Former Madden Developer Speaks Out Regarding Frustrations and Disappointments

Posted December 3rd, 2012 at 9:30 am

There are always the arguments about why a product, in this particular case Madden, may not live up to expectations. Generally those discussions take place between people who don’t have the necessary information to make a true determination regarding the various failures or misguided decisions that were made along the way. In more dramatic cases details may come from sources directly in the know speaking out and quite possibly against their own good within the industry and apparently when not under NDA. Some might consider such an act unfiltered honesty and standing up for consumers while others may perceive doing so as an unprofessional meltdown. Regardless it’s a perspective that the public rarely gets to hear.

So when a former developer openly comments on disgust with the process and people making decisions it is well worth contemplating what is being said and – beyond just the entertainment of it all – hoping that it leads to change for the better. AJ Dembroski, who worked on Madden NFL 12 and Madden NFL 13, was on a roll on Twitter yesterday doing just that.

Continue on for the entire flow of tweets relating to the subject presented without further commentary. Keep in mind however that it is just one side of the story and though likely carries truth there is surely a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that factor in to the work situation and final result. Make sure to then leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • mcmax3000

    “EA is held back by being a publicly traded company. that’ll never change.”

    I think that’s mostly true for all big game publishers.

    Some definitely handle it better than others, but it’s incredibly difficult to take risks of any kind when you have shareholders that you have to answer to.

    It’s why Valve is able to do so much of what they do. They’re still a private company.

    • Bird of Anger

      That’s simple. Valve isn’t pressured by its own legacy and historic structure to put out an annual product. The sad truth is the only true way to improve the quality of madden is to increase the time of development. This, of course, can never happen due to the fact that they would be leaving millions on the table. So it’s a paradox of money vs quality where in a corporate environment like our disgruntled friend described, money will always win out. It’s where our world is and we’re (life long madden fans) all essentially screwed. It’s an obtainable yet unfixable problem. Merry FN Christmas everyone.

      • The truth

        Dude that is their fault, they could have easily turned down that deal. EA got power hungry and purchased the rights. Hopefully this marks the end to EA>

        • Crimson

          Hopefully. They had their run. They’re too big to fail. Let Mitt Romney buy em out and sink em.

      • RedmondIV

        I disagree, break it into separate teams much like Call of Duty or Final Fantasy. You get One type of Madden for two to three years and then something fresh. They could have even done this with NCAA. Have NCAA take the risks and then fine tune those risks for the next year of Madden. The first thing you must do is staff your teams. Why not bring in 2k guys? The best years of football gaming was when there was competition, much like that of wrestling. When you had guys shifting around from WWF to WCW and so forth during the Monday night wars, you saw wrestling at its most creative and highest ratings.

    • TheSpartanZombie

      Valve, Bungie, Gearbox Software, Epic Games are all private whereas EA, Take Two, THQ, Sony, Capcom, etc. are public. Hmmm, I sense a trend here. The private companies actually care about their consumers and put out quality products versus the public companies who only care about the money.

      • Keith.

        The Show and NBA2k don’t have the same problems as Tiburon football. Then again, those games aren’t developed by former taxi cab drivers and OS moderators, either.

  • Keith.

    Let me see if I got this straight…This guy used to be a taxi cab driver, and because of his superior ball-washing skills he ended up becoming part of the Madden development team, despite having no prior dev experience whatsoever, where he joined a long list of talent-less hacks who also had no prior game development experience (Ian Cummings, Chase Becotte, etc.)?

    Combine that with a couple of douchebag leaders at the top (Riccotello and Moore), and it says an awful lot about why Tiburon football is in the sorry a$$ state that it’s in.

    • khadeemw

      i knew i could find you here…lol

      • chicagobearsdefense

        only way this coulda been better is if he ended with a tweet, “I didnt get fired, i resigned after looking at the latest ratings and seeing stiff Joe Flacco was above 80. that was the last straw, i mean commmeonnnn “

        • Khadeem

          Ive been a madden fan since i was kid but Ive come to the conclusion about all sports game…they will never be great…there is no long term longevity if the best product possible is introduced…madden or nba 2k…ive given up on them…i havent had fun with nba 2k since nba2k10…i have had fun with madden offline…but online i havent ever had fun…there are too many things to exploit…with the access to knowledge about exploits, glitches, cheese, etc the games have been ruined…honestly youtube ruined sports game…no offense to the younger consumers but you ruined the game too…2k and ea sports has to make these games accessible to the younger generation so they make it too easy to play so kids dont complain…i wish a company that wasnt too obsessed with dollars and cents would come and take me out my misery…a company that appreciates the art and concept of simulation sports…2k has gone to far and madden has gone too far…i think im officially done

          • wheelman990

            NBA 2k13 on the pc with mods is the best game there ever was, priod. It is unreal. Haven’t played the console version, but it can’t be that bad. Madden however, really sucks this generation.

