Evaluating Current Quarterback Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted October 29th, 2012 at 11:45 am

There will always be some level of debate when it comes to player ratings in any sports video game. Madden, with the frequent roster updates, gets the most scrutiny as adjustments are made on such a regular basis that it should result in the most accurate representation of a player’s current status within the league.

Player ratings will be heavily influenced by the past – that is the baseline to adjust from as new data is added – but the purpose should be to present each individual as they are performing currently. Of course, stats don’t tell everything, but they do frame a player into a performance bracket. There are numerous other variables involved but when it comes to a video game few of those things directly translate and instead it falls on their attributes and production.

With all that in mind it made sense to examine how players are performing against their overall player rating in Madden NFL 13 and see how things shook out beginning with quarterbacks today. By looking at their stats, the average starting QB having a 56 QBR and 86 overall rating in Madden, which players are outplaying their ratings (in a relative comparison) and which have yet to be adjusted downward properly? 





Aaron Rodgers 2165-69.0%-21TD-4INT-72.3QBR 99 —–
Drew Brees 2310-59.7%-20TD-8INT-65.7QBR 98 Slightly Overrated
Tom Brady 2408-65.3%-16TD-3INT-79.2QBR 98 —–
Eli Manning 2301-62.6%-12TD-8INT-74.3QBR 95 —–
Ben Roethlisberger 1987-66.8%-14TD-3INT-75.6QBR 95 —–
Peyton Manning 2113-68.5%-17TD-4INT-82.5QBR 95 Underrated
Matt Ryan 2018-68.7%-17TD-6INT-77.6QBR 91 Vastly Underrated
Tony Romo 2073-65.7%-9TD-13INT-56.4QBR 90 Slightly Overrated
Joe Flacco 1837-59.5%-9TD-6INT-53.9QBR 89 Slightly Overrated
Matt Schaub 1650-63.1%-10TD-4INT-66.5QBR 89 —–
Philip Rivers 1646-64.6%-10TD-9INT-35.7QBR 89 Vastly Overrated
Michael Vick 1823-59.0%-9TD-8INT-53.3QBR 89 Overrated
Matthew Stafford 2108-63.3%-8TD-7INT-62.8QBR 88 —–
Cam Newton 1701-57.1%-5TD-8INT-39.1QBR 88 Vastly Overrated
Jay Cutler 1545-58.1%-9TD-8INT-51.2QBR 87 Slightly Overrated
Alex Smith 1659-69.4%-12TD-5INT-70.7QBR 87 Underrated
Robert Griffin III 1778-66.8%-8TD-3INT-70.9QBR 87 Underrated
Carson Palmer 1941-60.2%-9TD-5INT-51.9QBR 84 Slightly Overrated
Andrew Luck 1971-55.6%-8TD-8INT-72.2QBR 84 Underrated
Josh Freeman 1800-55.2%-14TD-5INT-48.1QBR 83 —–
Andy Dalton 1831-64.2%-13TD-10INT-52.7QBR 83 —–
Ryan Fitzpatrick 1435-61.0%-15TD-9INT-48.2QBR 82 —–
Sam Bradford 1797-61.4%-8TD-7INT-46.1QBR 81 Slightly Overrated
Matt Hasselbeck 1167-63.8%-6TD-4INT-53.6QBR 81 Slightly Underrated
Russell Wilson 1466-61.4%-10TD-8INT-53.0QBR 79 Slightly Underrated
Kevin Kolb 1169-59.6%-8TD-3INT-38.0QBR 78 Overrated
Mark Sanchez 1736-52.9%-10TD-8INT-32.2QBR 78 Vastly Overrated
Ryan Tannehill 1472-59.1%-4TD-6INT-53.4QBR 78 Underrated
Christian Ponder 1743-65.3%-10TD-7INT-53.1QBR 78 Underrated
Matt Cassel 1368-59.7%-6TD-10INT-41.7QBR 77 Overrated
Brandon Weeden 1912-55.2%-9TD-10INT-19.5QBR 76 Vastly Overrated
Blaine Gabbert 1209-55.6%-7TD-3INT-43.3QBR 75 —–


  • hoihkjhkh

    I would say Weeden at 76 is fair. He is not vastly overrated. His 55.2% Completion percentage is because his receivers have 21 catchable drops, most in the league. He also has 4 TD, 1 INT in his last 3 games.

