Madden NFL 13 Week 16 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted December 24th, 2012 at 1:15 pm


It’s unclear right now whether a roster update for Madden NFL 13 will release this week. Dealing with past holidays there have been updates pushed up in advance or in some cases the weeks have gone without one. So far for this year there has yet to be a week without an update.

The playoff teams are set in the AFC with now only the 1-4 seeding to be determined. In the NFC the East winner will be determined in the Cowboys @ Redskins game on Sunday night while the 6th seed looks to go to the Vikings (if they beat the Packers) or Bears (if Vikings lose and they beat the Lions). The Giants and Redskins (should they lose) have outside shots there too.

Players that had big games in week 16 and could receive ratings upgrades include Geno Atkins, Richard Sherman, Janoris Jenkins, Russell Wilson, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Dez Bryant, Blair Walsh, Reggie Bush, Jamaal Charles, Kendall Reyes, and Luke Kuechly. Some of the names likely to drop are Chris Houston, Corey Webster, Ben Roethlisberger, Josh Freeman, Eli Manning, and Jake Locker.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players deserve ratings consideration, whether that is to rise or to fall, with the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • slugz

    baltimore ravens year evaluation

    joe flacco 90
    ray rice 97 ovr 94sp 98acc 99car
    bernard peirce 80 ovr 92sp 94acc 92elu 86 stiff arm
    vonte leach the just need to make him block smarter.
    aquan boldin 92ovr 88sp 87acc 80str 92rr 98cth
    torrey smith 98spd 98acc 85cth 99jmp 80rr
    jacoby jones 97spd 99acc 80cth
    dennis pitta 83spd 87acc 94cth 92rr 96cit 90awr
    ed dickson 86spd 88acc 72cth 80cit 0consistency
    michael oher 84ovr 75pb 95rb
    jah reid 80ovr 82pb 88rb
    matt birk 77pb 82 rb 78str 82ovr
    marshal yanda 99ovr 98str 99pb 98rb 99ibl 92awr has let up one sack this year
    kelechi osemele 82ovr 86pb 93rb 96str
    haloti ngata 99ovr nuff said
    pernell mcphee leave his rating where its at, has been injured most the year.
    terrence cody 72ovr has been awful this year no push has regressed in his 2nd yr.
    paul kruger 85ovr 81spd 92acc 87str 94fm 84pm
    dannell ellerbe 84ovr 85spd 87acc 92tkl 91hp
    cary williams 75ovr 86mc 78zc 75pr
    jimmy smith 93spd 94acc
    chykie brown 95sp 93acc 88press he even said press is his best asset.
    corey graham 77ovr

    everybody else rating can stay the same or maybe some player ratings needs to be tweaked.

    • Get at me

      homer detected. Let Yanda be 96 before he proves he can deal with Geno Atkins (owned him 3 times in a row). Ngata 95 ovr maybe. Osemele been bullied all year, Torrey Smith 99 JMP? HAHAHAHAHA. Bernard Pierce @ 80 is more insane though.. Andre Smith and Whitworth dominated the Steelers OLBs and are both too low. Burfict at 70 is still too low.

      • slugz

        torrey smith had the highest vertical jump in his draft class and some wrs out that class has a higher jump rating. most of torrey catches is him jumping over defenders catching the ball. duh im a homer but my ovr is not outrageous.yanda held watt in check as is so many other stars this year. as let up a sack yet.ngata has been playing hurt since last year and still beasts on linemen. peirce is balling right now everytime he touch the ball it looks as if hes gonna break a big one. osemele gets beat by great pass rushers, but holds up well most the time, pretty good for a rookie lg playing rt. btw i watched every ravens game this year u probably watched one(first game of the season)

        • TheDecepticon

          Homeboy, no receiver deserves a 99 JMP rating unless they wear #81 and go by the name “Megatron.”
          And Joe Flacco a 90? HAHAHA. No.

          • slugz

            megatron is 6’6 what the hell he need a 99 jump for plus torrey’s vertical is higher than megatron. we have been held back by our coordinator named cam cameron. the five years hes been here joe flacco progress has gone nowhere. for the three years boldin was here cam never ran a screen pass to him in which he has made a name for himself doing. and whos ur favorite team the lions ha now thats funny with they trash ass. the ravens are going to the playoffs five years in a row. cant say the same for the worlds famous 0-16 lions. do me a favor if u dont watch the ravens or follow them just stick to commenting on ur team. i wouldnt even waist my time trynna figure out who is under or over rated on the lions. would i say naw pettigrew dont deserve that rating, no u know why cause i dont follow them to know what his rating should be. now if u want to go down my list and explain each persons rating on the ravens and why i think they should be a certain rating i could, but to try to undermine what im saying with no actual facts is just ignorant. you know what i dont know why im waisting my time cause ngata is a 98 on cc on he gets push on his ass everytime you try to block shed.

