Another Roster Update for NBA 2K13; Issues Remain Including Lots of Missing Players

Posted November 1st, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Another roster update released earlier today for NBA 2K13 which has led to even more consumer frustration and disappointment considering how severely lacking they have been. This update moved Eddy Curry from free agency to the Mavericks, fixed a few jersey numbers, and that is about all that was done. There are still nearly 30 players that remain inexcusably absent.

In addition to the missing players there are many others that are sitting in free agency and should be on teams, players on teams when they should be free agents, incorrect starting lineups and rotations, players set in the wrong positions, and jersey numbers that need changing. Roster updates and post-release support in general have always been weak areas for the NBA 2K series and there is no reason for that to be the case any longer especially considering the stellar sales numbers and current stature as one of the premiere products released every year.

  • Frever

    why do they keep releasing these shitty updates?

    i had to laugh when i saw on twitter the 2k marketing guy acting excited that there was a new update because eddy curry was on the mavs. how about fixing all the other problems huh?

    • Khadeem

      no update no patch….2k sucks

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah the weak rosters are not a good look. Once again NBA2K and Madden were some seriously flawed games

      • Khadeem

        yep…this might be my last year playing sports game…sad but true

  • Wes

    The look on D12’s face is how I feel when I check what 2K has done with each roster update.

  • Ey Yo

    While i agree with everything pasta said it seems like he’s very quick to call out 2k on their flaws but never ea’s with the many issues of madden

    • DougPlank46

      This is an EA website no doubt about it!

    • Keith.

      Exactly. Wish we’d seen such outrage over things like the lack of in-game saves 7 or 8 years ago. Instead, whatever garbage Tiburon has released for a football game just keeps getting listed at or near the top of Pasta’s annual year end “Top 10” list.

      • So in-game saves, or a lack thereof, equate to determining whether a game is garbage or not?

        You want a solution to in-game saves? Here’s one: Don’t start a damn game 20-30 minutes before you have to do something.

        There are around 365 days in a game’s annual cycle. If you can’t find time to play a game, maybe you just don’t have time to play the game. But don’t shift it on EA because you may be busy.

    • Jonathan Glapion

      What the hell are you talking about Madden or EA for that matter for. The damn thread is about 2k’s inability to deliver a complete roster. You want to complain about why someone isn’t complaining about something YOU want them to complain about. WTF? LMAO

      • Ey Yo

        never said that, just said pasta is a lot more harsh on 2k than he is on ea….don’t think you noticed the part at the beginning where i said i agree with everything he said did you?

        • You’re basically “hedging your bets” with that post.

          It’s almost like the “I don’t wanna sound racist, but…” statement, where someone says they’re not racist, then follows with a racist/prejudiced statement.

          By saying you agree with what Pasta is saying, then following with the “Pasta doesn’t criticize EA as much as 2k” part, you’re trying to protect yourself and not sound like a 2k asskisser.

          • Ey Yo

            Not at all, I’m not a 2k ass kisser or an EA fan boy. 2k is putting out shit roster updates and always has, its one of the main issues with the franchise. All I’m stating is that pasta points ok 2k’s flaws way more than he points out any of the flaws for Madden. Are people not allowed to have opinions on here anymore?

  • MARZ76

    i been talking about both ea an 2k the real issue is, it was made on the 360 out dated system. every game made this year was made on the 360 an every big title multiplatform game has what a ”new engine” key word new engine. 360 cant do new engines old tech engines from 4years ago yes they can 2012 engines no sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • thedew

      The hell are you talking about? This has nothing to do with hardware or engines…

  • I’ll go out on a limb and say we’ll have incomplete rosters the entire year. Complete bullshit so far with these “updates.”

    Oh, but I guarantee Kobe Bryant will have that arm sleeve! (And it won’t even be the padded one…LMAO).

  • tish

    Donny Moore sucks at madden updates. It’s like he doesn’t even watch any football games or just flatout does not understand football.

    The 2k Insider is just a lazy piece of shit. The ratings changes and roster updates he makes are usually decent, but only does like 5 per week.

    We just can’t win. I wonder how many people there are out there that would kill to be in charge of these updates and would probably do it for free and do a way better job than these clowns.

  • TZ

    Eddy Curry….. Think of how Mavericks fans feel about celebrating that move….

  • CJ Spears

    WHY is this so hard for them?! I’m still playing 2K12 and my roster is UP TO THE MINUTE CORRECT. If I can do it, what the hell is THEIR problem?!

  • Mike.B

    2k has no competition. They will continue to keep doing this shit until NBA Live comes back out!

  • Keith.