    • yeah but then you look at gabberts numbers/overall, and you wonder why weeden is as high as he is…

      • CJ

        Weeden has also improved essentially every week – which is a big deal for a first year QB (and recent games probably matter more for rating tbh).

  • maddenguru2012

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Some players are just not as good as others, Romo is for sure overrated, and Matt Ryan is SEVERELY underrated. Good Article Pasta!

  • AFC east QBs
    Mark Sanchez should be in the 50s
    Tom Brady should be a 99
    Tannehill should be som somewhere in the 74-77 range
    Fitzpatrick is a 79-84 QB

    • 49ersfan1

      lol at sanchez

    • Explain Tannehill? He should be higher, he made someone like Hartline have the most yards in the NFL until like what week 6? Not to mention the worst WRs in the NFL atm.

      • The360King

        Yes. Considering his WR core, Tannehill’s been doing a pretty good job and deserves to be around 79-80 overall.

  • Dangsta

    I agree with most of these but to say that Alex Smith is underrated is wrong in my opinion. Put the struggling Philip Rivers on the 49ers and ask him to do what They expect Alex Smith to do and they are the Super Bowl Champions.

    • 49ersfan1

      i agree. but hes putting good starting qb #’s with randy moss and craptree. so thats pretty underrated. 75% of NFL fans still think hes the guy from 2006.

      • a good quarterback takes a team and makes them better. Alex Smith doesn’t do that, he’s a game manager, he doesn’t contribute anything to the team, he is replaceable. and is no better then Carson Palmer (that’s right, I said it.) in real life. Alex Smith is a 86 at best. period. and should be rated an 84 because having him higher then like Andy dalton is a Crime.
        Good Quarterbacks MAKE plays. he’s just in them. Even being a 49rs fan you have to realize A-smith is nothing special.

        • 49ersfan1

          hey, did you see the game last night?

          • Against mighty Arizona. Yeah, we saw. Doesn’t change the facts one bit. Smith is not bad; he’s just not great either. You know that too. It’s why all 49ers fans wanted to toss him aside until the team got good enough to have him manage the game. It’s a good fit now but he’s not a great QB by any stretch.

          • 49ersfan1

            mighty Arizona, the ones who had a winning record until the niners kicked their ass. and not all 49ers fans wanted to toss him. i never thought of him as great, but the niners coaching staff and offense (other than gore) was terrible. so even if they drafted the great aaron rodgers that year, he wouldve been the same. if smith played under brett favre for a few years on a great team, smith wud be great.

          • The360King

            The year before Harbaugh and Harbaugh’s first year, weren’t the OL (at least 4 of 5), TE, and one of the starting receivers the same? That’s most of the starters being the same. I don’t think the offensive talent was terrible. I think the offensive coaching might have been. Singletary put together a lot of good talent on defense and was able to contribute there. He’s a defensive guy, so he relied on his OC who had Smith do a lot of things he wasn’t necessarily good at. That was part of Harbaugh’s brilliance. He tailored the system to fit his players, (especially Alex Smith). That’s good coaching, and why he’s one of the best in the biz.

      • Dangsta

        After tonight’s game Alex Smith is very close to getting that 87 rating. I don’t think he deserves higher quite yet, so to say he’s underrated is still wrong, but he is improving every week and may get the 49ers to the Championship if he continues to play. I think as long as the 49ers keep the game close and give Alex Smith a chance to make plays, he will. If they fall behind early, and Alex Smith has to lead a comeback, the 49ers just dont play that type of game very well. I think an Overall rating of 85-86 is deserved.

    • The360King

      I agree. Alex Smith is a game manager that doesn’t really do anything exceedingly well, but does most things fairly well or adequately. However, his deep passing is one of his greatest weak points. He was given a lot more weapons and should be dominating. They’ve asked him to do a bit more this season and his shortcomings were exposed. Harbaugh did a good job of protecting him last year.

      If the 49ers had a QB who could throw the ball deep they’d be almost unbeatable. They have an elite defense, a great running game, a good offensive line, possibly the best/most dangerous TE in the league and a very good core of WR’s.

      • 49ersfan1

        hmm he had 1 incomplete pass, which was dropped by delanie walker. what a game manager.

