Madden NFL 13 Week 12 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 27th, 2012 at 9:15 am

Typically a team in such a strong position wouldn’t do so but the 49ers are shaking things up by going with Colin Kaepernick and that has paid off in the last two games and given their offense a much more dynamic look. Meanwhile the Steelers are struggling mightily without Ben Roethlisberger….injuries have even caused them to turn to Plaxico Burress for help. DeSean Jackson, Blaine Gabbert, Willis McGahee, Laurent Robinson, Jared Gaither, Kendall Hunter, and Kyle Williams will be hitting the IR in the next roster update for Madden NFL 13 while David DeCastro will be making his debut and Jason Babin has been released.

Some of the biggest performers this week were Bryce Brown in place of the injured LeSean McCoy, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Andre Johnson, Ryan Broyles, Mohamed Sanu, J.J. Watt, Mario Williams, and Zach Brown. Names like Mark Sanchez, Bart Scott, and Kurt Coleman are likely to drop – really whole teams like the Jets and Eagles should be impacted even more at this point of the season.

As always leave any thoughts in the comments as to what players should get ratings consideration in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update, whether up or down, in the comments!



  • bird gang


  • Tannehill, Davone Bess, and Clay increases.

    • hov321

      forgot bout Clay most def agree

  • Colts fan!

    Jerrell Freeman of the Colts deserves a major increase. He’s top 5 in the league for tackles.

  • Keith.

    NBA2k13 got its patch this morning (glad PlayVision is working!), and Pasta’s top story for the day is yet another Madden roster update discussion? LoL

    • Bring back Hip Hop

      If not for Madden, there would be no Pasta. It really doesn’t even matter that every Madden game that came out this gen, stunk like shit, Pasta still used them to get hits on this site, so he could make money. Then he tells everyone to buy this crappy new MaddenNFL13 on Amazon through his site link. Cha-ching!!! Mo money, mo money, mo money.
      I wonder how he gets himself “in character” so he can find a way to keep writing these garbage Madden update articles, and continue further promoting this shitty ass football game. He’s a great salesman, pushing a crappy product, where no one else out there would even admit that they still own or play Madden NFL13. I have a huge friends list and I never see anyone on it playing Madden, whether it be day or night. Everybody is either playing NBA 2K13 or watching Netflix. These idiots on here acting like Madden ratings actually matter, make me laugh. Stupid people.

      • Truth

        Proud to play madden. I have 2k and that shit is cheesed the fuck out online. Go fuck your stupid ass friends bro.

      • rasool

        ay bru its clean ur not a madden player only someone who some shit in madden no….some shit in football period talks shit bout the game lol you lame get ur game up shit if anything some shit its 2k13 and its new controls it was hard the pass couple years this year they change the controls now its wack. you talkn bout updates dont matter wen you knw damn well you get updates on 2k13 keep it 100

  • Bakes

    Deangelo Williams will probably go down again. He just hasn’t looked good at all with the limited carries he has gotten. Now that Stewart looks to be out, maybe Williams can get a few solid performances and actually earn his paycheck, Also would like to see Nakamura downgraded as well. I just cannot stand that guy. Week in and week out, he gets targeted because he really is horrible.

  • brownie fan

    Browns front 7 deserves a boost. 8 forced fumbles 5 recovered

    • dwardo

      that’s not impressive – charles tillman has seven forced fumbles ON HIS OWN

      you need a better argument to convince me of a boost

      • brownie fan

        thats over the course of a season.. those werent the browns only turnovers of the season.. stop talking.

      • JuliusCaesar

        regardless whether its a team statistic or individual you cant take away the accomplishment both sides have done…both are very impressive and should both get boosts

  • Joey-Football

    Raise NYG- NE- CLEV-INDY

    • dallas fan


  • Janoris Jenkins got 2 INTs returned both for TDs hopefully he gets some sort of ratings boost

  • Huejac2

    Bucs OLB Lavante David second in the NFC in tackles could use some love. Buc Safty Ronde Barber got another pick last week could use some love. Bucs TE Dallas Clark had another monster game & Bucs slot WR Tiquan Underwood Madden rating is not even top five on the Bucs WR depth chart. Tiquan is way under rated. Bucs CB EJ Biggers had sack forced fumble & could use some love. As always love what you guys do & Go Bucs!

