Minor Week Six NBA 2K13 Roster Update

Posted December 13th, 2012 at 10:15 am


A new roster update for NBA 2K13 went live this morning but features very little in the way of changes. No sweeping roster adjustments to speak of, just a single player affected by one point, with some corrections to the injury status for a handful of players.

Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis both return from being injured and with the same 85 and 79 ratings respectively that they held prior. Victor Claver is also back to being active while A.J. Price (-10 to 45) and Kawhi Leonard (-17 to 63) get docked for being out due to injury. Paul George is the only other player affected in this update moving up a single point to 79 overall. 12 players still remain missing from the rosters.

  • jz

    Whens the Wii U Patch going to hit?

    • Phil Shannon

      only 8 people even play the wii U, I would rather have roster updates than that

      • 49ersfan1

        ikr. 8 people is alot..

    • Bon

      Only a dummy(sorry to say) would buy a sports game on an Nintendo console(developers always focus on 360 and PS3. Wii U is an afterafterthought)

      • 49ersfan1

        ikr. hey jz hows mario doing?

  • 49ersfan1

    gay. higher the whole warriors roster and carmelo/chandler.
    oh and plz make sure you give pau gasol his big boy pants. i dont want little girls in the game.

    • Bill

      Pau gasol is the type of dude the police could talk into that he killed someone.

  • putitonthemap!!

    The Presentation in this game shits on any EA title… I just picked it up and was amazed at how the game plays out… Honestly the best Presentation I have ever seen!! Hands down, right beside NFL 2K5… Quit throwing these little jabs at 2K pasta, I would love to see your face when they drop an NFL title and you would have to do your “comparison” between that and Madden… The day will come!!