Madden NFL 13 Week 10 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 13th, 2012 at 11:30 am

Week 10 of the NFL season is now in the books and it was one in which a number of quarterbacks got knocked out due to injury. With the Eagles season pretty much over Michael Vick may not see the field again as Nick Foles takes over. How much time Ben Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, and Jay Cutler miss is still undetermined.

The next update for Madden NFL 13 will move Brian Bulaga and Nick Perry to the IR, represent the suspension for Brandon Bolden, and have the Falcons release of Ray Edwards.

Those with big performances this week include Calvin Johnson who did enough to at least prevent sliding down from his 98 rating, Golden Tate, Tim Jennings, Danieal Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Danny Amendola, Tony Gonzalez, Lavonte David, Richard Sherman, Von Miller, and Derrick Johnson. A number of quarterbacks struggled and could merit a drop in ratings such as Blaine Gabbert, Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning, Cam Newton, and Ryan Tannehill. David Akers and Morris Claiborne also had down weeks.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players should see a rise or fall in their ratings in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • JRock

    And Matt Ryan Needs a Rating Boost!!!



  • CJ Spiller needs to be in the 90s already and his agility speed and acceleration need ti go up 98 98 99 seems fitting

    • 90s no. speed agility completely agree

      • 7.3 yards per carry and 10 yards per reception isnt worth a 90’s rating?

  • az

    Alex Smith past two games (pre concussion) 25/27, 92.6% completions, 304 yards, 11.3 avg, 4tds 0int

  • Allmaddenking

    Fletcher cox could see a boost along with desean. Dudes having a pretty decent year. Maclin could go up a point too.

  • DP

    Cowboys inside linebacker Bruce Carter had 10 tackles against the Eagles so he deserves an increase after his awesome performance. Morris Cliaiborne deserves a downgrade after being flagged early and often against the Eagles. Romo, Dez Bryant, Anthony Spencer, and Jason Hatcher all deserve an increase after there performances against the Eagles.

    • as an eagles fan, I can tell you beating us was not an accomplishment. You but a rookie (in his first game), with debatably the worst O-Line in the league. The game would have gone different with Vick in, because you guys were not looking hot until he got injured.

      However all those players will probly get an increase, cause Donny loves the cowboys.

      Romo definitely does not deserve an increase, he had a terrible night, being held to less the 210 yards passing his lowest of the year. No interceptions though, which is expected of romo, but not throwing an interception shouldn’t be considered a good game.

      • im also an egle fan n i think dennis kelly should b the first player with a 0 overall. Bruce carter tackling up totally beasted. He is the only person that impressed me. Havili boost. Macling boost. brandon graham boost. Nick Foles wasnt good or bad. All he showed me was poise n command of the offense. He was a little inaccurate but thats because he ddnt practice with the first team 0

        • a team that is consistently inconsistent does not deserve any players to go up period. they are a bad team with overated players EVERYWHERE

    • Brandon Carr

      Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr had a pick six against the Eagles so he deserves a increase.

    • ummmm no cowboys deserve ratings increases except Carter. It was the Eagles, the Eagles suck

  • JLove

    Bobby Wagner of the Seahawks is tied for fourth in the nfl in tackles. He should be at least in the 80s

  • starbucs

    Josh freeman’s last 4 games 13td’s 1int bucs have won 4 of last 5 games and 3 straight leanord johnson ufa 3 starts 3 ints and returned one 83 yards for a td buc sport #1rush defense and are #4 in takeaways bucs rookie wlb lovonta david is among the leagues best in tackles and #2in tfl’s josh freeman hasnt been sacked in 2straight games and has been sacked less than 29 other starting qb’s in the league i know im rambling on and on but i just feel that fair is fair these ratings should be based on whats happening now in the league and not what happened last year its hard enuff being a bucs fan and madden makes that obvious when i noticebly better than some of my opponents but since they use elite teams they have an advantage over me this needs to addressed

  • starbucs

    Connected careers is not enjoyable we would much rather have the old franchise back with a few improvements such as letting the ratings increase be based on actual performance and not pre determined adjustments

    • PLEASE!!!!

