Salary Cap Issue in Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers Getting Fix Delivered Tomorrow

Posted December 6th, 2012 at 5:15 pm

EA Sports has announced that a server side update for Madden NFL 13 will go live tomorrow on the Xbox 360 and PS3 that will address the issue experienced by some in Connected Careers mode where the team under control registers as being falsely and dramatically (in the billions) over the salary cap occurring at some point beyond the first season.

Needless to say anyone who encountered the bug had their progress essentially halted and time invested in the mode wasted. It was poor form by EA to go over three months without acknowledging the issue or resolving it while instead doing things like releasing new features for Ultimate Team. The fix coming now is necessary but will be too late for many.

Given that this is a server-side update it will only apply to “Online” Connected Careers. It will fix those already in progress as well as prevent the problem from occurring within new careers. The company did not issue comment on whether the fix will be part of a future patch which would be necessary for it to apply to “Offline” careers as well.

  • 49ersfan1

    does anyone even play this game anymore?

    • Zac

      Nope, gave up over a month ago =(

      • 49ersfan1

        good, guess im not alone. i stopped 2 weeks after it came out. same bs, different 60 bucks. the same goes to 2k13. problem is, 2k13 is addicting so i cant criticize it… -_-

      • RandomGuy

        Never bought it in the first place. Still play Madden ’12 with updated rosters and schedule.

    • Me and my people play it everyday. A lot of people still do..great game.

      • Crimson

        Your people? You mean down there at EA headquarters? No. I don’t even think many of you people over at EA, are still willing to play this trash, without compensation for playing it. You should get some kind of commission, or a bonus just for playing madden on your lunch break over at EA headquarters. The game sucks.

        • Definitely don’t mean my people at EA. If you hate this game so much why waste your time commenting on PA ? Go get a job or something :-D.

  • FireFlyJAM

    I liked the game before all my friends started exploiting all the cpu a.i. errors that never have been patchedaddressed. Until then, it was good football, now it’s like “Pong 2013”.

  • Salty222

    Best Madden in Years. Having a blast running an Online Franchise league. This patch is excellent but well past it’s time. Good news for sure though.

    • RandomGuy

      I bet if someone tracked this IP address, they would find it came from EA Sports.

      • Keith.

        Sure sounds like it — that, or it’s one of those EA Game Changers, who’ve basically gone into hiding these days. Can’t wait for those clowns to show their faces when the EA hype train gets revved up again next April. To even think they were once comparing CCM and the Infinity “engine” to the atom bombs dropped on Japan … lol. Talk about a complete loss of credibility.

        • RandomGuy


        • Crimson

          Too funny.

      • Amen_Ra


      • Crimson

        I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • Bet it josh no talent hack looman….

  • Lonnie

    how about fixing the problems like players signaling fair catching punts yet still take off running, fix the wind gauge on field goals (backwards) and many other of the stupid problems that pop up (like the inability to challenge many questionable plays) all the time?

    • Amen_Ra

      Another Madden…

    • Wind gauge ? Lol if you know it’s backwards then whats the problem ? Fair catch thing is pretty annoying..also getting hit when you kneel to end a game. Like real life you can’t always challenge every play.

  • thescoop

    I had that happen to me and I had to turn off the cap. It did suck because now I never lose a free agent because I can spend whatever I want. I haven’t played the game in months.

  • timewasted

    still have to play online connected career mode with week 4 rosters.. what scumbags.. i could’ve bought 500 paperweights with what i spent on this hunk of trash.

  • GZ

    I’d still love to see a patch where we can change:
    – MLB’s to OLBs
    – OLB’s to DE’s
    – DE’s to DT’s
    – CB’s to S’s
    – OT’s to OG’s to C’s

    It bugs me that I can’t take a 3-4 DE and can’t make him a 4-3 DT.

  • JB

    Hey Pasta. Any word on updated rosters for CCM?

  • Josh looman is a no talent hack…..

    So where are the defenders of this garbage?

    Playing NCAA i bet…..

    They will only fix issues at the servers to force everyone on line……

    Even though playing on line is a huge waste of time and effort…..

    Ive gotten as far as the 4th quarter only to see this “game and stats won’t count you’ve been disconnected from EA servers….