Arnold Palmer Shares Cover of Tiger Woods 14; New Additions to Roster Announced

Posted November 15th, 2012 at 10:30 am

EA Sports today revealed the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 which features a young Arnold Palmer who will be playable in the game. No further details were made available but it’s probably safe to assume that there will be some sort of historical mode tied into Palmer’s inclusion with potentially other legendary golfers to be announced at a later date.

In addition there is news on golfers added to the series this year. Keegan Bradley, Bud Cauley, and two from the LPGA Р Stacy Lewis and Lexi Thompson Рwill be included on a roster that will now exceed 25 individuals.

  • jake

    Pretty cool. They had to come up with something new. The Masters is all they had in their bag for the past 4 years.

  • Crimson

    Yeah. Wow. Great news and who gives a damn.

    You know what? Sports Champions 2 doesn’t have anybody famous on the cover, it’s a ton of fun to play, and it has a much better game of golf too. This is a sports video gaming site, right? Oh, I forgot. Its a primarily EA Sports video gaming site. No mention of Sports Champions 2 for the Playstation 3 and it’s Move controller, is to be expected here. EA didn’t make that game.

    These Xbox 360 Kinect articles reek of bias Pasta. There are ‘other’ fun sports videogames out there to talk about, that unlike Kinect, they don’t just add simple audio commands to the already crappy gameplay of the current batch of EA Sports game titles.

    I got news for ya champ. Sports Champions 2 is the fucking bomb, and you’ll smile a lot, while getting some heart healthy cardio in, while playing it. Why haven’t you ever offered an Amazon link to buy that game on this site? I bet I know the answer.

    • Crimson

      Pasta only supports and promotes Microsoft and EA products, like Kinect and SmartGlass, and every possible EA Sports game title coming out in the near future, until our lord Jesus Christ comes back. Funny thing is, I’m thinking Jesus would actually prefer playing videogames on a Playstation, and would tell us that Kinect was an abomination.

    • Keith.

      Good to hear that about Sports Champions 2. I saw GameStop has it for $19 on BF. I liked the first game and will definitely pick it up.

      Pasta did the same thing with PES, which generally got as good of reviews as FIFA on other websites but went completely unmentioned around these parts.

      • Crimson

        I have the first one too. The 2nd one is pretty damn fun also. These Move games are keepers for sure. This site is all about pushing EA’s product, 24-7.

        • fantasyboi

          does sports champion 2 have season mode?

  • The Kid

    Tiger Woods is a good series. But these games are the same every single year. I buy them once in a blue moon. They need to add some kind of a story mode, Happy Gilmore like lmao. That would be awesome though.

    • Me

      are you high?