FIFA 13 Missing Some Features on Wii U

Posted October 24th, 2012 at 8:30 am

While some compromises are expected with launch titles for new systems there have been so many associated with new hardware launches that products have become far more limited in their appeal. With the Wii U there will will of course be features unique to the system for games like Madden NFL 13, NBA 2K13, and FIFA 13 but they’ll also be lacking some that are found on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Just a few examples as it relates to Madden 13 is the lack of the “Infinity engine” physics or Ultimate Team and NBA 2K13 going without All-Star Weekend. 

Thanks to an interview with Eurogamer it’s now known that FIFA 13 will be missing the “First Touch” ball-handling system, other gameplay enhancements that have been realized on the current systems for the latest iteration, and Ultimate Team mode.

The trade-off then comes in getting features like the ability to use the GamePad controller for shooting, passing, tackling, taking free kicks, and making managerial changes. Check out the full features list here.

It’s unlikely that what FIFA 13 on the Wii U lacks, in that it will play more like FIFA 12, will change many decisions on whether to purchase or not. The gameplay changes from 12 to 13 weren’t incredibly dramatic and those entrenched in Ultimate Team aren’t going to move over and start up from scratch on a new console. If EA Sports believed the mode would have been utilized heavily on Wii U they would have made sure to get it in.

Even with features that integrate well with sports games it’s unlikely the Wii U will become popular for them with the next Xbox and PS4 around the bend and especially with SmartGlass potentially matching some of the functionality immediately for the 360. Still for the time being it becomes an even much harder sell when the game launching with a console can’t match what has been out on other consoles already for months or even years.

  • Keith.

    What do you really expect from a company that released last year’s exact same FIFA game (in a new box) for PS Vita and the original Wii this year?

    “FIFA 13: EA Sells Old Games As New”

  • I’m betting it will change a few more decisions than you think. Look at FIFA for Vita – it’s almost a shameless copy of the first Vita iteration and is also lacking the current-gen feature set and “first touch” physics. I’ve held off on purchasing that version as well as many others I’ve heard from on the OS boards and elsewhere. If the Wii U version is inferior, it will show in sales. This is typical form for EA on these types of launches where they utilize the novelty feature (Madden on DS and 3DS, FIFA on Vita, etc) out of the gate and then show a complete lack of support after that.