    • rick

      agreed. in my opinion madden 2005 was the gold standard for a franchise mode. you had the legit games in the minicamp to increase attributes and then the preseason and regular season progression was based on performance stats and the teams wins. the off season was simple and fun but still left enough to do to make it feel busy. though ive bought all madden games since, i still play 2005 more than any other madden

  • FrstRdDrftPk

    Broncos are a top 10 Defense in the league and Von Miller is not the only reason (their highest rated DL is an 82 and he’s been on the IR since week 1). Hopefully big games by Vickerson, Bannan, and Ayers gets their DL off to some positive bumps.

    • As a Broncos Fan I admit bias but I also feel the D-line deserves some love after 7 sacks and keeping Cam Newton contained. Also Tony Carter should see another boost with another pick 6 this week and a bit more for Holliday after his second consecutive return touchdown and making a couple of actual plays on offense. Despite the TD run Hillman may see a tick down since he had a bad game, and McGahee will likely lose some carrying ability with more fumbles. Every time Orlando Franklin allows a sack he seems to go down by 2 points so he’ll probably take a knock for giving up the first sack in 4 games.

      • FrstRdDrftPk

        Agreed. I could see all of those scenarios happening.

  • starbucs

    STOL being bias fans of all teams buy this game and just because a team won the Superbowl 3 yesterday ago doesn’t mean that they’re still the same dominant team today

    • I_speak_real

      I agree .. they still be on the packers nuts

  • starbucs

    Stop being bias just because a team won the Superbowl 3 yrs ago doesn’t mean they’re the same dominant team today

  • Hujac2

    Bucs rookie outside line backer Lavante David had another double diget tackle game totaling 30 in the last 2 weeks. Though David is a rookie he never leaves the regardless of defensive package. David wares the greed dot thus, he makes all of defensive calls. David deserves a boost in speed, awareness, tackle man coverage & zone coverage.
    Clark: Giants’ Cruz backed off vs. Steelers after my big hit

    Bucs QB Josh Freeman has gone 5 straight weeks with a QBR over 100 & is vastly uder rated. Josh currently has a 83 rating below both Luck & RG3 yet his 2012 QBR is higher than both Lucks & RG3’s. Josh deserves a boost in awareness, deep accuracy, & play action at minimum. Bucs WR Mick Williams caught another bomb last week & deserves his 88 wheels back to truly the threat he is on the field.
    Clark: Giants’ Cruz backed off vs. Steelers after my big hit
    lead the NFL in tackles for loss and due primarily to Roy Miller and could a boost for his play. Currently Roy is 3rd highest ranked DT on the Bucs and should secound only to G Mac.

    Last but not least offensive line men Penn, Zuta, & Dotson deserve boost for keeping Josh clean last game. As always love what you guys do & Go Bucs

    • That O-Line is doing way better than expected with two Pro-Bowlers down for the year. Penn should be over 90 by now. Josh Freeman is one of the least sacked guys in the league with a patch-work O-line anchored by Donald Penn.

      No reason for Freeman to be rated below those guys.

      David might be getting an increase every week till the end of the season the way he is playing.

      And why are you guys so harsh on Roy Miller??? He’s probably the main reason we are the best run defense this year.

      Do what you want to the secondary. Regardless of the interceptions… they SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!… Except Leonard Johnson. lol

      • bucsfan since 2000

        Agreed biggers is getting raped leonard johnson red barron and barber are all we have lol

    • bucsfan since 2000

      Loving the bucs fans wat ever hapoened to the lions fans by the way i saw so many on here last year

  • OptimusPrime

    Richard Sherman is the best man to man CB not named Revis, he deserves 98 man coverage and a boost from 90 to 92 overall.


    TONY G 11 CATCHES FOR 122 YARDS AND TWO TDs the only TE with 100 TDs
    all need boost.. GO FALCONS

    • 49ersfan1

      sadly ur goal wont be accomplished.


        yall could not evem beat the RAMS

        • 49ersfan1

          yall could not even beat the SAINTS.
          we missed a FG which wouldve won the game. but it was a TIE.
          what about you?

    • Tee

      What the difference between a dirty tub and a dirty bird? You losers will be one of the last teams to EVER get a ring probably in 2042. SAINTS SB CHAMPIONS.


    8-1 is better than 3-5 or 4-5!!!
    go falcons

    • 49ersfan1

      i never knew that. thanks man.

      • BOO

        6-3-1 lol
        49niner almost loss to rams lol

        • 49ersfan1

          6-2-1. thank you very much.

