FIFA 13 Continues to Shatter Sales Records

Posted October 30th, 2012 at 6:45 pm

The past three years have brought about unprecedented growth in sales for the FIFA franchise. Each iteration (both worldwide and in North America) has set new high sales marks only to have them obliterated by the next year’s release. That continues with FIFA 13 which opened huge and has continued to expand beyond even the most optimistic of expectations. 

FIFA 13 sold 7.4 million copies in its first month worldwide and in every frame of reference to this point can be described as the fastest selling sports game in history. That number completely toasts the previous record for a sports game of FIFA 12’s 5 million in the first month. FIFA 13 opened with 4.5 million in its first five days alone, became the first non-COD game ever in the UK to move over 1 million in its first week, and was higher by 42% in North America where uptake of the sport and the video game representation have been improving dramatically.

EA Sports also announced that over $65 million in digital revenue has been made from FIFA 13 with Ultimate Team mode being the primary driver of success in that area. FIFA 12 made well over $100 million through digital revenue and FIFA 13 is well ahead of the pace set there.

  • Jesk

    Well earned. Its a great game.

    • Phil Shannon

      Yea and PES still is able to compete in the market which proves you can have 2 makers of sports games and still make money. It also ensures that there is competition which has forced EA sports to improve the FIFA series. I am a FIFA guy, but I am glad PES is at least a quality game on the market for competition

  • Something I expected from the best sports video game franchise of all time.

  • despite some flaws here and there, which aren’t gamebreaking by the way, this game is solid year in and year out. well deserved and well earned.

  • Haymen

    It’s worth it…

  • Keith.

    It sells in 40 countries. What’s it selling in the U.S.?

    • Amen_Ra

      What about Madden?

      • Keith.

        EA only wanted to talk numbers for BF3 and Fifa, and they stayed away from giving numbers for M13, NHL, NCAA (and Star Wars) during the investor conference call. Instead, they wanted to talk Metacritic for Madden and insisted that Madden’s “big leap in product quality” had something to do with the higher review scores (as opposed to say, the payola that everybody knows takes place).

        From EA’s president:

        “Madden NFL 13 just executed the biggest launch in 4 years. At the heart of this success is another big leap in product quality: a new gameplay engine that includes a huge physics upgrade and innovative online services such as Connected Career mode and Gridiron Club. These breakthrough improvements were noticed by critics who awarded Madden 13 an 86 at launch, our biggest year-over-year Metacritic jump in 4 years.

        NHL 13 has stunned critics and fans with its graphics and year-over-year innovations. The 84 on Metacritic has helped offset the headwinds related to a strike-impacted season.”

        • Hahahahaha! “New gameplay engine”? Hahahahahaha!

          Oh EA, you crack me up!

          And Madden 10 was a much bigger leap over Madden 09 than 13 is over 12. 13 is just 12 with a crappy (and now tremendously toned down) physics engine.

  • Arch-Man

    Hopefully with all that money they can license more National Teams…and put more in, at least put all the national teams in for the countries they sell the game in.. Like really no Croatia or Canada…c’mon man!!

  • oREo 10

    Should we be surprised? This game is the shiznit!!