Madden NFL 13 Week 14 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted December 11th, 2012 at 9:15 am

The next roster update for Madden NFL 13 should provide even more separation between playoff caliber teams and those packing it in for the year already. Some injuries that will have significant influence on the rosters occurred with Dez Bryant and Fred Jackson both possibly done for the year while Robert Griffin III appears to have dodged a bullet and may not miss a game. Percy Harvin and Dwayne Bowe though are headed to the IR.

Both Von Miller and Tom Brady may have done enough to get up to 99 overall. Brady just fell by a point last week so he was teetering on the edge anyway while Miller has been steadily building up that direction all season. Names with big weeks include David Wilson, Richard Sherman, Nick Foles, Cam Newton, Brandon Marshall, Cameron Wake, Bobby Wagner, Vince Wilfork, Aaron Hernandez, Stevie Brown, Michael Bennett, Geno Atkins, Michael Brockers, Denario Alexander, Vontae Davis, and Derrick Morgan. Some names who could see a drop are Drew Brees, A.J. Green, Matt Schaub, Jay Cutler, Christian Ponder, and Michael Turner. The Arizona Cardinals as a team should have their ratings axed in dramatic fashion.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players or teams are deserving of ratings attention, whether that be up or down, with the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • I_speak_real

    Madden all im asking for you to do is not ef up the ratings this week. (No favortism)

  • bent

    58-0 lol. Cardinals should be relegated to NCAA Football.

    • 49ersfan1

      to the seacocks! i understand getting whooped to the patriots, giants, or texans. but seattle? come on. when we played them, they only managed 6 points!

      • $evere

        However you look at it., they are playing with alot of confidence and they are breathing down the 49ers necks.

        • 49ersfan1

          hey i never said they suck. i just hate them jeez. look at there record. they are a wild card team for sure.

      • 12th man

        hey 49ers fan, keep your mouth shut and wait till week 16

        • 49ersfan1

          thats what they all say…

      • seahawks 2012

        o yeah you guys scored so many that game 69ners suck

        • seahawks

          that was a 1 score game dumazz

        • 49ersfan1

          shh kaepernick will take care of business. 33-13 niners.

  • Matt

    Why the heck in the world Von Miller did enough to be 99 and Aldon Smith didnt? You guys are comedians.

  • Huejac2

    Bucs on defence recorded 6 sacks with DE Bennett & DT MaCoy getting 2 each. Rookie ROLB Lavante David inaddition to having a ton of tackles also recorded a sack. Also the defense also held Brown to just 12 yards rushing. Considering what Brown has done over the last 2 games I think the entire front 7 could use some love which includes MLB Mason Foster.

    On offense both RB Doug Martin & WR Vincent Jackson had Moster games & could use some love. Martin should get back what he lost & Vincent went over a 1000 yards & is having a career year. Bucs QB Josh Freeman didn’t have his best game but threw 2 TD’s & now his TD to INT ratio is 3 to 1 which is way better than Luck whom has a higher rating. Based on that I think Josh could use a little love. Pleas update Dougy wardrobe to black & red gloves. Dougy only wares black & red gloves & Josh wares glove on his left hand. As always live what you guys do & GO BUCS!

  • NFL Fan

    How can A. J. Green drop he had 3 catches for 44 yards that means Dez Bryant is going is going to drop also he had 4 catches for 50 yards he also had a rush attempt and lost 11 yards and Miles Austin had 4 for 46 and so Demarco Murray will drop also he had 21 carries 53 yards this update will tell a lot about you if Tony Romo goes up and he had a pick and td just Like Andy Dalton if the Bengals OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR called a better game Dallas would of got blown out if you can decrease the O. C. that makes a lot of sense BJGE had 90 yards on 12 carries but they stop giving him the ball Romo got sacked Dalton did too so if you drop Bengals O-line you must drop Cowboys also if you boost Dallas D-line you must boost Cincinnati’s also this was a game our O. C. lost for us and I know the true Dallas fans thought it would of been a complete blow out and if you want to talk about A. J. drop Dez had some also plus Dez had so big drops earlier this year and I know the football fans notice you didn’t drop Dez you definitely can’t get away with your bull this week and boost Dallas like crazy and drop Cincinnati you already try to make them very very mediocre let Dallas have a 4 game win streak starting with beating the heck out of the Giants Cincinnati had a 3 game win streak earlier this year and you dropped their overall now where they do that at-

    is the link for anyone to check the stats to prove that this guy doing the updates doesn’t stay true to the game I still can’t believe your talking about dropping A. J. he had a 100 yard game and a td a few weeks back and didn’t get a boost but you want to drop him

