Madden NFL 13 Week 15 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted December 18th, 2012 at 10:15 am


Now late into the season the playoff situation is coming into focus. In the AFC the first five teams are essentially locked in with the Bengals and Steelers fighting for the last spot. In the NFC the Seahawks can clinch a Wild Card birth with a win in either of the next two games. Things are muddier beyond that as the NFC East remains up for grabs and the final Wild Card spot could go to any of four other teams.

Russell Wilson turned in the best performance (by QBR) of any QB this season. Meanwhile Joe Flacco was so dismal that he now owns the two worst of anyone this year. Players who stood out this week with big performances include J.J. Watt, Zach Brown, James Jones, Adrian Peterson, Blair Walsh, Brandon Lloyd, Michael Crabtree, and Colin Kaepernick. Expected to take a hit in ratings after playing poorly are names like Bryce Brown, Josh Freeman, Joe Flacco, Mason Crosby, Matt Stafford, and Mark Sanchez.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players deserve ratings consideration, whether that is to go up or down, in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    Depth Chart:
    QB Brock Osweiler – Moved to QB #2 on depth chart
    QB Caleb Hanie – Moved to QB #3 on depth chart

    • I_speak_real

      Who cares about equipments

      • DRT

        Who cares about accurately depicting the NFL?

  • Huejac2

    Bucs rookie safety Mark Barron had 10 tackles & hit of the week on Saints tight end Jimmy Graham. Bucs defensive end Dequan Bowers had a sack. Both Barron & Bowers could use some love. That’s all I got this week. As always, love what you guys do & Go Bucs!

    • starbucs

      Anthony gaitor and lavonta David played well too and even tho Freeman threw 4 ints that game for the season he still has 25tds 12ints and 3500 yds which is alot better than most other qbs so hopefully for the last roster update ea will actually look at the stats of team and individual and rate them all accordingly thanks for reading this

  • Luke

    I believe kaepernicks play action could use a significant boost. he does an excelent job of showing and hiding the ball. he also is deceivably fast with those long strides of his. also I think Crabtree may deserve to he given the clutch trait. also with his big kick return late in the game I think lamichael James could use a kick return boost.

    • I_speak_real

      I hate fags who play with niners.. do u hav to use the best team on the game

      • Highpriest333

        I used the 49ers when we had ratings in the 70’s. I’ve been playing with my team since 10 yard fight & Techmobowl. I will keep playing them good season or bad. But if you’re not a fan, don’t use my team.

      • yousissy

        if you can’t beat them that’s your fault,you loser. GTFO or STFU and stop acting like a lil bitch in here about the 9ers.

        • lmao

          Lmao, YEAH. thats REAL talk. Speak real is a lil’ bitch.

  • RealTalk

    move up there awareness. everybody’s. i go look at a players rating an they are all in like the 30-40s. that’s is really fucked up!

    • LearnEnglish

      their* player’s* and* that*

    • If only the gameplay and animations were as good as the graphics.

  • Jim

    Romo, Anthony spencer, demarco Murray and miles Austin. Upgrade a few each.

    • Mason Drews

      Romo’s play action remains tremendously underrated.

      Witten is about to break the single season catch record for TE’s (he’s has 97 and needs 102 to tie).

      • I_speak_real

        he has been targeted 70 percent of the time..who cares

  • MuteIsCool

    Make sure Demarco Murray and Anthony Spencer get a belt to keep their pants up in the next update. SMH.

  • Mark Sanchez needs to be under 50
    And hopefully Stevie Johnson will be seen as what he is a top 10 receiver who cannot be covered by any corner in this league

    • puregreatness81


  • Riley

    Please update online rosters. There is no reason we should still be stuck with preseason rosters if we want to play with our buddies.

  • Highpriest333

    I’m so tired of Kaepernick getting chased down by linemen from behind. Increase his speed already!

    • yup

      IDK if you get a bunch of INTs like me but the Olineman do it too after a INT. Its ALL based on pursuit. They get like a hyper boost to the ball carrier. I’ve been beat to the angle by a fat olineman with 69 speed and i was running with a guy that has 94 speed. You just have to deal with it.

    • He’s not that fast, he gets good runs off of delays and play action, cameron wake got him a couple a times in the miami game, just sayin.

      • Highpriest333

        He ran a 4.52 with a leg that needed surgery at the combine. When healthy he runs a 4.4 easy. You don’t run for 4000 yards in college as a qb being slow.

