NBA 2K13 Week Nine Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted January 2nd, 2013 at 10:15 am


It has now been almost two weeks without a roster update for NBA 2K13 leaving many gamers frustrated given that several big name players have returned to action but are currently unavailable to use. Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki returned on December 22nd and 23rd respectively but are still inactive due to injury in 2K13. Now Eric Gordon and Amar’e Stoudemire are back as well and need to be activated.

The next update should also see the change from Avery Johnson to P. J. Carlesimo as coach of the Brooklyn Nets and Raymond Felton going inactive due to injury. Players who have been outperforming their ratings lately in NBA 2K13 include Jrue Holiday, Jamal Crawford, Nikola Vucevic, Larry Sanders, Omer Asik, Will Bynum, Brook Lopez, C.J. Miles, and any number of Golden State Warriors. As always leave your thoughts in the comments on which players should see ratings upgrades or downgrades in the next NBA 2K13 roster update!

  • IamdjBob

    2k needs to step the hell up and handle their business properly . Madden did their ratings every week…whether people liked some of them or not . Get it right 2K !!!~!!!

  • hornetsfan

    greivis Vasquez and ryan Anderson and also robin lopez

  • Jose

    I still havent started a season i need all the players in the nba i the game wtf

  • allmaddenking

    reggie jackson from okc has been playing decently

  • Csaint

    Omer Asik should be a high 70s

    • Wematanye

      mid 70s

  • Mason Drews

    Uh… J.J Hickson?

    Also Batum is 2nd in the NBA for forwards in assists behind only LeBron yet sits at a lowly 44 pass rating.

  • az

    Alexey Shved! up up up

  • JohnDoe

    I think they are still on their holiday break.

  • Smartkid2345

    Okay 2k13 “NEEDS” to update Stephen curry 82? Really and they have the nerve to update jrue holiday to an 87 before?? Curry is flat out doing better than him in every category this year so far and he still the same 82…and next is David lee he is the only person in the nba averaging 20 and 10 so that should speak for it self #Warriors

    • TheSpartanZombie

      It’s not based on the overall rating. Curry, if you use him right, plays much better than Jrue does regardless of either’s ratings.

      • Kicks

        That’s not the point the point is that nba 2k13 ratings are supposed to be based on their stats and performance in real life there is no way holiday should be higher than curry…curry should be higher or at the least the same rating…even though I get what your saying I always out play any pg when I use the warriors

  • Supra98


  • AmazinsCowboys

    Has Brook Lopez received an upgrade at all this season?

  • Wematanye

    Larry Sanders & Nikola Vucevic need increases. NBA2Kinsider is a fucking scrub.

  • Guest

    LOL! 2k only updated 1 player (Lance Stephenson) and he should have gotten an update a long time ago. The NBA2kInsider sucks!

  • jr smith needs to have a better rating afte seeing what hes been doin for the knicks