NBA 2K13 Week Two Roster Update: Mike D’Antoni Added But Still Missing 25 Players

Posted November 14th, 2012 at 10:45 am

Two weeks now into the NBA season and 2K Sports has still failed to provide an accurate roster for NBA 2K13. In the latest update released today two players (P.J. Tucker and Alan Anderson) were added to the game. 25 players remain missing now.

The Bobcats-Hornets swap of Matt Carroll for Hakim Warrick has been completed. In truly random fashion only one player had ratings adjusted as Landry Fields dropped by a single point. Seemingly no rhyme or reason to that – nothing was done for the guys who have been performing at a higher level than their ratings so far this season. That makes it just three players so far this year who’ve had their ratings moved. Current injuries still are not reflected properly as well.

  • Acer003

    Um wow…

  • Arrowe76

    What is their problem? Updated roster is the most basic service after sale that every sport franchise provide. I simply don’t understand why it takes so much time to get the proper roster.

    • H-Town

      Because their is no competition, and 2k knows that their fan boys will jizz all over what ever they put out no matter how shitty the content.

      • Phil

        I love the NBA 2k series, but this game feels like they milked it so much for the profit.

  • berniemakaveli

    If I already am in the middle of an association with the lakers do I have to start over to get d’antoni? I don’t really want to but getting Brown off the staff would be worth it.

    • smsixx

      When the courts were updated I was about 3 games in to mine and they updated without starting over…The rosters do not….So im not sure about a coaching change…Guess you will just have to wait and see.

      • berniemakaveli

        Thanks, I’ll just have to fire up 2K and see. I’ll post back.

        • berniemakaveli

          Unfortunately it doesn’t update. I’m starting over, get brown outta there!

          • Crimson

            The Lakers will still suck anyway. They will only respond to that Phil Jackson dog whistle.

          • berniemakaveli

            Careful, your ignorance is showing.

          • Crimson

            Huh? I ain’t ignorant. I’ve been paying damn close attention.

            Oh, and another thing….

            Bitch, I’m a motherfucking Celtic fan.

          • berniemakaveli

            Well that was a very ignorant statement, you’re not paying attention to the same nba the rest of us are. And considering what happened last time the lakers met your celtics in the finals I’d be a little reluctant to proclaim that lol.

          • Crimson

            Damn, you had to go there. Thanks bro.

          • berniemakaveli

            Haha you started it. Don’t throw stones homie đŸ™‚

          • 49ersfan1

            aww poor guy, hows ray allen doing?

          • Crimson

            He’s still as old as a pile of sun dried rottweiler shit.

          • 49ersfan1

            someones mad.

          • someone likes to bitch and moan about brandon rush not being present to round out the ‘best bench in the nba’ in your eyes.

            i’d keep quiet about anything pertaining to the celtics if i were a warriors fan. the only thing in your franchise’s history you can cheer about is run tmc and a championship when gerald ford was in office. even the bobcats have a better record. i’ll even let you gloat about the 8th seed warriors beating the mavs then getting bounced out the next round 4-1 if you’d like.

            pick your fights when you choose to let your sports affiliation be known.

          • 49ersfan1

            im not a warriors fan, i just like them. and im a lakers fan since i knew how to read. so u have no right to call me a bandwagon (if u wanted to) since i went to staples center when smush parker, luke walton, and sometimes kwame brown were starters.

          • DaHuzyBru

            yeh buddy, celtics ftw!!

  • Tom NBA

    But….I thought this was the best game ever and could do no wrong?

    • EJTwice

      Madden online is way better…Even though a lot of people complain about their team’s roster rating updates, at least they update the rosters and teams get punished or rewarded on a weekly basis.

  • Rohan

    They should put dynamic dna in the game so they wont have to worry about that

    • Greg

      That would require them investing money in the game instead of paying Jay-Z big money.



    • Miltonman

      um no.

  • Dr. Hardin Thicke

    Well, I guess if I’m going to continue to wait for an accurate roster update to start diving into this game… I’ll be waiting awhile. Lesson learned for next time.

  • HELP!

    Someone please tell me how to update the courts for nba 2k13 for ps3! I don’t know where to look! I googled the question and can’t find any help!

    • nov

      The update automatically when you start the game up.

  • bucsfan since 2000

    So what did they pay jay z for again?????? We get same game as last year and to make us not notice it they put jay z bullshit ass playlist on the game and give us a bunch of shoes that we cant even epuip our team with on that bullshit online play traded that shit in a week ago is it really that hard to make a dam basketball game between live failing and 2k not caring wat the fuck do we do as customers

  • I want to buy the game but the rosters are holding me back. Hurry up 2K.

    • Rosters are holding you back? Lucky you, the couple dozen’s of bugs is what’s getting me lol.

      • What type of bugs are in the game?