    • Falcons will finish 12-4 cause their defense is porous against the run and allows big plays in the passing game…also they have no run game so once again they’ll lose in the playoffs. I agree Matt Ryan is borderline great and Julio is a freak with Roddy White and Gonzalez being consistent performers…having said that they’ll disappoint like every year.

  • Bill

    Luck needs to be at least an 89. Best season so far for a first pick qb in the history of the nfl. RGwho?

    • Huejac2

      Luck is over rated his touch down to INT ratio is 9 to 8, Josh Freeman 20 to 5. Lucks completion percentage is not even close to RG3. I’m saying Luck is good just not as good as you and the media thinks. Look at the numbers

      • Bill

        I’ve watched every game. Look what he’s doing with no running game and one good receiver. He’s clutch as hell and all but one win was a come from behind win. He also has 5 rushing TDs so TE pass td to int ratio doesn’t mean much.

    • I_speak_real

      Matt ryan had a way better start then him

      • Bill

        Ryan wasn’t picked first. That’s the point. 1st picks go to terrible teams.

  • Keith.

    Still talking about Madden rosters? How can this ever be considered a top videogame sports website when others (like USA Today) are left to report on updates in the mega EA/NCAA player likeness lawsuit?

    • Bill

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      • Keith.

        Thanks, Bill. But just fyi — it’s “piece of shit,” not “peace of shit.” Unfortunately, you’re really going to have to learn how to spell better if you ever hope to make it to the 5th grade.

        • Bill

          Unfortunately it doesn’t make a bit of a difference u fuck tard. Btw I have an MBA. How’s living in ur moms basement reading about EAs stock and fiscal earnings treating ya?

          • rick

            i love reading stupid fights like these. why do you either of you bother to respond at all? you actually care what some anonymous website commenter thinks of you? go back to reality

          • Bill

            I will bend u like beckham Rick.

    • 49ersfan1

      dude no one cares. madden rosters are more important. if pasta posted about that lawsuit shit instead of madden, fifa, and nba (2k and live) info, i wouldnt even be here.

  • Huejac2

    Bucs CB Lequan Lewis had game ending pick & deserves a boost

    • bucsfan since 2000

      Im a long time bucsfan and a game ending pick means nothing considering it was thrown to him

  • no love for the ravens once again…. cmon now???

  • I_speak_real

    I hate the way they overate the hell out if these rookies.. and these past high draft picks.. trent richardson is overated.joe haden is overated.. patrick peterson is overated. Marcel dareus is shit for the bills and should be a 77hell overall.. im tired of it

    • Guest

      joe haden and patrick peterson arent rookies, dumbass.

      • I_speak_real

        Dumbass thats why i said rookies and “past high draft picks”.. read next time fag

        • 43steel43

          YEAH DUMB ASS

  • I have a feeling i’m going to see a lot of Bears Decreases and barely and Increases, Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Matt Spaeth, Lance Louis & especially Kellen Davis should all go down, I feel like Gabe Carimi should stay put,I really don’t think anyone should go down on Defnese but if youre to take anyone down maybe Nick Roach and Chris Conte. But I honestly Feel we should get like 6 Increses on Defense. Bears blew out the Titans the week before and Titans got more Increases than Decreases. Henry Melton should go up to 90 overall, Tim Jennings of course (I’d like to point out how unfair it is with him already having 90 man coverage, those two bookend corners with 90+ Man coverage causes soo much problems) Julius Pepper went hammy on Duane Brown but I doubt he gets an increase he already 97 and I feel like he’s overated already so Im cool with no increase there. Isreal Idonije run defense ratings should go up, some 90+ Power moves would be appreciated and some 95+ Block shedding but maybe I’m being greedy. I said this a month ago but it really is only a matter of time before Corey Wooton is 80+ overall and causing problems in Madden.

    • Rellhustle

      To call Peppers overated shows you know nothing about football….

  • Play sim

    Only ranked game noobs and cheesers care about week to week ratings adjustments lmao smh

    • naspicer1986

      stfu…only idiots get on a rating blog and say they dont care about ratings…fuck off fagget….btw, u only feel the way you do because u dont win games so u play in a game mode that doesnt make u cry.

  • 1WhoDey

    Damn this bullshit CC offline shit, bring back the franchise mode & every week updated rosters!!

  • Jay

    Anyone know if they’re planning another connected career roster update?

