NCAA Football 13 Gets a Handful of Under Armour Alternates

Posted December 5th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

EA Sports has faced justifiable criticism for introducing the “Uniform Store” in NCAA Football 13 and then failing to keep up with the significant number of new ones that were introduced over the course of the season. Until today only eight alternates, all Adidas, had been rolled out.

Under Armour however finally makes an appearance with the release of two uniform packs today. Hawaii and Boston College come as a set with their respective patriotic representations for $1 (80 MS Points) available now on the Xbox 360 but they won’t arrive on the PS3 until December 19. The second pack goes for $2 (160 MS) and feature the Maryland “White Ops” and “Black Ops”, Texas Tech “Lone Star Pride”, and South Carolina “Battle” looks. Those are also out now for the 360 but are a month away from being found on the PS3 with a scheduled date of January 9.

Still no comment from EA on why it took so long to get Under Armour uniforms out and why those from the likes of Nike and Russell have yet to appear or the reasoning behind the delay on the PS3 side. The facebook album now houses screenshots of these UA uniforms as well as all the others that have released through the store.

  • I hate Kieth

    wow, a little late with the unis, they should be free for releasing them after the reg season ended!!! Haumiller, you failed on this project.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Haumiller needs to go for NCAA 14. The game is starting to get stale we need some new blood the game engine is the same from NCAA football 11. either change up the engine or change the lead producer EA I won’t buy another NCAA if Haumiller is on the project or we get xfinity.

      • Dave Caruso

        Stop that lying. I know your lying, and EA knows you’re lying too. You’ve already got NCAA 14 preordered, all they gotta do now to make the sale, is put the number 14 on the cover of the game. I meet people like you on this site all the time. They crack me up. Always threatening to not buy EA’s game, knowing damn well they’re just gonna go out and buy it, as soon as it comes out.

    • JC

      Agreed. I’ve seen a lot of people love this feature but it’s worthless when they’re only releasing garbage like this for money when lots of teams have inaccurate home and away base uniforms. Typical EA.

    • Duh…..

      You don’t hate Keith. Really, admit it. You don’t. You wanna know what I think?

      I think you hate the fact that Keith knows how to spell his own name.

      • I Hate Keith

        sorry Dick face….typo

    • Fools

      Nah. You fools deserve to get ripped of.

    • Wow

      You hate Keith, but I guess you love it when EA constantly bends you over. Stop complaining. You deserve to be bent over like that. Stop complaining, and just take it like a man.

      • I hate You

        Fuck you dude. You must be Haumillers BFF. Get off his nuts!

    • You hate Keith so much, you even spelled his name wrong.

      • powermoves

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  • Jerseys would be cool if they didnt try and fuck us by making us pay for soemthing that should already be in the game.

    • Dave Caruso

      They didn’t TRY to fuck you. They fucked you. Please be still and try and calm down. My assistant will be bringing in a rape kit, and we’ll need to swab your mouth for traces of EA semen. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Is there anybody we can notify? Gamestop, maybe? LOL

  • DickNixon

    EA, go fuck yourselves, you pieces of money-grubbing shit. I’m so happy I got rid of this piece of shit game.

  • No Nike uniforms this year…no NCAA 14 for me, out of general principle. I’m gonna hold firm on this.

  • anonymous

    Where can you download the uniforms and patches?