2K Sports Startles Everyone By Announcing MLB 2K13

Posted January 9th, 2013 at 9:45 am


Huge surprise today as 2K Sports has officially announced MLB 2K13. Last year the third party exclusive license with the MLB expired and at the time the company did not renew. That deal was losing Take Two over $30 million every year. At some point in between then and now a deal was reached to continue to the 2K series but under much more favorable terms.

2K is now operating under an agreement that is not exclusive and financially reasonable. MLB was in a position where they could either present the option of continuing to work with 2K for much cheaper or go without baseball completely on the Xbox 360 and possibly even the next Xbox. No other company would have agreed to similar terms as the past deal nor would they have been in position to release a game this year regardless.

While the MLB 2K series is largely despised having it available is a good thing for consumers. It at least presents an option for those with the 360 and some form of competition, even if not completely credible in that regard, for MLB: The Show. Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price will appear on the cover of MLB 2K13 which will release on March 5.

  • jork

    Ah shit I thought we were rid of this joke of game.

  • ill buy this over the show! said no one ever

    • If 2K really wanted to surprise us, they would’ve announced a new version of All Pro Football, with the even bigger surprise that they actually bothered to listen to what their fans wanted this time.

      • I thought All Pro Football was great. I’m sad it didn’t do better in the marketplace because there was a lot to like. There were no major flaws that bothered me, I just would have liked the controls to be a little smoother.

        • Terrible, unprofessional default uniforms. Awful team names. Not having all of the common NFL cities (I know they can’t use NFL teams, but they could’ve AT LEAST put in all of the cities). Intentional scaling back on editing features which they admitted to. Bad logos. Awkward player models. Lack of a league presence of any kind. Generic players that switch teams every single time you play the game. Ridiculous stadium structures. Awful soundtrack. Poor graphical clarity when not up-close. Terrible grass textures. Coaches that switch teams every time you play. No franchise mode. No ability to edit attributes of any players except the ones you create. A very boring season mode with no meat to it whatsoever. Legends whose personas were recreated poorly, like how Joe Montana’s trademark dropback and set style were missing, or how they screwed up Roger Craig’s high-knee run-style. They called “The Fridge” William Perry instead of “The Fridge”? What were they smoking? You couldn’t play your created teams versus your other created teams unless you bought a second controller and did the switch trick after starting a game which is completely stupid since this was a customizable game. A pathetic championship game with NO NAME and a poor ending. A much weaker presentation than 2K5.

          And despite all of those things (many of which were major reasons the game didn’t sell well), APF 2K8 is still the best-playing football game ever made. The gameplay is solid, the animations are excellent, the contact physics are still many years ahead of Madden even with Madden’s real-time physics attempt, and the commentary is still the best. But 2K would rather blame the fans for the demise of 2K Football, rather than looking in the mirror and accepting the fact that THEY put the gun to their own heads and pulled the trigger when decided to perpetrate a half-ass effort with a mountain of dumbass ideas on its loyal fans. They gambled with our football gaming future, and for that I will NEVER forgive Jeff Thomas and Greg Thomas. I forgive 2K even less when they continue to pour money into projects that will definitely bring in less money than a non-NFL licensed football game. They had a big opportunity to make a major impact with APF and they completely blew it worrying about what the NFL would think of them going balls-out with customization, smh.

      • Greg

        Or better yet a new 2K14 NFL Football game.

    • Yeah, but for anybody who doesn’t have a PS3, it’s still good to have an option. I didn’t pick up 2K12, but did get 2K11. I wish they were better – they have good points but just aren’t that fun to play for me. But at least if I really want to play a baseball game, I will have a game I can buy.

    • Jordan Ray

      Unless you don’t own a PS3 but still love baseball…

    • I have a PS3 and I WILL buy this over the Show. I played MLB 12: The Show and the Batting was wretched, not to mention none of the options for fielding included “fully manual” which meant oftentimes my players would take a few steps in the wrong direction before I took control. Aside from that, The Show was perfect. But it’s because of that, that I went with 2K12. And also it was more fun, the menus looked better, there were more options, etc. etc. The horrible graphics on 2K12 didn’t bother me in the least bit, not one bit. And if they don’t fix the batting for 13, I will be getting 2K’s game yet again. The Show hasn’t been good since 07 for the PS2.

  • Keith.

    Told you so, Pasta!

    I’ve never been a 2k baseball guy, but what a great move by 2k. I’m assuming they got a sweet deal from MLB, so there really is nothing but upside for them here.

  • dave travis

    Hmmm Very suprised and it’s coming very very quick, hmmmmm, can anybody say glorified roster update? LOL

    • Cant be worse than last year when the soundtrack was one of the top 5 features they promoted!

