Third Post-Release Patch for Madden NFL 13 Out Tomorrow; Mostly Ultimate Team Related

Posted November 28th, 2012 at 11:15 am

In order for EA Sports to fulfill a promise of better post-release support with Madden NFL 13 they had to at least deliver a fourth patch (the third of which to come following release). That was confirmed today by Joystiq – it’ll be out tomorrow – but the update won’t be perceived as extensive except to those who play Ultimate Team mode. There is a fix included however for depth charts not saving in offline Connected Careers and it’s still quite possible that yet another patch could be coming to influence the game in other areas.

New features are being added which has been a positive theme with the support this year. Past updates have included, among other features, the introduction of Fantasy Drafts and player editing for Connected Careers. This upcoming patch will include the ability to save up to five unique lineups within MUT, improved roster management, games with two minute quarters, quick collections, and the management of team boosts. Continue on for the full list of additions and fixes and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

•Set up to five unique lineups in Ultimate Team.
•Roster management by position in Ultimate Team.
•Quick collections in Ultimate Team.
•Two minute quarter games in Ultimate Team.
•Manage and view Team Boosts in Ultimate Team.
•Fixed bug where Connected Careers panel in main menu is blank.
•Fixed exploit in MUT Solo Challenges using frozen kick meter to run out the clock.
•Fixed issue in Panthers playbook where Shotgun formation was properly displaying.
•Fixed squib kick exploit.
•Fixed exploit allowing MLB instant pressure when in specific position w/ specific coverage.
•Fixed bug when reviewing a friend’s depth chart in Madden Ultimate Team.
•Fixed erroneous screen telling Madden Ultimate Team players EA servers were unavailable when an opponent signed out before progressing to the loading screen.
•Fixed issue where replaying completed Solo Challenges in MUT consumed contracts.
•Fixed issue where Connected Careers offline depth chart would reset after each game when player used imported My Madden roster.
•Fixed issue where users could not save edits to existing NFL players whose names were flagged as profane.
•Fixed exploit where MUT users who were kicked out for grieving were still granted 800 coins.
•Fixed a menu display bug in Madden Ultimate Team matchmaking screen.

  • Benn

    Good for ultimate team players I guess. Doesnt do anything for me though.

  • No salary cap bug fixes for Connected Careers? That’s what everyone I know is looking for….

  • Keith.

    What an absolute joke.

    Back on August 22nd, EA stated “The team is absolutely committed to post-launch support.”

    4 meaningless patches later, we can see this statement for what it really was — just some more EA marketing bullsh&t.

    The gap between Madden and the elite sports games (The Show, NBA2k, NHL) just keeps getting larger and larger every year.

    • Keith.

      Come to think of it, this MUT patch makes perfect sense. EA must have lost out on a ton of revenue this year since Madden has been available for $25-$35 ever since the week after release, so the only way to make that up is through increased MUT revenues. It’s got to be tied to EA’s “freemium” business model: with fewer and fewer people buying the game at full retail price, they’re left with no choice but to milk the hell out of their most loyal customers (suckers) who continue to play along.

      • H-Town

        Keith dont talk about bad patches when madden has had 10x better patches than the one patch that took nba2k13 2 months to release, and on top of that the patch wasnt even good.

        • Madden Stinks

          The difference is that Madden “NEEDS” 10x better patches, AND THE GAME STILL SUCKS.

          • MaddenMade

            the game doesn’t suck, it has problems but it’s definitely better then past maddens…at least they release patches

          • Madden Stinks

            Wrong. The game still sucks. You might say that it sucks “less” than previous Maddens. But….IT STILL SUCKS.

    • cex

      lol at “meaningless patches”. Theyve done a lot with the patches. far more than other games could say.

      • RandomGuy

        They’ve released a lot of flawed patches.

  • Jeff

    So they still won’t put in the black panther endzones or pants? wtf? they had the pants in the e3 release and the blackendzones arent hard to do at all. just microsoft paint it. shit madden you fail so bad. I’ve been playing madden 04 and 05 on my old gamecube and am having more fun and finding more things on sunday then on this shitty new madden they call “the generations best” my ass…

  • Jeff

    and does anyone even like MUT? shit i play it like once and i never open it up again. I just want a good franchise not this bs connected careers where ratings drop low depending on the coaches. i hate this shit so much. What more can we ask for?!

    • Well, I know there are a lot of people who have no interest in the mode, but it makes tens of millions of dollars for EA. So there are not only people playing it but feeding significant money into it.

      • Keith.

        And with Madden readily available for $25-$35 this year, it’s the only way EA can hope to make up for the revenue shortfall.

  • Maddengod

    I could care less about this garbage! were is my franchise mode?..if it doesnt return next year I will have to jump off the EA train for good!

    • Madden Stinks

      Yeah right, and next August Pasta will do another bogus write up, and you and the rest of these bitches will just jump up and buy next year’s Madden game all over again.

      • Yup.

        Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.


    • RandomGuy

      Go to the Operation Sports forum for Madden. They explain to you how to get Madden ’13 rosters for Madden ’12 and even how to get the 2013 schedule in your franchise mode and change the coaches.