    • Jarod

      Wow. This had got to be the most biased thing I’ve seen all week. I’m an Eagles fan, but am willing to back up Dallas on this one. To begin, Green is rated higher than Dez, and just because a player has a bad stat game doesn’t mean they need to be dropped. The Eagles’ undrafted free agent Damaris Johnson had 2 catches for 20 yards, so should he be dropped?? NO! Why, because he doesn’t have a high rating (66OVR). Dez had a much better game than Green with a 27 yard touchdown as the highlight so your point is invalid.

      • smoov

        So you feel the 27 yard td Makes a better game he was targeted 10 times with 5 catches green has a 14 yard average to dez 11 the game was overall even as far as play and stats go and the Bengals get the edge

    • $evere

      Hakeem Nicks against San Fran hurt and limping had 6 catches for 60 yards and he dropped against Carolina Dez has 2 catches for 14 yards and didn’t even move.

      • Deshamas

        he was dropped a point in game one for having 44 yards along with cruz having nearly eighty also dropped. yet as you said dez gets nothing sees no decrease. drops a pass that could have one the game too; nicks was dropped three times for having 50-60 yard games yet has a 78 yard game with a td against packers sees no increase yet aj green who was a 94 had 7 catches for 85 yards and a td against the giants with 56 of those yards and the only touchdown he caught coming on a busted coverage and he went up to 95!! now how does he jump from 94-95 and yet nicks sitting at 90 gets 78 yards and a td while being held and drawing pass interferences all night doesnt go up?? giants are always getting screwed. last time wilson had a break out game on kick returns with three huge returns for 50-60 yards each donny LOWERED him two.

        • $evere

          Yeah they are. They have a very explosive offense in real life. On the game, you can’t really tell. Cruz sometimes doesn’t seem to beat nickel corners, and linebackers. I even played a game where Vince Wilfork ran him down

          • theothert

            speaking of the Giants, hears a newsflash, Hixon has great hands, and catches it in traffic…

    • Nick

      AJ Green dropped two balls this week, one of which would have been a TD.

      • Troy a true Cowboys Fan

        how many times dez dropped the ball and very important ones he drop at least 3 a game but continue to get increase

  • Fiasco 2Four

    Another sack-less game for the Giants O-line, yet 1 person will go up 1 point and the rest will go down. Some love for the O Line would be nice.

    • $evere

      Yeah because their O-line is very underrated. They can’t even block average D-linemen at times.

    • $evere

      Stevie Brown put the defense on his back again and did power squats like it was no problem.

  • SMH

    I get tired of watching star players decrease because they have average days, sometimes its just not your week and theres nothing you can do about it. AJ Green should be a 95 overall receiver based on his stats this year, just because he had one bad game doesnt mean he should decrease.

    Honestly for star players (idk 88 and above?) there should be a two week evaluation on their performance and everyone else should get a weekly update. If Andre Johnson has a week where he has 2 catches for 15 yards on 8 targets he might lose 2 points but if he goes off for 10 catches and 225 yards with a TD he gains those points back. The point im trying to make is that the star players ratings really never change much because after a bad week they typically bounce back, thats why theyre stars because they can do that. A two week observation would be best so in case the example i made happens we dont have to see these guys bouncing back and forth to the same rating because essentially nothing has been done other than a slight disadvantage in madden for the week they had a poor or average day.

  • seahawks2012

    im a seahawks fan and i hope the hawks dont get a really super upgrade they are great but the cards just quit

    • 49ersfan1

      lol. cardinals suck balls. they got whooped by the whole division this year.

