Madden NFL 13 Week 11 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 20th, 2012 at 11:00 am

Week 11 of the NFL season brought about a number of changes at the QB position due to injury. Colin Kaepernick stepped in for Alex Smith and lit up the vaunted Bears defense bringing into question who will start for the 49ers going forward. With Ben Roethlisberger already out Byron Leftwich got hurt so Charlie Batch will take over for the Steelers. With the Jaguars Chad Henne replaced Blaine Gabbert and threw four touchdowns against a usually strong Texans defense.

It’s currently unclear whether there will be another Madden NFL 13 roster update this week. In the past on Thanksgiving week the update has either released early on Wednesday or was just skipped over. Players who stood out in week 11 and may be in line for a ratings upgrade include Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, Justin Blackmon, Nick Fairley, Vincent Jackson, Von Miller, A.J. Green, Denario Alexander, and Andre Johnson. On the other end of the spectrum players such as Reggie Bush, Ryan Tannehill, Mason Crosby, Dwayne Bowe, Gabe Carimi, and Jason Campbell had poor performances and are likely to drop.

Plaxico Burress is signing with the Steelers and Deion Branch was cut by the Patriots. Willis McGahee and Rob Gronkowski will be out for extended periods due to injuries they suffered. As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players should get ratings consideration, whether up or down, in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • Well Kaepernick needs some tats for one…

    • I_speak_real

      Lol he does

  • Chiryder

    I’ve got a feeling the Bears O-line is going to get decimated! They gave up no sacks last week and were barely touched. Now each player will drop like 5 points this week. I still contend that J’Marcus Webb needs to be rated -2. Kellen Davis is severly overrated and Urlacher needs to be in the high 80’s. He’s done. We got our asses handed to us and deserve whatever is coming…just don’t touch Cutler and Marshall.

    • I_speak_real

      Thanks.. finally a true bears fan

  • MARZ76

    kaep needs to be starter for the rest of the year,its time for alex to sit it down. r.moss an mannigham needs to get more PT….moss,crabtree,davis,manningham an walker should be main wide/te in the game. playoffs is important u need your best not trying to see who’s the future.

  • Marcel Reece had almost 200 yards of total offense by himself…he is the only person on the raiders who deserves an increase!

  • Mason Drews

    Anthony Spencer is having a really strong season thus far, I really hope Dallas retains his services.

    One player whom I still feel could be rated a tad higher on Dallas is Bruce Carter. Reason being is that since Sean Lee has been out he’s completely picked up his production and there hasn’t been any drop off.

    • Jim

      Bruce carter and Anthony spencer have been playing at an extremely high level for weeks. They just don’t get the glory stats. Dez Bryant should be getting an increase. And Dwayne Harris

  • RedskinsGM2B

    ummm.. 1. Robert Griffen III definitely deserves, at the very least, an accuracy jump. 2. Darrell Young has remained sub 80 for far too long. No rookie running back from an obscure school has the rushing #’s that Alfed Morris has WITHOUT a very talented fullback to clear his path, not to mention, protect RG3. He caught a nice over-the-shoulder, corner of the endzone pass Sunday too. Washington’s FB’s have historically been overlooked in Madden. How about Moss’s catch in traffic? Aldrick Robinson? Perry Riley? Yes, I’m a ‘Skins fan.

    • Brandon

      RG3 should probably get a 1 point bump, but he was also playing the Eagles defense…

  • starbucs

    Bucs oline need some love Freeman was only sacked once and. The week prior the panthers sacked peyton manning 7x’s qnd on the flip side the bucs dline sacked cam twice and pressured him 8x’s freeman needs the clutch rating dallas clark vincent jackson doug martin the whole offense needs a boost we got no named cb’s and they play well enuff to get us a win every week 4 straight wins justice is due

    • Huejac2


    • Brandon

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Panthers sacked Peyton ONCE. The Panthers sacked the Bears 6 times.

      Every team has been pressuring Carolina’s OL, that won’t help any of your DL go up. Freeman doesn’t need a clutch rating, considering they should’ve put the game away in the 1st half, but he threw a pick six.

      The only player you mentioned that deserves a raise is Martin and Jackson.