    • True story on Tiquan’s rating. I dont think anything needs to be done about EJ’s blitz sack fumble. He already has a high speed rating and is crucial in Madden corner blitzes. Can Ronde’s awareness even go up any more? lol

      Lavonte could use an increase in AWR / ACC / PURSUIT / PLAY REC this guy is a playmaker on the field. Doesn’t hit like P Willis, but moves to the football with the same instincts.

  • Football is the truth

    Andy Dalton 3 straight games 10 total tds no picks over 62 percent completion rate BJGE 2 straight 100 yard game M. Sanu 3 tds in 2 games Atkins need I say more Green need I say BEAST o-line d-line they are playing as a unit on both sides of the ball Adam Pac Man Jones is back in rare form give it up to the Bengals and for anyone that has something to say about the Bengals beat Oakland or Kansas City don’t forget they beat the defending CHAMPIONS pretty easy that just beat Green Bay pretty easy Baltimore barely beat K. C. and Pitt. went to overtime to barely win against K. C. and Cin. beat K. C. easy also Dalton seems to not be having a sophomore slump to me and Pitt. just lost to Cle. so for those who scream the who they played stuff that goes for all teams Atlanta lost to a team with a losing record Cincinnati is a NFL team like the rest it time to give some respect to them a NFL win isn’t easy ask Drew Brees

    • WildFireXXI

      Baltimore blew the hell out of Cinci, how are you even talking right now?

      • Bengals

        That was week one check yo records and Baltimore should lost last week if The Chargers took better pursuit angles and they beat K. C. by 3 and Cincinnati blew out K. C. Now speak on recent facts not game one of the season

        • Last time I checked 9-2 better then 6-5. Who can clinch the AFC north this weekend?

          • nfl network

            That doesn’t mean championship what matters most is how teams at all levels play as a unit Bengals might not make playoffs or maybe they will but one thing I know is Baltimore with Flacco as their quarterback won’t win super bowl

          • Do you watch all the Ravens games or just the highlights? Now the Ravens may not win a super bowl with him I would never say it was because of him. Most games are won in the trenches and the Ravens O line isn’t the best in the league. Flacco is a good QB and has the ability to win a Superbowl.

        • Ed

          Who cares who else they beat until they beat? Until they beat the Ravens or the Steelers head to head this year, they’re not going anywhere.

      • Bengals

        And with the ravens recent success over the Bengals the ravens still coming up short with the head to head match up


  • EJTwice

    Chris Conte and Nick Roach needs a boost for the Bears. Cutler and the Bears offensive line also should increase.

    • lol

      did you not see that 9ers game??

      • RandomGuy

        Yea, that was last week and half of those players were benched this week.

  • Hov321

    Randy Starks and Paul Soliai for the Miami Dolphins had a hge game stoping the run vs the seattle seahawks. Def need boost. Devon Bess will always be underated but he had a career game vs the seahawks.

  • Scott

    Mohamed Sanu, Micheal Johnson is due for a bump with 8 sacks.

  • Ace

    Greg Hardy the Kraken! Still one of the most underrated DEs in the league and on Madden. That hit he got flagged for monday night was bs. Sherrod Martin played good too.

  • rasool

    janoris jenkins-2 pick 2 TD++
    chris givens – 5 rec 106 yard 1 TD++
    greg Dayl – pick, 7 tackles+
    james laurnitus- pick, 9 tackles+
    steven jackson- 24 car 139 yards++
    lance kendricks – 46yard TD+
    o-line did really good ++

