NBA 2K13 Season Opener Roster Update Available Now

Posted October 31st, 2012 at 10:45 am

The NBA 2K13 roster update promised for the start of the regular season arrived early this morning. The latest roster comes after delivering an undeniably poor one yesterday, that had James Harden traded but several others involved in that deal still on their prior teams and many other players missing across the league, that was excused away by 2K Sports as an “old file”.

The supposedly proper roster then just released and moves everyone involved in the Harden deal and adds Rasheed Wallace – but that’s pretty much it. No other notable players have been added and there are a significant number of them still missing. There are free agents who haven’t been placed on their respective teams, players on teams that should no longer be there, and then all the ones that should be on teams but simply can’t be found anywhere on 2K13 even still. According to this list there are a whopping 30 players that are still absent from the game.

  • tin

    usual 2k pathetic attempt at a roster update. i doubt its cause theres no competition either. they sucked at rosters even when live was around. need to hire someone to do them instead of using the fake 2k insider they made up.

  • Keith.

    Good quarter (comparatively speaking) for Take Two:

    “Take-Two had a great second quarter (ending September 30), with revenues of $273.1 million, a 155 percent increase from the $107 million in the previous Q2. At the end of the day, however, the company did have a net loss of $12.5 million, which is still significantly better than the $123.3 loss from the same period last year.”

    • Can’t bring yourself to address 2k’s failures, huh? Just gotta take backdoor shots at EA instead, huh?

      And I was called the sheep…

      • Keith.

        What failures? Missing some players I’ve never heard of? Doesn’t impact my enjoyment of MyCareer one bit.

        • Why is it that you’re so in touch with what’s wrong or going on with EA, yet you’re seemingly oblivious to 2k’s issues? Issues that I personally have been experiencing since 2k11?

          Oh wait…

          • Keith.

            I don’t know what your “issues” are with 2k, but if you keep buying the game notwithstanding your complaints, then that’s on you, champ.

          • Oonce

            Its funny. He knows all sorts of frivolous shit about ea games but then plays dumb when it comes to anyone else. Where is Keith complaining about the second half of the season being autosimmed? Convenient he ignores something even as big as that.

        • Keith, you can’t continue to ignore gameplay issues on top of extremely poor roster updates. As well as the polarizing presentation and implementing of micro-transactions. You can’t continue to call EA on its shortcomings and praise 2k. That’s the teapot calling the kettle black at this point, 2k isn’t the holy grail of sports video games that some make it out to be. You take the good with the bad.

          • Keith.

            What “gameplay issues”? I’ve only been playing MyCareer mode, but from a gameplay standpoint, I’d put NBA2k13 right up there with The Show as GOTY.

          • If there were no gameplay issues, then there wouldn’t be a patch coming out in late November to address current gameplay issues, you damn imbecile.

          • Riposte

            So you’ve never tried to use Playvision?

        • H-Town

          Keith you are a fucking idiot to the next level. no name players ???? THEY COULDN’T EVEN GET THE TRADE DONE BY THE ROCKETS AND THUNDER CORRECT, GET OFF OF THEIR DICK.

          • freddie

   fucking 2K cocksucking fanboy!!!

          • freddie

            not you H-Town…Keith!!

        • smsixx

          I gotta back Keith on this one…You can tell the difference of “old school gamers” and teenagers/20 somethings in this discussion.
          Im a Pistons fan and they are missing Kyle Singler still. Rather then get up in arms I just went in and created him. At least if Missing players, accesories, attributes, or any other thing is not to your liking you can change it. Can you say that about Madden?..Yeah I know.
          Fact is when we were young we went in and did the shit ourselves and paid $50 back then with no post launch support…what you saw is what you got. So when you kids start screaming about D Roses kneepads some of us can’t help but laugh.

          • Again, it’s about principle rather than the simple fact that they didn’t add them.

            Let’s take Singler, for example. You do know Singler is on the disc, right? (At least from what I’ve heard – he was on the disc last year as well.) All they would have to do is unlock him and add him to the Pistons.

