First Regular Season Roster Update for NBA 2K13 Available Now

Posted November 10th, 2012 at 11:45 am

The latest roster update for NBA 2K13 released early this morning representing the first to arrive since the season began. Unfortunately, as many have come to expect now, the update is severely deficient as only 3 of the 30 missing players have been added. Alexey Shved (60), Pablo Prigioni (63), and Mirza Teletovic (64) are the new additions though having been saddled with generic faces. It’s unclear why it has been such a struggle for 2K Sports to provide accurate rosters and the consumer frustration being expressed regarding them is completely justified.

In addition two players received adjustments to their ratings. Yes that’s it…just two players. James Harden goes up to 83 (+2) and Damian Lillard rises to 77 (+6). No other players were touched. A number of injured players are still active for online games, some players still have the wrong jersey numbers, and Mike Brown remains as the Lakers head coach. He’ll likely be swapped out when an official replacement is hired in the coming days.

  • gookmcgee
  • lren

    Another disgraceful update. How can they be so bad at something so easy when the rest of the game is great.

    • 49ersfan1

      great? oh HAHAHA. sounds like ur a fan of VC? have u played mycareer yet? GLITCH AFTER GLITCH AFTER GLITCH…. when does the damn patch come out?

      • I’ve played mycareer and i havent encountered any glitches.

        • 49ersfan1

          odd, theres one were the game freezes on the inbounds, one were the season sims to the playoffs after the 3pt contest, etc.

        • abc

          You’re lucky, then. Mine sims right after the all-star game and jumps right to the playoffs. SUCKS.

    • 49ersfan1

      how do u download that roster?

      • It’s the official roster 2k put out today. That’s the list of players missing/still in that need to be removed.

        All the way at the veeryyy bottom you have a tiny list of 4 players removed, and 3 players added (all 3 being created players might I point out). That’s your highly anticipated ‘official’ roster update from 2k. Amazing, isn’t it?

        • 49ersfan1

          very amazing, but i thought that guy put the missing players in so i thought there was a download button… well i do make better rosters than them anyways.

  • abc

    Could Madden get away with having this many people off the game? Even with the amount of people the NFL has under contract, Madden is still able to get all of them down on paper and put on the game. Considering the hugely smaller numbers of personnel in NBA games, HOW IN THE FUCK CAN 2K NOT HAVE THIS DONE???! Kyle Singler is a national champion at the college level and gets about 25 mpg, but I can’t play as him because Ronnie 2k is full of shit.

    • smsixx

      The Singler thing is really bugging me.
      Not only is he the things you mentioned…but he is now a heavy contributer in the Pistons rotation and is playing great…If Stuckey and Prince continue to stink up the joint we could see him as a starter next week.
      Just horrible.

      • abc

        I’d trade Prince in a heartbeat if I’m them. Maybe package Stuckey and him together and get Klay Thompson or some other young SG like Brooks. Their front court has the highest cieling in the league, honestly. I know they haven’t won a game, but a PF that gets triple doubles, a national champ in Kyle Singler who can spread the floor, and Drummond getting 14/10 every night.

        I’m a Duke fan, and it’s been frustrating with how they’ve treated the alumni. Miles Plumlee received the single best combine measurements in the event’s history. He reaches spots on the backboard with his leaping ability that nobody else has ever reached. Yet his potential is like 65 and his OVR is 56 despite being taken in the first round. Singler, when he is added, will be lucky to be 70 OVR.

        • jonathan

          “WE’RE NOT GIVING UP KLAY THOMPSON”- The ghost of failed Golden State seasons’ past

        • 49ersfan1


          • abc

            Prince and Stuckey are not shits. Prince has a ring and can ball and Stuckey could be good with an established scoring PG in Curry. I was just spitballing though. I am smoking some pretty nice stuff though…Klay Thompson? Really? He’s the key to your championship run? Keep dreaming, guys…

          • 49ersfan1

            now bogut and rush are injured keys……

    • 49ersfan1

      lol EA’s factory would have been blown up by a bomb if this happened to Madden. not joking…

  • IamDJBoB

    2k ought to be embarrassed in how they are handling these updates . It’s too bad EA can’t put out a decent basketball game , because i know they’d keep that rosters and ratings accurate .

  • this should be expected by now… this happens ever year… i just download the first season update and download on 2K share the best CAPs of the missing players to start association… sad but this is the best/only way to get real rosters on the game… and people 2K Share caps are better than 2K’s generics anyway

    • orro

      That though is of no help to people who play online.

