NCAA Football 13 Roster Share Feature Remains Down

Posted October 20th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

The Roster Share feature in NCAA Football 13 has been down for several days now with no indication from EA Sports that they are looking into the situation. Users have been unable to download any rosters, from any gamertag, on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The message above is displayed when any attempts are made. 

It’s easy to think that after the initial rush on named rosters the feature isn’t utilized much but that really isn’t the case as evidenced even by the number of emails and social messages that have come streaming in regarding the problem. Conspiracy theorists might believe EA is trying to quietly shut down the feature amidst the legal proceedings regarding player likenesses in the game but past issues with poor rosters or the EA Locker (as it used to be known) have been addressed quickly. Shutting off the feature now wouldn’t help EA escape from a potential negative ruling in the case. If it did they would have taken such an action years ago.

Attempts to obtain an update from EA on the situation have gone unanswered. Should the feature begin working again, or comment come from the company regarding its status, that information will be added to this posting.

•(Update 10/24) The feature finally appears to be back up and running.

  • Amen_Ra

    Probably the beginning of the end…

    • Keith.

      Yep. And with NCAA at 55th (PS3) and 56th (360) place in this week’s sales chart, the end is coming with a whimper. Neither game (360 — 465,000; PS3 — 369,000 total) is gonna come close to a million million in sales, and the legal risk just ain’t worth it.

      • Probably…I don’t think they’ll axe the game this year though. There’s still optimism I’d think with NCAA 14 getting an (expected) tuned/improved Infinity Engine.

        Then again, if importing isn’t an option again, people will not buy. The lack of importing really highlights who plays NCAA truly as fans of the game, versus those who mainly get it to import/play alongside Madden.

        • Guest

          “There’s still optimism I’d think with NCAA 14 getting an (expected) tuned/improved Infinity Engine.”

          LOL…you are a funny dude. The Infinity Engine? You want to see more of that? Wow.

          • Did I say that? No. I said I’d think there’s still some optimism for the game BECAUSE of that.

            I also said if importing isn’t possible, the game could end up worse off. It probably would sink to the point of no return because there are way more NFL fans then college football fans…especially given that the NCAA series has become stale over the years.

            But you probably can’t comprehend anything outside of “EA Sports you suck, blah blah blah” so continue on.

          • Guest

            Well actually, that’s EXACTLY what you said. You’re the one that just said that the Infinity Engine being added to the game, was reason for optimism. Don’t be coming back here and trying to spin it to mean something else.

          • I didn’t say I was optimistic about it. Yeah, I said I think it would be a reason for optimism. That doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to it, or not. But yeah if they can improve it, why wouldn’t it make fans of the game optimistic? There are people who play NCAA that don’t play Madden, meaning they had to wait until next year for “physics” which I’d take over the previous canned animations EA had any day.

            Does it really matter though? If EA doesn’t bring back importing rosters, sales are gonna be down further.

          • Guest

            News flash….sales are gonna be down with or without roster share, with or without that garbage they call a physics engine. You said what you said for your own sake, not for “fans”.

            YOU’RE a fan of the games…and a tool.

        • Christopher5

          The “Infinity Engine” can’t save this game. This series is at a standstill and until The huge waste of space steps down or gets shit-canned this will continue to be a huge dissapoinment. This year we can expect to see tons of commercials, lots of new passing angles, and the new feature “smoother gameplay”. Not having a good football game to play sucks, but i will not put money in this corrupt co’s pocket anymore.

          • Guest

            Exactly. No support for EA Sports here either.

  • Waugh

    I just purchased the game on Friday. I have not played much as i am waiting to do a dynasty with named rosters. Very frustrating to wait on a feature like this…

    • If you have the patience, you can possibly find “offline” roster file to download and add to your NCAA 13 files…really doesn’t take THAT long. Only place I know of that has people who update the rosters are Operation Sports, so I’d say go to the roster forums there and look.

      • Waugh

        How would i add it to my files. Could you please give a bit more clarification

        • MARZ76

          if u got a 360 you can hack the file extract its what they call it now instead of calling it hacking, 360 is a hack console. then again it just could be the console that the game was made from,sumkind of time limited file share glitch

    • 49ersfan1

      why did u buy that “GAME”???

  • mbergh22

    Is this suppose to be the last college football game? Or will there be a 2014 and then that’s it? TBH the players need to quit acting like girls and be glad they are in a video game.

  • Could it be possible that they’re trying to prevent anyone from downloading a roster and comparing it to the default rosters (Say, to look for what was changed from the default to possibly see how much EA was attempting to replicate real-life rosters)?

    • Guest

      Could it be possible that….the fucking game sucks, no matter what rosters are available for download?


      • I was just asking a question. The quality of the game is irrelevant. What’s funny is, I traded the game in after a month of playing it because it got too stale too quickly…yet you’re coming at me like I’m praising it.

        • Guest

          I repeat….Could it be possible that….the fucking game sucks, no matter what rosters are available for download?

          If the quality is irrelevant, then why are you telling me why you traded the damn game in? I’m coming at you like whatever rosters they use don’t mean shit anyway…because the game sucks.

  • E99

    Seems like a bad sign for sure. Since it’s down on both consoles, makes me think that it not just a server issue but instead something to do with the lawsuit. Let’s hope that it goes back up soon and we can download rosters in the coming years. If this is the beginning of the end of NCAA Football video games, then it is truly a sad day.

  • Joel j

    Very disappointing. I emailed EA and so should everyone. Can you post directions for how to use a USB stick to install the Operation Sports roster?

    • They should have instructions like on the first page…of it…or any one that offers “offline” rosters. Just apply those with the main OS rosters.

