Late Season Check on Current QB Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted December 17th, 2012 at 4:45 pm


With the regular season nearing it’s end, and having twice looked at them before, there is another opportunity to evaluate where quarterbacks stand in Madden NFL 13 compared to their performance for the year. How have things developed in terms of their ratings as more data has been entered into consideration? They appear to now be more in line with their actual production – though players that began higher or lower have faced those prejudices along the way.

Through week 15 in evaluating starting QBs with sufficient game action the average output is 2970 yards, 61% completions, 19 touchdown passes, 14 interceptions, and a 51.6 ESPN Total QBR. That average player is then rated 83 overall right now in Madden NFL 13. 





Tom Brady 4276-63%-30TD-6INT-78.8QBR 99 —–
Peyton Manning 4016-68%-31TD-10INT-81.5QBR 97 Slightly Underrated
Aaron Rodgers 3588-67%-32TD-8INT-71.9QBR 96 —–
Eli Manning 3590-60%-20TD-15INT-66.0QBR 96 Overrated
Ben Roethlisberger 2911-64%-22TD-6INT-68.3QBR 95 Slightly Overrated
Drew Brees 4335-62%-36TD-18INT-64.4QBR 94 Slightly Overrated
Matt Ryan 4202-68%-27TD-14INT-74.6QBR 93 —–
Cam Newton 3451-58%-18TD-10INT-54.0QBR 90 Vastly Overrated
Tony Romo 4269-67%-22TD-16INT-63.8QBR 89 —–
Matt Schaub 3555-65%-22TD-10INT-66.0QBR 89 —–
Robert Griffin III 2902-66%-18TD-4INT-71.3QBR 89 Slightly Underrated
Matthew Stafford 4252-59%-17TD-15INT-58.1QBR 88 Slightly Overrated
Joe Flacco 3474-59%-20TD-10INT-44.9QBR 88 Vastly Overrated
Alex Smith 1731-70%-13TD-5INT-69.8QBR 88 Now a backup
Jay Cutler 2630-60%-17TD-14INT-49.5QBR 87 Overrated
Philip Rivers 3290-64%-22TD-15INT-38.0QBR 86 Vastly Overrated
Andrew Luck 3978-55%-20TD-18INT-65.5QBR 86 —–
Andy Dalton 3316-63%-26TD-14INT-53.0QBR 86 —–
Russell Wilson 2697-63%-21TD-9INT-68.7QBR 85 Underrated
Michael Vick 2165-58%-11TD-9INT-47.5QBR 85 Backup/Overrated
Josh Freeman 3471-55%-25TD-12INT-56.9QBR 85 —–
Carson Palmer 3987-61%-22TD-14INT-44.6QBR 84 Slightly Overrated
Sam Bradford 3254-60%-18TD-11INT-48.8QBR 84 Slightly Overrated
Matt Hasselbeck 1367-62%-7TD-5INT-48.5QBR 81 Backup
Colin Kaepernick 1289-66%-7TD-2INT-79.5QBR 80 Underrated (but early)
Ryan Fitzpatrick 2935-62%-22TD-15INT-45.1QBR 80 —–
Jake Locker 1884-58%-9TD-9INT-53.9QBR 79 Slightly Underrated
Kevin Kolb 1169-59%-8TD-3INT-38.0QBR 78 IR
Ryan Tannehill 2929-59%-10TD-12INT-52.5QBR 77 Slightly Underrated
Jason Campbell 265-63%-2TD-2INT-23.5QBR 77 Overrated
Brandon Weeden 3281-57%-14TD-17INT-26.1QBR 76 Overrated
Blaine Gabbert 1662-58%-9TD-6INT-40.9QBR 75 IR
Mark Sanchez 2678-55%-13TD-17INT-25.0QBR 75 Overrated
Chad Henne 1438-52%-8TD-5INT-26.3QBR 75 Overrated
Christian Ponder 2527-63%-14TD-12INT-45.0QBR 74 Slightly Underrated
Matt Cassel 1796-58%-6TD-12INT-36.5QBR 74 Backup
Nick Foles 1356-59%-5TD-4INT-48.1QBR 73 Slightly Underrated
Kirk Cousins 466-69%-4TD-3INT-72.7QBR 73 Underrated (early)
Brady Quinn 930-60%-2TD-6INT-38.9QBR 71 —–
John Skelton 1132-54%-2TD-9INT-13.9QBR 69 Overrated
Ryan Lindley 611-51%-0TD-6INT-8.1QBR 63 —–

  • Louie

    Are you saying Russell Wilson is better than Cam Newton???!!????

