NBA 2K13 Updates Blazers Court and MyTeam Mode; Roster Update Coming Soon

Posted November 9th, 2012 at 10:30 am

The Portland Trail Blazers court, which had been wrong since NBA 2K12, has been updated for NBA 2K13. They join the Lakers, Cavs, Nets, Grizzlies, Clippers, Spurs, Bobcats, Thunder, and Suns who have received new courts or more subtle adjustments in post-release updates.

Additional players are now being distributed within MyTeam mode and a roster update is scheduled to arrive by Saturday morning. Hopefully it will add in the nearly 30 missing players, fix other issues found throughout the roster, and reflect within ratings changes some of the players and teams outperforming or struggling early in the season.

  • Amen_Ra

    Yeah I’m waiting on the first major patch before I pay a dime. That’s my new thing with sports games

    • smsixx

      Thats going to be two of us.

      • Three.

    • nuggetsfan


    • Khadeem

      youre smart son of a gun…i sure wish i did…no blocks, morphing galore, forcefields on defense….smh

  • Can someone comment on whether or not they can even fix the Pacers new scoreboard. I realize it isn’t just a court image overlay so it might be harder than updating a court. At the end of the day it is a HUGE flaw since the Pacers went from a junky old box square scoreboard to the #bestintheNBA gigantic 1080p digital scoreboard that emulates the Cowboys jumbotron.
    Honestly just want to know if it is even possible to fix in 2k13 or will have to wait a whole year for new game?

    • smsixx

      To be honest…I highly doubt it.

      Im a fan of the Detroit Tigers and they had a new scoreboard installed in left field before the season started. Both The Show and MLB 2k did not have the updated scoreboard in this years games.

      Plan on it being there next season.

      • Giants

        4-0… 4-0.

    • H-Town

      Actually the rockets have the best, it was named the largest in the NBA. Also 1080p.

      • I’m sorry…what did you say? All I heard is that the Rockets copied off of the Pacers…. Sux to claim the best when Rockets are followers instead of leaders.

  • X go2sleep X

    Poor 2k, all that hard work putting Eddie Curry on the Mavs and now he’s released. Oh, well, at least they tried :p

  • Curious

    Brown fired from Lakers gonna be in this update???

    • LOLz…Brown will probably be the coach until the last 2k13 update LOL

      • Barbie Boy

        so Jwaan, you think they gonna change the wristwatch brandname on the coachs’ wrists in the game? or the exact length of a damn shooting sleeve on some player?

        • Probably not. They aren’t done arching their backs for ass-kissers like you to enjoy.

  • Dirty Dee

    This update fucking sucks, simply put