  • 49ersfan1

    david akers should be 91. totally blew it against the lambs. has missed 6 FG this season. 🙁

  • My case for the Buccaneers players:

    That O-Line is doing way better than expected with two Pro-Bowlers down for the year. Penn should be over 90 by now. Josh Freeman is one of the least sacked guys in the league with a patch-work O-line anchored by Donald Penn.

    Freeman is 6th in the league in Passer Rating. 18 TDs 5 Ints. Completion % increasing every week. He should be at least an 85.

    David might be getting an increase every week till the end of the season the way he is playing. 4th in the league in tackles as a rookie. Should be faster too. He and Kueckley in Carolina shouldn’t be separated by much if at all.

    And why are you guys so harsh on Roy Miller??? He’s probably the main reason we are the best run defense this year. And he’s rated lower than a guy he starts over… Whats your logic?

    Do what you want to the secondary. Regardless of the interceptions… they SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!… Except Leonard Johnson. 3 picks in 3 games one for a TD… He should at least jump E.J. Biggers.

    • bucsfan since 2000


    • starbucs

      I totally agree and they need to get Roy Miller’s strength right he’s probably the strongest dt’s
      in the league benching over 600lbs

  • hecrushin

    Brandon spikes has knocked out someone in his last 3 games. I mean literally put them to sleep. Guy deserves a 99 hitpower rating for sure. he put shonn Green,Fred jackson and I think he knocked someone in london too. Big hitter.

  • fartinyamouth

    Derrick johnson played GREAT. Johnson is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter if the game is on the line or if the Chiefs are down by 30 points, DJ brings it every single play. He may be the best LB in the NFL at splitting blockers and shooting into the backfield. It’s not that there aren’t blockers assigned to stop him, he just shoots right past them. He blew up multiple plays in the backfield again Monday night and had Jon Gruden swooning over him constantly. I believe he ended up being credited with 12 tackles and a forced fumble. Justin houston also had a good game he was in on 7 tackles, had a sack, and forced a fumble. Jalil Brown filled in and played every bit aswell as a recently waived Stanford Routt, Brown had a solid game and made a huge hit in the open field on RB Jon Dwyer who has to have 30lbs on Brown. Brown stopped him cold! KC can’t buy a win but thats not stopping some of their players from ballin out. Looks like that team is a QB short from really doing damage in that weak AFC West and possibly the whole AFC. Interesting to see if they get a QB in this upcoming draft. I think we all thought that Pittsburgh was going to destroy KC…turned out to be a close game. Love the rain too. It was a fun MNF game to watch.

    • DJisabeast

      DJ leading the NFL in tackles. I’m talking tackles, not assists. 67 solo. James Laurinitis has 67 solo too. The top 3
      “leading tacklers” are in the 50’s for solo. I think it shows a lot rather than combined tackles. DJ is a beast! KC isn’t having a good year but that roster has a lot of talent

      • starbucs

        James Latinos has 68 solo rookie Lavonta David(bucs)is second with 67 solo

        • starbucs

          Laurinitis sorry my HTC one x spell checker sucks!!!!!

  • TopGunSheelay

    Bruce Carter has been killing it all year, he definitely needs a boost. He’s been consistant and once Sean Lee got injured he stepped up with no real production drop off

  • Ryan

    I noticed you mentioned Tony Gonzalez but not Jimmy Graham. Graham had more yards and the same amount of touchdowns.

  • NFL Network

    Gino Atkins and A. J. Green are straight up beasts Dalton very solid with 4 touchdowns and a over 60 percent completion rating o line didn’t’ give up any sacks d line got 4 sacks defense forced 2 fumbles and got 2 ints Adam Jones looked like his old self in coverage and punt returns show some love The Bengals played good in all 3 phases no one played badly so no one should be getting any kind of rating drop

    • 1WhoDey

      Man finally another Bengals fan!! Show us some love please.

  • Jarod

    As an Eagles fan I’m hoping to see a slight increase for Foles. On the play with the interception, the ball bounced out of DeSean Jackson’s hand, off a Cowboy thigh, and Carr reached to grab for it off his knee. The fumble speaks for itself as Romo and most other NFL quarterbacks would have fumbled as well if they were hit from behind while trying to scramble out of the pocket. So maybe from 69 to 71OVR, at least higher than Edwards I would hope. Other increases to watch for should be Bryce Brown who continues to impress along with possibly Damaris Johnson and Clay Harbor. Going down should be Demetress Bell, King Dunlap, both of the Eagles’ corners among others.