    • tom

      i think they should just be deleted from the game

      • $evere

        Or made to look like a practice squad. 4-0 to 4-9.

    • $evere

      Yeah they quit alright. Quit lying to themselves about being a good football team. Just because you start strong doesn’t mean you will finish strong.

  • JimmyNoBull

    Von miller isn’t the best in the game, 99 indicates that
    Wilson, Bennett and Brown on NYG need major jumps, at least 3-4 points, based on the fact that their almost useless now
    Breeze makes bad throws, someone alert the media…
    Do what u want with the Cowboys anyway, no-one wants to play them now anyway, same with the Niners, these teams over perform so much it doesn’t matter what number u assign them…
    Hernandez is fine, Welker already plays way bigger then his size, and Matt Schawb may need an oil change…

  • RodrigoDaTruth187

    Alfred Morris should be at least a 87. What else does he have to do run for 2 thousand yards. He gets disrespected because he plays with RG3 and I think its unfair.

    • rungamefan

      I agree. I think the problem madden is running into with Morris is they don’t know what to raise for him. His trucking and acceleration are already in the 90’s although his acceleration is 90 and should be higher. His speed is perfect at 85. If they raise his speed to say 90+ it won’t be Alfred Morris it will be Roy Helu that can truck. There’s always awareness but that won’t have an in game effect really. I do think his elusiveness is underrated. His a powerful runner but so is Brandon Jacobs the difference being Alfred is also quite shifty and can make tacklers miss as well as running through them. other than that there isn’t a whole lot that they can raise for Alfred. Hasn’t been a factor in the passing game so can’t raise catching stats. Pass protection is already above average for a HB but it could be raised a little; however, protection stats don’t have much of an impact on overall. I know what you mean though his the 3rd leading rusher and it should be reflected better in his overall but what I have found with running backs is overall means almost nothing. usually high overall equates to high awareness which does nothing. Think of Noel Devine back in Madden 12. Beast HB because of high physical stats but overall was in the 60’s because of awareness and carrying.

  • jeremy

    von miller 99…. and aldon smith no love????? HA

    • 49ersfan1

      ikr von miller should not even be 98. hes great but not 98.

      • I_speak_real

        I dnt like u.. but i agree

        • 49ersfan1

          i dont like you… but i also agree with your agreement.

          • I_speak_real

            I dont like u .. but i agree with you agreeing with me agreeing to your statement

          • 49ersfan1

            lol i dont like u…. but i also agree with you agreeing with me to your statement.

          • Khadeem

            ok guys stop flirting

    • rock1618

      That’s because Von Miller doesn’t just sack the QB. He plays the run and plays coverage as well. Aldon Smith basically is just a pass rusher. He doesn’t really make an impact in the run game and pass coverge. Remember its an overall rating not a pass rush rating.

      • I_speak_real

        von is not good in pass coverage.. just because he got 1 cookie interception, dont act like he is derel revis or brian urlacher in coverage or somethin cuz hes not..dnt give him a coverage status because if he would of neva got the pick 6. You have considered him a pure and only pass rusher.. jj wat is a 3-4 dt and top 5 in sacks.. he should easily be 99a overal not von who has my favorite pass rusher dumervil on the opposite side of him.. get real bro

  • Mason Drews

    Dez isn’t done for the year, he said he’s playing Sunday after Jerry Jones said its up to him. He fractured his left index finger, and can tape it and play (no ligament damage). Terrell Owens had a similar injury during his tenure and elected to put surgery off till the off-season and was successful.

    Dez was also quoted “They’ll have to break my leg to keep me out”

    So no, Dez will not be on IR Pasta.

  • How about Luke Kuechly? He had 16 tackles and now leads the NFL in tackles. He’s in the running for Defensive ROY.

  • How about Luke Kuechly? He had 16 tackles and now leads the NFL in tackles. He’s in the running for Defensive ROY.

    • $evere

      Yeah Luke isn’t recognized like he should be.

    • Geodude

      Harrisson Smith (FS for vikings) breathing down his neck for DROY though. He’s turned around the worst secondary in the league (Im not saying they are now stellar but much improved).