          • Khadeem

            idk if i can believe that…it cant be too different from the console model…also my perspective of basketball my be completely different from yours

    • He lost respect with him saying anything about Ian Cummings. This dudes a fucking joke and glad he’s gone. Now just waiting on Pasta to come in here and say Madden is still the best.

    • Amen_Ra

      ROFL!!!! This may be the best comment ever.

      now his punk ass is “disillusioned with the process”. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • jon

    What? So you mean it’s not the football fanatic designers who keep focusing on pointless kid stuff every year instead of fixing the game play issues? Sadly the sarcasm will still be lost to most.

    • mannie

      Give people credit. We got it.

  • The Real Keith

    This doesn’t scream ‘disgruntled employee gets fired and vents at 6am on a Sunday morning after getting hammered’ at all…must be a slow news day…

    • Keith.

      He said he wasn’t fired.

      • Ian, Phil, and Jeremy all said the same thing, too.

        • Ex Tib

          They all quit. They begged Ian to stay. I worked there. Dembro is right, looman is the reason madden is awful

          • Looman may be a problem, but he’s not the sole reason Madden has been bad for 8 seasons. One man can’t do that alone. It’s been a team effort to put Madden in the toilet.

            I’ll also point out that a lot of the problems with polish like bad stadium audio or poor commentary scripts are squarely a department talent issue. That point was somewhat validated when they brought in new guys for that area and it got better in just one season after being complete trash for the previous 7. However, though better in Madden 13, it’s still light years behind the 2K series in those departments.

            By the way, nice to see you here Ian. We know it’s you, you’re not fooling anyone.

          • Looman’s BFF

            ian and looman are bff bro

          • Another ex-tib

            I worked on Madden with Ian and Josh. They are close friends with one another. They are both extremely hard working. When I knew them, they were both huge Dane Cook fans and probably were too burnt from 100 weeks to be particularly creative. Which sucks, when you’re asking them to come up with and pick new game features.

            People who like Ian appreciate his work ethic and his charisma, which is legit in person. And I’m 99% sure Ian, Jeremy and Phil all left by choice. I personally believe getting new blood instead of Ian was good for Madden’s future, but his move to Row Sham Bow was almost definitely his choice.

          • Another ex-tib

            100 hour weeks*

          • the truth?

            Can you explain the shitty madden 06,07,08 and 09 series?

          • Nobody questions their work ethic. Making a football game is hard. But that doesn’t mean because you work hard you’re good at it.

            8 seasons and Tiburon can’t even get pass protection and open run-blocking right? No halftime show? No real postgame show? A ton of wonky animations?

            This has to come to an end. I don’t care about EA’s internal problems. I just want them out of football, and for other companies to be in the game.

          • The truth

            I’ll question it, I’ve been purchasing this shit for over 10 years.

          • Crimson

            Preach brother preach. I’ll gather a congregation. I want them out of football too. We wasted a whole console generation through 8 years of their rehashed, reworked, and relabeled, crappy NFL licensed product.

          • Amen_Ra

            I don’t give a damn abotu work ethic. I am a manager, and I can tell you first hand great work ethic means nothing if you can’t r[produce results.

            Otherwise you just have a hard working clown

  • Adfletch71

    Ambro was on Operation Sports for years and was called too be a designer for Madden, along with other people from that site. So he has been talking about Madden for years. Ambro was firm on simulation football and complained for years about the arcade style that Madden football was. He’s legit.

  • farty pants

    Let it all out ………. you’ll feel better

  • CheckYourStats

    This, folks, is what’s called “Career Suicide.”

    • Yeah, his career is over. But in reality, does an assistant at a game company really even have a career to begin with?

      • RandomGuy

        ” does an assistant at a game company really even have a career to begin with?” Yes, yes they do.

        • I disagree, because he wasn’t really a designer, they just for whatever reason let him do more than he was really capable, and his job title was made up. Believe me, if he were working at a company that had real leadership he would’ve never been allowed to touch (and screw up) game code.

          And that’s thing missing from all of this. How can he complain when:

          1. He wasn’t even qualified to be in the position he was in to begin with.

          2. He himself fucked up parts of the game.

          This dude is a clown.

          • wheelmn990

            How do you know he wasn’t capable? From what I see from the game is all the madden devs are a joke. The game is terrible. Its like nobody there finishes their work!

          • “From what I see from the game is all the madden devs are a joke”

            That sentence actually negates your question. If all the Madden devs are a joke, that would include him too. Think about it.

