Updated First Round Standings in NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote

Posted January 4th, 2013 at 9:45 am


EA Sports has released the latest standings in the first round of the vote for which school will be represented on the cover of NCAA Football 14. Leaping into the #1 spot is Notre Dame followed by Oregon, LSU, Ohio State, and Texas A&M.

In fashion seemingly fitting of the unorganized nature of the process at hand the voting has arbitrarily been extended through next Monday night when the field of 32 moving on will be announced. It had previously been stated that the first round would only run through 12/31. Continue on for a look at the current top 32.

Positioning in just the main poll in parentheses to show how teams have moved.  

1- Notre Dame (6)
2- Oregon (13)
3- LSU (18)
4- Ohio State (9)
5- Texas A&M (3)
6- Nebraska (4)
7- Michigan (12)
8- Kansas State (31)
9- Stanford (77)
10- Penn State (1)
11- Florida State (21)
12- West Virginia (7)
13- Florida (17)
14- Kentucky (2)
15- Clemson (8)
16- Wisconsin (29)
17- Alabama (5)
18- TCU (46)
19- Miami (22)
20- Utah (58)
21- Georgia (20)
22- Oklahoma (24)
23- Missouri (35)
24- Oregon State (63)
25- Georgia Tech (67)
26- Arkansas (25)
27- Iowa (36)
28- Texas (26)
29- Tennessee (11)
30- Navy (10)
31- BYU (55)
32- Army (27)

The current standings are vastly different than what the main Facebook polls have been displaying as EA has been adding in secondary polls on their FB page which put the programs on uneven ground. The company can simply craft those polls strategically in a manner to draw out their desired results. A great example is right there with how EA got Notre Dame to jump to the top – they asked who was better between them and BYU and counted in those votes in what was sure to be a landslide. They didn’t even specify that polls such as those would be a factor in the cover process at the time they were posted. The few fan bases who turned out to support their non-top tier school can pretty much just stop wasting their time now.

Programs that have seen their positioning drastically drop with fans having a right to gripe if they’re excluded going forward include Washington State (14th in main poll), Louisville (15th), South Carolina (16th), Syracuse (19th), Old Dominion (23rd), and Air Force (28th). On the other end of the spectrum those who were getting incredibly weak support in the main polls like Stanford (77th), Georgia Tech (67th), Oregon State (63rd), Utah (58th), and BYU (55th) have been boosted significantly and into the field likely to advance.

Ultimately if this way of collecting votes is limited to trimming down a field of 126 to 32 it won’t be a huge deal. The schools falling out of that 32 probably would not have had a legit shot at winning a vote anyway. Still though from changing the way votes are collected – EA originally stated they’d be considering likes, shares, tweets, Instagram photos, and Youtube videos in all this – and even in the shifting of the end date for submitting votes this process has been a mess from the start and any skepticism towards the final results will be justified.

  • Grem

    It was obvious from the start this would be a sham. EA is going to put who they want on the cover or at least narrow it down so one of the ones they most like makes it on for sure.

  • Knew this would all be rigged from the very beginning. More proof EA doesn’t care what the fans, they people that give them money, want.

  • lonnie

    with the lawsuit i am surprised to see there is even going to be an ncaa football 14

    • They’d still be facing that lawsuit whether the game continues releasing or not. It’s just the decision that will determine whether NCAA can go on or if college games will be dead in the future.

      • Keith.

        You’re correct that they’d still be facing that lawsuit whether the game continues releasing or not, but the size of the potential damage award keeps getting bigger with each release. The way I see it, EA’s just too cocky to care. VC, on the other hand, apparently decided when they stopped making college BB that the risk of continuing to release just wasn’t worth it.

      • Thing is, College football is already dead. Has been for a long time now. All Tiburon has been doing is releasing a dusty corpse every year.

      • Dick Johnson

        Pasta I was lead to believe the Lawsuit had more to do with the NCAA and Not EA and that outcome would have no barring on whether EA makes anymore College Football games.Am I wrong?

        • EA is a defendant – NCAA and CLC are as well. They would potentially face significant damages.

          In addition, if the judgment came down that way, they would back out of college games because there wouldn’t be enough consumer interest in the games with totally generic players and no ability to edit names/share rosters – which would certainly be necessary in the case of an unfavorable ruling.

  • 9ten

    if they plan on notre dame being their cover then just do it and dont make it seem like people can actually affect who wins just to try and get people talking about the game 6 months early.

  • Keith.

    The only thing that’s really surprising about all of this is that EA still hasn’t figured out a way to link the cover vote to some paid-DLC or even the Season Pass. Maybe next year.

  • Whether people think it’s a “sham” or not, I personally think it was a good strategy to draw attention to the game.

    By allowing a vote via Facebook, they’re allowing fans of teams across the nation to get one of “their” guys on the cover. At the same time, by conducting those “mini-polls” they’re creating more opportunities to advertise the game while generating discussion about the game.

    Yeah, you can say it’s unfair to fans of, say, Kentucky, but let’s be real here:

    Does anyone think LaRod King would beat out Manti Teo in the final for the cover? How about Matt McGloin beating out Kenjon Barner?

    And when you think about it…does it even TRULY matter who wins this cover vote? At the end of the day, the effort that EA Sports decides to put into the game and the improvements (or lack thereof) in the product overall will determine whether it’s worth buying….

    • EA isn’t getting attention for this cover vote though. No one knows about it. It’s only people who are already fans of their Facebook page interacting on it. Otherwise you wouldn’t have 50 or so schools with less than 100 votes on the main poll. Even the schools with 1000 or so…that is really weak in the big picture.

      They’ve done well with cover votes for Madden and even NCAA’s votes the last two years to garner attention. This one isn’t working though so far.

      • Well in fairness, this included every school in Division 1 so you’d think the votes would be more spread out. That’s unlike last year, which featured 8 (previous Heisman winning) candidates, and NCAA 12, which only had 4 (Ingram, Fairley, Locker, and DeMarco Murray).

        Also, you don’t think schools like Kentucky aren’t promoting this cover vote? Just my line of thinking, but I can imagine Kentucky promoting this as a way to get the school excited about the upcoming football season, especially with it being a “basketball school” and them not used to winning. Or Penn State using it to create a positive image of the school. A lot of schools don’t need to do that…

        And I was meaning to say that the polls purpose may not be to attract more customers versus trying to excite the current fanbase and get them involved through social media, which is always popular.

        It’s like 2k asking a bunch of “Who’s Better” questions/polls before they start dropping info for 2k14. Those aren’t gonna bring many new customers, if at all, but it would get the existing fans discussing the game and checking for them.

        And besides, a cover vote isn’t gonna gain much attention until you attach the names to them.

  • Christian Jacobs

    I’m a Notre Dame fan and I STILL don’t like the smell of this. Sham of a voting process. Guess EA is covering their asses after the Peyton Hillis debacle. I swear, this company has no scrupples…and lately, no games worth playing.

  • Brian

    Where’s USC? Not a fan at all but seems weird they are left out considering their historical significance and popularity

  • leveon bell

    WHAT !! no Mich. St.
    you muthafucka’s