  • Chad

    how bout you guys give freeman some love this week… he hasnt thrown and int in the last 4 games…. you guys are giving every1 around him increases… how bout him for a change…

  • JJ

    I don’t follow the NFC or sports news, so I’m guessing by the ratings updates that the Cowboys are something like 8-1.

  • purple pride

    vikings jarius wright needs and update along with matt kalil fred evans and chad greenway and balair walsh and maybe ponder deep throw acc its at a 66 less than joe webb and also jerome felton hes part of the reason peterson is killing

  • rasool

    im tired of posting if its not going to be done danny amendola is not slow he not a devin hester fast but he fast and that 85 speed is disrespectful and on top of that he kills the press have you guys even watched a ram game he be killing them corners trying to press him but his beat tha press a 50

  • rasool

    ima need his speed to go up atleast a 88 or 89 and his beat the press should be a 88-95

  • rasool

    the rams defense racked up 7 sacks lastweek so hopefully theres a nice boost for the d-line

    • Maniac Mailman49

      5 sacks not 7


    I think Colin kap should have more acceleration90 easy

  • rasool

    another thing its crazy how all these players having somewhat decent games and still dropping 3 and 4 points but cam newton has been trash since the begining of the season and has only drop 1 point at a time when he do drop sometimes he dont do crap throw picks fumble and still dont drop. after last weeks lost sacked 7times, fumble lost and 2 picks you do the math thats atleast a 4 point drop

  • Buffalo Weekly

    Okay the weekly truth on Buffalo
    GoodFJ and Spiller lose attention splitting carries. if either were a featured back Freddy would be at least a 92. Spiller a 95 per the way everyone was gaga over c johnson a few years back. Spiller is putting up ridiculous numbers. But to be fair both at least deserve to be at least 90.

    Donald Jones 200 yards, 16 rec, 2td the last 3 games. 80-81
    Cordy Glenn proving to be best OT of the class. 80
    Gilmore gives up a play here and there (and a lot of them in the first game), BUT so far this year has shut down andre johnson, dwayne bowe, deion branch, brandon lloyd. Doesn’t get the credit he deserves playing for buffalo. Johnson and Bowe were moved against Aaron Williams when they picked up there yards. Deserves to be at least an 80.
    Byrd is still playing lights out. All over the field for an underachieving Defense. 92
    Alex Carrington does great in his limited roles. Sacks, forced fumbles, blocked field goals so far this season. marginal bump for him.

    -Aaron Williams is aggresive and physical but has given up more plays than anyone in the league. demote him. 75
    -Vintage Fitzpatrick. something like 25/33 for 2td. then throws the game clinching int. i think he owns the record for most game killing interceptions. short and med accuracy are good, but his awareness should be lowered.

    -Mario Williams is still very good. but should probably be in the lower 90s
    – Arthur Moats showing why he got demoted. drop him.

    -Can I have you drop Dave Wannstadt? the guy has dropped the ball more than anyone on this team

  • Broncos1600

    Dume needs a much hire rating like 86 is that a joke

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    Depth Chart:
    QB Brock Osweiler – Moved to QB #2 on depth chart
    QB Caleb Hanie – Moved to QB #3 on depth chart
    WR Trindon Holliday – Moved to WR #6 on depth chart

    QB Peyton Manning – +1
    RB Willis McGahee – +Catching / -Carrying
    WR Demaryius Thomas – +1
    WR Brandon Stokley – +1
    WR Trindon Holliday – +2
    DE Robert Ayers – +2
    LOLB Von Miller – +1
    CB Chris Harris – +1
    CB Tony Carter – +2

    • I_speak_real

      Bias.. were the hell are the decreases

  • Bo

    Saints players need to have more increases than decreases. Chris Ivory, speed and acceleration should be in the 90’s with 80 strenght.

  • dmeeks

    freeman better get an update, hes about 3-4 weeks overdue. bucs defense needs an upgrade, mainly leonard johnson and roy miller. we have the #1 rush defense for a reason not by luck

    • dmeeks

      and mason foster is faster than a damn 77, he cant catch anybody and they let bradshaw run him over when last time i checked he knocked a.bradshaw out of the game. when will we get respect? and patriots fans gone hate talib when he gets burned consistently for 50 yard bombs

  • seaportd

    Why can’t you matchup with wide receivers anymore?