Week Seven NBA 2K13 Roster Update Details

Posted December 18th, 2012 at 11:30 am


A new roster update arrived for NBA 2K13 this morning and is much more significant than the one provided last week. This update includes ratings changes to nine players along with adjustments to those now injured or that have recently returned. James White has finally been placed on the Knicks while other additions include Darius Johnson-Odom (68), Maalik Wayns (63), and Luke Zeller (59). The number of players missing from the rosters is now down to eight.

Ratings Up: Evan Turner (+4 to 82), Kemba Walker (+5 to 83), Al Horford (+2 to 84), Paul Millsap (+1 to 83), David West (+5 to 81), Andre Drummond (+7 to 66), Chandler Parsons (+4 to 78), Omer Asik (+2 to 70)

Ratings Down: Samuel Dalembert (-1 to 73)

Injury Status: Tobias Harris (-6 to 62), Ricky Rubio (returns – 78), Brook Lopez (returns – 80), Lance Stephenson (-7 to 52), Jeff Pendergraph (returns – 62), Alan Anderson (-11 to 55), Andrea Bargnani (-7 to 66), Kyle Lowry (-14 to 68), Kawhi Leonard (returns – 80), Malcolm Lee (-12 to 53)

  • SwiftyCG

    Drummond is still to low.

  • fact

    Rubio can not shoot

  • Alan Anderson recovered from injury.

  • bigeasy8787

    Ryan Anderson is averaging 18.6 ppg, 7.6 rpg 1.4apg on 43.5% 3s. He is ranked 4th in fantasy at PF. He is 69 oveall and somewhere around 250 overall. How in the hell do they miss that?

    • What’s wrong with him?

      • 60 Medium (deserved last year, but has hit half his shots this year)
        35 Handle, 25 Off-Hand, 42 Security (he’s better ball handler than backup centers)
        46 On-Ball Defense, 52 Post Defense, 58 Defensive Awareness (he isn’t nearly that bad defensively)
        48 Speed, 48 Quickness, 77 Stamina, 37 Vertical (the athletic abilities of most bigs are screwed up to be honest)

        • Phil Shannon

          The athletic abilities of most bigmen are so low because they are compared to guys like nate robinson and derrick rose. They arent relative to their position, they are relative to the whole nba.

          • Watching the games will show you that players like Nate Robinson and Derrick Rose are not 50 points of Speed/Quickness faster than NBA power forwards and centers.

          • PF/C speed/quickness is the primary reason why there are so many dunks and why the game is so perimeter oriented. Once you get by the initial defender, there is no stopping him because the bigs have no time to react.

    • Wematanye

      Sucks at D

    • 49ersfan1

      69 is a great number. 😉

  • Skopin


  • Good to see guys at OS and other places lit a fire under their asses.

  • 49ersfan1

    thank god johnson-odom is in the game. now this game needs robert sacre. 😉

  • NyCrAzY

    No love for Tyson Chandler. Definitely deserves a higher rating than a 77!

  • Phillyballer625

    Good to see Turner get some love. Now all they need is to move Young up to around 78. The guy is a matchup nightmare.

  • Magicfan4life

    2K sports hates the Magic, surprising everyone but still ranked the worst team in the game, better than the pistons, cavs, wizards, bobcats, and raptors but no increase to any players on the whole team -_-

  • EJTwice

    When are any of the Bulls players going to get some love for winning games?…Bellinelli and Butler should have an increase already.

  • EJTwice

    Noah should be better than an 83 already…His offense has improved tremendously….he had a 30 point 20 rebound game not too long ago..and also a triple double in his last game.