NBA 2K13 Week 11 Roster Update Details

Posted January 12th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


A new roster update released for NBA 2K13 this morning but brings with it primarily injury status adjustments rather than any ratings changes. Two players move up a point though with Kobe Bryant now at 95 and Serge Ibaka at 85. The Lakers take a hit with the loss of Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, and Jordan Hill while the Wizards get John Wall back. Avery Johnson has finally been replaced as coach of the Nets by P.J. Carlesimo and Jim Boylan has taken over on the sideline for Scott Skiles as interim coach of the Bucks.

Injuries: Tyrus Thomas (returns – 71), Grant Hill (returns – 77), Devin Harris (returns – 76), Marvin Williams (-9 to 57), Tyreke Evans (returns – 80), Marcus Thornton (returns – 75), Marcus Camby (-15 to 66), Dwight Howard (-16 to 76), Pau Gasol (-11 to 70), Jordan Hill (-5 to 65), Kevin Love (-15 to 74), Meyers Leonard (returns – 59), Trevor Booker (returns – 67), John Wall (returns – 82)

  • cregty

    Wow 2 players get ratings changed dont stress yourselves out too much with these updates 2K SMH

  • mbrink12

    Yeah a few guys here and there need more adjustments but would people rather have a guy go up 2-3 points this week and him not perform next week and have to be brought down more than that? Guys on here play higher than their rating actually. JJ Redick/Ryan Anderson and others play better than their rating says. A rating is just a number, it’s the attributes that tell how they play.

    • Most players haven’t gotten rating adjustments in YEARS. 2K has ONLY been adjusting the shot rating for all players year to year. The vast majority of players have badly outdated rebound, pass, block, assist, steals, awareness, etc etc etc etc ratings.

      We’re not asking for hundreds of players to get adjusted every week.. We’re asking for 2K Sports to do their job.

      • mbrink12

        I agree with you. I didn’t know they just did the shooting attributes. Thanks rashidi! Always love your rosters bro!

  • NoFro904

    Still no love for Andre Drummond,

  • Muzz_Tech

    LOL, yea you really made LOTS of changes

    • 49ersfan1

      lmao! Oppan EA Style.

  • david

    wow this is crazy Paul George still to low high 80s or low 90s dude is lights out ask the heat and knicks

    • 49ersfan1

      low 90s?! why dont we just give the mvp award to Shawn Marion and crown the Hornets champions? wtf.

    • Paul George 16.6 PER = top 10 NBA player? Okay there.
      Shooting 42% = lights out???

      He’s nowhere near Harden’s level, much less Kobe’s

      • david

        1st of all pg doing everything its not just about scoring he led his team in all most all the stats and he have the team in 3 place in the east soon be 2nd harden all his is a scorer pg put up great numbers 29 11 on the heat,24-11-6-5 knicks now wheres rockets lol

        • David West > Paul George.

  • Bakes

    Ronnie 2k was talking big on twitter about how big this roster update was going to be. Always hated that guy

  • NEtsfan1

    Lopez should be 85 at leasr…25 PER which is top 5 in the NBA 18.5 PPG on 52% shooting and he is a 79? The guy is playing like an all star

  • so howard is back now and cant be used lol this game really shouldnt worry bout injuries unless there season ending really we all wanna use our fav teams full roster

  • G

    Y is d-wade higher than Carmelo? Also Kobe should’ve went down and Carmelo overall should be around 95.

  • It’s complete bullshit that people can’t use their favorite players online or in play now because of MINOR injuries. In Madden, they just lower the player on the depth chart and give you the choice of reordering. Even if it’s a season ending injury. Have you played with the Bulls without D Rose? It fucking SUCKS! lol. EA’s roster updates are way better, at least they do something besides tweak 2 players ratings every 2 months. Whatever, fantasy drafts are the best part of this game anyway. It’s all I do now

  • These updates are always terrible. This is just one of the reasons why I only do fantasy drafts now.