  • PurpleJesus

    Minnesota Viking
    Adrian Peterson- 100 overall, 98 speed, and 88 strength.
    Whole Offensive line- 95+ run block
    Jerome Felton- deserve a 90 rating the way he is blowing up linebackers for Peterson.
    Christian Ponder- decrease 70 overall
    Everson Griffen- 80 overall
    Chad Greenway- 146 tackles…. 95 overall

    • PurpleJesus

      140 tackles* leads the league

    • CJ

      Sorry but if he gets a 98 speed then Robert Quinn needs to be at 95

      • PurpleJesus

        Maybe he should because he was outrunning the whole Rams secondary even Janoris Jenkins

    • I_speak_real

      Hell no.. the only thing i agree with is Adrian peterson 100 overall

  • Amad A

    Josh Bynes and Dennis Pitta increase by 2. Danny Woodhead by 2.

  • Maniac Mailman49

    How about giving SF O line a boost. 1 sack given up. Carlos Rogers needs a boost too. Ray McDonald needs a boost as well

  • dpruitt

    Romo deserves a major increase because he completed over 71% of passes for 341 yards for 2 touchdowns with no interceptions against the top ranked defense in the league. Romo deserves an increase in play action as well. Romo deserves a clutch increase because he has 5 fourth quarter comebacks this year. Anthony Spencer recorded 1.5 sacks against the Steelers so he deserves a 1 point increase, Brandon Carr a clutch interception so he deserves a increase. Tyron Smith and the entire offensive line had a great game pass blocking and run blocking so they all deserve an increase. Demarco Murray deserves an increase with the great game he had.

  • dallas fan

    all i ask is for the rosters to be right for example sterling moore os on the cowboys roster, but he is still on pats team on the game. justin king is not on the lions team take him off the game.

  • TomTom

    Jabari Greer should be a 90+ overall. Underrated cornerback.

  • jj

    Robert Mathis got a contract extension a 3 months ago and it still hasn’t been updated

  • Highpriest333

    Also why does Kaepernick throw so poorly on the run? That’s his specialty!

    • Highpriest333

      The kid is throwing 60 mph darts on the scramble. But in the game he has a noodle arm on the run.

  • Kroc79

    why does #89 Steve Smith continute to only have 30 run blocking are you serious. He is th best run blocking wr on the Panthers team, one of the best in the league. I mean really 92 ovr with another 1000yrd season. If any update is given please let some go to run blocking. 33yr old beast still whooping these young boys.

  • MJ

    Eric Berry should be getting a boost this update. I know 99% of you dont follow this small market team that, not to mention, is having a awful season. I tell you why I think berry is in need and does deserve a bump [+2 pts minimum]. Berry is coming off a knee injury much like A.Peterson,Jamaal Charles and others in the league. Berry was a pro bowler his 1st year, got hurt and sat out a year. [thats a big set back] This is almost like a second rookie season for him.

    Berry was off to a slow start this season. Through his first 7 games recorded 23 tackles,7 misses,and whats considered 11 “stops”. [Stop is-] forcing a failure of the offense caused by the Def player.

    If you take his last 7 games, he’s had 44 tackles,3 misses, and 28 stops. Berry is slowly regaining his playmaking form that got him to the pro bowl.
    He is also being overshadowed by the other struggles of that team.

    At the very least he is making huge gains from his ACL injury. PFF graded him out as having a great game last week. In fact,according to PFF’s grade history, it was his BEST GAME of his young CAREER!

    Berry has also been improving in his coverage. [He has a 72 man & 69 zone coverage on madden.]

    first 7 games EB was worked by opposing QBs. he let up 19 catches for 276 yrds & 2 tds. in the last 7 games he let up 17catches for 179 yards & 2tds. Maybe that doesn’t sound impressive to some so figure this into it aswell….EB was targeted 24 times thru those first 7 games. He’s been targeted 30 times this last 7 games. 6 more times and he’s allowed 97 fewer yards.

    That’s progress in his coverage folks. Isn’t that what the updates are for? EB has also been playing out of position most of this season. In the LB spot and moving around blitzing or reading & reacting. Well guess what coach…Berry isn’t Troy Polamalu. Troy ‘is like a super fast LB playing safety . Not even really safety bcuz he lines up anywhere except the interior Dline,lol. He doesnt even usually drop back in deep zone coverage. He’s usually rotating down into coverage or basically reading the QB not anyone in his zone. He “floats”.