        • The360King

          And nearly every pass was a short pass. The long pass plays were short passes where the receiver had YAC. He didn’t take shots deep and I don’t think he threw a pass longer than 15 yards in the air. I wasn’t able to watch the whole game, so I can’t say for sure. So yeah, he managed the game great and Harbaugh managed Smith great.

          Check the play by play. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2012102900/2012/REG8/49ers@cardinals#menu=gamepass&tab=analyze&analyze=playbyplay

          Look, I didn’t say the guy was a bad QB. He’s a good QB that I would classify as a game manager. You are not going to ask Alex Smith to take a game over. His inaccuracy with deep passes is a reason why. So how was my analysis wrong? Did he throw deep accurately, or did you gloss over that part? Most of what I said was about his deep passing accuracy and you focused on two words.

          • 49ersfan1

            ok i just read it and he threw a 25 and 23 yard pass. now remember when shaun hill was QB, and the 49ers were losing 21-0 to houston and then singletary benched hill and put smith in and smith made a come back and fell short 24-21 or that game last season when smith had 2 45+ yard TD passes to williams and crabtree.

          • The360King

            Holy run-on sentences Batman! Dude…Are you really bringing up games in the past when Shawn Hill was the QB? Really???!?!?! So Alex Smith at points in his career has successfully completed some deep passes. So what. That doesn’t mean he’s accurate with his deep passes. Aaron Brooks had a couple 24+ TD seasons. That doesn’t mean he was a good QB.

            Smith had a deep pass to Walker where he was wide open and the coverage had broken down. The pass was not thrown that accurately. If it was it may have gone for a TD instead of 25 yards. The other one yo are talking about Crabtree ran a 4 yard inside curl and ran for 18 yards…So what’s your point? You just based your argument that he can pass deep on a wide open deep pass that was slightly off the mark and a short pass and a long run. Your examples are about as accurate as Smith’s deep passes.

            Stop being a homer for a minute and step back and look at what I originally said. It’s OK to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of players on your team or your favorite players. Hell, it actually makes you a better fan. Do you really think Alex Smith is an accurate deep passer?

          • 49ersfan1

            yes, smith is extremely accurate.

  • Douglas, the Steelers fan.

    I gotta hand it to the Steelers offensive line so far this year/ in the last few games. They are keeping Ben on his feet and helping him with that 95 rating. If Dwyer wasn’t out proving he is a great back like the past few weeks, Ben would be throwing a lot more and would probably have even better stats than what he has now. The questionable O-line is doing that good right now.

    Whether or not the Steelers can win a playoff game rests on the Defense this year, not the Offense.

    • jake

      What does that have to do with the article?

      • coach

        read the first 2 sentences dip shit…”I gotta hand it to the Steelers offensive line so far this year/ in the last few games. They are keeping Ben on his feet and helping him with that 95 rating.”.

        He’s talking about Ben’s rating and how it could be better…along with the O-line. As this is an article about QB ratings it seems to make sense doesn’t it?

        On a side note….how the F$#@$@ is the guy leading the league in INT’s (ROMO) rated as high as he is…I’ve never felt he was that good and he’s been proving it all along. he should be no more than an 82…slightly better than average in my opinion.

  • Sicilian Joe

    Last year i would’ve said Rodgers was underrated at a 99…this year i think it fits, though

  • I really dont care for the QBR thing… Passer Rating is fine with me.

    • CJ

      Profootballfocus beat ESPN to the punch. No one cares about QBR because it is simply as less accurate, less detailed version of what PFF does.

      • JJ

        Even if you don’t understand grades they have stats nobody else does. Every beat and sports writer in the league is signed up there.

      • Football Outsiders is even better with DVOA.

  • Bucyocouch

    How is Josh Freeman’s QB rating so low when his TD to INT ratio is top 10???? He leads the league in +20 and +40 passes. His accuracy could improve, but wow…

    • Bucyocouch

      He’s got more yards, more TD’s and the same INT’s as Alex Smith, whose underrated,,,lol

  • How are Tony Romo and Carson Palmer as both “slightly overrated.” When Romo has 6 OVR points on Carson while having a 9:5 TD INT ratio while Romos is 9:13
    Carson Palmer 85.7 passer rating to Romo’s 78.8
    Tony Romo does have more yards by a little more than 100 better YPA by .11 a better QBR because once a game is out of hand the picks don’t hurt it as much, even if the QB is why the game is out of hand.