      • starbucs

        Thanks for correcting me but he still deserves the clutch cause not many qbs could’ve mastered that comeback in that same exact scenario

  • Patsfan

    Alfonzo Dennard is our #1 CB and has been the savior of our shit secondary. He’s our only guy that knows how to cover, makes plays (3 INTs), and showed some wheels outrunning Luck on the pick six.
    Besides Talib’s pick six, he looked mediocre. Got burnt for 2 TDs. Arrington torched at the beginning of the game too, it’s time to give Dennard his due.
    Dennard 71 to 76
    Arrington 77 to 74
    Talib 88 to 85

    • Boston Beasts

      McCourty is allowing just 44.2 percent of passes he’s targeted on for catches, he has a 53.5 quarterback rating against, and he’s allowed just 291 yards in nine games with two touchdowns and three interceptions…. Dennard has been above average. Hes the #2 Corner cause our best DB has been moved to safety to help out the back end . Talib is our #1 Corner and Arrington is fucking terrible

  • Mark Doc Rossi

    I would like to see a lot of love for Wesley Woodyard. He’s been ignored for weeks, when he’s been playing with insanity. Also confused why Britton Colquit and Matt Prater are in the 80’s when they are both in the tops in the league.

  • Adm8792

    Griff is better than a few qbs with higher ratings either he raises past them or they drop below him

    • Brandon

      RG3 is a rookie and is already overrated (in terms of his Madden stats). Before the season even started he was better than a lot of current starters. He started off with the 3rd or so best DAC at 88, which was higher than Tom Brady. The rest of his stat increases should be nothing but awareness.

  • Kroc79

    After the way Thomas davis played having 15 tkls and 1 ff. he definitely need his justice

    • Brandon

      Too bad he keeps getting flagged for bs penalties lol.

  • Huejac2

    Bucs WR Vincent Jackson had a monster game last week & use a boost in route running & awareness. Bucs TE Dallas Clark had a monster game as well & could use some love as well. Bucs Josh Freeman rating of 85 is too low. Freeman at & Luck at 87 base on the stats is just not right. The Musle Hamster Doug Martin could use a boost in trucking & strength given his ability to run inside & on short yardage. It’s time for LT Donald Penn to join the 90 plus club. On ingery riddle line that in secound in the league for sacks given up.

    On defense ROLB Lavante David continues rack tackles on a defense that is first against the run & first in tackles for loss. I believe David could use a slite speed increase. Last week instead of boosting DT Miller you boosted DT Gary Gibson who backs up Miller. Miller is the stater and leads all DT’s in tackles sinse he has been drafted yet his rating is less than Gibson. Bucs DE’s Bowers & Bennett both recorded sacks last week and could use some love. Bowers has recorded three sacks without a boost. Bucs DE Te’o-Nesheim has recoreded sacks in consecutive games & could use some love.

    • starbucs

      I agree..I really wish whoever does these ratings would really take time to actually research and study teams and individual players and focus on getting these rosters accurate based on player performances and real time stats ..and another thing if a player is on ir he should really be on ir and just moved down the depth chart during online play..ok I’m done venting for now Oh Yeah connected careers sucks!!!

      • Huejac2

        I couldnt disagree more about players on IR. If you don’t want to use them, don’t use but this game cost too much not to be able to team stars online. What you should not be able to do is put receivers at tight end. Substitutions should limited by position & package.

  • My case for Buccaneer players:

    Josh Freeman up maybe 1 point but should definitely receive the clutch gene

    LaVonte David deserves another increase, may be the best defensive player on the team.

    Donald Penn should be one of the top LTs in the league. At least a 90 rating. The Panther are like 4th in the league in sacks and only got Freeman down once with a patchwork O-line and Penn is the main reason for that.

    Mark Barron deserves a decrease. Missed a couple tackles and gave up their one passing touchdown. He will be great but he is having some growing pains.

    Roy Miller… not that he did anything special, but how can you have the #1 run defense and your starting nose tackle is rated in the 60s, 4 points below the guy he starts over… He is being disrespected terribly.

    Dallas Clark deserves to grace the 80s again.

    I know Vincent Jackson is already a 93, but I wouldn’t be upset with him getting an increase after that touchdown catch.

    Bowers deserves a slight bump. He was in the backfield when he got on the field.