            And since you brought up Rose…again, all the accessories he wears are on the game. Yet, they’re locked within the MyCareer mode, where you have to pay VC for them. How idiotic is it to add the accessories that one of your cover athletes has been wearing since he came into the league, just to not only fail to add them to him in-game, but prevent us from doing so as well?

            They pitched the “dynamic art updates” bullshit last year and only ended up editing Kobe, Jeremy Lin after he burst on the scene, and maybe one other player. And they gave Kobe knee pads he wore for, what, a couple games?

            I’m actually surprised they added releases from the forums on OS (I actually did the releases for last years’ rookies, most of which still are assigned to them, before I got banned) because they suck at communication as well.

          • Amen_Ra

            This is a fair statement

  • Trev

    Pretty silly that they’re more worried about black socks and court details but can’t get contract players on teams. For those fans who bought the deluxe package (100 plus dollars) and us fans that bought the game in general we deserve a better product. 2ksports wouldn’t like if we only paid half the money towards the game or wrote a hot check towards the purchase of the game. We as consumers didn’t short change them so they shouldn’t short change us. Give us what we paid for. None of us should have to go add any players to rosters. I didn’t ask 2k to go work for me and get the money for me to purchase the game. That’s ass backwards. I’m gonna continue to play the game because I don’t wanna waste the money I spent. I will speak my piece until they get the roster tight. Forget black socks and arena floors. The players make the game.

  • Samm

    As good as NBA 2K has gotten as a company they still are terrible at communication, when they do they actively lie to fans, and they fail to support the game well by releasing few patches and terrible inconsistent roster updates. How do they get away with being so cheap now that the games sell so much and dismissive of fans who support them???

  • alex

    Mirza Telotovic not being on the Nets is a big can 2k screw this up?

  • Once again 2k sucks ass at updates…. they can never do anything right. Pathetic company.

  • BA

    You guys sure are ruthless when it comes to getting 100% perfection in your free rosters.

    • Arrem

      FREE rosters??? We paid 60 bucks for the game and its one of the advertised features. They are obligated to give us accurate rosters. And they are failing miserably. Every right to complain.

    • ChrisBerman

      What a douche bag tool box, you are, BA. The game costs 60 fucking bucks. Is it asking too much for them to get the fucking rosters right? Go fuck yourself you 2k ass-kisser.

  • CJ Spears

    As usual, the rosters are terrible. That’s why I wait until Black Friday to buy. It’s cheaper, it’s usually been patched, and Bedwardsroy, SwaggerCoach and Chiliad at OS have put work in on making REAL rosters. I wouldn’t use an offical 2K roster for ANYthing. Side note: WTF color of blue is that in the Knicks uni?! #Fail

  • Not only do they fail at properly updating rosters, they can’t even get accessories right.

    Not only can they not get accessories right, they can’t get cover athletes right.

    Why the hell do players in the game still have the regular sleeves when virtually NO ONE wears those anymore? Everyone wears the padded sleeves, which are IN The GAME.

    Why do they apparently waste time adding shoes to the game when they stick players with generic shoes? I mean, 2k made a big deal about Jordan since 2k11, yet they can’t even give players who wear the classics “unofficially” (Monta Ellis, Nate Robinson, etc.) the shoes in-game?

    And to add to all of this, they’re apparently now blocking hex-edited rosters that feature the hard work of guys who do the job the guys at 2k regularly half-ass.

    Basketball, whether you like it or not, is a game that features style as much as substance, and personally it does irritate me to see Derrick Rose with those WWE knee pads and fricken short socks on.

    Yet 2k will continue to get a pass…why? Oh, the gameplay is on point, right?

    • Keith.

      All this over accessories? Lol.

      • Just because it doesn’t bother you that players are misrepresented in the game, doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue.

        If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have guys hexing the game, doing 2k’s job for them, FOR FREE. And if it wasn’t prominent, we wouldn’t have 2k apparently now blocking those rosters, potentially leaving us with half-assed rosters that we’d have to edit ourselves.

        You know damn well if it was EA Sports behind this, you’d be on here complaining about it to the maximum.

        • Keith.

          If you ever see me complaining about accessories in an EA Sports game, just shoot me.