  • I really hope that Colin Kapernick doesn’t get a huge boost, although he might deserve it, he could make throws that Alex Smith can’t make. What really should happen is they should boost all the guys around him. John Goodwin needs a boost, Alex Boone is still 79 which is such a crime, he should be 85+ Anthony Davis should be 85+ too. Joe Staley is pretty high already but he should probably be higher. Honestly though that Niners defense is already stiff but probably should be a little better. Carlos Rogers and Chris Culliver should have that 90+ man coverage. But enough about those Niners, Lets talk my Bears, Jay Cutler should go back up to 88, get to 79 awareness again. I really feel his Med accuracy should be 90+ but… I wont hold my breath on that. Matt Forte is probably gonna go down but I’m ok with that, as long as he has that 82 route running he’s still a beast. I feel like Brandon Marshall should go up after getting 12 catches cuz his catching is only 90 and he’ll drop a few from time to time. Matt Spaeth had an all world day blocking, I’m sure his blocking will go up but it’s so low right now that he’s still be terrible in the game. Isreal Idonije had a hu.e game as a pass rusher so hopefully they pull his pursuit up & his power moves should be 90+. Oh and Chris Conte had a pick and did some real nice things in coverage, his zone coverage is 79 right now, if it goes over 80 than i wont need to sub him out in my nickel defenses anymore & it will be a real problem.

    • Huejac2

      That doesn’t make any since. If Kap earned it give him the boost just like everybody else

    • Sounds like you’re still sore about the Monday Night loss against my Niners. 🙂 Colin Kaepernick will be getting a nice little boost this Friday I’m sure. So will Brooks and Whitner for their pick-6’s.

      • Maniac Mailman49

        The O line Boone and Davis needs another boost into the low 80s. Both should be at least 82. Rogers back to 90. Culliver up to 82 and Aldon up to 95. Goldson up in hit power and awareness and whitner up period. Finally Kaepernick should be 82 rating as well.

  • aquib talib should get at least a 2 point increase so should the entire pats offense and the defensive players jets defense should get a decrease

    • 49ersfan1

      they played the jets. nothin special.

      • RandomGuy

        it’s not a matter of who they played but how they played.

        • 49ersfan1

          i understand its a division game, but if u score 28 points in the 2nd quarter, its a joke.

      • so? doesnt matter he played good

  • Mac

    I’m still waiting on the block shedding increase for Cameron Jordan(Saints), the zone Coverage boost for Roman Harper and Patrick Robinson, strength increase for Akiem Hicks, and Tom Johnson…even against the 49ers O-line, they were in the backfield to disrupt the run. All I ask for is justice in Madden.

  • 49ersfan1

    new problems for SF. williams and hunter r out. hopefully lamichael james an aj jenkins will play. ted ginn is also injured alittle……..

  • heynow

    Big drop for J’Marcus Webb last week. Dominated Jared Allen on Sunday. 75?

    • RandomGuy

      Yea well he deserved to be dropped last week. I see at least a one point increase.

  • Harbaugh superbowl

    Ahmad Brooks to the pro bowl, lets make it happen. Also he better get a boost to 90 now

    • Maniac Mailman49

      Boost up his speed from 74 to at least 82!

  • Truth

    Andrew luck needs to be ahead of rg3. Like a 91 IMO. Single handily leading the colts to the playoffs.

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    Depth Chart:
    QB Brock Osweiler – Moved to QB #2 on depth chart
    QB Caleb Hanie – Moved to QB #3 on depth chart
    WR Trindon Holliday – Moved to WR #6 on depth chart

  • ojegr81

    I am a Titans fan run game has done well in recent weeks in part to improved play by oline , te’s AND fb, Q.Johnson he is only a 63 ovr, he not even the starting te on game, give him his due! Craig Stevens is our best blocking TE, he is a 76 on game as a FB our actual FB is on bech with jhst a 63 ovr!

  • ojegr81

    I am a Titans fan the LB corp we have is playing lights out and each one deserves increase in ovr especially our MLB Colin McCarthy makes our defense so much better whrn in game, he has only been rated a 77 , true he has been hurt but a rating of 80 is fair, Will Witherspoon is at least an 80 he has been replaced by Zach Brown who deserves an increase also! Akeem Ayers definitely deserves an increase! LB’s are a strength for us, bout time! Go Titans!!!

  • aldrick robinson needs a serious speed boost

  • Huejac2

    Bucs DE Da’Quan Bowers had a ton of tackles & pressures & could use some love

  • Jarod

    Eagles signed Greg Salas, released both Mardy Gilyard and Jason Babin. IR for Jackson and Peters (wasn’t official until this week). As far as ratings go, rookies Bryce Brown and Vinny Curry deserve good increases. Foles should go back up to 69. Plenty of decreases should be handed out though.