          • Jonathan

            megatron’s vertical= 43 in. torrey smith’s vertical = 41 in. Flacco should be about an 80 overall. About as mediocre as they come

  • mjbm521

    James Jones? The dude leads all wide receivers in TD’s. Had 7 receptions 100 yards and a TD

  • Go get it

    Steelers – Bengals:

    Geno Atkins is perfect at 98 OVR though he needs more than 91 STR
    Andre Smith is PFFs best rated RT this season. Needs to be +91.
    Michael Johnson has been playing his best football and is sitting too low at 80
    Pat Sims has been a force in the run game since his return. +2 OVR
    Burfict is playing at a high level and should be + a couple
    Same can be said about Reggie Nelson who is currently 80 OVR
    Leon Hall is doing a great job and will get an increase.

    Mike Wallace just sucks. 98 SPD is fine – rest should be -5
    Antonio Brown is more agile than Wallace and should be better OVR
    Timmons is playing lights out ++
    James Harrison and Woodley are non-factors
    Polamalu is currently the best SS in the league.
    Ziggy Hood is like a high school kid playing with adults. Looks overmatched every week
    Hampton had a great game. Strong as shiiit
    DeCastro allowed 3 sacks getting his ass kicked by Geno and is overrated!
    Same for Pouncey who is less than mediocre

    • jmw92

      Dont forget about Cortez Allen holding it down at corner

  • Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson should be 100 overall. NFC NORTH FTW!

  • sellde

    First name Russell…last name Wilson. OROY!

    • I_speak_real

      Lol thats that primetime

  • TLS59

    Ryan Tannehill needs a boost!

  • Mike Jones

    Roddy White had a big game too…

  • reshad jones. 1 int and 2 fumble recoveries against the bills

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None

    Depth Chart:
    QB Brock Osweiler – Moved to QB #2 on depth chart
    QB Caleb Hanie – Moved to QB #3 on depth chart

  • Dez Bryant should be a 93

    • 19bigred85

      Atleast a 93 he’s been beasting people all year long and he’s only an 89 that’s crap he burns people deep and they make him slow as Hell no love for the cowboys on ratings what does a guy have to do to prove he deserves to get a good increase

      • $evere

        Dez is not a burner. He’s the physical type that can take a slant, muscle through a tackle and take it to the house. Even Miles Austin isn’t a burner, but he can kill you at anytime.

  • TheDTSB

    Typical fan reaction…

    Receiver catches 3 balls, 1 of which is a long bomb making up for 95% of his yards and his only touchdown of the day.

    “OMG *insert name* is the best receiver in the league, he should easily be a 97 overall!”

    Quarterback throws 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions for less than 300 yards.

    “Why did he drop 1 point?! He had any average quarterback’s usual day on his worst. Guy should at least be 98 overall.”

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Romo and Dez deserve increases

  • D Pruitt

    Tony Romo and Dez Bryant both deserve two point increases. Once again Tyron Smith and the rest of the offensive line deserves increases. Unfortunately it’s time for Demarcus Ware to be reduced to a 97 rating. I give him credit for playing hurt but he isn’t producing right now. Jason Witten should be at least a 97 rating since he has 103 receptions this year, which by the way is a new record for Tight Ends.

  • Jeff

    Please upgrade Jamaal Charles hes better than marshawn lynch. No stupid option no help at all by qb position plus he’s doing this after an injury definitely was rated a 95 in madden last year an except for injury no reason to be any lower. Plus respect to chiefs o line best in AFC better than Texans except for no existent qb play.

    • beff

      The Chiefs have won 2 games. Theyre terrible. Drop everyones ratings. And LOL at Charles being better then Lynch.

      • IceChief27

        Jeff is right on, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Excepting the quarterback position, which should be rectified in the offseason, the Chiefs have one of the more talented rosters in the league. They are sending five to the pro bowl. Thats not counting two snubs, Flowers and Houston, and two guys that were having great years until they got hurt, Albert and Bowe. Fact is they have quality talent all across the board except for the all important quarterback position. Don’t believe me, just look at what happens to other teams when their quarterback is hurt. The Bears and Steelers looked awful without their quarterbacks, and their backups are better than anything the Chiefs have. Next year with a rookie quarterback, new coach, and GM you’ll be shocked at how good they look.

        • Jonathan

          They can’t be too talented if they won only 2 games this year in the afc west. i understand guys coming off injuries but you have to win games

          • Jeff

            Lynch has about 50 yards more and 25 more carries than Charles so someone tell me how Charles is rated a 93 n lynch is a 96? Jamaal also
            has the most rush yards in AFC. So perhaps o line should be labeled higher in run blocking.

            has the most rush yards in AFC.

          • IceChief27

            Individual talent does not win games, its how well they play collectively as a team. In some of their games they looked like the more talented teams, but turnovers and penalties doomed them, also whenever they couldn’t run the ball their offense ceased to function. With a better quarterback, better coaching, and better play calling they could be a good team next year

      • word

        When teams play VS KC they know nobody is gonna be a passing threat. They load up the box and Jamaal Charles is still getting over 200yards rushing. Yeah just bcuz they have a bad record DOESNT mean they have no talent.

        • $evere

          Yeah Jamal Charles is a bad fast little dude; he has the one hitter quitter speed. One right hit of the whole and it’s all over. I think Lynch is better because he’s an all purpose back, but Charles is deadlier than Lynch.