          • RandomGuy

            That sounds like a pretty sweet career to begin with. If he got hired as an assistant, either there wasn’t an opening for a designer position or he didn’t have the experience necessary. So for him to do what he did, I’d say that’s pretty awesome. If he hadn’t went off on this tirade, he would have had something big to put on his resume for his next job. You tell the next company you worked for EA sports as an assistant and worked your way up to working on game code (Your words. I don’t know what he really did.) that’s pretty impressive.

          • Working for EA is no longer a resume builder. I guess you’re not aware of the fact that EA is looked at as a villain in the gaming industry, has a terrible reputation, and was voted as the worst company in America:


            As for him dealing with code, it’s well known that he was responsible for ruining franchise weather in Madden 12, and he himself admitted to screwing up some things with franchise mode in Madden 13.

            And I don’t see how you can look at him being able to do that as “impressive”. It’s actually sad that a major gaming company would allow a guy with no credentials to come off the street and start tinkering around with a billion dollar product. Had he worked his way up to that it would’ve been different. But the second you’re hired with no track record? If that impresses you man, then how about this; I can tie my shoes with my eyes closed! Wow-wee wowzerz! Right?

          • RandomGuy

            You’re hired as an Assistant. Think personal Assistant in most cases that’s what you’re supposed to do (or the equivalent in your particular field) if you do any more than that, it’s “impressive.” Why? because most “assistants” aren’t hired to be experts at the job. If you’re have a massive track record and years of experience and only hired to be a “Assistant” to a Designer, then you’ve failed. But, if you’re just starting out and you get a job as a “Assistant” to a Designer and get to learn from them and even do code. That, sir, is impressive. Like I said if he failed at doing code that’s on the company not him. He’s only an “Assistant.” But for him, this should have been a major accomplishment and a incredible start to a career.

          • Nah. Anyway you slice it, a company being dumb enough to hand over code reigns to a guy with no experience is a bad idea. You call it impressive, I call it a damn shame. And I think my take has more credence since the result of that was code that broke franchise mode in a released product.

            It would’ve been impressive if what he did actually worked, but it didn’t.

          • RandomGuy

            I said that already. I don’t get how you keep dwelling on the same point when I agreed with you. I never said it was impressive for the company. I said it was impressive for him to even have gotten that far and do what he did. If he failed it’s the companies fault for not fixing the problem. Either way it goes it still goes back to point that this is a career. Whether he or the company failed or not.

          • No, you said, and I quote: “But, if you’re just starting out and you get a job as a “Assistant” to a Designer and get to learn from them and even ***do code***. That, sir, is impressive. ”

            I’m not “dwelling” on any point, you’re doing that, lol. I’m just responding to the one you keep trying to hammer home, which just isn’t a good point to begin with in my opinion.

            Then you said:”If he failed it’s the companies fault for not fixing the problem.”

            After-the-fact positions on matters that should’ve been handled before-the-fact lack perspective. Blaming the company for him failing is an after-the-fact position, when instead you should be blaming them for even allowing him to do something he wasn’t qualified to do in the first place. This is like hiring a taxi driver whose never worked on code to come off the street and mess around with the code of your billion dollar product, and then blaming him when he screws it up… oh wait.

            And let’s put it this way; if he did have a career, it’s over now.

          • RandomGuy

            Go look up the term “assistant.” His job is to assist someone, in this case a developer. You don’t have to have much experience to help someone. You just have to be able to do what the developer says. Have the experience to know what he’s talking about. That being said, an “assistant” has someone above him. If he’s an assistant developer, he has a veteran/experienced developer ahead of him with more experience who is training and/or watching him. My point being is has someone above him who should be checking his work, for the simple matter that he has no experience. If he doesn’t have the experience or skill. He shouldn’t be doing the job. Obviously, someone felt he could do it. His job description shouldn’t have included “work with code unsupervised,” if it did he would be what is called…wait for it…a DEVELOPER. So if his work hit the market unchecked and untested. It’s not his fault…it’s the people above him who let it go. An assistant just doesn’t get his work straight to the final product, unchecked. The people above him should have sent him back to FIX IT.

          • I don’t need to “look up the term assistant”. I know what an assistant is dude. Gimmie a break, lol.

            And you’re still arguing after-the-fact points for a situation that should’ve been handled before-the-fact. I think that concept was thoroughly explained already. And who cares if they “thought he could do it”, big deal. They thought wrong. Bad judgement. Period. And now that wrong thinking is coming back to bite them in the ass AGAIN as he is now publicly trashing them.