    Now that we’re a little ways out from their respective release dates, it’s interesting to look at the price (and reviews) for the major sports games at Amazon. As of 10 a.m. EST this morning, it looks like this:

    M13: $49 for both 360 and PS3 (1 star customer reviews are still outnumbering 5 star customer reviews at almost a 3-to-1 and a 5-to-1 clip, respectively)

    NCAA: $37 for PS3 and $35 for 360

    NHL: $51 for 360 and $49 for PS3

    FIFA: $41 for 360 and $43 for PS3

    NBA2k13: $59 for both 360 and PS3 (to go with 5 star customer reviews outnumbering 1 star customer reviews at a 6-to-1 clip on the 360 and almost a 5-to-1 clip on PS3).

    Guess the piss-poor roster support isn’t hurting 2k13 too badly.

    • H-Town

      I hope you understand that NBA 2k13 is only selling well because of all the stupid fan boys. I’m a “real” NBA fan, I know when rosters are shit, it is an important factor of the game. You just do not realize this because you obviously do not know basketball, and simply only play the game. They are missing a shit load of first round rookies who have contracts. They are missing Greg Smith C/F for the Houston Rockets, who led the preseason in FG percentage going 14/15. He also did amazing against the Pistons two days ago. They are missing valuable players , and you sir, are to FUCKING stupid to realize.

      • Keith.

        You’re right — I’m not a big NBA fan, but I love 2k13. Guess it sucks to be you.

        • ‘Not a big NBA fan’. But you’re quick to praise a developer that’s sole purpose to replicate the sport you don’t seem to be a big fan of does a ‘piss-poor’ job at it. Rosters, gameplay issues, and the ‘little’ things like the right gear and jersey color’s are at an unacceptable level, BUT, you being you, would never acknowledge something so flagrantly obvious to even the casual NBA consumer (again, like yourself). Do us a favor, visit the appropriate forum for stock and quarterly sales discussion and leave the actual gameplay discussion to the rest of us here who actually care for the sport.

    • Again, you can’t just simply address 2k’s shortcomings. It’s like you’re obligated to take backdoor shots at EA.

      This isn’t a post about the state of EA Sports video games. It’s about 2k releasing 3 roster updates in which they half-assed a trade in the first one, fixed the trade (without fixing Martin or Lamb’s new numbers) and added Rasheed FRICKEN Wallace in the second one, and then added Eddy Curry and changed a few numbers in the third.

      Yet your only comment on this issue?

      “Guess the piss-poor roster support isn’t hurting 2k13 too badly.”

    • turkey86

      Or maybe, there are more Madden haters because the game is immensely more popular than NBA2K13? How many of those one stars are actual purchasers? Some more numbers for you to go crunch.

      • Exactly. He’s quick to tell us 1-star reviews outnumber 5-star reviews, yet if you look at all the 1-star reviews, they’re virtually all for idiotic reasons.

        Majority of them constitute people who complained because there was no “Franchise” mode (In part because a lot of people probably never got word that CCM was replacing Franchise) or lack of Fantasy Draft.

        Seriously, someone game Madden 13 a 1-star review because her son ordered the game for Xbox 360, yet she has a PS2. Another person gave it a 1-star because they had an Xbox, but recieved a PS3 copy. They even said they would buy it in the future lol.

        • straw

          Hey, just know that not everyone who is upset with Madden complain for stupid reasons.

  • H-Town

    Why the fuck are their so many players with their same player models on this game, They have so many players who look the same exact way they did in 2k12.

  • Am I the only person that realizes that every year low level rookies and foreign free agents aren’t added until they play a regualr season game? its been that way for a decade. so complaining about missing players is pretty silly. I’ll bet that there’s a nice update next week after every team has played a game and everything will be fine. Madden didn’t get a tidy “regualr season” update until week 2. why would 2k be any different?

  • Bakes

    …and now Eddy Curry is being released by the Mavs

    • You can bet your ass he’ll be on the Mavs for at least 2 more updates.

  • Sam

    I downloaded a roster that had every player on the disc unlocked and then I spent a couple weeks editing every player (down to the 15th roster spot), looking up what shoes they wear, doing attribute adjustments, and anything else that needed to be done. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the game to be close to this out of the box, but unfortunately it’s vastly incomplete for the hardcore NBA fan like myself and I’ll keep spending crazy hours making it as realistic as possible, while not getting paid to do so. I know I’m not the only one out there who does this.

    • Wes

      For xbox?? If so whats the name??

      • Sam

        Hyperballer21 Hex Roster Update was the roster I started with. All of the missing players were added, and the Team Color 2 accessories are white for home and black for away. I still update it almost every day, but I now have every player on every team updated. Can’t thank Hyperballer 21 enough, only because the incomplete “Roster Updates” that 2k comes out with mean nothing to me now. Don’t need ’em.

  • KingJeck

    my player mode is not running plays….