      • Jack Casey

        Sucks Chandler Jones was running away with it before he got hurt

  • $evere

    Give David Wilson a speed boost and come love on Kickoffs.

  • d.pruitt

    Anthony Spencer recorded 11 tackles to go along with 2 sacks so he deserves an upgrade. Tony Romo deserves a clutch increase with back to back 4th quarter comeback wins. Tyron Smith had another good game as well so he deserves an upgrade. Brandon Carr had an interception so he deserves an upgrade as well.

    • frank

      Romo didn’t win game kicker Romo has to throw the td for yo point to be valid

  • Huejac2

    Bucs LT Donald Penn has great two weeks facing Donerville & Cole. Penn could use some love accordingly.

  • Derek

    Mychal Kendricks: Man Coverage, Zone Coverage Play Recognition

  • patiently waiting on EA

    update connected career roster please. week 4 was a long time ago.

  • JB

    When are we going to see an updated roster for CCM????

  • JB

    What about an updated roster for CCM???

  • Amad A

    Anquan Boldin, Paul Kruger, and Courtney upshaw increase by 2, Dennis Pitta, Arthur Jones, Bernard Pierce, and Josh Bynes increase by 1.

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    Depth Chart:
    QB Brock Osweiler – Moved to QB #2 on depth chart
    QB Caleb Hanie – Moved to QB #3 on depth chart

  • Jarod

    As you said, Foles should definitely get an increase, probably in the range of 72-73. Other offensive players deserving increases would be Maclin, Avant, and Cooper all did well with Foles in and Maclin’s amazing one-handed catch should help. After a six-yard game, Brown should go down a bit. On the offensive line, Dunlap, Reynolds, and Scott all need to be decreased. Along with that Scott needs to be moved to RG as he is now the starter and Watkins needs to be moved to #2. Matt Kopa needs to be moved to RT and Menkin needs to be placed on IR. On the defensive line, rookies Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry should both go up while Trent Cole could use a decrease. There was a big change at linebacker as Mychal Kendricks was moved to WILL (ROLB) and Chaney took over at SAM (LOLB). So Kendricks needs to be moved to ROLB, while Jordan needs to be moved to #2 there. Chaney should get promoted to LOLB#1, while Rau needs to move from MLB to play as his backup. Along with the depth chart shuffle, Chaney and Kendricks should both get a one-point boost after their performances. In the secondary, Asomugha needs to be decreased while DRC could use a slight increase. To wrap it up, kicker Alex Henery should get a decrease going 1/3 of FG attempts (he made a 53 yarder, but a penalty forced him to retry for a 58 and miss by hitting the goalpost).

  • CJ


    • rasool

      i def agree. vs the 49ers brockers had 11 tackles 2QB hurries and 2 for loss and he didnt even get an increase at all, janoris jenkins had a def touchdown and got no increase

      • Gunt

        i agree that the rams defense deserves some upgrades, but jenkins is pretty bad in coverage..he got picked on all day, giving up 100 yards to crabtree..he was in the right place at the right time for that td

  • Nick

    Adrian Peterson up
    Brandon Marshall up
    Jay Cutler up

    • 49ersfan1

      Colin Kaepernick up
      Giants Oline up
      Tom Brady to 99
      Frank Gore up 1.

    • Geodude

      Harrisson Smith up

  • blaine gabbert

    Blaine Gabbert should be atleast an 88+ he’s the best quarterback in the league but doesn’t get any credit

    • Tom

      wait, what?

      • rasool

        lol you dont really believe that lol must really be blaine gabbert talking bout your self

        • $evere

          That was worth a laugh and a half.

  • 49ersfan1

    hope EA understands that decreasing Frank Gore 1 overall last week was a mistake. name 1 game THIS season that Frank Gore dissappointed his team.

  • jake

    I am a Rams fan, but I try to not be bias, Honestly though Our o line could go up a little. Not a lot but maybe a little bit. Dun bar Jenkins Brockers should go up, and Gibson. Not a high upgrade because the Rams are not elite, but it would be nice to have them close to the Seahawks at least.

    • $evere

      Yeah Jenkins has been playing great football.

