More Details on Tiger Woods 14: The Masters Historic Edition

Posted December 7th, 2012 at 11:30 am

EA Sports has now officially announced (Tiger Woods 14) The Masters: Historic Edition which was first discovered three weeks ago. Going for $70 and with six extra courses included the Historic Edition features Bobby Jones and Bubba Watson on the cover. 

For the second straight year Tiger Woods does not appear on the cover of the special edition of his own game. EA continues to distance themselves from him following the hit his image took, which adversely affected sales, and his drop-off in performance. Covers since then have featured Woods along with another golfer and special editions without him appearing at all.

Even more odd is the way in which the cover presents the name which could suggest a gradual move towards changing it down the line. It would appear the game is titled Masters with the notation that it also “includes” Tiger Woods 14 at the bottom…as though that is some completely secondary pack-in. Check out the complete cover here.

Arnold Palmer, who appears on the standard edition cover along with Woods, will be playable in all versions. Bobby Jones however will be exclusive to the Historic Edition. If the past is any indication though just about everything including him will be made available as DLC.

Historic Edition Bonus Courses
•Augusta Par 3: The smaller course at the legendary Augusta National Golf Club. Home of the annual Par-3 contest held the same week as the Masters.

•Augusta 1934: Travel back to the golden age of golf and the very first Masters Tournament on the hallowed grounds of Augusta Golf Club.

•County Down: Play the charming and challenging holes on one of Ireland’s oldest and most noted courses.

•Birkdale: Awarded “Royal” status in 1951 and host to several Open Championships, Birkdale remains one of one of the great classic British clubs.

•Sheshan Golf Club: One of Shanghai’s premier courses, Sheshan boasts an elegant layout that embraces a mix of the old and new.

•TPC Blue Monster: This prestigious and spectacular course has hosted PGA TOUR events for more than 50 years, made famous by its numerous water hazards and signature 18th hole fountain.

  • Keith.

    Given the tanking sales numbers for this series (TW10 for the 360 sold 370,000 here in the US, TW11 sold 250,000, and TW13 sold just 160,000), I’m a little surprised that EA continues to release it every year.

    Wonder how many suckers will end up paying for the same DLC courses they’ve already paid for the last 2-3 years…lol.

    • Crimson

      Those numbers are awful. With such poor sales numbers as this why is pasta even talking about this game? This game no longer has no audience. So Tiger Woods cheated on his boring ass little blond trophy wife. He banged a few waitresses. Big deal. It didnt go over well at the country club, I guess. I highly doubt that any of the millions of boring white guys that play videogame golf, gave a shit about Tiger Woods affair. I would say that the game sells poorly because the DLC courses make people feel ripped off, the game is always another EA copy and paste job, AND the game just lacks any fun. Funny thing is, I don’t see anybody making excuses for John Madden not being on the cover his shitty game, and the sales have been on the decline for that game, not because Madden cheated on his blond trophy wife, but purely because the game is shitty. So maybe its time to say that Tiger Woods game is selling poorly, not because fried chicken eating golfer Tiger Woods cheated on his blond tropby wife, but solely because… THE GAME IS SHITTY.

  • angleofmydangle

    Awesome !! Day 1 purchase for sure

    • Truth in reporting

      EA gamechangers need not wear identification around here.

  • Truth in reporting

    Sports Champions 2 has a better, much more fun, and accessible game of golf than Tiger Woods, but Pasta only plays on the Xbox, so he only reviews the sports games on THAT platform, which are primarily made by EA. His site makes money every time an EA Sports logo pops up in a Pastapadre article. His job is to think of something positive, and interesting to say about whatever EA game is being highlighted in the article.

    • Snarks

      In other words, Pasta is the “ultimate” EA Gamechanger. Good luck trying to best him at praising or promoting any EA stuff.

  • acreyman

    I don’t think the sales are dropping because of tiger, I think they are dropping because of the game itself. after purchasing all the add ons for 12 you won’t see me buying this game again until the gameplay changes significantly. 13 was better, but not enough to want it.

  • Crimson

    Realistically, why would the sales drop because of who is on the cover, or because Tiger had an affair? Men don’t think like that. We don’t moralize like women. We also would have put a boner in Lewinski’s mouth. That’s just stupid to even think that, and then go and advertise the opinion that sales dropped because of Tiger’s behavior. They could have just titled the game “EA Sports:The Masters”, and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference to golf lovers. The game itself is its own enemy. The gameplay is stale, just like every other EA Sports branded game. The DLC is a ripoff. Even Pasta himself, should be able
    to admit that by now, but he’s got that big EA dildo laying in
    the wet spot, beckoning him to come back to bed, every time he sits down and tries to write an honest piece of work.

  • Jimmy

    Is Tiger Woods allowed to play on the ’34 Augusta Nat’l Course?