Another Round of Court Updates in NBA 2K13

Posted October 30th, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Earlier today 2K Sports released more updates to courts in NBA 2K13 just in time for the start of the regular season. The Cavs new court is the only addition of the bunch while others get more in the way of minor adjustments. The Lakers have the center court line fixed to white while the Nets get the glossy look to the floor that had been missing and darker blue Barclay’s Center text. The Grizzlies and Clippers courts have also received subtle changes.

  • mosse

    why not the blazers? been wrong since last year

  • H-Town

    LEts talk about a more important issue, the people doing the rosters for this game need to be fired.

    • Shifty

      thats nothing new. 2k dont care. its been pathetic for years now.

  • 49ersfan1

    thank god they fixed this. now its time for the damn rosters.

  • Bill

    I hate how they completely remove injured players from online play. It was fun playing with rose while it lasted. See ya in 2k14. Great year to be on the cover btw. Kevin love is also out for 2 months. Everyone is the heat or lakers and cheese all day. Back to madden.

    • Lucas

      I just played with the Wolves and Love was still in the game.

  • Trev

    Just uploaded the new roster, where is Mirza Teletovic for my Brooklyn Nets? Donte Greene is still on there and he has been injured since the summer time. They pay too much attention to little silly details like sock color and can’t even get the rosters right. I’m gonna play the game regardless but it would be nice to actually get what I paid for. 100 dollars of my money means I shouldn’t have to go in and update or create anything. Jay-Z is one of the producers for the game and for the love of God he couldn’t make sure they got “his” Brooklyn Nets right? Well I’m off my soapbox now and back to playing 2k13, just wanted to vent a little bit.


      why did you pay 100 dollars ????

      • Trev

        I bought the deluxe.

  • Sean

    Still missing…
    76ers #18 Maalik Wayns
    Cavs #15 Donald Sloan
    Clippers #10 Hank Thorns
    Heat. #14 Terrel Harris
    Hornets #22 Brian Roberts
    #42 Lance Thomas
    Jazz. #55 Kevin Murphy
    Knicks #14 Chris Copeland
    #9 Pablo Prigioni
    #99 Rasheed Wallace
    #4 James White
    Lakers #7 Darius Johnson-Odom
    #50 Robert Sacre
    Magic #20 DeQuan Jones
    Mavs. #9. Jae Crowder
    Nets. #33 Mirza Teletovic
    Nuggets #10 Julyan Stone
    Pacers. #23 Ben Hansbrough
    Pistons. #25 Kyle Singler
    #55 Viacheslav Kravtsov
    Raptors #6. Alan Anderson
    Rockets #14 Scott Machado
    #4 Greg Smith
    Spurs. #25 Nando de Colo
    #7. Tyler Wilkerson
    Suns. #10 Diante Garrett
    #17 P.J. Tucker
    #40 Luke Zeller
    TWolves #5 Will Conroy
    #4 Phil Jones
    #1 Alexy Shved
    Blazers #18 Victor Claver
    #19 Joal Freeland
    Warriors #20 Kent Bazemore

    • Trev

      Seems they are more worried about sock colors and the court details being perfect than they are with getting the rosters correct. Too focused on the minor details and not what really matters. Frustrating but I’m gonna keep playing, get my 100 bucks worth.