  • Cp

    Luke Kuechlys rating needs to go up at least 2 or 3 points. He leads the league in tackles while playing the LEAST amount of snaps out of all the other LBs.

  • ButterBean

    Some guys who should go up for the Pats. Brady, Wendell, Solder, Dennard, Gregory, Hightower, Deaderick. I think our secondary should have higher tackling and hit power. Most FF’s in the league for the Pats D.

  • Colin Kaepernick’s likeness should be added to the game, instead of that generic body he has right now. Oh, and give him the tattoos on his arms too.

  • djfan08

    Anyone saying Aldon Smith should be higher than Von Miller are crazy. Yes Aldon Smith has more sacks so increase his pass rushing ratings. Its Von Miller should be a 99 overall because not only does he dominate rushing the passer but he supports the run and plays pass coverage so he’s not rushing the QB every passing play. Its an overall rating not pass rusher rating!

    • $evere

      You are right; all Ware does is rush. He is terrible in coverage and below barely average against the run.

    • Gunt

      Anybody that is on pace to break the NFL sack record this late in the season, or breaks a record that Reggie White held, probably deserves to be 99 overall

  • Rock1618

    Why can’t EA have living rosters for online seasons? I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates having to start my season over because there was a trade or other roster moves.

  • Ian Dickson

    How about The producers, directors, and makers in EA Sports Madden NFL 13, Bring Back QB Vision. I agree with people who think that they should have never took QB Vision out of the game and if ya’ll took QB Vision out of the game why take Playmaker out of the game?

  • Ian Dickson

    This is rediculous I do not like that ya’ll just did not leave QB Vision in the game like ya’ll did on Madden NFL 12. When I purchased Madden NFL 12, I was flabbergasted that QB Vision was not there but Playmaker still was. I think that the QB Vision feature should be brought back to Madden because it is much easier to look through your progressions of what Wide Receiver is open. A Majority liked that feature and A minority did not but ya’ll can at put the feature back on there and let people that plays Madden choose if they want to use the feature while they are playing somebody in a exhibition game or if they do not want use it.

  • Ian Dickson

    Make that if ya’ll decide to bring the QB Vision feature back to Madden NFL 13, the Cone should be big on the every Difficulty including All-Madden even when you are doing Franchise mode.

  • Cam Newtons speed and elusiveness. He gets hawked down to easily by linemen and linebackers on scramble. He burnt all Atlantas D on that 72 yard run Sunday

  • jeej city


    For whatever reason the last update merely removed him from the Chiefs’ roster. He’s in free agency, 77OVR, a perfectly reasonable linebacker for a CPU team to sign in offline CCM. I remember getting tackled by a zombie in Madden 08 when I played Sean Taylor’s Redskins. It creeped me out then and it creeps me out now.

    With all due respect to the deceased and those mourning them, in real life Belcher has, to put it bluntly, been rendered unable to play NFL football after taking his own life. Please remove his avatar from the game in the next roster update. I don’t understand why it wasn’t done in the last one.

    • 49ersfan1

      you dont understand? dude this is madden.

  • starbucs

    The bucs front seven could use some love they had 6 sacks 2 each for McCoy and Bennett and the reason for that is the return of daquan Bowers and the linebackers have been playing solid all year everyone in the secondary deserves a decrease besides Anthony gaitor his first game back he played well and ej biggers. Although Josh Freeman completion percentage sucks he’s still having a great year with the whole rebuilding project. Doug Martin and Mike Williams needs speed boost and Vincent Jackson is just a monster. And next year bring the original franchise back with a few improvements such as the ratings system and a few other things. As always thanks

  • GoHardMega

    is braylon edwards gonna be on the jets this update?

  • Highpriest333

    Kaepernick needs an increase in speed, acceleration, and short throw accuracy.

  • Highpriest333

    Kaepernick ran a 4.52 at the combine but that number is deceptive. He had a leg injury that needed surgery. When healthy he runs a low 4.4.

  • D=Fence

    Does anyone know aqib talib’s madden rating? Thanks!

  • Please. Change Redskins running back Keiland Williams jersey number to #25.