    • abc

      By accepting it as an inevitability, you are completely part of the problem and why 2k will never stop being lazy.

  • In the latest Madden update, Madden managed to collectively “update” 449 players, including the Aqib Talib trade to NE, player releases/signings (29), and depth chart changes (27 – even long snappers LOL). They even had a jersey number change or 2 in there, and added a player to the game. They also removed/lowered players from the depth charts because of injury. And note, this has generally been done WEEKLY.

    Meanwhile, 2k manages to add 3 players, update 2 players’ ratings, and still hasn’t managed to get teams’ rotations/depth charts right, OR remove players from lineups due to injury. (I can’t express how irritating it is to see someone pick the Knicks, then insert Iman Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire into the lineup).

    Say what you want about EA Sports, Madden series, whatever. At least they’re showing roster updates the attention they deserve, whether we agree with the rating changes or not (which would be the case in any situation).

  • I bet we won’t see Keith blessing us with his presence on THIS thread lol

    • He made sure to find his way into the last sales column though. Hadn’t seen him since November 1st when he decided to announce to us that, hey, he really isn’t a big NBA fan after all.

      So the things that NBA fans took issue with in an NBA game produced to ‘simulate’ the on-court experience digitally, like these ‘piss-poor’ (he likes to use this phrase when referring to Madden’s decrease in retail price) roster updates and the mass amount of bugs, were nothing more than a blow over for him but acknowledged that it was, rather, our problem (actual NBA fans). Yes, Keith, it is our problem and we do take issue with it, so we’d appreciate you taking your quarterly sales discussion to the appropriate forums.

  • Also, just to give you guys an idea of how truly PATHETIC 2k is with these roster updates:

    They can’t even add James “Flight” White in the game, a guy who did mo-cap for them (and had his own dunk package in 2k12 IIRC) and is now currently a member of the New York Knicks.

    • 49ersfan1

      dude this guy has 1 flippin point this season….

      • dirty dee

        who the fuck cares he’s been in the game before and is in the NBA. So whoever is included in the game now is based on points? Ohhhh, I must’ve missed the memo you sorry excuse for a five year olds dirty infected pussy. Who are you to say who’s in the game or not? They’re all in the NBA and James is a lot better than most of the second rounders thatre already in the game. And the fella that pointed out his mo cap additions and contributions has a point. Shouldn’t be that hard to fucking add someone you already have a cyberface for. Theyre lazy and you’re an idiot. Next year hopefully 2K only includes guys that score a certain amount of points, so the rosters will be accurate and tickle your fancy. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU IDIOT JESUS! I mean seriously when did you think that post up, between taking/making orders at McDonalds!? Go fuck yourself. Since you’d base them off points, given that’s an accurate strategy, you should be in charge of rosters for 2K14 next year since you have it all down pat fucktard. Of you said that in person I’d deck you. The Knicks are loaded and will come out of the east this year that’s why he doesn’t play much yet. And if JR Smith goes down James will fill in his spot, you lumpy stupid looking fuck.

        • Floor Seats @ the Garden

          its been a week of the NBA, if your banking on the knicks to last that long you may as well just slit your wrist now. this team is set to implode as soon as Carmellodrama doesnt get the ball when amare gets back. they amare gets moved and the knicks struggle to get the 8th seed. and get bounced in the first round by miami or boston…. take that up the ass dirty dee… NEW YORK SUCKS DICK SON!!!!

        • 49ersfan1

          shut up u gay lord. jwaan was making a big deal for that scrub. stop protecting his ass and go suck his dick. fag.

          • I wasn’t making a big deal about HIM in particular, idiot.

            I was making the point that 2k is so lazy/inept when it comes to what they call “roster updates” that they fail to even add someone who’s worked FOR them.

  • SimonSez

    The absolute best basketball game ever. 2K will fix the rosters, so either play with the rosters you have right now, or trade in the game, and go back to playing that joke of a football game called Madden NFL13.

    • ‘2K will fix the rosters’


    • wRehn

      “2K will fix the rosters”.

      Um not sure if you’re following this but the game has been out over a month and they haven’t fixed them. They never even got them completely right in 2K12. Don’t be naive.

    • Keith.

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

      • H-Town

        Shut up dumb ass.

        • His back is against the wall. 2k is down $10 from its MSRP on Newegg & Amazon. All the bugs within the game are becoming more apparent day by day to more and more people (with new game-breaking bugs being discovered). The lack of post-release support is becoming a detriment to the brand. 2k faithful’s are starting to slowly but surely turn. The community clown is becoming known as a repeat liar.

