Andrew McCutchen Wins Cover of MLB 13: The Show

Posted January 11th, 2013 at 5:30 pm


A week long voting process to determine the cover athlete for MLB 13: The Show has come to an end with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen coming away with the honor. McCutchen was identified immediately as the candidate most likely to get support from anyone who wasn’t necessarily fans of the others in the mix. He still though appeared to be an underdog to Triple Crown and AL MVP winner Miguel Cabrera as well as NL MVP Buster Posey following the Giants’ World Series victory. How the athletes ended up leveraging Twitter in particular accounted for the majority of the support they would ultimately receive.

It’s refreshing to have a representative that comes from outside the NL or AL East divisions which have dominated the covers for the series outside of the two years that Joe Mauer appeared. The other five releases since transitioning to “The Show” name have had the cover athlete pulled from those two divisions. McCutchen received 108K votes through the social media channels making him the runaway winner with nearly 20K votes separating him from the second place finisher.

  • Derek Smith

    Whoooo! LETS GO CUTCH! LETS GO BUCS! In the long run, covers don’t matter to me that much, but to see a Pirates player on the cover is just neat. Well deserved.

    • Keith.

      Agreed — first time a Pirate has been on a cover in 20+ years, maybe ever. Good for their long-suffering fan base.

      With that said, Go Cards!

  • MoneyMayweather

    BBQ cover ugh.

  • Dalibor

    I was kind of hoping that Buster Posey would get on the cover considering the Giants were Champs but glad the Pirates can use this cover curse as an excuse later down the road.

    But what about Canada? Any word on which Blue Jay will grace the Canadian cover? I know few people care but they typically do different covers.

    • mcmax3000

      I wouldn’t say they ‘typically’ do different covers. They’ve done it once.

      At this point, I’m assuming we’ll get the same cover as the US until Sony says otherwise.

  • 49ersfan1

    wtf? what about cabrera and posey? thats stupid cuz mlb 2k13 didnt put either too.

  • Skihawks

    Awesome choice.

  • I voted for Tulowitzki, Y U NO WIN Tulo?!?!

  • I’m glad McCutchen won, only because he was the lesser of the 7 evils we had to choose from. But I still can’t believe that he won…there were 6 other WAY more popular players from MUCH better teams…this has to be considered a HUGE shock! (especially that he won by a mile) The biggest crime of all though has to be the fact that Mike Trout of the Angels was left off the list completely; he’s the best all-around and most exciting player in MLB today! I’m still waiting on an explanation as to why he was left off the list but some complete nobody like McCutchen (sorry, but it’s true) was put on the list.