            Let’s establish a few key points to end this debate:

            1. He had no critical experience to be as deeply involved in the game as he was.

            2. He got in and made some big mistakes that cost the stability of Madden 12, and some with Madden 13, even though he’s now running his mouth as if he wasn’t part of the problem.

            3. #1 and #2 show proof that he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place, and at least should’ve never been as deeply involved in the game as he was since he wasn’t qualified to be to begin with.

            4. His unprofessional, angry exit gives more credence to #3.

            You = EA should’ve sent him back to fix the problems he made. (After-the-fact)

            Me = He should’ve NEVER been put in the position by Tiburon management to create a big problem in game code that needed to be fixed in the first place. (Before-the-fact)

            Okay, that’s our positions. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

            But ask yourself this question; if he was making those mistakes to begin with, what makes you think he COULD fix them? Did you ever consider that?

          • ExTib

            Let me enlighten you on a few things.
            1.) EA is definitely a resume builder, it got me my current job. BUT staying at Tiburon for more than a few years will pidgeon hole you as a sports developer.
            2.) Assistant designers at Tiburon do everything a regular designer would do, the only difference is the title which corresponds with experience. If AJ was touching any “code” it was script like LUA. Engineering would never let a guy like this check in code.
            3.) EA hires a ton of fans like AJ, and other forum guys. It’s a huge mistake. They typically have no understanding of what it takes to make a game. Problem is, no real game devs with industry experience want to make sports games. It’s generally looked at as a step down in the industry because of the lack of creative freedom and the one year dev cycle.
            4.) I worked with AJ, he had good design instincts. The problem with Madden creative starts at the top.

          • 1. If you think the reputation of an organization a person worked for won’t impact that person trying to get a new job, then you’re not being realistic. In your case, you may be an anomaly and it didn’t impact you, but don’t kid yourself into thinking other companies are impressed about someone having worked for EA anymore, which again has a terrible reputation right now. Back in the late 90’s early to mid 2000’s that was a different story. If you worked for EA back then you could write your own ticket from there on in. Not the case anymore.

            The only time a person can overcome that is if they were a high-ranking programmer or designer. This guy was not.

            2. Doesn’t matter what type of code he was touching, because the only thing that matters is that he did in fact make some big mistakes that did affect the game, which became public, which he admitted to.

            3. Agreed on the perception of sports gaming development, but I disagree on the ability to find good talent. How was SCEA and 2K able to do it? Sheer luck?

            My take is that EA would rather spend less money on lesser talent than spend more money on better talent. Lots of companies think this way, not just EA. But I also think Tiburon has a problem with understanding HOW to hire. For example, there have been guys on those boards who actually have developed games, or were pro football players, etc. But they don’t try to hire those guys. They instead hire guys with no experience at all. There was one guy I remember talking to who lived in either Washington of California, can’t remember. But he developed two commercial games, and Tiburon wanted to hire him–not in worthwhile role mind you–but as a BETA TESTER making nothing, and at the time he was still in a senior level at his position!

            They also had the chance to hire David Winter, the guy who made Maximum Football from the ground up in C++. Wouldn’t a guy like be a TREMENDOUS asset? I sure as hell think so. But nope, they don’t hire him either. Instead, they hire ex-Taxi drivers and immature OCD nutcases like Kane.

            4. I think we all know by now that marketing runs Madden. That’s no secret. Marketing and metrics. I didn’t need AJ to say it, I can see it in the product and how it’s promoted. Sadly, dumbasses like the regular posters at Operation Sports and the pathetic “Game Changers” are too basic-minded to see anything.

          • I was a cab driver while I was in college. After that I managed two businesses, coached football, and designed proprietary software for an IT firm.

          • CaptainObvious

            Yeah, I’m sure you managed two businesses. Were you fired from all of those jobs, too? You understand that you’ll never work at another game company again, right? Idiot.

          • Brian

            That’s tellin’ him!

          • KG21

            Who is Ian Cummings for $400, Alex?

          • Designers don’t code. Engineers do. Designers design and work in tools engineers build.

          • hanz

            the purpose: he could have been used as a scapegoat.. new implementation, let the new guy bare the consequences of a fouled up add-on.. its like he was framed.. there are a bundle of other fouled up issues tho within this game outside of CCM so he doesn’t need to shoulder the weight of all thier problems.. im glad he came out firing

          • no… There is “assistant designer”, “Associate designer”, etc. up the ranks to Creative director. EVERY designer starts out as an Assistant Designer.

          • AndyMP

            There was no franchise mode in Madden 13.

          • Quote me where I said anything about a franchise in Madden 13?

          • AndyMP

            What evidence do you have that he “screwed up game code”? I’ll help you out… you don’t.

