Madden NFL 13 Week Nine Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 6th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Nine weeks of the NFL season are now in the books with the Falcons remaining undefeated and the two conferences having better evened out with a combined 13 teams now over .500 (7 in NFC and 6 in AFC). The next roster update for Madden NFL 13 will include the trade of Aqib Talib to the Patriots and release of Stanford Routt by the Chiefs.

Players looking at ratings increases coming off their latest performance or from trending upwards as of late include Doug Martin, Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Charles Tillman, Luke Kuechly, Andrew Luck, Brandon Marshall, Randall Cobb, and Von Miller. On the other end of the spectrum Christian Ponder, Eli Manning, Matt Cassel, Demetress Bell, and Early Doucet (possible for the “Drops Open Passes” trait) are likely to drop.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments as to what players should receive ratings consideration, whether up or down, in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • Diehard madden fan

    If donny increase anybody on the cowgirls we know he’s a cheat and a jackass.

  • Diehard madden fan

    I like the giants but why are they rated 90 like the falcons and the falcons are 8-0 that’s what pisses real madden fans off if your going to do it do it right not half ass.

  • fuckyou

    I just don’t understand why Dumervil keeps going down? He gets pressure neaerly every play and has a good amount of tackles,FF, and sacks as well and hes only an 86

  • Billy

    Steelers Giant game was close and hard fought, clearly both teams had to deal with unusual issues relating to the storm, this should exempt both teams from any harsh criticism, but I’m sure Donnie will jump on the chance to lower NYG, and probably whites he could do the same to Pittsberg