Uniform Pack Featuring UCLA and Mississippi State Released for NCAA Football 13

Posted November 8th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

A significant number of teams have debuted new alternate uniforms and helmets over recent weeks yet EA Sports has refused comment on when, or even if, they would make their way into NCAA Football 13 through the Uniform Store. A new pack of unis arrived today but only includes three additions leaving the fate of the many others up in the air.

The “Adidas Strategy Uniform Pack 3” goes for $2 (or equivalent 160 MS points) and includes two alternates for Mississippi State and one for UCLA.¬†All of the non-default unis added post-release to NCAA 13 then have been Adidas which could signify there being an agreement to add those over the course of the season and not others like Nike, Russell, and Under Armour.

  • Not actually releasing all of the new or alternate uniforms/helmets as they are released I think really hurts the value of this feature, especially moving forward as a way to earn extra revenue. If this feature was truly full fledged and included all new unis, I could easily see it next year being sold in a Season Pass type manner for $10-15 (but more likely 20) and having an audience for all new alternates. Instead, if they tried that strategy next year many consumers can look back at this year’s offering and say no thanks.

  • Dropping the ball with this. Miss st played Tex A&M why not add those. Annoyed that they are just doing Adidas. They can make them uniforms but not gloves for the past 2-3 games?

  • tf

    Why in the hell have the uniforms for some Nike teams been out for months and even years un-updated and even BEFORE the Adidas uniforms come out for UCLA and MSU, they release them. What is wrong with EA, they are so lazy. SMH

  • lonnie

    unless they package all the new uniforms that come out its a no buy for me,why would i buy just ucla and miss state if i am not a fan of those schools?

  • no protest

    Mississippi just keeps making headlines don’t they,? Sheesh

  • LizzieBorden

    EA …, ripping off people like this. That’s bullshit. You pay $60 for a piece of shit game and then have to take it up the ass for every little uniform update. Go fuck yourselves, EA.

    • bov

      Uh in the past we wouldnt even have these unis that showed up during the season. If you dont care about them then dont buy them. Not like EA is the only company doing things like this.

      • JohnCHolmes

        bov, you is one mutha-fuckin’ ass-kissin’ piece o shit! Go suck EA’s cock.

    • Keith.

      Well said.

    • vic


  • Keith.

    EA needs to try and scrape every dollar they can outta this dead series, with the dismal sales numbers (and fire-sale prices).

    Meanwhile, I saw from the new NPD numbers out today that NBA2k13 was up 60% in both dollars and units over last year’s numbers. Awesome news for 2K. Look forward to an article from Pasta about. 2K’s huge launch.

    • Riposte

      So you don’t use VGChartz any more bro? You’re the Ann Coulter of this website.

      • Guest

        Bitch shut the fuck up. How in the fuck can Keith be the Ann Coulter of this website? That just looks stupid in print, so I can only imagine what it actually sounds like, hearing you say something that stupid, out loud. The only time you respond to ANYBODY is to argue with Keith or Crimson, so you should be happy that Keith is here to give your sorry EA loving ass something to talk about.

        • Riposte

          Coming from a guest this means as much as a Keith comment on an NBA 2K13 article. You can only imagine what it actually sounds like? Say a few words to some friends, assorted family members, etc. and see the facial expressions they give you, that should give you a good idea.

      • Keith.

        The NPD numbers are monthly and were just released on Thursday. Vgchartz numbers are weekly, they’re very consistent with what NPD is reporting, and I still reference them all the time. Bro.

        • blueothello

          So is it fun using a broken source as a reference?

          • Keith.

            Vgchartz is no more “broken” than NPD.

          • denty

            Right. The only difference is that one is real data and one is made up. Pretty much the same!

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah wonder he hasn’t….

      • When have I ever not written about sales numbers and analyzed what they mean? You look silly when you make claims like that and every piece of history from this site contradicts that.

  • @CoachMcJabbs

    where did these white miss state uniforms come from?? saw them with a white helmet with a bulldog on the side during the texas am game but not what ea has released… if your gonna do the uniform store wrong just go all out and release a uniform the school doesnt even have… awesome

  • @CoachMcJabbs

    along with the wrong white miss state helmets they also skipped over the all black texas am adidas uniforms that were worn against miss state’s loss on nov. 3rd.. seems real half ass… or just full on ass by ea

  • cant update all the uniforms and then when you do ya dont even get em right?!?! miss. st. had a bulldog face on the side of the white helmet

  • eagleyedesigns

    “We will have every uniform available in NCAA 13 this year. The cool thing is, is that we’ve been working with Nike and Adidas for almost a year to make sure that everything is correct and perfect for all of you jersey fanatics. And, what is really cool is that we know about all of the alternate uniforms that have been approved before that schools’ student body has any clue. It is quite exciting, and all of those will be in the game as well. So, yeah, we’re pretty stoked about the options and I know the fans will be too.” – Ben “Hamburglar” Haumiller, Gamestop May 2012…FUCK YOU, you fat, lying, pork rhine eating motherfucker…You and that fuckin’ bullshit piss-ass company, EA, should fucking rot on the side of the road! I seriously would completely beat the living shit out of your fat fucking face if I had seen you on the street…You fucking PHONY, FRAUD, NARCISSISTIC, EGOMANIAC, & WORTHLESS FUCKING HUMAN BEING…I hope you die, and take that fucking company with you.

    • eagleyedesigns

      Gamepro, not Gamestop…Sorry.

    • lonnie

      tell us how you really feel lol!

    • Ben Haumiller

      Fuck you, you cock-sucking piece of shit. I’ll kick your ass anytime, any place.

      • eagleyedesigns

        Yeah, sure…I’ll just hold you back with a hot dog, you fat fuck…

    • BawsT

      Real talk.

  • Crimson

    Hilarious. You guys just keep on giving EA your money, and then keep coming on here to complain about EA taking your money. As the song goes….”If you don’t know EA by now ~you will never, never, never, never, never….learn your fucking lesson”. Stop all that crying. You fools knew EA would screw it all up like that, but you keep on coming back for more.

    As Pasta would say, click the link to go on Amazon and buy some more of that janky ass EA Sports stuff, it helps the site out a lot.

  • the truth

    Why don’t they send a patch out that can allow you to use this game with madden 13. ie draft.

  • For the love of God we need a 2K NCAA Football game!!!!

  • Eric

    I would love to have the uniforms updated for the teams I play with, but unlike the NFL where the teams have to give a year’s notice of any uniform changes, the NCAA doesn’t mandate this. So, it seams that every week some college team has a new uniform. It’s frustrating, but how could EA ever keep up with every teams new uniform? Sucks that they make promises and can’t back them up, but their resources are always going to put on the Madden series. Too bad, cause the college game is so much more fun.