  • Crimson

    Wow. Even he is willing to admit that Madden has sucked ass for the last 8 years. When are YOU people ever gonna let it out of your system? The next Madden player ratings update article would be as good a time as any. LOL.

    • vtag

      Why didnt he ‘admit’ it before release then ?

      shit it easy when your ass is out the door

      • Guest

        How about you try telling the public that your employer sucks while you work there? Let’s see how long your ass remains employed. One word: paycheck.

      • Amen_Ra

        Stop all that “holier than thou” nonsense. I guarantee you an ass-kissing sum-gun

        • Crimson

          you killin me man.

  • Crimson

    So it looks like Pasta could be next in line for a job on the Madden team. You’re a pretty good “yes” man, eh Pasta? You’ve been yessing the fuck out of Madden NFL 13, and the game is pure stinky shit, from the time you click on the icon to “start game” to the time you click on “quit game”. Garbage.

  • joeyjones

    Sadley this is now an NFL issue, and they just dont care, especially about the fans

  • A.Wooten Jr.

    I just want franchise mode back and be able to import from ncaa again roster updated are nowhere near as accurate as could be I been playing madden for a long time I always felt that madden 07 on Xbox was the best I see they are getting pretty close to adding a lot of features from back to the current game one thing that’s missing most to me that opens my creative ability is when I created my own plays not that craps your giving US now actually creating the play from scratch formation 3 5 7 step drops I mean creating a play and set your audibles

  • a about damm time someone told the people the truth about what”s the hell going on over there at ea-sports. i told you all that josh looman killed this game, i have told you all that nfl football is about all the parts of football not just about a damm coach . pasta you felt like i was picking on josh because of franchise mode and aj proved me right. im glad that he had the guts to speak out on it. like i told you i had not a problem with cc but the way he took out full control of the mode, no draft class , no full season schedule , no player editing , and no mulit- player online or offline playablity within this game,come on man. phill frazier, ian cummings ,and others dont leave a company on gp. they got tired of ea bull shit and the gamers kicking there asses every year because of the company greed and not understanding the hardcore fan base. what”s going to be madden 14 sellling point huh? if you dont have a 30 team cc mode in it what”s the purpose of releasing it next year,with the same boring crap in it. and the same thing as madden 13 huh? and with xbox720 to be released next year they better step it up.or they can forget my $60.00 dollars.

  • jz

    Madden is one of the worst video games released every year. Its just a pile of garbage. It broken rehashed trash. Not tested or anything. Prob the biggest scam the last 8 years in the world.

  • Brad Ames

    I have to say that Dan Bekins seems like a class act. I don’t have any involvement with EA but the guy at least took the time to respond to my emails and give what i felt like was straight forward feedback.

  • I’m shocked that Madden hires from Operation Sports more than anything. LOLOL

    • The truth

      Why be shocked? it’s a ball massaging fest over there

  • 2K sports need to go ahead and start making football games again. They already put EA’s basketball games out of business. EA’s Madden always feels the same every year. I don’t know about you, but I want something new.

    • Khadeem

      you must not notice the slippery slope at 2k sports

      • The opposite is true of their efforts to make baseball games.

  • Truth in Reporting

    The NFL should be ashamed to allow this inferior product to continually represent them.

    • Ex tib

      Nfl are the ones who want an exclusive partner

      • Truth in Reporting

        I am fully aware of that.

      • The thing is, I can only recall EA being on record saying that, and we have no reason to trust anything EA says.

        • KG21

          Now you’re just being stupid. NFL goes exclusive with all of it’s products. Look at the apparel for an example, and the related lawsuits.

          • Actually, you’re being simple-minded. Because a company does something in one area doesn’t mean they do the same in all of them.

            Until you can provide the name, position, and direct quote from an NFL official in the licensing department who can confirm that the NFL was not approached by EA first, don’t try to act like this is definitive because all you know is what EA’s said just like the rest of us. Yes, I’ve heard *EA* claim that the NFL only wanted one partner, but I’m still waiting on the NFL to confirm that because EA cannot be trusted.

            Besides, if you think that EA grabbing up the NFL, NCAA, Arena Football, and ESPN licenses were all just coincidences and had nothing to do with a strategic strong-arming plan to shut 2K out of football, then honestly you’ll believe anything. In fact, quick, turn, look, there are golden pigs flying out of your ass RIGHT now!

    • kg21

      This product represents EA spot on. Total half assed garbage.

    • eagleyedesigns

      Why should they? MONEY is all the NFL cares about…Do you really think that they care about how Madden is so underwhelming when they employ replacement referee’s for the first 4 weeks of this season that POORLY represented the league and already fucked up this years’ playoff implications? Don’t be naive.