          But any who, he rarely comments on 2k articles anymore anyways, can’t blame him, it’s in his best interest to stick to Madden/NHL articles.

          • Keith.

            Lol…it feels pretty stupid responding to someone who won’t even use a name when he posts, but might as well I guess.

            Since you mentioned Amazon, have you seen where the 5 star customer reviews for NBA2k13 are outnumbering the 1 star reviews by an 8-to-1 margin? Doesn’t sound like there are very many unhappy 2k13 customers, like you suggest. Quite the contrast with Tiburon football, where the 1 star customer reviews are still outnumbering the 5 star reviews by almost a 5-to-1 basis.

          • Oh, thank you so much for the Amazon update, Keith. We all know they’re the end all say all. Since you love throwing out sales figures, can you account for the other 1.5+ million that didn’t leave a review on Amazon? Probably not. Well, I have a better resource for a few more than just a handful of useful ‘reviews’. I’d like to see you sign up on a site such as OperationSports and explain to them how frugal 5 star reviews on accounts for how great a game is.

            Also, just for clarification:

            This review is from: NBA 2K13 (Video Game)
            My son is absoulutely estatic about this game, I can hardly pull him and his friends away from it. They love this game.



            I hardly count these as ‘reviews’.

          • A lot of those 1-star reviews are people saying the same idiotic things over and over. (Don’t mistake my post as sticking up for Madden in any way, but if you look at a lot of those reviews, they’re either all saying the same thing, or they’re for idiotic reasons.)

            As I noted before, someone gave it a 1-star because her son ordered a 360 copy, yet she had a PS2. Another person gave it a 1-star because they ordered a PS3 copy instead of 360, yet they said they would buy the game later.

            And a ton of those reviews are all harping on the same thing – what people perceived as the removal of Franchise mode completely, or just the disappointment in the fact that CCM wasn’t Franchise mode.

            There are legit complaints in those reviews, but in that group you’d be hard-pressed to find them.

            Then again, you don’t even deserve this long of a response…

          • Keith.

            “As I noted before” — so you’re also “…” , Jwaan?

          • No, I said it in some other thread here. I ain’t got time to have multiple accounts.

  • starting to bail on 2k

    this suck ass. Ronnie2k and the rest of the 2ksports fam are all fucking lazy as hell. you can download a hex roster from the guys at operation sports thats better and way more detailed then the shit that 2k is putting out. this is suppose to be the one game every year this is always top flight and its not this year, in fact this game is starting to fucking suck cause you cant do an association with out a current fucking roster…. fuck the 20 different uniforms and different courts, give me a real fucking line up you 2kdouchbags.

    • vance

      ronnie2k is a habitual liar. hes been doing it for years.

  • Getting to be the norm that rosters are not official until 1-2 months after the game smh. That is why I only get NCAA right a way rosters are made by us the fans. I want to get 2k but want the rosters to be 100%



  • Mike B.

    I started buying 2k back in 2010 cause of its roster updates, player rating updates and its association mode. Now its all garbage. I used to love NBA untill they started getting careless just like 2k. No matter if Live comes back out or not im still going buying this shit next year and I advise all of you to Boycott these games. One year with unacceptable updates is a problem but back to back years of this shit is pathetic. Waste of $60 fucking dollars!

  • bucsfan since 2000

    And thats y i just traded this game in

    • 49ersfan1

      and thats why ur a dumbass. u trade in a $60 game for a smaller price just cuz of rosters?!?!? FAG.

      • No need for the name calling. You’re bashing another person for his decision/right, did his trading in the game affect you somehow?

      • bucsfan since 2000

        Yea instead of constantly coming on a blog site to complain about a game that obviously failed i got rid of the shit and I make 80 GRAND A YEAR SO U MAY VALUE 60DOLLARS A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN I DO KID

  • 49ersfan1

    wow they these scrubs. teletovic and shved are all right but i dont get why this is called a major update. gay ass 2k. 3 ppl and 2 updates…….

  • 49ersfan1

    i thought this was gonna be a real update, i was gonna start an association because MYCAREER IS FILLED WITH FUCKIN GLITCHES! WTF IS WITH GAMES THIS YEAR?!?!

  • nuggetsfan


  • Tee S

    Yall are some whiners man. Damn!

    • Whiners? Ok, tell us why we shouldn’t be complaining then. Please, PLEASE, enlighten us.