    • The numbers seem to support this conclusion

    • Absolutely he is yes. Are you kidding me? Hes a rookie and look at the wins, the comebacks, Newton has been piss

      • 49ersfan1

        8-6 if u count the green bay game as a loss. thats great for a rookie tho.

      • derrrrrrrf

        I’ve loved watching Wilson this year, but he’s got a top 5 run offense AND a top 5 overall defense. He’s on a solid team. Put him in Carolina where they have barely any run offense worth mention this season (outside of Cam), a horrible OL, and a mediocre defense and he’d have few wins than Newton.

        Also, while Newton started off slow, he hasn’t had a turnover in 6 weeks. He’s played like a top 5-10 QB over that span.

    • Zac

      I love russel wilson as much as the next guy, but shouldnt ratings take into account the difference between a team like, the seahawks who have marshawn lynch and are built for a power run game, and a team like the saints or pats, who ask the Qb to throw the ball 35+ times a game everygame?
      uh i wish madden was so much better =(

    • 49ersfan1

      dude newton cant win games. wilson can.

      • Jonathan

        the panthers are missing an all-pro linebacker and o-linmen, and their best cover corner. not to mention they have the worst head coach-offensive coordinator combo next to the NY Jets. Wilson’s good, but he’d have a harder time winning in Carolina than Cam does.

        • 49ersfan1

          dude. williams, manningham, hunter, haralson, and justin smith are injured and the 49ers are still winning games. injury isnt an excuse unless tom brady, calvin johnson, or ray lewis are injured.

          • Derrrrf

            You’re a moron. The 9ers haven’t had any detrimental injuries. Smith is the biggest blow and he’s played most of the year. Carolina lost their best OL on an OL that is pretty bad AND lost several defensive starters (both DTs, MLB, CB#1, FS#1, and FS#2). If you think Newton is the reason for Carolina not winning games you should probably pick a new sport to analyze.

          • 49ersfan1

            oh so ur using the injury excuse for last year too? btw smith got injured on sunday thats why hes played every game. oh and newton is a great qb, he just cant win games. but beating atlanta was impressive.

    • AmazinsCowboys

      I’d still definitely take Cam over Wilson. I do like Wilson a lot though. While he has a really solid team around him, he’s been very impressive (especially for a rookie). If not for the hype of Luck and RGIII, I’d say people would be talking more about Wilson as the best rookie QB so far.

    • rasool

      he is better then cam if you look at cam numbers he head to head with sam bradford he just have 200 yards more passing and tied with 18 tds and interceptions but bradford have the better completion percentage he is very overrated

  • Ben

    How is Brees overrated ? Correct me if I’m wrong but he leads the league in yards and in touchdowns, has a 62% completion percentage, 93 QBR, not 64 like stated in these stats, go check Both percentage and QBR aren’t great, but they’re a lot better than the majority of the league. If anything, he is underrated. He has had a bad couple of weeks, but that shouldn’t take away from how good he really is, he is definitely a top 5 quarterback. The only people you could argue are better would be Peyton, Brady, and Rodgers. He is better than Eli and Rapistberger.

    • Bakes

      TQBR is the rating ESPN made up. Notice how all the QBs have low ratings. It’s a scale that goes up to 100.

      • LickMyNutz

        TQBR is a error ridden metric. It has been prove but ESPN has to much pride to admit that they made a mistake in their calculations when they made up this metric. Kind of funny with all the money ESPN has they could not hire a mathmatician to get it right LOL

        • Jonathan

          it’s subjective too. They make judgements based off of game situations so it’s not even completely mathematical. I actually like passer rating better

    • BreesisasystemQB

      Leads the league in yards because the team throws it much more than any other team. Same with TDs. You notice the 18 INTs as well; That’s also because he throws the ball more. Sorry, but you can’t say a player is better if his stats are inflated like that.