  • Brad Ames

    EA locked down user comments on their facebook page. Wonder if it was related to this development

    • EdiAminDada

      Those fucking thin-skinned assholes! Go fuck yourselves, EA!

      • gamingbus

        What do you expect? This will blow over, everyone will find another shiny object to obsess over, and it becomes a non-news item. They don’t care about us, and never have. Just make the problem go away, take the hits from odd websites that get 1/1000 of their traffic on a good day, and tomorrow, the storm will have passed.

    • RandomGuy

      You think?

  • MARZ76

    i dont think his career isn’t over he’s 1 of those voices we need in the gaming industry. 2k sports need to give him a chance or if tecmo bowl come out…the future is up to him on where he goes. for the real gamers we know whats going on an what we see,nothing will change until we the real gamers say something like he did who cares if he said it after the fact.

    • Tecmo is not coming back, and after Tecmo Bowl Throwback, a disgraceful version of Tecmo Bowl, they shouldn’t come back. And 2K wouldn’t hire him. What would he do? 2K has real talent there, they’re not going to hire some guy whose only claim to fame is working on a a bunch of subpar football games.

  • MARZ76

    will ps3,Wii U an pc be enough if halo comes out an be great or epic game? EA shows no luv 2 ps3 Wii U an pc…so what will they do if halo is epic an people on the 360 stop playing COD&MADDEN an or slowdown playing it. if u didn’t know EA renewed there timed exclusive with 360 again this year so ill say f MADDEN an COD

  • G.I. Luv Quim

    I’m hearing those cock-sucking, EA ass-kissers at Operation Sports banned this guy. Can anyone confirm this?

    • RandomGuy

      those guys at Operation Sports (at least in the forums) helped me make changes to my Madden 12 Franchise Mode, so that I don’t have to buy Madden 13. (Madden 13 rosters, schedule, and coaching changes). I’m not sure where all the hate is coming from.

      • wheelman990

        Some of the users at operation sports are awesome. The roster makershave my full respect. OS however is a joke, specially Pared. Anyone on OS knows I always tried to help the Madden series with photo, video examples,etc….but all it took was Pared deciding to ban me, and then deleted all the posts so nobody could see I did nothing wrong. OS moderators are a joke, but again the users there are awesome.
        I lasted from 2007-2012 before being banned, that is extremely rare. Most people last a few months. There are no rules there, its just up to the mods what they want to allow, and not allow, and if you offend one by a comment of disagree with one of their posted opinion, you might soon get banned.

        • Khadeem

          yea…one of my accounts were banned too idk y tho

        • You’re so right

          wheelman990 they banned you too over some bullsh8t I see. Everything you said is 100% correct. I always, always knew there was something fishy about that Pared guy. He just came off as a “company man”. It’s ridiculous.

      • HaywoodJablowme

        Douchebag, the hate is for the cock-sucking, tough-talking mods at OS, not for the members who help other members. Get a fucking clue.

  • hreev

    Sounds like a guy whos contract didnt get renewed. Whiner.

    • whelman990

      Maybe would have sounded like that, if the game didn’t suck so bad this entire generation. His comments seam spot on, except I would say all the devs suck too, not just the suits.

  • Career-wise, he is likely done (I imagine he broke an NDA with his tirade). For us Madden players that have seen the result of EA’s garbage work for years, it feels great to get an inside look at the belly of the beast. For that, thanks AJ.

  • Let the truth be told!


    This is all too sad; as no one is going to stop the jaggernaut EA SPORTS (Madden franchise); and this AJ fellow is just a mere blip on the radar screen that has just faded away. The horrible thing about Madden is; the real gamers have known for years that Money and Corporate $$ have total control over the Madden label, and have seen this year in and year out, and have done little to slow this EA-raping of consumers. As one man speaks out against Madden; the EA Sports development team kidnapps 2-3 (“gamers”) and brings them over to the Dark side! (lol); and then sets up a perimeter around the company, and call them ” Game changers “! IF a big company flew me down south for a weekend a couple times a year, and gave me some shirts, and a jacket, and told me i was going to get a free copy of the game, to be a part of the “Game Changers” program; in helping make Madden a better game! wouldn’t you go for it? i would.
    EA Sports works like a recruitment trip, for highschool top talent (but without the talent). If you ever heard anything about those visits when the kid goes to the school without his parents, is all true! as i part took on a journey with my cousin years ago; and that was one of the best times in my life!
    EA holds these “Game Changers” out front like meat shields, trying to deflect any real negative topics about that years version of the game!
    Just remember people, Money and GAMES do go hand in hand, and that will never change!

  • the truth

    Guys these days are such passive aggressive bitches, Since when did they have a long line for the bathroom?

