NBA 2K13 Week Nine Roster Update Details

Posted January 3rd, 2013 at 9:45 am


After a two week absence 2K Sports has returned to deliver a new roster update for NBA 2K13. This update was highly anticipated given the necessity of returning several big name players to active status in the game. Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki came back from injury and yet still were not available to use in 2K13 over the holiday break. Others like Eric Gordon and Amar’e Stoudemire just made their season debuts. 

Sadly no ratings changes have been made and Avery Johnson remains as the Nets head coach. The update switches 12 players to being designated as injured while 15 are back to being active.

Injury Status Changes: Byron Mullens (-22 to 47), Beno Udrih (returns – 68), Tobias Harris (returns – 68), Rip Hamilton (returns – 73), Chris Wilcox (-10 to 55), Avery Bradley (returns – 79), Quincy Pondexter (-14 to 47), Devin Harris (-13 to 63), Anthony Morrow (-5 to 61), Eric Gordon (returns – 84), Jason Smith (returns – 60), Mo Williams (-13 to 65), Tyreke Evans (-10 to 70), Marcus Thornton (-9 to 66), Rasheed Wallace (-11 to 60), Marcus Camby (returns – 73), Raymond Felton (-10 to 69), Amar’e Stoudemire (returns – 83), Steve Nash (returns – 87), Hedo Turkoglu (returns – 72), Glen Davis (-10 to 63), Dirk Nowitzki (returns – 84), Lance Stephenson (returns – 64), Jonas Valanciunas (-11 to 57), Landry Fields (returns – 73), Kyle Lowry (returns – 82), Patrick Patterson (returns – 75)

  • jasc

    2K is so damn lazy. I guess these weak ass updates are because they have no competition cause they dont care that people are upset by them.

  • Hrest

    2 weeks and they dont even change any player ratings. SMH. Cant believe had to wait all that time to use players who were playing games and then they come back and give us this like its some big deal when they could have done it in 5 minutes any time in the last 2 weeks.

  • evpalmer

    Pretty pathetic that they cant change anybodys rating when EA does this on a weekly basis.

  • JJRage

    So they can take Mo Williams off the online roster but can’t bother to put Alec Burks back on it? Rad. I feel sorry for anyone that gets stuck playing as a PG or SG for the Jazz in Team-Up. Without Alec Burks and Mo Williams on the active roster, 2K’s Jazz have a grand total of 3 players at the guard positions.

  • Gunt

    2k is just as shitty as EA

  • .net


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  • Ben

    not sure why anyone is surprised. 2k flat out sucks with updates. also why just one patch?

  • Mason Drews

    Claver and Freeland are still in reserves despite getting 16-20 mins a night…

  • forget this roster update stuff. Im waiting on the lovely day when they create a patch for defense that tunes blocking and stealing. I play with the clippers.. frustrating to get a foul called on me EVERYTIME I go for a steal our Deandre Jordan’s hand go straight through the ball on a block layup or when someone is dunking -___-

  • Lance Stephenson’s rating changed.
    64 (+5) due to +47 3pt rating.

  • Eddie

    Just update them yourselves and play offline. Too many spammers online anyways

  • Wematanye

    You prefer the way 2K updates ratings… They dont even update ratings. Two weeks & not one single change when there is plenty of changes needed.

    • Gbam

      No kidding. Theres no excuse for a surprise team like the Warriors to not have had any player ratings upgraded all year.

      • I’m a Warriors fan, I completely agree they need some changes. Particularly defensively. They can fill the cup up IRL and in the game though.

    • Not saying I want them to not update ratings at all, just that I think madden’s updates are too erratic. My point was good players are supposed to have good games, so that doesn’t mean they need an update or decrease for each good or bad game.

      • Wematanye

        I agree with that

      • Khadeem

        thats tru…but when the attributes of individuals dont equate to their real life performance then there is a fundamental problem with the rating system….as bad as donny moore is with EA, whoever does these ratings should be fired and thrown in a room with padded walls…case #1 why does john wall have a higher mid range than ray allen…case #2 why does josh smith have a higher mid range than ray allen…case #3 why does blake griffin have a higher mid range than ray allen…do get what im saying…fundamentals of ratings are absent in 2k…i dont care about overalls or anything…but players skills shouldnt equate to their real life otuput

  • Dusty

    Guys have been updated,jr smith was 79 last night now hes 82,david lee 81 to 84.still looking at other guys.

    • Khadeem

      they just had another roster update

  • G

    Carmelo is the top MVP candidate he should be atleast 94 or 95 overall