  • Tyler

    Alex Henery kicker for the eagles needs a huge increase! He is thr 2nd most accurate kicker since he came in the league last year and he has only missed 1 FG this year and has made 19 in a row

  • RandomGuy

    Bears O-line deserve to get a little increase. They reshuffled the line so those guys need to get a boost. They aren’t the best but they’ve held their own. They only failed against some of the best defenses in the league (9ers and Packers). They’re third in the league in sacks given up and I don’t think anybody on that O-line is rated higher than 77. When you consider that the worst O-line in the league (in terms of sacks given up) are Green Bay and Arizona who are rated better in Madden than Chicago.

  • Nick

    Cutler up for sure. Dude is so much better than he gets credit for.
    Julio Jones up, as well. He’s one of the best in the NFL.

  • Lp

    Janoris Jenkins better get a big boost

  • RacerX

    Not one comment on how the giants dominated the packers? I even noticed all Donny talked about was the bucs getting a td and cam newton helping him win his fantasy league. I hope we dont get blasted again.

  • Canadian

    Prince Amukamara definately deserves to be rated mid 80s, although he has not been getting the picks, he has been shutting down his guy week after week

  • highpriest333

    Kaepernick needs a boost!

  • DocRossi

    I’m very confused as to why Wesley Woodyard is not in the 80s yet. He’s been having a monster season. Excited to see if Moreno can continue to improve his performance. I liked him this last week. Also Mike Adams could use some love, he’s been reliable out back in coverage.

  • Highpriest333

    Kaepernick needs an increase in speed, long ball accuracy, awareness, and throw power.

  • Thomas Onorato

    I would like to see a few Baltimore Ravens players get a boost. Osemele plus 1, Art Jones plus 2. Kruger plus 2. Corey Graham plus 1. Jah Ried plus 2. Ellerbe bolus 5. Pillars plus 1. T.Smith plus 2. Pitts plus 2. Boldin plus 1. And Rice plus 100. Even flacco plus 2.

  • CJ

    Jenoris Jenkins need to be higher than Morris Claiborne and faster,the defense period of the Rams need to get increase,STEVEN JACKSON as well and Chris Givens,why is he still in the low 70’s anyway? Wtf?

  • Go Texans

    Justin Forsett? He had a really long run. LOL!

  • Bills Weekly

    Bills Weekly

    Bills D been their strength their last three games against NE, Texans, Colts. Their offense has been sputtering.

    Mario Williams 4 sacks in last two games. Still deserves a lower grade. 92-93

    Dareus is back to his physically dominating ways. After his brother died he ghost walked it for a month. Can’t blame the guy. 87

    Nigel bradham deserves a boost 70

    Kelsey 80

    Ron Brooks is better than Aaron williams. HE should get a bump

    Stephon Gilmore is playing more consistent. He is physically brutal on wr’s, he’s been called a few times, but hasn’t given up any big plays recently.

    Byrd still underrated. Not blazing fast but reed and woodson like insticts. 92-93

    Fitzy needs to drop. I love him but he was horrible…

    Spiller = 91

    Offensive Line was outstanding as uaual. averaging over 5 yards a carry

  • ButterBean

    Pats D should get some love. McCourty’s tackle and hit power should be around high 70’s low 80’s. Pats have the most FF’s in the league and Dennard has playing well as our 2nd cb, maybe an upgrade to 75?

  • Cecil Shorts needs an overall boost, a CIT boost, and an Acceleration boost. He leads the entire NFL with over 20 yds a catch. Also Blackmon has caught a TD in 2 consecutive games not to mention he went for 236 yds against Hou.

  • djfan08

    Denver’s entire defense needs a boost! Especially Wesley Woodyard. They are in the top ten in every defensive statistical category. They are playing great right now. Woodyard should be atleast an eighty six overall!

  • Kap should be at least an 85, and Aldon Smith at least 97, and also Bowman could use a little boost as well.

  • steel city

    Keenan Lewis speed should go up to atleast a 90 he ran.a 4.4. In the combine and has been doing a great job keeping up with his opponents he has 18 break up pass this yr maybe more y’all not giving him his respect as he should get! He’s the CB for the Steelers go look up his stats this yr!

  • la

    Jason Babin to the jaguars