  • the truth

    So he basically said what We have been saying all the while. ? lol

  • MoneyMayweather

    is this why wang left? NBA Live?

  • eajustdiealready

    Is this really a surprise to anyone? Maybe for the zombies who buy it every year no matter what. The ones that know NOTHING about football.

  • SMH

    If ESPN Football 2K5 had the same graphic enhancements as Madden 13 then the same thing that happened to NBA Live would happen to Madden as well.

    I know a lot of people hate 2K fans on this site but you have to look into the facts.. feature wise and gameplay wise was and still is much better than what Madden ever will be, Its been 8 years since 2K5 came out and still Madden doesnt have a halftime show or “sportscenter show” I mean playing that game was like you were actually a part of a realistic NFL league, they had highlights from computer simmed games! Do you understand how deep that is to match highlights and statistics to a game you never played or saw?

    Not only that but the in-the-helmet feature was nuts, not only are you your own player but you have to find the holes (as a runningback) by yourself not through an extended camera angle, it was a first person experience.

    Madden has done nothing over the past 8 years to make this game a better product, the biggest boost we got was having week to week player updates which still in many opinions are not very good or accurate

    Its even more of a slap in the face that football is the most popular sport here in America and the two real sim football games that we’re allowed to have are the worst games out of all the sports games. I would think that the football games would be the best year to year because NFL fans and College Football fans outnumber any other sport. If EA cant keep up with making a better game then they need to step down and let someone who is capable of making a better product do that.

    • Even though I dislike Madden, to me the football gaming community deserves nothing but Madden, because any time a company or person has tried to step up and do something to better the situation, the football gaming community does nothing but sit on their asses.

      This is literally the laziest, most do-nothing gaming community around.

      • Crimson


    • Crimson


      All of those 2K5 features were what we love about football! The absolute best the Madden team could do at this point to spice up their latest game, is a wonky, and totally unrealistic collision engine, and a fucking fake twitter feed.

      EA needs to be bought out and sunk by Bain Capital.

    • black_907

      lol half time show isnt that important but i agree with you

  • Crimson

    I can only imagine what we’d be playing if the 2K team were developing NFL football games this gen. It makes grown men who love playing videogame football downright fucking angry when you think of where we might be now, if 2K were still making NFL games. This was a whole console generation of football, where the customer had a fucking gun to his head telling him, “It’s football season. You love this time of the year and you have to go out and buy the new Madden, as you have no other choice for videogame football.”

    There will be no 2K NFL football game this year….AGAIN. Fucking stuck playing EA’s sorry ass football game this year….AGAIN.

    • john

      have you ever played 2k’s baseball game? It sucks ass

      • So let the baseball fans worry about that. We play football.

        • john

          I am providing some perspective, 2k making a football game does not guarantee its good.

          Do you really believe that 2k will assign their all-star nba team to move onto football? Probably not, also how many of 2k5’s designers still work there?

          • The last football game 2K made played great, and still plays better than any Madden released in the past 8 seasons. Sure, APF 2K8 was a shitty PRODUCT (no franchise, no trading, light on features) but it did football consistently better than Madden and was more fun on the field.

            I should also mention that most of the staff that made 2K5 also made APF (check the credits and compare). Many of those guys ARE still there, but working on NBA 2K. If they got the NFL licenses back, they’d find a way to get them back in. 2K put together APF in less than a full dev cycle and produced a better playing game than Madden which has had full dev cycles with no breaks in between for about 25 years now!

          • john

            A dev cycle is set at the beginning of a project, so to say it was less than a full dev cycle is wrong. Some dev cycles are two year some three months.

          • Not wrong, and I’m fully aware of how a dev cycle works since I developed games professionally for a number of years. I’m basing the current standard for this genre on Madden’s current generation dev cycle average, not for all games since they all have different needs and timetables; APF was developed in less than that (6 months) and I got that information directly from one of 2K’s lead designers back on’s Live Event in 2007.’

            Besides, Madden’s development has been continuous since 2004. 2K Football broke at that point and then only put in 6 months of total work since. So let’s see:


            Madden at the time = 3 years of development since 2004 at the time

            APF = 6 months of development

            Yet, APF still played a more solid game of football and still does even though Madden has had 5 more years of development time since then.

          • john

            But its not 3 years, you should know that since you develop games professionally.

            you believe madden 2007 had a three year development cycle?

            Or do you believe there was a three year plan for madden 2005,6, and 7?

          • Uhhh, John, are you high or something? I didn’t say Madden 2007 was developed for 3 years. You need to read that again carefully and recognize that “2007” is a HEADING to the information I was presenting. It should be obvious since I said “Madden at the time” which had 3 developments since 2004 at that point, and I then mentioned APF which was released in 2007. But hey, I’ll put some marks on it to make it MORE obvious, lol.

