Xbox SmartGlass Now Available on iOS

Posted November 6th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

After a delay Xbox SmartGlass has finally released for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The app can be downloaded through iTunes here. SmartGlass initially rolled out nearly two weeks ago for Windows 8 and Android devices and provides a second-screen to use in communicating with the Xbox 360. The timing works out well for iOS users as it coincides with the release of Halo 4 today which is one of the games that has functionality tied into SmartGlass.

There has still been no response from either EA Sports or 2K Sports regarding official plans for SmartGlass in their current titles. Madden NFL 13, FIFA 13, and NBA 2K13 had been expected to utilize SmartGlass but the companies have gone silent as of late regarding the subject.

  • Crimson

    “There has still been no response from either EA Sports or 2K Sports
    regarding official plans for SmartGlass in their current titles. Madden
    NFL 13, FIFA 13, and NBA 2K13 had been expected to utilize SmartGlass
    but the companies have gone silent as of late regarding the subject.”

    This just in…we have been waiting for a response as to the future utilization of the SmartGlass application in the some of the most popular sports games. We have just received a unified response from both of the major dev teams.

    “Window’s SmartGlass is a useless, ill conceived idea to copy and challenge Nintendo’s fancy new Wii U controller idea, by tying an Xbox360 console to a tablet computer screen. We feel that it doesn’t belong in our sports games, and we’ve now begun wasting even more lost development time, in our failed efforts to try and find a legitimate reason to use SmartGlass in our games.” To this date, we’ve actually now wasted more time and manpower in trying to come up with legitimate uses for adding in both of the Microsoft SmartGlass, and Kinect applications to our games. This is now lost development time that could have been better utilized, in creating richer, and more polished gaming experiences. Apparently, Microsoft is nipping at Nintendo’s dick again, and taking all of us along for the ride. Why would Microsoft waste money on stupid new gimmicks like this in a determined effort to challenge the Wii U’s sales, ahead of a new Xbox console launch? Because it also helps to promote their new Windows tablets. Honestly, who really wants focus on a tablet screen, and try and play a challenging videogame at the same time? You would really have to be some kind of next gen nerdy sports fan, as this tablet screen crap truly doesn’t belong in our sports games.

    As usual, when you come to my house, just bring a regular game controller. Old school gamers like me, ain’t got time for fumbling around with this silly additional tablet screen nonsense.

  • mcmax3000

    I tried it out on my iPad last night with Forza: Horizon & Halo 4.

    The Forza map stuff is kind of neat, but it’s not super practical, especially when you can only set a waypoint, and can’t fast travel with it, so it ends up being quicker in the long run to pull up the in game map. It is kind of useful having the larger map up as something you can just glance over to during a race though, instead of only seeing the small section of the map in the bottom left hand corner.

    The Halo 4 stats stuff is very similar to the stats that they used to have on, so I guess it’s useful if you were into that stuff, except you can only pull it up when you’re playing Halo 4. It was running a little slow to pull up data, and to update with new data when you’ve played a game last night, but that could be because of the launch day server load.

    It functions as advertised, but I’ve yet to see anything super useful in the bit I’ve played with it. Picking plays in Madden would be useful in a same screen multiplayer scenario, but otherwise, I can’t see why you’d need to do it outside of your TV. The Dance Central 3 stuff sounds pretty cool, especially considering navigating menus with Kinect is hit & miss.

    I think the thing I’m most interested in, is how it will function with the UFC on Xbox Live app, which is listed as supporting it. I use that for all of the UFC pay per views, and I always have my iPad with me during those shows, so that could be pretty handy.

    • Crimson

      Sooo…in so many words, its just like I said. Its all another fucking pointless and stupid Microsoft ploy to waste further dev resources, in order to take money away from Nintendo’s new console. Thanks.

      • mcmax3000

        Can’t say I agree with that at all.

        The current uses of it, at least the two that I’ve played with, are pretty nothing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential in it going forward, once developers have had more time to work with the tools, and come up with cool ways to integrate the technology with their games.

        • Crimson

          What is this mysterious potential that you speak of? What usefulness are you suddenly expecting to find, that you’ve been missing out on before, with all of the game info being on the one screen? This is just simply another fucking gimmick by Microsoft to go up one on Nintendo. I don’t see many third party devs jumping for a chance to port games over to the Wii U, but that doesn’t stop Microsoft from wasting devs time trying to find some kind of legitimate usefulness for this SmartGlass crap. You could give them all the tools in the world, but the devs will only see this as just as lame an idea as that stupid Kinect camera was. Thanks a lot Microsoft for wasting more dev time on more stupid crap like this. There is nothing innovative about having an extra fucking screen to look at when playing video games. Its just fucking stupid corporations pushing more bullshit out the door to further hold back all the fun that gaming once was, by complicating it with this nonsense…for more peripheral profits. Oh, but of course, its always optional, and fucking stupid at the same time, just like the Kinect camera changing the way we play games and watch Netflix is. Optional fucking stupidity.

          • mcmax3000

            See, the thing is, I’m a little more open minded than you apparently are.

            I think Kinect is awesome. Does every game need it? No, of course not. I don’t need Madden, or FIFA, or NBA 2K for example to have Kinect support (it makes sense for Tiger Woods, though I wish it was A LOT better in that), but games that are well designed, and designed specifically to use Kinect, can be extremely fun.

            I’ve had plenty of fun nights playing Kinect games with a bunch of people who aren’t at all gamers. They would never touch a controller, but they had a blast playing. Hell, my 80+ year old grandmother was bowling with us at our family Christmas dinner.

            That is far from a waste of development resources in my eyes.

            I don’t know what the potential of SmartGlass is, but I’m not willing to write it off simply because the first couple of uses for it aren’t particularly stunning.

            You’ve made it very clear that you’d be happy if gaming were stuck back in 1995. I’d rather the console makers, and game developers try out new ideas, and push the industry forward. Yeah, some of them will suck. Hell, sometimes a lot of them will suck, but I’m perfectly willing to put up with a few bad, or meh ideas if it means that one of them turns out to be really awesome.

          • Crimson

            Console makers trying out new ideas are fine.

            Console makers pushing garbage out in order to compete with another console makers ideas is the problem here. This is not about Microsoft trying out THEIR own ideas, this is Microsoft forcing devs to support their competitive efforts to beat out another console maker’s innovation. You being such a forgiving Microsoft apologist, once you’re able to get a grip on that concept, your mind will finally open, and your wallet will stay closed. Stop being such a fucking tool.

          • mcmax3000

            “You being such a forgiving Microsoft apologist”

            Not at all. I’ll say the same thing about Nintendo, or Sony. I was in line outside a local store on launch day for the Wii. This has nothing to do with Microsoft, they just happened to be the subject of the conversation since this started about SmartGlass.