waaaaaaa…. Mr. Pasta, the mean man askeded me mean questions and, and maded me tell him why I have so many old and worthless football games for. I rand as fast as I could from the mean man, but he just kept saying stuff liked that to me, and I feeling so bad inside my tummy, and I maybe never come back here EVER again.

          • Yup, that about sums it up.

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    • You can file an “unknown claim”. Link to that: https://www.easportslitigation.com/FileClaim/UnknownClaim

  • Jeremy Cooper


  • what is happening in the video game world today? only a game like madden can cause such a shit storm and hurt the sports gaming scene. the whole notion of exclusive license’s in sports gaming just needs to stop. I’d take a fanboy war (fifa vs pes, nba 2k vs live, mlb 2k vs the show, etc.) over one horrid company having a chokehold on a sport which game’s are complete ass, any day of the week. bring back consumer CHOICE… CHOICE…………. CH-OOOIIIIICCCCCEEEEEEEE. give-us-a-fucking-CHOICE.

    whatever happened to may the best man (game) win? isn’t the nfl a multi billion dollar corporation without video game’s in the first place? for fuck’s sake…

  • Guest

    Got the email. I’m claiming every red cent I possibly can. Fuck you EA Sports. Fuck you NFL. Fuck this whole console generation of Madden football, and Fuck anybody that continues to support you. Wouldn’t bother me if I never heard the phrase, “its in the game” ever again, you bunch of incompetent cocksuckers.

  • truetrue85

    This is bull! I’ve bought every Madden since 2001 and didn’t get any MF’n emails. I’ve even bought multiple platform versions for certain years. Lame.

  • Crimson

    Its just like everything else that is wrong with the NFL these days.

    I can remember back when I went out of my way to find a launch PS3,
    but couldn’t find them online at Christmas time, ANYWHERE. Everywhere I looked online, preorders were
    sold out. Went to BestBuy to look at the Xbox360, with no intention to
    buy one of those janky things, then I saw a stack of PS3’s on display right inside the door. I grabbed one
    and then went and picked up a copy of Madden 06.


    honestly wasn’t expecting too much from Madden. I’ve been playing Madden since the 3DO, Sega Genesis days. I got home, set everything up, and put in Madden 06, and OMG, you could
    not believe how ripped off I felt. I played one game of Madden 06, and I was fucking
    pissed. A “stripped down to nothing” game of Madden 06, was being sold
    alongside the next gen systems. I knew right then and there, that football lovers were gonna be fucked over again by EA, this whole console generation….and you know what?

    After buying, playing, and trading in Madden 13 within my first 2 weeks of owning it, I was right.


    • madden 06 wasn’t released on ps3

      • Crimson

        You’re right Frank, it was Madden 07, and it was an absolute garbage launch title.

  • Crimson

    They had the nerve to put “exclusive NFL license” on the cover of this crappy ass PS3 launch title. That’s EA arrogance at it worst. The NFL fucked us all when they put the an exclusive license up for bid. The absolute worst day in football videogame history was when EA got that bid. Everyone that can file a claim, should do so.

    • daley7199

      Boo fucking Hoo Crimson. Go change your diaper and put your pacifier back in your mouth. Stop acting like you don’t buy Madden EVERY year.

      • nba live 10 v.3

        of course the bitch who cried about not having live this year would step in and add his 2 cents. of all people to talk about boo fucking hoo lol

        get off this board and help somebody update rosters for the 3rd year in a row for live 10.

  • Crimson

    From wikipedia~

    Fans and EA developers both view Madden NFL 06 as “the
    undisputed lemon of the franchise”, because of the concurrent shift from
    the Xbox and PlayStation 2 to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.[9]
    Reviewers criticized the game’s lack of new features and lackluster
    soundtrack (a recurring complaint), claiming the game plays very
    similarly to Madden NFL 2005 if the QB Vision cone is turned off. GameSpot reviewed the game with an 8.2 out of 10.

    Madden NFL 06 was 2005’s only NFL-Licensed football videogame, due to the 2004 deal between the NFL/NFLPA and Electronic Arts.
    The deal grants EA exclusive rights to the likenesses and names of all
    players, stadiums, logos, and jerseys. Electronic Arts also signed a
    long-term deal with ESPN,
    complicating the game’s relationship to its titular announcer. In early
    2006, Madden — at the time under contract as color commentator for ABC’s Monday Night Football — moved to NBC to join their Sunday night NFL coverage beginning in the 2006 Season. The Xbox 360 version of Madden 06 features neither Al Michaels
    nor Madden in the announcing booth. Some positives with the Xbox 360
    version were the right stick being used for the QB Vision feature and
    different songs from the original.

    • Crimson

      Game’s been absolute peanutty shit since launch day on these next gen systems.

  • Me

    If the games were actually good… just… good, EA might have gotten a pass on this. But, I highly doubt that Madden 13 will improve, even after the big patch has been released. Once again, I expect them to totally come up short. The AI in this game is eTne the tely horrendous, and I would put money on it not being addressed in the patch. The whole player rating system is idiotic. Connected Careers is a miscalculated failure. The Infinity engine is a floppy disaster. The music sucks. Just a stupid game all around.

  • Keith.

    I’m going to object. Somebody has to let the Judge know what’s up.

  • no name

    im so sick of u guys talk about fuck ea andwhat should happen to them .Im sick or hearing that 2k is better and all that bullshit 2k13 is a great game but still not perfect this is america and the great thing about it if u dont like dont buy it and stop posting your negative bullshit all over the site

    • Guest

      You sound pretty sick. Sounds like you need to see a doctor. We have the choice to buy the game, we have the choice to not buy the game, and if the game is good, we have the choice to say, “its good”, and if the game is bad….well, we have the choice to tell you to go fuck off.

      • The problem is, we have no choice of buying a DIFFERENT football game.

    • Guest

      You’re right, this IS America, a great country where freedom of speech is hailed by all….except some “sick” nobody on Pasta’s site, who can’t handle people telling the truth about EA Sports.

  • Pacoheadley

    So, if you no longer have receipts or anything for these games, is it still ok to do this? Do you need proof of purchase? I don’t know all the details, but I did 05-08, and 10, plus a couple from NCAA.

  • MARZ76

    i just want to say stop 360 ports on multiplatform games its always sumthing wrong with the port an or the game itself made on the 360.

  • thbends

    Like most court cases.. Even when you win you lose. Thanks for the $15. What a joke!

  • RandomGuy

    Found a way to get Madden 13 rosters on my Madden 12. As well as the current NFL schedule for my Franchise Mode. So it is official. You will not see me complain about Madden 13, because I will not BUY Madden 13. That is all.

  • charlie

    and the winner is…..the attorneys!

    The Court will also consider at the Settlement Fairness Hearing the request of Class
    Counsel for an award of attorneys’ fees, not to exceed 30% of the Common Fund or
    $9 million; the request of Class Counsel for reimbursement of expenses incurred
    in pursuing this lawsuit, not to exceed $2,000,000; and a request for incentive
    awards to each class representative not to exceed $5,000 per individual. These amounts,
    if awarded, will be deducted from the Common Fund.