    Also, Zuttah is at RG and Larsen is at Center… not the other way around. And Adam Hayward took over at LOLB, not Dakota Watson.

    • Brandon

      Freeman has only had ONE 4th quarter comeback this season, and only had two last season. Let’s not jump the gun. I think he stays even since he threw two picks + a pick six.

      I know a bunch of Bucs fans are hating Barron (or at least the ones I talked to were), but David broke away from his zone on that TD pass, so he was at fault as well.

      Dallas Clark has less than 300 yards and only three TDs (60 yards and a TD this week), now way in hell he deserves to evren sniff 80.

      Jackson deserves an increase.

      Bowers wasn’t that impressive in the game, he was playing Carolina’s crap OL btw.

  • Huejac2

    It’s time for Bucs DT G. McCoy to be rewarded for his consistant disruptive play with a boost. Love what you guys do & Go Bucs!

  • mr nash

    Granted Matt Ryan threw slot of picks, I hope he doesn’t drop too much…romo threw five one week and didn’t drop so we’ll see..

    • AmazinsCowboys

      What are you talking about? Romo dropped from a 91 to an 89 when he threw 5 picks against the Bears and dropped from a 90 to an 88 when he threw 4 picks against the Giants.

  • Steven Johnson

    I hope the rosters come out this week because the previous time when ya’ll skipped the week the players didn’t get their proper ratings so please stick to the script and release then this week

  • MuteIsCool


  • starbucs

    Bucs are playing with mainly reserves on oline and dline so I expect Madden 14 bucs to be rated all 80’s and 90’s Doug Martin has 1k yards rushing

  • Mike

    Just want to throw this out there, but how mny people want to take a guess how much Donny drops the gmen this week and they were on their bye!

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Dwayne Harris has had three huge punt returns (including a game-breaking TD against the Eagles two weeks ago) in the past three weeks, so I think he should get some type of ratings upgrade in punt-return specific areas. Bruce Carter has really been great in place of Sean Lee, he deserves to move up a few points he’s definitely playing better than his 76 rating. Anthony Spencer has also been pretty great I think he deserves a 1 point increase to a 90-flat. Maybe Dez for a 1-point increase or so but let’s see how he does this week first, although last week was a career-high in receiving yards for him.

  • Kaepernick is at a 75 right now. I’m thinking a 78 OVR would be justified after last night.

  • The Truth

    Bills Weekly-
    Bills Oline +++ Glenn a top 10 tackle Bills O ran all over Pats and Dolphins

    Spiller ++
    Dareus +
    Moore ++ Bills limited Reggie Bush to 20 yards. Thats impressive

    Gilmore +
    Byrd+++ Unbelievable play this season. Would have reed like numbers on a better D.
    Mckelvin ++ He and Gilmore both belong in the 79-82 range
    Punter+++ Pinned dolphins at the 1

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    Depth Chart:
    QB Brock Osweiler – Moved to QB #2 on depth chart
    QB Caleb Hanie – Moved to QB #3 on depth chart
    WR Trindon Holliday – Moved to WR #6 on depth chart

  • Huejac2

    Bucs undrafted rookie CB Lenard Johnson did a good job on Steve Smith & could use some love.

  • Any idea when they’re releasing rosters for CCM ? They still have the ones from week four…

  • Steel

    Ok Keenan Lewis CB of Steelers deserve a huge boost 18 breakup pass 2nd in LG an he ran a 4.4 so why is his speed and 86 ? He’s highly underrated. So please give him respect he deserve!

  • its about time

    Drew Brees need a 90 Throwing power to compliment his game. Its taking way to long on open routes for football to arrive on breaks. Year after Year and still no change, why is that? And Peyton Manning still have his even Tony Romo. Lets not be Fan Favorites of your teams or home teams. Award Drew Brees his upgrade, what is 1 point.

  • dimz73k

    Marcel Reece carried the ball 19 times for 103 yards and
    added four catches for 90 yards through the air.
    Reece averaged an impressive 8.4 yards per offensive touch.

    Dude is a BEAST, A MISMATCH NIGHTMARE!!!! CAN RUN, CATCH, BLOCK, Knows the entire wr ROute tree.
    Only Bright Spot for the Raiders Right Now give the man some LOVE