How Schools are Faring in First Round of the NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote

Posted December 28th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Voting on the first round of the NCAA Football 14 cover campaign continues through Monday but with the poll numbers public the schools moving on can pretty much be solidified at this point. Engagement levels have not been good for EA Sports as only 18 schools have been able to collect over 1K votes in the two weeks now since kicking things off.

The surprise leader is Kentucky who, along with Penn State and Texas A&M, are really dominating the returns thus far. There are a number of big name schools that have gotten essentially no support. Many even have under 100 votes showing that EA Sports failed to get the reach they surely anticipated from this cover vote process.

1- Kentucky 11406
2- Penn State 10534
3- Texas A&M 8051
4- Nebraska 5912
5- Alabama 3812
6- Notre Dame 3268
7- West Virginia 2837
8- Ohio State 2027
9- Michigan 1668
10- Navy 1665
11- Oregon 1564
12- Louisville 1393
13- Florida 1246
14- South Carolina 1226
15- Syracuse 1225
16- LSU 1186
17- Clemson 1076
18- Georgia 1069
19- Washington State 969
20- Florida State 950
21- Old Dominion 854
22- Miami 842
23- Arkansas 800
24- Oklahoma 766
25- Texas 724
26- Air Force 691
27- Army 627
28- Tennessee 595
29- Kansas State 593
30- Wisconsin 591
31- UCLA 579
32- Wyoming 554
In striking distance: Auburn (509), Virginia Tech (485), Texas Tech (472)

With only three days left to collect votes there should be little variance from how the results currently stand. Unfortunately that may not be the case as EA has basically left an opening to push along whoever they want regardless of the polling numbers by supposedly factoring in other chatter at their sole discretion even though none of that can be quantified. Hopefully this is the only round where that may happen – it’s unclear if the process will be changing going forward – as it will bring into question the legitimacy of the final winner otherwise.

  • Kentucky fans realize this is football and not basketball, right?

  • let’s just mess this all up for them and vote in Kansas…

  • mark

    i wish old dominion had won maybe then EA would be forced to finally include fcs schools

    • Sean

      ODU is FBS starting next year.

  • henry williams

    I haven’t been following this at all. This may be a stupid question but are they doing a school on the cover this year instead of a player

    • They haven’t specifically said actually. The assumption right now is a school related cover rather than pegging an individual.

  • Jordan Ray

    Can you imagine if Penn State ended up winning this? EA Sports would have to try and market them after all the controversy.

    • To be honest, it may not be a bad thing. From what I’ve seen people think Penn State “deserves” it after what they went through and the successful year they subsequently had.

      Imagine EA Sports having to market Kentucky though. A 2-10 team representing the game in possibly it’s final year? That could be perceived as worse than Madden being “stuck” with Peyton Hillis on a cover.

      At least EA could possibly go back and put Randall Cobb on the cover…then again, I’m a Bears fan so I’m hoping not.

      • Amen_Ra

        Penn State would be pathetic, that would mean the gamers were getting jammed like……Naw can’t do it

        • That Guy

          ^^^^^ hahah this guy….

  • Stanimal032

    Lol…this is going to be hysterical if Kentucky is on the cover of NCAA football…smh…typical EA

    • How so? Bad team, bad game. Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

  • Jackson

    Kentucky probably illegally recruited all of their voters; they put Callipari in charge of the voting campaign.

  • Rick Pitino

    Kentucky fans are passionate not just about mens basketball but also the university in general…We are pumped about the Stoops era and the ground he is already making in recruiting…Kentucky has a talented squad that started more freshman than any team in college football last season, the experience those players got will pay huge next season…#BBN

  • John


  • eagleyedesigns

    If anything, the South Alabama Jaguars should be on the cover considering EA screwed that one all up…As a matter of fact, they should be all over the damn game. It shouldn’t be a question. I can’t believe how stupid this company is…Penn State shouldn’t even be allowed as an option. What a PR nightmare that’ll be…You might as well stick a fork in the game if that would happen. Stupid, stupid, stupid company.

  • 49ersfan1

    weres #6 Stanford?

  • RANDOM: Ayyyyy… my University’s ranking is my favorite (#) —–> 21! Let’s go ODU, LOL!

  • kdarnell233

    Good to see an FCS school in there, albeit they’ll be FBS next year. I can’t wait for my school to complete the moving up process…just four more years for Georgia Southern!

  • Keith.

    Kudos to Owen Good for putting up a story about Riccotello being on the hot seat — damn, even I didn’t realize EA has lost $2.5 billion over the last 4 years. Maybe if NCAA (and Madden) was worth a damn, Riccotello and EA wouldn’t be in trouble:

  • there hasn’t been a good NCAA Football game for years. They have the ESPN licensing, but don’t use it to it’s full potential. They need new commentators with much more lines, they are boring to listen to in the game. Animations are awkward to look at. AI isn’t realistic. It doesn’t FEEL like college football. I can’t wait until the exclusive license runs out and another company gets a shot at making an NCAA game… maybe the fans need to step up and make one (just throwing that out there)

  • KhalidX

    Who cares!! EA IS A HOT MESS .