      Seriously, why should we just accept what 2k has put out this year.. we’re all ears… we’d love to hear why why we the consumer should be content.


        • LOL. Yet you’re on a site that’s primarily a VIDEO GAME website. If you don’t care then leave here, nobody needs your negative foul-mouthed laced contributions (or lack there of).

          This is an open forum to discuss our opinions, if you don’t like them, oh well, that’s an issue you’ll have to battle with personally. Also, I didn’t buy the game, but I know enough about it to speak on it.

  • Hahaha, this game is so BROKEN!

    People are confirming that this works on OperationSports. LMAO. $50 well kept.

    • H-Town

      wow this is fucking sad.

      • 49ersfan1

        whats this video showing. its private, can u please explain whats broken in the game?

    • That video is set to private. Worthless link. Sorry.

  • H-Town

    This game is actually making me hope for NBA Live to hurry up and be released, atleast EA will get the correct people in the game.

    • H-Town

      Also how much do you want to bet that Mike Brown will be in the game on the Lakers untill 2k14.

      • The only way 2k gets it done quickly is if Phil Jackson returns. I don’t think Ronnie2k and the rest of them could take the legion of Laker fans breathing down their necks about having to see Mike Brown instead of the Zen Master lol

  • this may not explain a lot of missing player but i know that if a player hasn’t signed to the union their likeness cant be used in a game because it would breach contract and 2K would lose the NBA license… that’s why they had to get Michael Jordan and others who owns their own rights not the NBA separate… some of the new players may not have signed to the union yet and can’t be added until they do

    • Could be true, except there are players who played last year who still aren’t in the game for some reason. Guys like Donald Sloan and Julyan Stone…

  • Year after year 2k fails with updates… Why cant they hire someone to get the job done? Its absolutely ridiculous. Flagship nba game year in and year out gets shabby updates.

  • joel0078

    official 2k rosters suck anyways….there’s always guys out there who create missing players, adjust ratings properly and what not….are there not any “updated” unofficial rosters floating around?

  • lol@2k

    Why are they more focused on making players better when they dont even have all the players on the right roster! Great Harden is +2 but why are you doing that when u can be fixing the rosters then make some updates to players overall!

  • These are just some of the changes to just the bobcats alone…
    carroll #13, take off arm sleeve kobe v, right finger strap
    diop #2
    walker hex pads double socks
    kidd gilchrist jordan a school
    thomas no head band jordan a school right wrist rubber band
    biyombo center
    mullens pf kobe v
    henderson jordan a school medium socks (add to reserves)
    haywood right arm padded sleeve, right half calf sleeve nike
    sessions right wrist rubber band, reebok zignano fury
    gordon right knee sleeve hyper dunk plus
    add cory higgins

    add jeff taylor to starter

  • ZTLB

    ANDRE DRUMMOND, sleeper of the draft, needs a major improvement. 59 is way too low. He needs to now be a 65 to a 68

  • JackPackage

    You know what I hate MOST? There are only around 60 players to add to the game every season and 2K still manage to miss around 40-45% of them. There are still loads of 2nd rounders, undrafted rookies and draft picks from last year that are either missing completely or they don’t have photos.

    Is it so difficult to make sure that every player has a photo in-game? Jonas Valanciunas was drafted a year and a half ago and they still can’t get a photo for him? Why is it so difficult? Jesus Christ, half of the reason I buy sports games every year is to get to play as the new rookies, 2K couldn’t be bothered to put photos in the entire of last season but I thought they might have bothered this year. Why couldn’t Jay-Z executive produce a decent employee to just make sure the rosters are fine?

    Another thing that annoys me about sports games (particularly 2K) is potential ratings. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has a C+ rating for potential. Why? That means whatever I do with him in association mode, he will never really improve. I might as well trade him for Trevor Ariza or Tayshaun Prince. Scratch that, Trevor Ariza actually has a higher potential rating than MKG. It’s so archaic to have these potential ratings but at least if we’re going to have them, make them accurate. Jae Crowder is rated D+… Seriously, what is the point in him being in the game? He’ll never improve.

    There shouldn’t be a potential rating, players should just improve based on performance, it’s so limiting to what you can do with a franchise. I wanted to use the Bobcats for a franchise but what’s the point? There franchise player isn’t ever going to be more than a decent starter.

    How can the roster guy mess up the potential ratings so badly? Most of the rookies are C+ or lower, it’s pathetic.

  • SB

    Anyone have an idea on which player ratings will go up by the next update?