      • JamaalCharlesIII

        TQBR is a pretty good indicator of this stuff.

      • brees is nice bitch

        WRONG. Detroit throws it more than anybody

  • Pasta, consider labeling it TQBR (Total QB Rating) or just indicate that you’re using the ESPN QBR.

    • LickMyNutz

      That metric is garbage anyways throw it out and use my metric.

  • Ryno

    How did the average madden rating of 83 come about? Is that the current average of qb ratings in madden?

  • 49ersfan1

    85 is perfect for wilson. give him some time.

  • CJ

    Are you fucking seriously? Sam Bradford slightly overrated? Get the fuck out of here,if anything he is underrated. He hasnt been getting no type of love all season just like his whole team. Yea AP ran for 212 against the RAMS but hell hes been doing that to every team this year. And AP speed is a what 97-98? Robert Quinn was right behind him but Donny Moore has him at 83 speed,smh R.Quinn fast as fuck and so are many of the Rams players thats underrated and over looked by Donny Moore. And how about this as well,im not a fan of this team but the Browns,Panthers,Seahawks, have been balling.

    • Ryan

      I live in the STL area and am unfortunately cursed to watch te horrible rams play every Sunday. Bradford is a horrible qb it wouldn’t matter about his line or running game. The guy misses check downs on a regular basis and can’t throw a consistent deep ball to save his life. Bradford is gonna be gone soon anyway. Count on it

      • CJ

        You really think so? I dont,Bradford is a horrible QB,yes the OL sucks,barely have good wideouts,he hasnt had any since he came into the league,Danny and Chris Givens,sometimes Gibson plays well but they all small receivers. Lacking speed height and being able to get open most of the time,so how you expect him to blossom into a great QB with no help from the players around him now? Sure they try but not hard enough,i see plays they could have made but didnt,you and me both probably could make the team if we wanted to. B.Quick has really played that much this year but when he has,he did alright. We should have never let go Danario Alexander. We had another speedster in Az Hakim brother Saalim Hakim but didnt let him play,now the Saints have him. Sam Bradford just need a better OL and better Receivers. Atleast hes no Mark Sanchez,lol

        • LickMyNutz

          Oh just give it up the Rams are Garbage.

      • LickMyNutz

        Yes you are cursed to watch the Rams they are Garbage, smelly Garbage at that.

      • rasool

        im a rams fan and i have to agree on this stick a fork in bradford i knw he was trouble before we signed him, they took a chance signing him with his injury but he cant read the field he panics in the pocket during great protection he drops back to far out the pocket he is very inconsistant he is just all around bad

    • LickMyNutz

      Smm Bradford = Garbage

    • PHug

      Sorry, but A.P. didn’t get anywhere close to that against my skins

  • LickMyNutz

    McDonalds makes me sick, blah!

  • Richy

    Fuck stop complaining its just a video game . Get your fat arse off the couch and see if you could do a better job yourself you useless unfit fucks

    • I don’t have to make a game to say a game is shit. You’re a fucking fanboy.

  • Jonathan

    Hey pasta, maybe you should watch more real life football than being a box score reader. Numbers out of context can make anyone seem good (Alex Smith/ Joe Flacco). You should take in to account what these QBs actually have to do every week for their team to win. Guys like Cam Newton and Michael Vick have injured offensive lines and horrible defenses that they have to make up for, while guys like Kaepernick and Matt Ryan have elite defenses and playmakers that take tons of pressure off of them every week. See what would happen if Cam Newton was in San Francisco or Matt Ryan was in Buffalo.

  • Mason Drews

    If Romo is fine where he’s at then that would make Eli “vastly overrated” based on the numbers.

  • Kevin

    ESPN pay you to use TQBR? What a garbage stat.

  • RLY?

    Cam should be below 85.