    • The360King

      I’ve gotta agree with you. I’ll also add that Carson Palmer is winning games practically on his own by running the no huddle offense and taking the play calling out of Greg Knapp’s hands. He is also getting it done with an average, (at best outside of LT and C), offensive line, predictable play calling and NO running game.

  • -Justin

    Bradford is not overrated

  • Tannehill has the worse WR corp in the NFL, as a rookie he hasn’t done that bad, should be an 80.

  • jonathan

    Pasta, you need to actually watch the games instead of box scores. You seriously think Alex Smith deserves a higher rating? He’s never called on to win the game for the niners; they have an elite running game, defense and great special teams. Not to mention he has 3 solid receivers and an elite tight end. You’ve got to factor in what is asked of these quarterbacks and what abilities they have rather than pure statistics.

    • JJ

      This is true, stats don’t tell the whole story. But they’re still a better indication than Madden ratings.

    • I basically said that. But stats do tell a story also. Efficiency if nothing else in the case of Alex Smith.

    • 49ers

      I seem to recall him being called upon to win the saints game last year, as well as the fact that last year he had 6 fourth quarter comebacks. this year he has shown improvement. you talk about his two bad games, against the giants and the seahawks, take away those two games and he has only one interception. now note in those two games his drives kept being interrupted by the kaepernick package and he was being put in on third and long. notice last night no kaepernick, no int and only 1 incompletion (it was a dropped pass). he also had a thing going on with his finger, hurt against the bills, against the cards was his first game with it not wrapped. True, he does not put up monster yardage numbers, but he is one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league.

  • NuchFANG

    Flacco is an 89…. Palmer is an 84 and Palmer has better stats but both are
    Slightly Overrated?

    • 49ersfan1

      yep. flacco’s team wins games. and not in overtime. against good teams.

  • mike

    Most overrated qb’s in the game are Romo, Vick, Newton, Rivers, and Smith. Underrated is Peyton Manning!

  • $evere

    I have tried to defend Romo, because his receivers don’t help him, but man some of those ints are painful to watch. He just throws it up. Yeah I understand you have to let your receiver make a play but man it’s going down hill quick.

  • cover2blitz0

    Josh Freeman at 83 is underrated

  • reeezy

    WAIT..how does Luck have a better qbr than flacco and carson palmer? i dont get this…

  • browns1993

    Weeden’s numbers are right up there with Luck’s and Griffin’s you dumb idiot. Weeden should be higher

    • The360King

      Which numbers?

      • JJ

        The number of games they’ve played.

    • browns1993

      He’s got more passing yards than RG3. He’s got more passing touchdowns than RG3 and Luck. All of this despite suffering from numerous drops. Clearly this guy doesn’t watch the games and just looks at box scores. If he did watch the games he would see that every week Weeden has improved.

      • raul

        Agreed. But what do you expect this a gaming website for young kids. The people that run this site do nothing but play videogames, a base their observations off twitter hype and media hype. The website creators have never properly understood the concepts of a west coast offense or the spread offense… they only football knowledge they understand are probably the stuff that they may have learned in Jr. High School football. So dont expect much professional analyzing from a website like this one.

  • objectivedude

    “1941-60.2%-9TD-5INT-51.9QBR” carson palmer
    “1971-55.6%-8TD-8INT-72.2QBR” andrew luck
    someone explain this to me because it doesn’t make any sense

    • ben

      Yards, completion percentage, tds, ints, qbr. Not really confusing.

    • The QBR? I have no clue CP3 has a better completion percentage and a better TD INT ratio
      Even a better Score TD ratio with Luck’s 11:11 and Carson’s 10:7

      • Shmox11

        QBR is calculated differently than the old system. It takes into account 3rd %, If you are trailing, what quarter, etc.

      • CJ

        tbh ESPN was simply late to the party with QBR. PFF is what everyone (including ESPN’s own analysts :P) look to at this point.

    • 49ersfan1

      luck is a rookie.

