EA Sports Introduces Pat Tillman in Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team

Posted December 7th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

While Madden Ultimate Team mode features various legends the introduction of a former player today marks the first time that one has been added essentially in the form of a tribute. Pat Tillman is being made available, with the support of the foundation set up in his name, within Ultimate Team beginning this evening as multiple cards of his go live.

Tillman of course played for the Arizona Cardinals from 1998-2001 before leaving his football career to serve in the Army. He died in 2004 from apparent friendly fire in Afghanistan.

EA appears to be making it relatively easy to acquire Tillman. An 85 overall rated version is being placed in the Card Deals for just 40 coins. A 99 rated version could be found in Legend packs with three other limited edition (red, white, blue) also available. It is currently unclear just how long his cards will remain in circulation within the deals and card packs before the Auction House will be the only way to find them.

  • Classy move by EA.

    • The Money Grab Police

      There is no such thing.

  • dbgameover

    Before ppl come in sayin EA is money hungry and blah blah blah i would like to point this is being done with full support from the pat tillman foundation as stated in the article. I agree wit JW classy move.

    • The Money Grab Police

      So? You’re saying that EA isn’t the money hungry beast that we think they are, just because they have full support of the Pat Tillman foundation? I wonder who approached who with this great idea of a tribute. I’d like to think that it was the Pat Tillman Foundation that approached EA with the idea to use his player card, but….I keep coming back to the EA is a money hungry beast thing. I don’t waste money on this Madden Ultimate Team crap anyway so, whatever.

    • Amen_Ra

      This is a grab for attention

  • That’s really cool. I just wish it could’ve happened in a better football game.

  • KentAZ

    “Apparent” friendly fire? It was absolutely friendly fire, and the military shamelessly did everything it could to cover it up, spreading lies to the public and Tillman’s family.

    • false EA patriotism

      no more shameless than this blatant money grab attempt. How low will EA sink to make an extra buck?

      This low.

      • Slater

        Your comparing the government lying about someone’s death to a corporation that wants money. I think that’s a little extreme.

        • The funny part is that you see our constantly lying government that wants money as being different from a constantly lying corporation that wants money.

  • Bob

    Pat Tillman a Legend? I didn’t even know who he was then they said he died. Its great he wanted to serve his country and all but he certainly was not a legendary player worthy of a 99 player card.

  • EAtakesEA breaks

    they should at least donate some money to his charity.
    or maybe his 99 rating is charity enough.

  • EAtakesEA breaks

    this just in.. javon belcher now rated 99..

  • Youknowwho

    if they ever got one rating right, it was giving Tillman a 99 overall