      • Guest

        Yeah right, whatever. Fucking game sucks anyway, no matter who’s on the rosters.

        • Ok, and your mom likes to toss salads in her spare time. How is either of those relevant to the dude’s request?

          • Guest

            Tell that dumbass about “Google” and then teach his dumbass how to use it. Is that relevant or helpful enough? What the fuck does this site look like to you, “”?

          • Buffeye roster

            On Operation sports theres an awesome dyansty roster set called Buffeye. It’s under Gamertag(360) IIIIIwiseIIIII or two days slow. I know there is a guy in that roster thread who does offline updates for people to DL. Not sure how its done, but if you got to the roster section of OS, in the Buckeye thread, theres a guy (mkharsh) who does this for people.

          • Buffeye roster

            * Buffeye roster…. my bad

          • You sound bitter.

  • MARZ76

    is it possible they just turn this feature off. wasnt it sum kind of court hearing about former ncaa an nfl players not get paid for there likeness in the games.

    • Keith.

      Yep — the one where plaintiffs’ damages are estimated to be over $1B. EA loses that one, and they’re done.

      • Guest

        please please please please please…….lose lose lose lose lose

    • MARZ76

      lol ya’ll hitting the negative button because ya’ll know what iv been saying about the 360. i just want to say stop 360 ports when its multiplatform games with all its bs issues….360 ports are just horrible sad an f’d up. thats what ya’ll wanted to see huh. an borderlands2 an medal of honor go look them up both have big issues an medal of honor another EA game that will have a massive patch on day1. lol what was these games made on 360.

  • Guest

    So what you’re telling me is, its really not…”in the game”? LOL!!!

    Bye bye EA Sports. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • Riposte

      So what you mean is “Bye-bye Hockey, Golf and College Football” video games?

      • Guest

        I don’t care for, or currently own, any of the games that you just mentioned, as those games are currently made by EA Sports.

        Can you fucking hear me now?

        • I see u guest…

          Trolling Trolling Trolling……

          • Guest

            Really? But, but, but, couldn’t ‘guest’ be just about anybody randomly visiting the site, and not coming up with a user name?

        • Big Nips

          then y r all of u haters on this site if you guys think the game is bad just shut the fuck up and get off this site

  • Funny how people will let a game die without real rosters. I’d still buy it just to play with the team colors/stadiums, general pageantry of college football etc… If it’s a good game, it doesn’t NEED real rosters or roster editing (a bonus for sure, obviously). The key is if it’s a good game, obviously. Amazing that in this era of gaming we could be without any college sports games, how lame.That’s something I’d have expected in the 8-bit era…not now.

    • Guest

      The key is….its not a good game. Are you understanding that yet?

      • I’m not arguing the validity of the game. I don’t think it’s as much a bad game as it’s just a stale series right now. The roster issue is even more magnified because of this opinion. But my argument is, are we all willing to trade the existence of an NCAA game without rosters (as good or bad as the gameplay experience would be) for no NCAA game at all (and maybe ever, or for a long while)?

        Ultimately, I think the time could be ripe for 2K to swoop back in and do something on the college level again. The risk would be lower with EA out of the picture. They have a lot of momentum with NBA 2K being one of the top games. Could you imagine a College Hoops game on par with the current NBA 2K series? Holy heck. Or a legitimate 2K try at College Football (not the half-assed one from awhile back) to breathe new life into the genre. I don’t think it would happen, but it would be the only chance in the short term to see an NCAA sports video game anytime soon if NCAA Football falls off the cliff…

    • Christopher5

      BS…if they lose roster editing, the game will die. Congrats to you being the lone one that would be able to play with no real names.

      • I would think roster editing would be safe in the same way it’s made available in other games. FIFA and PES have full creation suites. Obviously it would take a lot more time and effort, but a community like OS could pull off a roster set via this method as well. The problem is getting these rosters to work online (outside of dynasty mode, which can have a single roster for everyone to use). It’s doable if EA is forced to simply “dummy” down the real rosters but leaves everything editable as it is. That said, it’s sad that we’d let a game die because of a roster issue. I remember when everyone was addicted to NCAA Gamebreaker in the PS1 days and everyone was a number. Yeah, we’ve come to expect a lot more these days, but to just dismiss a whole sport as a video game simply because we cannot have named rosters is basically saying it’s a worthless sport to have in video game form then?

  • Skihawks

    Any news on potential uniform store updates?

  • jwallace0317

    Shutting off the feature now would not rectify the past in terms of the player likeness issue, but it would turn off the faucet with respect to ongoing damages alleged by the plaintiffs. The best analogy is this: say that a homeowner failed to remove dangerous ice from walkway, causing people to slip and get hurt. Would the homeowner say “well, removing the ice now won’t change the past….so I guess I won’t remove the ice.” ? LOL

  • Guest is a bitch

    this is the best game that’s ever been made. and roster share only made it better. my mom says some day I could be in it as QB #7. I can’t wait for the NCAA to make millions off of me and not give me a dime. I only buy ea games because you keep talkin shit but are too cowardly to identify yourself as anything other than guest you fucking troll.

    • Guest

      How fucking stupid. If I said my name was ‘Joe the plumber’, you still wouldn’t fucking know me, you dumb jackass. So what’s the point?

  • Jon

    If its that big a deal edit them yourself sheesh

  • MARZ76

    off the subject did u see what happened to medal of honor?….a big patch on day1 same thing i been reposting an said the games that would be all f’d up. stop 360 ports when its multiplatform games with all its bs issues….360 ports are just horrible sad an f’d up

  • kazzeemagic

    im glad it’s back up