  • Al

    You can’t base their overall purely based on stats. Because by doing that you get situations where Ponder and Smith being called underrated. When if you watch their games you clearly see they are not put in positions to make bad decisions the play calling they have is very conservative. Especially in the case of Ponder look how many picks he has thrown in the last 3 weeks not that they have tried open the playbook a little more. We also get things were Brees is considered slightly overrated which I think we can all agree he is not, I’ll also mention Cutler. Say what you want about his personality whether you like it or not, and he can be very inconsistent, however, look at the Bears without him went from 7-3 a lock for the playoffs to 8-8 missing them he is either 11-1 or 12-1 in his last 12 or 13 games played. If there was a way to make the consistency rating more effective I would say he is underrated and the consistency rating could balance that out.

  • Mason Drews

    Well what exactly is over or underrated with each of these QB’s? Individual attributes? Overall rating does NOT matter whatsoever…

  • JJ


    But it really doesn’t matter how many interceptions Romo throws in real life.

  • Nick

    Eli Manning is ranked 97 in the recent roster update! ERROR!

  • bill

    Evaluate Running Backs! should be pretty easy. Great Article!!!

  • crispiercupid

    I really don’t think Brandon Weeden is vastly overrated, since he is actually having a pretty decent ROOKIE season. I think all the big numbers put up by rookie QBs the past two years spoiled us with rookies. All Weeden has is a back field and joe thomas, no other help.I think his 76 rating is perfect.

  • Vic Vega

    Carson Palmer has a 84 rating with 85.7 QB rating.

    The following QBs are rated BETTER with WORSE QB rating:

    – Flacco 89 (84 QB rating)
    – Rivers 89 (82.3 QB rating)
    – Stafford 89 (82.1 QB rating)
    – Cutler 86 (78.9 QB rating)
    – Romo 89 (78.8 QB rating)
    – Luck 84 (74.6 QB rating)
    – Vick 88 (78.6 QB rating)
    – Newton 88 (75.2 QB rating)

    Can anyone explain me why Palmer is slightly overrated???

    • Ken-Yon Rambo


      1) The one who makes the ratings doesn’t watch the games.

      2) The name of the player is more important than the real play.

      3) Romo leads the league in INTs (by a wide margin) but is rated 89 becuse the one who doesnt watch the games is a Cowboys fan.

  • Jarod

    They need to replace Vick’s 89OVR rating with a wet paper bag.

  • cbi

    Holy shit. I understand the Browns are bad, but they are a dropped INT and a dropped game winning TD from being 4-4. Aside from a historically awful first NFL game by Weeden, he has been very good and rated somewhere in the middle of the pack of NFL QBs. It’d be nice if people that pretended to know about the NFL payed some attention.

  • MARZ76

    with that said jonathan micheal vick isnt over rated the eagles o-line is the most horrible line in the nfl hands down. it would be hard 4 any QB if 90% of the game u only have 2to3sec to throw the ball because your o-line doesnt know how to block 4u but can block 4 mccoy. say what ya’ll want if they use another QB same bs will happen i think reid needs 2 start sum1 else so everybody will see its the O-line an the O-line coach that needs to be fired. IM NOT A EAGLES FAN. GO NINERS!!!!…..YOU SEE MY BOY MOSS LAST NITE 47 YARDS AND ATD MADDEN BOOST MOSS BACK UP THATS ARE GARBAGE COACH THAT DONT PLAY HIM ENOUGH


    wow you finally give matt ryan some respect

  • bliz


    • Guest

      dont wanna spoil ur mood, but brady and rodgers are having a better year at QB (other than team record, ryan is 7-0).

      mvp race:
      1. rodgers
      2. brady/ryan
      3. ryan/brady
      4. watt

  • QBR rating is a joke… Tony Romo/Jay Cutler SLIGHTLY overrated?? LOL

  • buno

    how is Weeden drastically overrated? like other comments have stated. They are a dropped INT and a dropped game winning TD away from 4-4 and they are another couple dropped passes away from 5-3. You take away Weeden’s first game and his stats are actually pretty good. I Think weeden’s rating is where it needs to be

  • QBR is a joke. The fact that you included it is, well, highly questionable. Weeden is slightly underrated, and has played particularly well in the last few weeks. Peyton should retain his 99 status, or at least 98. Luck should be rated equally with RG3, if not higher due to his continuous fourth quarter magic. He should AT LEAST have the clutch factor (3 game-winning drives, 2 fourth quarter comebacks).

  • bird gang

    matt ryan

  • 49ersfan1

    Matt Ryan is not the best QB this season.


    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady/Ryan
    3. Ryan/Brady
    4. Peyton
    5. Big Ben
    6. Eli