Overview of NBA 2K13 on Wii U

Posted November 12th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

With only a matter of days until release 2K Sports has rolled out a developer video going over the Wii U version of NBA 2K13. The game will feature expected modes like MyCareer and MyTeam along with historic teams and the Dream Team. Check out the full features list here. The video mentions that most of the features from the others versions are included, and shows off the Wii U tablet controller features such as the “Gatorade Biometric Scan” and MyPlayer analysis in MyCareer mode available while playing the game.

It’s concerning how little both 2K and EA are detailing their upcoming Wii U games – presumably because they don’t expect them to sell much or be scrutinized in the same manner as others. Consumers know for the most part what features they’ll have, but may be left in the dark on what ones they’re missing compared to the 360/PS3 version. NBA 2K13 won’t have the All-Star Weekend content and it’s possible there may be any surprises to come as they’ve discussed the Wii U specific features but not necessarily what may have been excluded or how it will be supported with post-release updates. It’s not just the games though as the system in general still even has questions surrounding it which is somewhat disconcerting.

Continue on to check out the video and leave any thoughts in the comments and look for impressions of NBA 2K13 on the Wii U next week.

  • Bon

    And in this game will be up n under cheese, easy inside scoring, and s hitty rebounding.

  • King

    Game Time! Too bad I already bought this game on PS3 though.

  • King

    One more week & the Wii U is out!! I need to get some more $$ so I can buy it soon.

  • Keith.

    I’m really tempted to pick this up. If only there were another sports franchise like The Show available on Wii U. I’d definitely enjoy being able to play a true console quality NBA2k or The Show on a handheld.

  • I’m amazed at how Nintendo can keep pawning off last gen systems in new generations and make tons of money from it.

    The Wii U is such a gimmicky joke to me. The last Nintendo system I bought was the Super Nintendo, and from the looks of things it will remain the last Nintendo system I ever buy.

  • Is it honestly worth investing in a Wii U, especially if you enjoy sports games far more than anything else? I think herein lies the problem and the reason these games aren’t being advertised much. They are essentially a port (a noticeable graphical upgrade would be a huge surprise) with fewer features. The Wii U “extras” are, at best, gimmicky and not game-changing. No one is buying a Wii U for NBA 2K12 because it has biometric scans on the gamepad. Whats disappointing is the Wii U will sell like crazy and the Vita – the only handheld ever with current gen console-like games – continues to lag. Either way, sports developers will throw nothing worthwhile at either system, so no surprise.

    • King

      Wii U is bad ass! Typical fanboys talk shit.

  • ConCity Soldier

    I’m buy this game up on Wii U soon.

  • jz

    Nba 2k13 on wiiu is why i sold my ps3 and will pick up a wiiu. Get a nintendo console and still play sport games for the next few years. Will hold my over untill a ps4 drops in price. Im sure the next ps4 or xbox will be $600+.