    • Mason Drews

      It’s probably been in development for sometime now, and now the work pace is most definitely raised. This is the problem with game development these days, the publishers put a Darth Vader choke on the developers, expecting instantaneous results. This causes a lot of people to lose their jobs etc. it’s a shame really.

      Gone are the days of actually having QA testers… now developers are mostly doing in house testing. Publishers don’t care… they just want their product out there as quickly as possible. The sooner they see $ they’re satisfied and don’t care about anything else… not even quality.

      Back in the early 90’s/late 80’s you had to test the crap out of your product, and as a result game breaking issues were dealt with long before release. Games were extensively tested and very well balanced. Reason they went through all of this stress was simple, if they didn’t put out a quality product they’d have to do a “recall”. This would cost the company millions and no one ever wanted to do such a thing so they’d test and test to ensure that we’re satisfied to ensure “quality”.

      Gone are those days. Now we’re paying full price to be QA testers…

      • Keith.

        Back in the Sega Genesis days, companies used to delay games — I remember some years we’d get World Series by June and one year it was closer to September, if I recall correctly. Somewhere along the way, that changed to games coming out on a fixed release date, even before the season starts. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for The Show and NBA2k.

        • Exactly. EA used to do it themselves. Let’s not forget that Madden ’96 was canceled for PS1. Back then, EA was ADAMANT about quality. You’d never see a Madden getting canceled today no matter how broken it is, and they proved that with the release of Madden 08.

          • cabrillo24

            Also remember that back in the day, there weren’t updates to games and what not. A broken games for one year would hurt future iterations. Nowadays, developers release software patches to fix major breaks in games (if and when they do). Another thing to keep in mind that due to technological advances and what have you, that developers are more ambitious than they used to be , so it’s understandable that software patches are released post release. I have no issue with that. Do I wish it didn’t require post patch support? Of course, but I’m realistic.

          • All fair points, and I have no problem with post-release support, in fact I think every developer should use it. The problem is that too many developers are abusing it. I go back to Madden 08 and there were so many game destroying glitches that they couldn’t be repaired post-release, EA/Tiburon knew that and STILL released the game. That’s what pisses me off.

            They used patch promises as a dangling carrot. It was dishonest, reprehensible and would’ve bankrupted any other franchise but Madden gets by on its name and the fact that the average Madden player has the IQ and football understanding of a chilled asparagus.

  • mcmax3000

    Some competition is better than no competition. Hopefully the lack of exclusivity, ad more favourable terms for the publisher will end up meaning even more competition (be that EA, or another publisher), or at the very least, more of an investment in their product by 2K.

  • Dalibor

    I just find it funny how so many Sports Game Journalists are back peddling after writing obituaries for the series a few months ago. Now I understand why mainstream sites like GameSpot and IGN avoided writing such articles, because anything can happen.

    But in all seriousness, I predict because of the short announcement time, MLB 2K13 might be the EXACT same game as MLB 2K12, which would be extremely disappointing. The fact that only a 360 and PS3 version exist, makes me really feel this way.

    • MoneyMayweather

      I’m more of the train of thought that the new deal will give 2k more incentive to put more work into the game. The game has been the same since 2k10 now that they got a new deal I mean they could just mail it in like last year but I’m thinking they might actually add things to this game and be more attentive to it now that they got a deal they like unlike the past exclusive deal where they were forced they went into this deal willingly and I’m pretty sure they were working on 2k13 behind the scenes just in case MLB broke down and they did so you can’t say they haven’t had time I’m pretty sure they had a base game in the wings.

      • mcmax3000

        Unless they had a good feeling that they’d put something together with MLB, there’s no way they had people working on an MLB 2K13 “just in case”. Their were either fairly confident, or they’re putting something together on a super short development cycle (which is probably more likely).

        Apparently it’s only a one year deal, so I wouldn’t count on 2K putting any extra effort into 2K13. That won’t happen unless they get a favourable, longer term deal.

        Given the short notice, the short deal, and the fact that there were zero features even hinted at (that I’ve seen at least) with the announcement, I honestly think this will just be 2K13 with updated rosters, and maybe a small number of bug fixes.

      • TheSpartanZombie

        That’s what 2k wants you to think to make you purchase their game. I completely boycotted 2k12 as I was fed up with the lack of change, but until Pasta or someone at OS reviews 2k13 I’m not sure if I’ll buy it this year either.

  • CJ

    I can’t imagine how awful 2k will be this year,


    Much like Madden, the market needs competition to stay innovative so I hope MLB 2k stays afloat.

  • Awesome news!