        • Ha.. tons bro. Just check out the the 2k13 portion of the OS forums and the 2k sports forum. Don’t even have to go past the first page on either site in their respective sections dedicated to 2k13 to find what’s wrong with the game:

          -the 100% shooting bug
          -mycareer minutes glitch
          -offensive rebounding bug
          -on-ball defense is virtually non-existent
          -mycareer season auto-simming issue
          -freezing after nba title win in mycareer
          -vc turning into sp bug
          -cpu offense fast break bug

          …just to name a few.

          • 49ersfan1

            u forgot the mycareer simming after the 3pt contest. not to mention thats my least favorite one, lol.

          • Emanuel

            hey my game doesn’t freeze when I win the NBA title in MyCAREER lol

  • Waffle

    how to dowlod this rooster?

    • 49ersfan1

      2kshare, rooster. lol

  • Rob

    Another shitty update……another puppy died.

  • kjeet

    Glad I have gamefly i sent this crap back. ronnie 2k and 2k games if full of shit.

  • 49ersfan1

    whos better, matt carroll or hakim warrick?

    • bucsfan since 2000

      Lmao the equally suck warrick hasnt been relevant since he and melo won national championship

      • 49ersfan1

        ok cool

  • I have current rosters fully updated and the game plays excellent. Stop complaining and adapt and overcome. Complain to the company and get action or keep bitch’n here and continue getting the same thing.


      GO Pirates ARGGH

  • Wematanye

    One positive is Mike D’Antoni having white hands

  • Meanwhile, that shitty Madden series will somehow find a way to update 400+ players. That’s nearly a third of all players on an NFL roster.

    2k is doing it big though. Changing the ratings of 3 players? That roughly equates to, what, less than 1% of total NBA players on a roster?

  • EJTwice

    I still don’t like the fact that they don’t let injured players be available online. I’m a Bulls fan and I only like to use the Bulls. Best player in the NBA, The Derrick, will be out ’till Feb-March…So I have to wait ’till then before I play online again? My Bulls are currently still doing good right now but there’s no roster rating updates…If they’re not going to update roster ratings but update the injuries, then that makes the online experience rather stupid…to put it mildly.

  • Tom

    Did Landry Fields complain on this forum?

  • Tom

    How Kyrie Irving is still an 82 is beyond me

    • DaHuzyBru

      He is also 6’3″, 2k have him as 6’2″

  • Tom

    How Andy Varejao is only a 71 is mind warping.

  • Tom

    I know D’Antoni took Mike Brown’s job but I didn’t know he had to give him his suit, too…

  • dirty dee

    okay so i feel for you guys. i used to care about 2K NBA series. i was a die hard. shit i played 60 full games into my Creating a Legend mode file… but uh, theyre just showing how much they dont care when they add prigioni and teletovic as these generic scrubs that anyone couldve made.

    throw in that there are still tons of people missing. that and we have gobs and gobs of players and files that are hidden and newly hexed (another gripe) and yet we dont have EVERY single jersey that any team has ever worn? to some people that sounds so dumb but there are SO many cool older jerseys for just about EVERY team i can think of that would be awesome to see in the game.
    at this point i wish someone who had filthy money would make an actual, great basketball game with some of the same elements from 2K that weve come to love. but it is what it is and that will never happen, let alone sadly enough 2K will surely not really put in the amount of work they should.
    that being said, go buy Black Ops 2. their servers are having a really, really hard time right now (basically not working) except for free for all mode but that will change. its opening weekend. and i know a lot of people that got the game that love it. totally worth the money.
    i wasnt sure how id like it because i really enjoyed the first black ops, and i was hoping it wouldnt be too over the top. futuristic weapons, tech, etc isnt as heavy as it sounds. the new create a class system is awesome and you get 32 layers (that you dont need to unlock) to make a player avatar for your emblem. the weapons combinations/diversity is incredibly immersive. its been said because of the new mix and match system there are 500 million different class loadout combos. damn…
    anyone who wants to get murked and plays ps3 add me on psn: blintz7
    depite the servers being down ive been nerding out andim already like a level 25 or 26

  • Sean

    Well at least I can play as Justin Bieber

  • rmw195

    why cant I play with steve Nash

  • nba1

    What happened to Steve nash?!

  • papadock1

    7 games in and about 3 weeks in since kevin love came back yet they still havent activated him for online play… smh. Pathetic.


    They are enjoying the time as the only basketball game and acting like EA..lazy!!

  • Try

    It won’t let me play Steve Nash

  • 8bitRalph

    It would appear that 2k sports is in decline. They announced that there would be no MLB title this year. In November they shut down most servers for roster updates and announced that only NBA 2k13 and MLB 2k12 servers would remain up. Looks like the sports genre is losing steam and only the Madden franchise will remain soon.