Expect EA Sports UFC to Prominently Feature Women’s Division

Posted October 26th, 2012 at 10:45 am

Women in MMA games have generally been used as promotional tools. They’ve been added in an exploitative manner in order to increase exposure for terrible games that were struggling to justify their existence. That will be changing when it comes to the UFC and the product now being developed by EA Sports.

UFC president Dana White had long dismissed the idea of creating a women’s division but just recently told SI that it is “absolutely going to happen” and in the near future. With the UFC license now in the hands of EA Sports, who may be looking to launch the first title for the new franchise in 2013, featuring the women’s division appears a certainty to happen as it will be hugely beneficial to both parties. 

Back in 2010 it was somewhat surprising that that EA Sports MMA didn’t feature female fighters. It was one of the few ways in which the game, which carried with it Strikeforce branding, could have differentiated itself from the UFC product. Now that Zuffa (parent company of UFC) owns Strikeforce  – the sale of which ironically killed off the sequel for EA MMA – the roster of women is there when the time comes to populate talent for the UFC.

The big star of course is Ronda Rousey who could really provide a significant jolt to UFC gaming which has struggled since UFC 2009 Undisputed surprised with huge sales numbers for THQ. Over the course of the two follow-ups the consumer base for the product shrunk by an absolutely stunning 70%. The lack of change that came from one release to the next made it hard to justify purchasing. Very little roster turnover has proven to be a primary culprit that companies have struggled to compensate for.

EA Sports will have the benefit of producing a completely new UFC product and with stronger marketing might behind it. That should help to offset some of the sentiment that THQ recently struggled with. However offering up something completely fresh – a legitimate women’s division in which the fighters are given the proper respect – would do even more to reach new consumers and attract those who may have given up on MMA games in the past three years.

  • mcmax3000

    The women’s division probably isn’t coming to the UFC anytime soon (they still have to get out of their agreement with Showtime so they can fold Strikeforce already before they can even consider bringing the women over to the UFC), I have my doubts about a women’s division being featured in the first game, especially if that game ends up launching next year.

    I’d bet that’s something they’re more likely to hold back, and make a big deal about, for a second game.

  • vic

    Another license for EA? Great, i wonder whats gonna be wrong with this one and what there gonna leave out, i bet they will make a slider set so we have to adjust it just to make the game challenging and realistic.. i sense a lot of first round knock outs all the way to the championship. smh

    • mcmax3000

      A lot of first round knockouts? So, you’re expecting it to be like THQ’s games?

      • vic

        Yeah pretty much..im not saying THQ did any better and im not a EA hater i just think that if your gonna buy exclusive rights we as a consumer should get a game that is great and not one that is half ass and not innovative like madden and ncaa it just seems like they dont even try anymore

        • mcmax3000

          It’s hard to say what it will be like. I hated the EA MMA demo, but ended up really enjoying the full game (once the gameplay was better explained, the game was really quite good).

          However, it’s not being made by that team, so I’m really not sure what to expect. I figure it has to be using the same engine, but I guess that’s not a guarantee.

  • im looking forward for this,if it happens

  • RandomGuy

    Will there be mud? Jello? Chocolate?

  • They don’t have a women’s division. Plus it wouldn’t be a good idea SF does not have a lot of women. 3-4 women actual make the game it would be a bad as the 125 division.

    • mcmax3000

      They don’t have one yet. They will when Strikeforce folds. No way they’re going to pass up a star like Rousey.

  • Guest

    Yay. Wow. (YAWN)

    Yay. Wow.

  • Guest

    It’ll have the same bland presentation, and the same Fightnight series style of GAMEPLAY that their last game had, but with women this time. Now get excited people. Are you excited yet?


    How about if they added the Infinity Engine quality physics to the game?

    No? Are you thinking that this will just be the same old game as the last game,…but with women?

    Yeah. Me too.

  • Digit

    People actually watch this ‘sport’?

    • MrDangerousD

      Is there a reason why you have “sport” in quotations like that? Because on the outside it looks stupid. You wouldn’t want to look stupid I’m sure.

  • jab16

    EA will fuck this game up just like they did the Fight Night games because they have the same clowns like Brian “Brizzo” Hayes working on it. This game will have the same weak ass presentation and fighters with no signature styles and lame ass animations. I wouldn’t touch this game if they were giving it away.

  • PeterMoore

    If we have them wrestle in hot oil in bras and panties, it will be a huge seller.

  • CJ

    Essentially plagiarized on http://www.examiner.com/ by someone named Brian Browne. Scummy.

    • Guest

      But, your link doesn’t take us directly to the plagiarized article. That’s most unfortunate. Judge Judy would make you cry publicly for such a mistake.

  • Buggstbone

    When is the next UFC game expected to come out?

  • dwokabwoy

    EA just doesnt like adfing female fighters to thier games. Fuck them

  • Vic

    This article was not only plagiarized but it isn’t inaccurate as well. Stating that the franchise struggled since release is complete garbage.

    • The site that copied this article (and poorly at that) I already reported that to google. Discussed that subject on Twitter even when it happened. Not much that can be done about people who steal content unfortunately.

      And losing 70% of the consumer base over three years is horrendously bad. That’s a fact. Why else would THQ sell the license to EA. They were under water with the franchise with no chance they’d be able to turn things around.