  • can someone change the color of the names on the black ravens jerseys the names arnt purple there white

    • slugz

      those are the 2012 alternate jerseys the do have the black jerseys with the white name plate

  • Patriots fan

    Geno needs at least 3-4 stars consistency he is the best dt in the league and a bull rush he slams offensive linemen on the ground every week …and strength rating need to be way higher more sack makes and breaks season record for Cincinnati bengals history for a dt

  • ea doesn’t care

    connected career update please

  • Bo

    Well if Dallas Cowboys receiving an increase with a loss. What about New Orleans Saints increase for players who are much needed. Especially on Defense, first of all no one is shutting Dez Bryant down one on one, so stop the talk about Tony Romo increase. In that case Drew Brees should receive a 90 throwing power and medium to deep accuracy. And Chris Ivory strenght 82, speed 90, and acceleration 95, and elusiveness 88. Tavaris Cadet the rookie RB is 2nd runner up in a foot race, Pierre Thomas being 4th and Mark Ingram last. But not on Madden 13. Everything is out of wack, no true ratings once again. Not close to being real football if there is favoritetism over other teams.

  • Jonathan

    Personally, I believe that Calvin Johnson needs to have his stats boosted, even though

    he is already such a high overall. breaking that record deserves something. Adrian Peterson needs to have the same done to him. Dez Bryant is playing like one of the top 5 receivers in the league, he needs at least a 93 to show that. Tony Romo deserves a 1 or 2 point boost after a 400 yard, 4 touchdown and zero interception game. The cowboys o-line should go up for pass blocking, but not for run blocking. they are doing nothing to help demarco murray. Alfred Morris should be increased again, and Josh freeman should be dropped after a terrible performance.

  • Huejac2

    Bucs WR Mike had another 100 yard with 61 yard TD. Mike deserves his 88 spead back. Bucs CB Gore had a INT & could use some. Bucs DT G McCoy could use some love for his Pro Bowl selection. As always love what you guys do & GO BUCS

  • Huejac2

    Bucs WR Mike Williams had another 100 yard game with 61 yard TD reception. It’s time to give Mike his 88 speed back. Bucs CB Gore had a pick & his point back that lost last week. Last but not lest Bucs DT G. McCoy deserves some love for his Pro Bowl selection. As always love what you guys do & GO BUCS!

  • Matt

    Any update on when the next connected careers online update is coming?

    • Was told there will be a final one after the Super Bowl.

      • seahawks253

        go HAWKS

        how far do you think the hawks go pasta??

        • sandul

          I know I’m not pastapadre… but I’ve been pretty upset with madden’s recent trend of knocking stats off from the seahawks. the last three games have really had zero negatives, but EA thinks we’ve done stuff wrong, and have lowered stats still, and they even knocked sherman down a few points just because he didn’t get an interception in one game?? I don’t understand. He’s potentially the best CB in the entire NFL and many sports commentators agree, so if you’re the BEST at a position, you get a 99… thats how Madden works right? Also, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think with Sherman and Browner at corner all the way through the post season… we’ll be fine 🙂

  • tecmobrowns
  • macdeez83

    Alfred Morris = 88 he is consistent each and every week and will be rookie leader in yards. Trent Williams = 93 pro bowler best tackle in madden hands down Will Montgomery = 88 he is a beast will be the best center by next year he dogs DL man. Lorenzo Alexander = 77 hard hitter always makes plays. Lodon Fletcher = 91 he has a bum ankle and still leads the team with 5 int’s Perry Riley =80 run stopper hard hitter very consistent Iron man stays healthy. Ryan Kerrigan = 89 always around the qb 8.5 sacks RGIII =89 2td’s 1 pick in the pocket all game will be best qb of all time

  • Madden lover

    Geno Atkins needs a consistantcy boost very badly at least 3-4 stars and strength also the guys a beast on the bulrushes he a starter on the probowl for crying out loud but he is very consistant

  • rasool

    So next week there should be two updates right? For that week and last week!

  • Nflking670

    Terrelle Pryor wow!!! He needs a update look at the starts and highlight

  • Ashfire15

    I keep coming on this website hoping Pasta posts an article titled “Next Big patch arriving soon, EA promises complete fix”, but it never happens. I wish EA would fix everything or just give up the license.

  • Wassup Pastapadre I’ve been coming to your site almost once a week or every other week to check out updates and news for madden since Madden 12, I’ve never commented on anything though,but mainly wanted to ask you(or any1) there thoughts on how much EA is showing no love towards Denver’s Offensive Line,Wesley Woodyard,Rahim Moore,and honestly think the kind of production that D.T and Decker have shot onto the big stage this year I think there overall’s should be DT(93),Decker(89),Stokley(84)

  • macdeez83

    Give Alfred “the Butler” Morris his due please he has done an amazing job and really should be ROY he finished 3rd in rushing yards with 13 tds 4.8 yds carry CMON MAN WE DESERVE OUR RESPECT HTTR REDSKINS 4LIFE