        • stevvvvvve

          well obviously madden cant even represent its players correctly either… but who cares their bigger issues are the things being complained on … if you dont like 2k on updating accessories get 2k for the pc and mod it like i have done for the past 3 years … people dont realize how awesome it is to have total control of a game in any way…

          • What do you mean when you say “Madden can’t represent its players correctly”? Are you saying in general or in terms of accessories? I’m not talking about the players in general, just about accessories and artwork. And I haven’t seen a player have the wrong accessories yet. But that wasn’t my point…

            My point was, if this was EA instead of 2k, this would be a much bigger issue because everyone loves to bash EA and give 2k a pass.

            You tell me to get the PC version, but are you gonna buy a PC capable of running it for me? I don’t have money to drop on a computer, especially when I already have one. And my Xbox is fine for me.

            I’m not asking 2k to do anything out of the question. I want them to do their jobs. They have the ability to give players proper equipment/accessories with the proper home/away colors – based on NBA Live’s trailer, they had the ability to do it. In Madden, there’s also about 650+ MORE players for EA to edit, and yet they seem to get it right.

            I’m not asking them to scour through photos every day and update every day. I just want them to actually care about the rosters instead of half-assing it.

      • 49ersfan1

        true, idgaf about his arm strap or wrist band or the shade of a color they used on a jersey. these girly girls shud go design clothes at victoria’s secret.

    • 49ersfan1

      were u one of those boys that played with barbie dolls when u were little.

      • Nah, but I bet you were one of the kids that ate glue when you were younger.

    • You forgot to mention the fact that LeBron and Durant defaults are wearing shoes from two years ago! At least that’s how it was in the demo.

  • Greg

    I remember when we didn’t even have roster updates for sports games…

    • dirty dee

      Wanna know why? Back then they actually got it right the first time around…

    • cenrti

      Ok?? Well its not the 90s anymore.

    • JohnMadden

      You probably remember when the gardner was poking your mother, too, cornhole. This isn’t 1973, dude. They have the ability to update rosters and they failed miserably. Quit sucking their collective dicks.

  • Derrick

    Yea the shit is crazy rasheed wallace always wore the air force ones which they have on the game yet 2k gives this man genric shoes the onky thing 2k did correct was give westbrook his jordans and take them from wade but wat about the guys on the bobcats most of those players have worn jordans for years i know tyrus thomas personally abd he tells me that hes not apart of team jordan but jordan told him to wear his shoes and kidd gilchrist is apart of team jordan yet he wears generics and jared sullinger as well as kendall marshall have joined team jordan both guys r in generics no one should be in generic shoes except for wade because his deal was just signed and shoes arent on the game.what about the players that wear kobes shoes and lebrons the shoes are on the game give them to the dam players or let us do it and be able tonuse the shit for online play……go pacers

  • JesusAllen

    only players who have an official deal with the shoe company 2k puts shoes on….but they still need to update that with some players..they should try to get Li Ning for next year , alot of players wear them…..cant you edit accesories yourself? not the end of the world lol

    • Yeah, you can edit accessories yourself. BUT, the biggest issue is that a lot of the adidas accessories being worn today are idiotically locked away in the MyCareer mode/MyPlayer store. And given that adidas is the official sponsor (or what you wanna call it) of the NBA, a lot of players wear the general accessories; guys like D. Rose, Dwight Howard, etc. have more distinct looks.

      Guys like Kobe Bryant wear the adidas Techfit sleeves (in fact a LOT of players are wearing the Techfit accessories) and 2k has all of them in the game to my knowledge, but they are all exclusive to MyCareer for some strange reason (they do give stat boosts, which idk why they would…).

      • slardar

        does adidas have direct tie up with 2ksports? I think nike/jordan does. correct me if i’m wrong… 🙂

  • jz

    Whats NBA 2ks biggest flaw and knock against it. Rosters and how poorly done they are.

  • Bill

    See ya in 2k14 drose. It’s been real…

  • JoshSmith4MVP

    C’mon no Shved?

  • PeterMoore

    What a fucking embarrassment. How can a company that makes such a good hoops title be so fucking incompetent when it comes to roster updates. It’s not fucking rocket science to get players on the right teams and add missing players. Maybe the fucking morons that develop that atrocity of a baseball game for 2k are the ones that handle the basketball rosters.