  • wheelman990

    I am suprised it took a maddendev thi long to come out and speak. This game has been poor from the start of this generation. These devs look incompitent, and I am sure some of them are as AJ metioned.
    EA get rid of this exclusive, it isdragging your namein the mud. You haven’t dne a good jo, and yur loosing fans quickly. You sold 10 million copies total in 2007,this year you might not break 4 million(5 million last year). Pretty soon, you won’t have anyone left to buy your game and will be forced out by the NFL. If that happens your sports football gaming is over for years and years. Stop looking at the bottom line, and build a good game or simply get ut and hand it over to 2k, microsoft, and others!

    • john

      You see nothing suspicious about a guy posting negative comments at 5am on Sunday about his job?

      • Crimson

        Say what, I love me some MSNBC, and its not just because I hate republicans. Have you ever seen Krystal Ball, or Alex Wagner? Those 2 beauties are smarter than every single blond bimbo on Fox that ever existed.

        This guy’s post at 5am on Sunday, just goes on to confirm what we already suspected about EA.

  • kevin

    Madden 13 sucks ass.. EA can lick my left and right nut. I will never pay for another football game because of the exact reasons this guy complained about. the game is disgustingly boring, CCM is terrible, the graphics and gameplay suck for it is almost 2013. WAKE UP people. stop buying their product! its terrible and never gets better….ever. EA, you failed your customers and i hope one day you realize this. i have never heard more complaints about video games each year then the Madden series. lol its a joke…a sad joke

  • MARZ76

    EA isnt the only company that got tweeted on or some kind of forum,its alot of devs/companies,look at bungie. hell look at games being made on the 360 that devs have to dumb it down so it will play well on the 360. we have alot of great games coming out soon GTA5,rainbow6, bioshock,deadspace just to name a few. how will they play specially when they are made on a console that shouldn’t port games an shouldn’t be the console it has to work well on. isnt Wii U ps3 pc/steam onlive don’t we deserve to have games that work well on the other consoles/devices 360 is just 1. i have a idea wait until ps4 an 720 come out

  • Annie

    This is news? C’mon. Those in the industry have all heard the horror stories about EA=Tiburon for years. They are notorious for bad management and killing innovation, and it started long before Riccotello and Moore took the helm. This guy at least gives a crap. Career suicide or not, he’s got some passion about what he does. If he was put in a position for which he wasn’t qualified, that is not his fault. It’s typical EA trying to get cheap talent and work them to death. Then blame the little guys when it doesn’t go well.

  • gamingbus

    This guy hit the nail on the head. EA, for awhile, was really on fire, and pumping out great games with great features AND great gameplay, that was all finely tuned. It was glorious.

    They got killed on NASDAQ.

    The unfortunate truth is this: they have to hit their dates, and they have to keep investors happy. Anything else is completely irrelevant. Take Two has the best sports game on the market, and they almost got taken over by Carl Ichann because they weren’t doing well enough for his liking. There’s nothing we can do about this other than stop buying the games (and the rancid DLC options), and that’s virtually impossible; in every major sport this year but soccer, there’s literally one option for anyone who wants to play, and to put out a game to the specifications of the gamerbase requires development resources that are only possible with the AAA, heavily funded publishers.

  • GKage

    “There were 4 designers on CCM… 3 of them competent. The incompetent one undid most of what we did and fucked it all up.”

    I KNEW there had to be people who knew how to make a football game at EA. Too bad the lead designer and above effs it all up.

  • Ghoti34

    Most companies have a way of pushing out under performing employees without firing them. From all the comments I have read; it would appear that AJ wasn’t a solid designer, had no business being in his role, and is obviously not at peace with the fact that he is no longer at EA SPORTS (which would give credence to the theory that he didn’t leave entirely on his own accord). Further, it also does sound like he had a background that would lend him much business acumen. That said, while he may have had some “cool” ideas for Madden, it would appear that he had no business case for why his ideas should be adopted and implemented. Some of this business case work might would fall on to the team’s Producers, but Designers need to be good at “pitching” as well. But who knows. Lots of assumptions can be made.

  • the philosopher

    EVERYONE STOP BUYING MADDEN! Please, do everyone else a favor lol. It’s disappointing every fucking year. EA should literally kill themselves. I am in love with football… which is why I want a realistic football game to play. THIS GAME sucks. The graphics and animations are terrible…maybe we need a next generation console too? All I know is that Madden will continue to disappoint every die hard football fan for many years to come…….maybe December 21st Isn’t all that depressing haha

  • EAHater

    A is a good dud and I believe every word he says.