  • Matt

    This sucks. We desperately need commish features in CCM. Transaction wire, ability to approve trades, edit rosters, reverse player moves. EA completely missed the boat on what drives CCM to succeed – organization. Commish features allow for that, and CCM has none.

    • They didn’t miss anything, that’ll be in the next one so they can call it a new game, lol.

  • Fwanky

    Still didn’t fix the Vikings away jerseys. SMFH

  • Marvis Hood III

    Are you telling me nothing was mentioned about the salary cap glitch. I thought the story was the most things related to CCM online could be fixed server side. Pasta can you try and get more information on when this will be fixed.

    • Would try but they don’t answer any of the emails I send in. Don’t think they’d comment on it anyway. I do believe there is probably another patch coming though so hopefully it’s in there.

      • online voice chat in ccm lobby
        online ccm transaction history
        both still missing.. it’s lame

      • Madden Stinks

        Pasta, maybe you could write the question down, and then attach the note to your timecard the next time you send it in.

        • RandomGuy

          Good 1

  • sunthehustler

    Madden ultimate team is dumb. I’d rather have offline fantasy draft and last years franchise mode. I love the game play but hate everything else. Menus etc. connected career is one of the worst ideas I have seen in madden. Very close to QB vision cones

    • Eric Jeanneret

      A vision cone needs to come back in my opinion. Maybe modified a bit more to make it user friendly, but users should be forced to look at their check downs in the flats or to the opposite side instead of seeing the whole field at once.

  • billy C

    no connected career roster update? still have to use week 4 rosters online..

    • you can use the online rosters when you start a connected career

  • The big secret is that they CANT fix the CCM salary cap bug. EA is hoping that most CCMs die out due to lack of interest before this gets well known.

  • RedskinsGM2B

    STILL?? Still no Fantasy Draft for Offline Connected Careers??? Wow! When I want to “get away” from the hardcore sim style stuff… Who doesn’t enjoy a Fantasy Draft?? Now it’s like a bad word this year. Holy Crap! And…I’ve been playing Madden since it’s inception but, this year???…THIS year, I’ve actually played it less than when I was in Iraq for a year! They’ve taken SO many “Single Player” options out of the game! What? EA thinks they can FORCE players to play online 24/7/365??

  • big bill C

    update CCC’s online rosters! its been 8 weeks!

  • the truth

    and yet the bears away pants are orange and have been orange for three months lol.

  • H-Town

    I SUCK

    • Big Dollar Baller

      I agree.

  • H-Town


  • MikeyP

    Fair catch on punt glitch?

  • Madden Stinks

    This game is gonna still suck, no matter how many patches they release.

  • So looks like EA will only patch the features that they make money on awesome!
    So the DE trip bug
    CB coverage bug
    Oline blocking bug
    Means nothing to EA

  • colts fan

    Fantasy draft for offline CCM, being able to change player positions in ccm, transactions menu

  • foolish813


  • K2

    I know others saw it a few weeks ago but I just started a new offline CCM and no injuries stick. Found out that it may be related to turning pre-existing injuries off. So if I want the latest rosters (especially as a Chargers fan who wants to see Alexander as my #2 WR) but don’t want to see all the injuries that occurred since the start of the season then I don’t get to see any injuries at all? Total crap! Add that to broken salary cap, poor AI play calling, and all the rest and it makes it hard to stomach a patch (and probably two) that address MUT issues and potential some garbage called dueling drafts.

  • MikeyP

    this may be an odd question but does anyone have Madden for vita? I was thinking of dumping my ps3 copy and switching over.

  • Die hardmadden fan

    Screw all this stuff fix the game play what happened to madden worry about good game play forget about all this other crap fix the defense they don’t shift when u tell them 2 but u worrying about this other crap.

  • Die hardmadden fan

    I want buy madden 14 they worry about all the nonsense focus on the game play

  • And….Theres still no press on the left side of the field on PS3…Way to listen to your customers EA.

  • RandomGuy

    still not buying this crap.

  • big bill C

    boooooooooo this update! boooooo!

  • Sounds nice ! Loving this game since it’s release.

  • leo

    why do you count release day patches? They are not post release!

  • joel

    madden sucks so bad—my connected career injuries still dont save (meaning the other teams’ dont either), they limit the position changes that i can make (still cant have a guard play tackle)—awesome, theyre gonna wait til next year and tell us they have all these “new features” when really they just neglected to make their game any good, since they knew that we all already paid for it anyways—f you ea sports, i highly doubt im buying next yrs game

  • Jordan3 ps3 name

    I need all black panthers uniform black pants come on now an coverage bugs

  • skip20

    Co-op Franchise was my favorite part of madden, now me and my bro have to take turns?? This is crap….I WANT MY COOP FRANCHISE!

  • Alex

    no word on the bug where editing a player makes them tiny/skinny?

  • CeeGee

    Ummm.. HELLO!!! EA… You pretty much have a Franchise Killing Glitch in your “Connected Careers” mode… And you release a patch to fix things with Ultimate Team and Squib kicks???

    You’ve got to be kidding me…

  • McMahon

    Is madden for wii getting these needed updates?