Early Feature Details and First Pre-Order Incentive for MLB 13: The Show

Posted December 4th, 2012 at 10:45 am

Last week the first news on MLB 13: The Show arrived as SCEA announced that there will be a fan vote for the cover athlete and that the game will include new Playoff and Beginnner modes. Now additional details have surfaced through an early features list for PS3 and Vita along with one of what may end up being multiple retailer pre-order incentives. 

Though vague at this point references to new features include “revamped” Franchise and Road to the Show, improved Play Now mode, a new commentator (already known to be Steve Lyons).

MLB 13 The Show allows you to experience the MLB like never before. Its jaw-dropping realism doesn’t just capture every detail and mechanic of the sport, it captures the raw emotion of Major League Baseball. Improvements to Diamond Dynasty, Franchise and Road To The Show modes make MLB 13 The Show the most realistic baseball game ever, while the addition of all-new game modes expand gameplay options even further. If it can happen in baseball, you can experience it in The Show. Whether it’s the moment you’re called up to the majors, a sacrifice fly to left field, or crushing a walk-off homer to win it all, every big, emotional moment in baseball can be yours. And The Show delivers it with such realism, it’s like it really happened.

•Multiple all-new game modes bring unique gameplay experiences to The Show.
•All-New Playoff Mode includes an unparalleled in-stadium atmosphere that replicates the excitement and tension of October baseball.
•Revamped Franchise and Road To The Show modes with expanded options and new gameplay experiences.
•Completely-new beginner mode and instructional enhancements make The Show the best pick-up and play baseball experience.
•Improved Play Now mode streamlines gameplay for the option to play faster, simpler games.
•New commentary and a new voice in the booth provide updated analysis and color commentary.
•Save files between the PS3 and PS Vita via the PS Network. Sync your Season, Franchise and Road to the Show saves and load them on either platform to continue the action anywhere.
•Play with friends around the world at no extra cost on PlayStation Network.

•Slide into the most stunningly authentic virtual-diamond experience to date, rendered in jaw-dropping graphics on your PS Vita’s front and rear touch screens
•Handle the lumber and grip the seams like the pros in gameplay that captures every detail and mechanic of the sport — as well as the raw emotion of the major leagues
•Pick-up and play right away, even if you’re an MLB rookie, thanks to the all-new beginner mode and instructional enhancements that make starting simple
•Realize your post-season dreams in the unparalleled in-stadium atmosphere of the new Playoff mode, which immerses you in the excitement and tension of true October baseball
•Energize your gameplay with faster, simpler games in the newly improved Play Now mode
•Forge untraveled paths to baseball greatness by exploring new options in revamped Franchise and Road to the Show modes

Meanwhile Gamestop has posted their pre-order incentive, marked as an exclusive, which is 12K Road to the Show “points”. Those are used to spend on improving a player in the career mode. While Amazon has an active MLB 13 listing they have yet to add a pre-order incentive and other retailers still have not added the game to their system.

  • jrem

    Faster simpler games is the exact opposite of what people wanted from the Vita version smh

    • Right. If people wanted that they could just buy an iPhone game…for $35 less.

  • braceJ

    A while lotta nothing as usual. They’ll put out some huge features list and pretend they did a lot but really nothing changes.

    • Amen_Ra

      Have to agree

  • It’s bad news when a company throws “beginner mode” near the top of its list of selling points for a game. Recall the later versions of Madden for the PS2? I remember when they broke out that beginner feature that the series was, for all intents and purposes, done with any innovation on that console (despite getting a few more annual roster updates). Wait ’til PS4 for anything dramatic happening in this franchise…

    • Keith.

      With The Show, I don’t need anything close to “dramatic” in terms of improvements — these guys have been delivering an A+ game year after year, so I’m more than happy to take whatever they’ve got lined up next. Can’t wait for 3/5/13.

      • Fair enough, I don’t disagree that the show is a solid game with a base that doesn’t need to be screwed with much. That said, there can be more added (How about a WBC mode?) if they wanted to do more than just tinker with rosters and make minor adjustments for $60 a pop…

        • Keith.

          The above description references “multiple all new game modes” — we already know there will be a new “playoffs mode,” which I’m very much looking forward to, and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if a new WBC mode is also included. I haven’t gotten into the WBC in the past though, so whether it’s in or out doesn’t make too much difference to me.

  • Beginner Mode? People have been playing this game for years.

    • HustlinOwl

      Still idiots swing at every pitch and claim game is too hard

    • CMPunked

      Perhaps with The Show being the only baseball game this year they are expecting a lot of new users?

    • You know, there are people younger than you who may be new to video games and The Show in particular.

      • GKage

        Wish I could upvote you more than once

      • Hank

        Thank-you for reminding people of this.
        I have two kids under 10 that would love to play this game if it was a bit easier for them.

  • HustlinOwl

    I want a true online franchise mode

  • JB

    Blah blah blah….improved features….and just like every year shitty online performance.

  • mark

    I would can road to the show and vita version. Both r keeping this game from being perfect

  • X go2sleep X

    I think what’s sadder is that “Free Online” is a selling point as well….

    • I was wondering about that myself. In what way is that a special feature?

  • Is the batting improved? None of the options in 12 were pleasing at all. The only reason I went with 2K12 instead of The Show 12 is because of the horrid batting and the fact that fielding wasn’t completely manual and the players often started running in wrong and non-interruptable directions before the player got to take control. Other than that (and the way-too-basic menus) The Show was great.

    • Amen_Ra

      The batting was not a problem. Maybe you just aren’t that good

  • DrJones

    Just hope they don’t ruin the cross play functionality like last season or destroy franchises with each patch release. I can’t believe people actually had last years version as a game of the year candidate when it flat out did not work.

    • Dx

      Im one of those who thought MLb 12 was gonna be a blast then i got it didnt like it so much and then i started playing Call of Duty. My fail was that when i got the game like 2 months after it came out it was the first time i played MLB 12, i should have played it before

  • RandomGuy

    If it wasn’t for Halo, I’d own a PS3. MLB 2k sucks.

  • GKage

    Have they implemented a system where you dont have to play a 162 game season in RTTS yet (not being a pitcher of course)?

  • CheckYourStats

    Somewhere, Miguel Cabrera is still looking for a Sergio Romo slider.