  • giggity

    I’m startled people still by this game … hasn’t been any good sicne 2k7

  • Cant be much worse than a version of Madden (not 13, but previous ones) where everything gets optimized a new roster is tossed in with rookies, a feature that was cut from one version is added back in. I would play it if the manage to squash 99% of the bugs from the previous version, updated and accurate rosters, and maybe some better textures…for some the choice is to play this or go get a ps3 for MLB The Show…i like my video games, but i cant justify owning 2 systems, with next gens coming

  • Shame there’s no PC version for me to mod 😉

  • Rob

    So they weren’t sure this was going to come out and now they reached a new deal? How long has this been in development? I can’t imagine it’s bee the full cycle. This could be a disaster of epic proportions..and that’s saying a lot considering their recent track record.

    • clubsteve

      if they could just offer something different than the show….such as classic teams like nba 2k12, but doubt that’s in the budget.

  • clubguru

    i don’t care what any negative people have to say.i’m sure 2k worked on some stuff this year to keep moving mlb2k in the right direction or they wouldn’t have announced it.MLB THE SHOW is to realistic for it’s own good(boring).Im sooooo happy thank you mlb2k for continuing this series I know within the next 2-3 yrs. MLB 2k can reack nba2k series status.

    • mcmax3000

      It took them five or six iterations to make the game functional this generation, and a last minute announcement of a game almost everybody thought was dead makes you think that within a couple of years, the series will reach the level of one of the most highly regarded sports series going today?

      You might be the ultimate optimist, and I salute you for that, but I’m not going to hold my breath for your predicted outcome to actually happen.

  • richard

    look like im stuck with this sine my ps3 dont read disc

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Wow was not expecting this. Hopefully it’s good so I can buy it, but I haven’t bought an MLB 2K game since 2K8 and with 2K announcing it on such short notice, unless they’ve been working on it in private for a while, I can’t imagine that it’ll be much better than last year’s.

  • Justin

    One thing this shows is that Pasta isn’t actually a legitimate “reporter.” He made assumptions about this game and published them as fact, rather than doing any actual fact-finding. To me, this is a big hit to his reputation.

    • Was no assumption. The game was cancelled internally. My sources, and Kotaku’s sources, OS, and others all verified this. It wasn’t until the fall that MLB and 2K reached an agreement to come back for one more year – possibly as late as November even from what I’ve been told. At that point they kept things under wraps until now. Situations change…this one was surprising though!

      • Justin

        Fair enough. Then I apologize for my comment.

    • Keith.

      Agreed. I said all along these guys were burying the game based on nothing but speculation. MlB2k12 outsold TW last year — but how many articles do we read about TW being canceled? Same with NHL?

      • mcmax3000

        The reason those articles don’t exist is because you’re the only person that has made any claims of those series being cancelled, whereas 2K publicly talked about losing 10s of millions of dollars on that one specific franchise, and about how detrimental the series was to their bottom line.

        The belief that MLB 2K was dead had very little, if anything, to do with sales.

  • Unless they knew ahead of time they’d extend the license for one year, how much work could’ve gone into this game?

  • Unless they knew ahead of time they’d extend the license for one year, how much work could’ve gone into this game?

    • Not a whole lot. And even if they didnt have a constrained development cycle wouldn’t make sense to expect much work put into this game which is now probably going to be the last one.

      • Yankeesfan

        As the last one was supposedly the last one, I think we should stop saying the last one for the last one, even if it’s this one! 😉

        • clubsteve


    • I’m pretty sure they were working on it while trying to get a deal negotiated, in preparation for actually striking a deal. Sure, it’s a waste if they don’t actually come to a deal they feel comfortable with and all that time, money and resources is gone… but better to be safe than sorry… and all the NBA fans and fans of the other games 2K puts out (which there is a surprising amount) would make up for it since it would only be wasted once. I think this will have just as much effort as last year’s game, if not more.

  • clubsteve

    just a license to update the rosters for 2k12 would have sufficed. that way they could have time to revamp the game for 2k14. i highly doubt 2k13 will be much different than 2k12….smh.

    • mcmax3000

      Given when the deal was supposedly done, I imagine this pretty much is just a license to update the rosters, with the added bonus of a $60 price tag!

  • clubsteve

    dear 2k, could you come out with 2k13 at $39.99?….
    thanks, loyal 2k customers.

    • It’s going to be the standard $60. Even if 2K had wanted to offer it at a discount level the MLB wouldn’t allow that as it would provide an unfair advantage over their other partner (SCEA).

      • clubsteve

        pasta, one could hope….lol. although the show already has an unfair advantage by being exclusive to one system while we’re left out in the cold.

        • mcmax3000

          If anything, The Show being a platform exclusive would be a disadvantage, not an unfair advantage.

  • Kate Upton is always nice

  • Greg

    I’d love for 2K to startle me with the Floyd Mayweather/HBO 2K boxing game that’s been rumored for the last 2 years, not with this bullshit baseball game again,

  • Great news. Now where is the MLB game for Wii U? Funny joke, right, but they pimp the thing as a legit HD console.

    Am I really stuck playing MLB 2K12 Wii if I want baseball for Wii U?