  • 49ersfan1

    damn can someone say whats going on with the lakers? looks like the warriors and clippers have a slighter chance at the division this year….?

  • joel0078

    anyone remember when roster updates came EVERY FEW MONTHS?? I agree that contracted players should be on their teams by the time the game is even released, let alone a month later…but for real, we are spoiled as is that these updates come at the pace they do in today’s day of age…It wasn’t that long ago that players got only a few updates a year, and those mostly consisted of major trades. And it wasn’t too long ago that roster updates didn’t exist at all…Moral of the story, complaining doesn’t do any good. Be happy with what you have and look for “current rosters” on 2k share…It’s not like all of you aren’t online with your console.

    • Pod

      This is part of the product they are failing to provide. Like someone else said this isnt the 90’s anymore. They’re obligated to update the game in a timely and accurate fashion.

  • Yak

    The comment section is laughable. Yes the rosters are messed up. I’m a little torn up about it but its not THAT big of a deal. I can wait patiently. People are complaining about accessories? LMFAO. Also I see people saying that because they using the $60 price point as a means of making an argument that things should be run a certain way. I understand that most games have post release support but no company “has” to do any kind of updates after the release of their game. Sure it will destroy their consumer community but it isn’t required. And $60 is not a large sum of money anyway…

    • Yak

      I posted this from my cell. Sorry if there any grammatical or spelling errors.

    • c27

      Wait patiently? We’ve waited a month already for rosters that should have been right all along.

      Here’s why people are impatient with 2K. The whole year went by with 2K12 and they never added some players. The only way to get them to do things better like theyre supposed to is pressure them.

    • a) It’s a big deal when you’re a fan of a team and your players aren’t there. Go tell T-Wolves fans that Alexey Shved being missing isn’t a big deal. Go tell Nets fans that Mirza Teletovic isn’t a big deal.

      b) What are you waiting patiently for? Are you waiting for 2k to add players who are ALREADy in the FA pool to their respective rosters, like Eddy Curry? Are you waiting for 2k to actually put out a quality roster update, which they’ve consistently failed to do for a long time?

      c) Sure, they don’t HAVE to do it. But they’re the ones that advertised being able to update all of this stuff. Remember those “dynamic art updates” we were supposed to get last year? Still haven’t gotten ONE to this day. People aren’t asking for anything out of the box, we’re asking for them to do the job they said they would do and are supposed to do.

  • EJTwice

    Why can’t we use injured guys online? A lot of people are only fan of one team and only like to use one team…If a team loses it’s star, it will be much harder to win online and would be less fun…What if hypothetically, every star in the game gets injured? Then you take all of them out online too? What then? NBA is about star power…you take them out, and the game is boring.

  • This is fucking stupid. They make a trade, and reinsert a player that they have a model for already, then call it a roster update. Fuck you 2K. I payed $60 dollars, and deserve 2012-2013 rosters. Fuck, YOU!

  • stevvvvvve

    Do yourself a favor people and get 2k13 for your pc if you hve the ability .. 30 dollars… with a high end computer you can enjoy this game much more with the amount of mods and rosters, jersey, fan created jerseys, graphic mods that actually enhances the games graphics and draft class rosters with REAL cyberfaces that are created among the community… . with a top notch vid card you would be amazed how this game is so much superior to it console counterpart

  • im_A_2kfanboy_so_shut_up

    most of the hate comments here are coming from either EA fanboys or EA employees themselves. too bad, their “supposed” game was cancelled… :))

  • Shhh

    Woah, after reading these comments, it’s like 2k gave ya’ll cancer or something. It’s a computer game which none of you have skills to make your self. if you’re not happy, don’t buy it.

    I wonder what we did before roster updates? How did we live? :O

    How about you nerds go get some vagina, might take your mind off the mistake they made.

    “We’re mad about the updaaaaattttteeeee, WHAT SHOULD WE DOOOOO, let’s complain on the internet like a bunch of spoilt braaaaaattttsssss, excellllllsiorrrrrrrrrrrrr”