NBA 2K13 Roster Update Brings Back Kevin Love and Adds Alternate Uniform for Heat

Posted December 5th, 2012 at 9:30 am

The arrival of a new roster update for NBA 2K13 brings to a close a two and a half week stretch in which none were released despite much discussed errors and all the missing players. The update is accompanied by the unlock of the “White Hot” Miami Heat jersey which was originally leaked in October along with the entire set of alternates but not made available to use when all the others went out last month.

Kevin Love has finally been returned to the Timberwolves roster. He had been active for two weeks, averaging 19/15, yet had not been available to use during that time in 2K13. Chauncey Billups has also been activated. Some players have been added but there are many even still, two months after release, completely absent from the game.

Unfortunately circumstances right now don’t allow for going through and listing out every change that has been made in the update. Instead all that will be pulled together and posted tomorrow.

  • Free John Madden

    Pasta, I see that you keep giving away Madden. EA should do the same thing, because Madden fucking sucks.

    • last man standing

      no shit. i would give it right back to them.

      • GamersDigest

        LOL…the simple fact is that anybody that doesn’t have it by now, probably doesn’t want it. There have already been so many different sales on Madden since its release, that I’m surprised that you don’t get a copy of Madden NFL13 when you buy a combo meal at Burger King.

        • MVP Baller

          LOL…too funny. No pickles and hold the cheese on that. Oh, I meant to say, keep the copy of Madden. LOL

    • Idiot

      The funny thing about this comment is that it has nothing to do with the post…….

      • Free John Madden

        The funny thing about your comment is that it has nothing to do with this post either….

        • last man standing

          But his name DOES describe him as an idiot. Now that’s really funny.

    • Keith.


      The reality is, EA can’t afford to give away Madden for free, since they’ve still got the overpriced exclusive license that they have to pay for.

      So instead they’ve now resorted to giving away “$20 of Draft Duels Packs” if you buy the game for $49 on PSN.

      Does EA really think there are any fools out there who haven’t bought Madden up til now, and who are now going to be swayed into taking the plunge by getting $20 worth of Draft Duels Packs with their purchase? What a joke.

      • GamersDigest

        LOL….so instead of Madden NFL13 being the gift that keeps on giving. Its actually the gift that keeps on being away. Fucking cracking me up.

        • GamersDigest

          edit: “being given away”

      • Dropping Dimes

        You can even get a free copy of Madden NFL13 with a subscription to Sports Illustrated again. Even 2K isn’t THAT desperate to move copies of their game. Their game is selling at full price, all on its own merits. They’re not in the position to have to beg people to play it, by having them jump through big flaming circus hoops. I was driving through the hood the other day and I saw this big sign posted at the entrance to the landlord’s office at a known crack house. It said “Pay your rent on time, and get a free copy of Madden NFL 13.” I talked to the landlord, he said that since posting the banner, that rent payments have been later than ever.

        • tish

          made up story

      • TheGreatWhiteShock

        YouTube is Madden 13’s biggest enemy. Go watch a couple of videos of the gameplay and you will be guaranteed to not buy the game. It does not look like any kind of fun at all. It saved me some money.

      • tish

        That EA bundle article on the PS blog has the lowest rating I’ve ever seen. Lol the people are not fooled by their shitty deals.

  • Phil Shannon

    for those who care here is who is still missing and who they added

    Fully Guaranteed Players missing

    New York Knicks
    James White – 1 year Guaranteed contract – SF/SG – #4
    Non-Guaranteed Players Missing

    Philadelphia 76ers
    Maalik Wayns – Unguaranteed – PG – #18
    Cleveland Cavaliers:
    Kevin Jones – Unguaranteed – PF – #5
    Miami Heat
    Terrell Harris – Unguaranteed – SG/PG – #14
    New Orleans Hornets:
    Lance Thomas – Unguaranteed – SF/PF – #42
    Utah Jazz
    Kevin Murphy – 2 year unguaranteed – SF/SG – #55
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Darius Johnson Odom – Unguaranteed – SG/PG – #7

