Madden NFL 13 Body Editing Removed from Online Connected Careers

Posted October 27th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

As previously reported the ability to edit the body makeup of current players within Madden NFL 13’s Connected Careers mode has been removed. This has taken effect through a server-side update to “online” careers. Presumably the feature will be removed from “offline” careers as well but doing so there requires being part of a patch.

Thankfully it is only the ‘Appearance’ section of editing that has been altered removing everything except being able to view height and weight. The full range of access to changing information and equipment remains. All created players that appear within the league will retain complete editing including full appearance along with the information and equipment.

An issue was immediately discovered following the latest patch in which players, primarily isolated to the offensive and defensive lines, were transformed into scrawny body types after making any change to them through the editing process. Apparently removing body section with current players has eliminated the bug that was causing that to happen.

  • CJ

    Pasta, height and weight could NOT be adjusted previously. And that screen looks the same – IE you could see the height and weight on the editing screen but could not change them. Are you sure you can change the height and weight because that would be a big deal (something people were complaining about).

    • Ah you’re right, I didn’t think to try moving them around and was surprised just seeing anything there (figured the whole section would be gone). They’re probably not changeable. I’ll fix the article. Thanks for noting this.

    • You can’t , only slider from 0-10 for body size have been removed , hope they have a way to reset all shape , my oline look bad 😛

  • Guest


    If it’s in the game. IT’S IN THE GAME.

  • fhs2

    what if i edit a roster and start an offline CCM with those custom rosters, the players will be screwed up?

    • smsixx

      Yep! 🙂
      Go to the OS forums…There is a user there that has done extensive “tests” in all modes. If you even enter the edit menu the players will morph.
      Trade your game in man…Madden is an extensive pipe dream of “waiting for the next patch”.

      • Guest

        I haven’t had that issue..

      • Guest

        But then again, I don’t edit equipment; all I wanted was a custom roster with my own ratings.

        • RandomGuy

          Me either. But, then again I’m still playing Madden ’12.

  • DJ Promy

    Oh damn, James Harden just got dealt to the Rockets. Really didn’t see this coming but i guess he wanted a max out deal.

  • stevvvvvve

    This is pretty pathetic that its almost been 3 months since madden came out and these issues to come out still is just mindboggling…to think that this is acceptable within a company as a whole is even more ridiculous…i really would hate to think that developers, execs, and this company would really be proud of what they done in the last ten years..

    • like it or not

      You make a good point. My thing is for me its always been about the gameplay and fun factor and EA improved that. Yes little things like changing appearance count but its just sad that this has been the focus vs updating things like the commentary and giving it continuity as seasons pass, or updating the presentation overall. But I’m sure that can’t be patched. At this point we either like the gameor not, but its nice that EA is even still talking patches.

    • Keith.

      In this era where development studios close left and right, it really is mind-boggling how EA, and Tiburon Florida in particular, have managed to get away with SO MUCH incompetence since February 2005, when the company’s stock was at its peak.

      Personally, I’m really looking forward to Tuesday, when EA’s latest quarterly financials are released. To recap:

      — Nothing that EA released in the first part of this year had any legs whatsoever from a sales standpoint. TW13, SSX, Star Wars Online, and Grand Slam 2 were all big sales losers, with Star Wars being called “likely the most expensive, longest-developed games of all time.” Mass Effect 3 sold alright but certainly nothing spectacular.

      — NCAA’s been a total sales disaster, and has been available for $35 at Amazon for weeks (which cuts even further into profits). In addition to being a sales loser, NCAA’s also been a litigation leader for EA, with the player likeness lawsuit still alive and representing a very big threat to everybody involved with the defense.

      — NBA Live of course won’t even release, even though it has cost EA untold millions in research and development the last 3 years (at the same time NBA2k13 continues to set sales records).

      — NHL ran into a lockout and absolutely dismal sales numbers (110,000 TOTAL on 360 and another 68,000 TOTAL on PS3 here in the US, according to the most recent vgchartz numbers).

      — Madden, while being up just a little over last year, has been readily available for $40-45 since 2 weeks after release, and continues to receive one star customer reviews on a daily basis at Amazon (along with easy to spot “EA plant” 5 star reviews), which can’t mean good things for Christmas sales. Consumer interest in EA’s paid-DLC money grab schemes also seems to be at an all-time low (thankfully) with M13.

      — With Fifa, it’s hard to tell. The game seems to be doing okay (last year’s sold 12.15 million, according to vgchartz, while this year’s game has sold 6.55 million so far, per the same source). Of course, nobody but EA has any real info regarding the amount spent on Fifa Ultimate Team and other paid DLC, which makes Tuesday’s financial announcement all the more compelling.

      And that’s it. I don’t think anybody is expecting the latest Need for Speed to challenge the latest COD or ACIII for being this holiday’s season’s “must have” title. The latest Medal of Honor was dead on arrival (I saw even IGN gave the game a 4.0 — when IGN’s giving an EA game that kind’ve score, you know things are bad).

      I’m not the only one thinking about these things either. Here’s another interesting take on the situation:

  • Eh…you can still edit equipment and what not so eff it.

  • JP

    You can still edit equipment…but it still screws up the body type…only now, you can’t fix the players body like you could last week.
    We went from it messing up the body type, with the ability to fix it…straight to messing up the body type with no ability to fix it…
    Not sure why they took the feature back out…as it was the feature you could use to fix the mess up…

  • The Real N/A

    We still can’t change a OLB to DE. How can we change a Defensive scheme without this ability?! Makes NO sense!!

  • Yeah, my player’s bodies are still warped. Didn’t fix anything.

  • huggaknocks

    Hey Pasta can you please tell EA to update Reshard Jones SS from the miami dolphins age he is 23 not 25 as the game has him this is a big problem due to the fact he could retire before his age thank you.