    Well i don’t know if KC’s coach thinks he was going to use EB that way or what, but he has struggled playing in that role. His last game EB played more from his SS spot and I think his numbers back up the fact he plays better in that role as opposed to the “Troy” position.

    So anyways, here are the facts and not just a statement of “so and so needs a upgrade!” I gave my reasons for a bump on a player who is quietly improving in the shadows of a team having a rough season- On & off the field. EB is coming off what PFF grades as his best game of his career and steadily improving numbers. Thats progress and for anyone not looking would never even notice is happening. EB is inline for some love this update. thanks for reading.

    • I_speak_real

      Get off his nutsack..its not that serious

      • NYCBeast

        Man shut yo dumbass up. You wanna hate on him for putin together a good post. HATER

  • Seahulk

    Hawks are moving up in the ratings, but man, their offensive line ratings other than Okung are pretty terrible. Go Hawks!

  • sirdirtybird

    4 starters da game needa anotha gameplay uodate recievers still drop to many passes when wud open, and user catching needs improvemnet…it was better n easier to catch on madden 12..13 has better animations but 12 set the tone for user catching…they actually jump…n 13 the dnt jump all the time like they shud..or sumtimes they js put there hands up..and defense computer always jumps sky hugh when this happens…u need to make the gameplay where user catching is better and where they actually jump…they always make maddej where compyter can do everything…update the gameplay where USERS CAN DO WHAT THE COMPUTER DOES…ITS ANNOYING…COMPUTER ALWAYS GETS TO JUMP HIGH BREAK TACKLES N HITSTICK…USER CANT…SO MAKE IT BETTER ON THE GAMEPLAY UPDATE..AND ALSO MAKE IT WHERE SCRAMBLING QBs can take off fasrer out the picket where they dnt get caught n madden they do..n real life they dont..such as 49ers QB Colin and ..btw falcons whole squad shud see an update! Except chris hope

  • sirdirtybird

    Typing on this lil ass touch screen does not help…

  • djfan08

    On Denver, Moreno, Decker, Chris Harris, Wesley Woodyard. Ryan Clady. All need boosts!!

  • moab

    The Dallas Cowboys have numerous players that need an upgrade but more importantly add these players you keep forgetting; Sterling Moore DB, Brian Schaefering DT, remove Colin Cochart and Gary Guyton!!!

  • Shanchez needs to be under 70 overall…I understand he has no wr’s to throw to but still. after picking up braylon edwards they still ended up doing bad and he’s on a record to throw most picks in a season by a jets QB…

  • Izzy

    Cowboys better have sterling moore.. Its been 3 weeks and they still have him in the patriots roster

  • moab

    The Dallas Cowboys have numerous players that need an upgrade like DB Brandon Carr, TE James Hanna, WR Miles Austin, LB Alex Albright, HB Demarco Murry, LB Anthony Spencer, LB Victor Butler and Sean Lissemore and WR Dez Bryant with another game with a TD makes 6 in a row but more
    importantly add these players you keep forgetting; Sterling Moore DB,
    Brian Schaefering DT, remove Colin Cochart and Gary Guyton!!!

  • moab

    The Dallas Cowboys have numerous players that need an upgrade like DB
    Brandon Carr, TE James Hanna, WR Miles Austin, WR Dwayne Harris, WR Cole Beasley, LB Alex Albright, HB
    Demarco Murry, LB Anthony Spencer, LB Victor Butler and Sean Lissemore
    and WR Dez Bryant with another game with a TD makes 6 in a row but more
    importantly add these players you keep forgetting; Sterling Moore DB,
    Brian Schaefering DT, remove Colin Cochart and Gary Guyton!!!

  • doesnt matter EA won’t listen

    online rosters are 3 months old

  • FrstRdDrftPk

    Pasta- this in response to your analysis of under rated/over rated WR’s/Qb’s… Has there ever been a more under rated Madden defense than the Broncos?!?!?!?
    One starting defensive lineman is rated over 79… Wesley Woodyard STILL has a sub 80 rating, and other than champ bailey, their corners/safeties are vastly under rated. SO… You should take the top 10 defenses and evaluate the players based on what the actual NFL rankings are.


  • Tj

    Colin kaepernick needs to be 85 OVR and Michel Crabtree should be 88.

  • billster

    Russel Wilson’s throw on run should definitely increase

  • steel 92

    Keenan Lewis sooo underrated! Speed should be atleast an 90 he ran a 4.4 smh Madden they ppl that make this game don’t see the real talent. He shuts down most of the top notch WR in the NFL give him his respect he deserve