    Denver Nuggets
    Julyan Stone – Unguaranteed contract – PG/SG – #10
    Indiana Pacers
    Ben Hansbrough – Unguaranteed Contract – PG/SG – 23
    Houston Rockets
    Scott Machado – 2 year partially guaranteed contract – PG – # 1
    Phoenix Suns
    Luke Zeller – Unguaranteed – PF/C – #40
    Diante Garrett – Unguaranteed – PG/SG – #10
    Golden St. Warriors
    Kent Bazemore – Unguaranteed – SG – #20

    players added

    Cory Higgins – Real CF

    Brian Roberts – Hornets – Created CAP

    Robert Sacre – Lakers – Real CF

    Vlacheslav Kravtsov – Pistons – Created CAP

    Greg Smith – Rockets – Real CF

    Nando De Colo – Spurs – Created CAP

    Victor Claver – Blazers – Created CAP

    • Captain Crunchy

      Thanks for this comprehensive list of nobodies that are missing from the game.

    • cbi

      Has Donald Sloan been added?

      • cbi

        Cavs PG

        • Phil Shannon

          I am pretty sure he was added in a previous update, I thought I saw him when I played the cavs

  • Great, Now they need to send out the patch for being able to block dunks!

  • Wematanye

    Lets just bash Madden 13 and act like NBA 2K13 is flawless.

  • Guest

    Of these players that are “missing” does anyone play with these guys? lol. I can’t remember the last time someone scored 30 on me with the Hornets’ Scott Machado. Take your time NBA 2k13 and get the players right. I’m not complaining.

    • 2K makes games

      wow. someone being totally sensible and not just trying to find some stupid reason to complain about 2K because they’re mad that EA is constantly being called out on this site for buttfucking them on the regular.

  • Of these players that are “missing” does anyone play with these guys?
    lol. I can’t remember the last time someone scored 30 on me with the Rockets’ Scott Machado. Take your time NBA 2k13 and get the players
    right. I’m not complaining.

  • Bill

    They should leave injured players in the game for online vs. sucks we can’t use rose, nowitzki, Nash, kyrie, Bynum, etc. sick of everyone using heat, lakers, or thunder. By the way madden is great this year too.

  • Rashad101

    Took the time out to go through each team and sited the ratings changes:
    Drue Holiday – 83 to 87

    Byron Mullins – 62 to 69
    Biyombo – (position change decrease) 62 to 61

    Larry Sanders – (position change increase) 65 to 66
    Monta Ellis – 86 to 85

    Richard Hamilton – 74 to 73

    Daniel Gibson – (position change increase) 63 to 65
    Omri Cassipi – 62 to 63

    Barbosa – (position change decrease) 75 to 71

    Josh Shelby – (position change increase) 59 to 65

    Wade – 93 to 91
    Bosh – 83 to 81
    Battier – (position change decrease) 75 to 72
    Haslem – (position change decrease) 70 to 69
    Lewis – (position change decrease) 69 to 66

    Jason Smith – (position change decrease) 61 to 60
    Austin Rivers – (position change increase) 67 to 71

    Carmelo Anthony – 89 to 90
    JR Smith – 75 to 79

    Kobe Bryant – 93 to 94

    E. Moore – (position change decrease) 68 to 62

    D Williams – 90 to 89
    Blatche – (position change decrease) 74 to 73
    Stackhouse – (position change increase) 68 to 69

    Gerald Green – (position change increase) 75 to 76

    Donatas Motiejunas – outside shot increase B- to B
    Jeremy Lin – 78 to 76

    Gary Neal (position change decrease) 67 to 61

    Jared Dudley (position change decrease) 74 – 71

    Serge Ibaka – 81 to 84

    Alexey Shved – (position change increase) 60 to 65

    Damian Lillard – (ROOKIE OF THE YEAR NOMINEE) 77 to 82
    JJ Hickson – (position change decrease) 74 to 73

    Chris Singleton – (position change decrease) 70 to 67
    Jan Vesely (position change increase) 61 to 63

    ENJOY 🙂

  • MARZ76

    2new freeze problems that need to be fixed in 2k. 1 after u try to sign a contract with a team the game freezes but at least it doesnt save. the 2nd freeze after u get ur buildboard that say sign here X…….. u go see the GM they let u sign the new contract. then it say something like sim offseason the next screen they ask who u want to sign to make this team better. after u get done with all that u go play ur next game but wait the game sims 5to10 games an f’n freezes wtf,now its saved an everytime i try to play my next game it sims&freezes

  • Ky

    is derrick rose out of 2k13 right now? cuz i can’t seem to add him to play